Link Love and a (this time let’s start with the) Friday FREEBIE!

This week’s freebie is one I discovered ages ago and then, being the MizFit, had to tweak to suit my quirky needs.

The tees they offer change frequently in their slogans but they’re always cool clothing which is positive at its core.

I cant recall the slogan options when I ordered as the one I selected for the (then not-toddler) Tornado was so perfect:

I am my own superhero.

To know me is to *know* that my immediate thought was I WANT ONE FOR MYSELF–STAT!! (and next: might I appropriate that as my own tagline? would that be some sort of infringement? do I need a lawyer? but I digress….).

I immediately contacted the company and, much to my amazement, they were more than happy to comply with my request and create an adult one just for me.

Since then Ive noticed that the I AM MY OWN SUPERHERO hath become a boys-tee slogan (note to self: must inquire why) *but* they’ve also begun doing adult tees on a regular basis (ahhh, MizFit. Ever the trendsetter as evidence by the sudden skyrocketing in price of Chia stock).

check out PSTEES (PS? Positive Snippets) and their a portion of the proceeds go to charity store.

I cant tell you what slogan you mightcould win (for the lowlow price of a comment below) but I can guarantee it shall be uplifting.

(And, as doesnt always happen yet I adore when it does:)

Check out this article. Tips on how to reveal your inner superhero. We all have one within us yet so many of us dont take the time to set her free.

Please to visit Dumb Little Man, read the article, find yours, name him/her and report back.

Cant find yer innerhero?

Not wholly buying into the MizFit concept that we all have one?

Do not pass GO, do not collect 200 dollars, and head directly to here: ten tips to boost self esteem (then, perhaps, stop for a light snack before veering back onto the information superhighway to here: how to take a compliment.)

it’s trite but true, People: If you dont love, admire, appreciate, value & think you are the coolest shit thing on the planet no one else will either.

and, lastly, in case you think Im nice to the very center of my being, I give you this article.

What did it make the MizFit think? (waitforit) It’s about time that men, too, were made to feel a little insecure as the result of being bombarded by ultra-perfect media images.

(I know! I was shocked too. MizFit usually doesnt roll in the misery loves company crowd!)

Your reaction?

Im sure it was far more sweet & kindhearted than your (mainly) fearless leader.

Im waiting…

EDITED TO SAY: Thanks Waif for the shoutout. Havent visited her site yet? Whatcha waiting for?!


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  1. says

    I’m kinda with you. The husband just doesn’t understand how women can be so influenced by media images, and I can’t make him get it. I guess some guys are feeling it too, though, and that makes me a little bit happy!

    Still, the guys get pressure to be muscular and fit, while the gals get pressure to be unnaturally thin. That’s still a huge difference in perception of beauty. I’m waiting for the day when thunder thighs and big biceps are “in” for women (on a large scale basis, of course. I’ve been trying to start this trend forever!).

  2. says

    My inner superhero is the Feisty Liberator. (You didn’t tell yours, by the way…)

    It never ceases to amaze me when I see some beautiful woman at the gym examining the 1/8″ of fat she can pinch on her waist and grumbling that she’s chunky, but some overweight dude with a beer belly is flexing in the mirror, saying “Damn, I look GOOD!”

    Not fair.

  3. MizFit says

    Hmmm. I need to name my inner hero.

    Although (shhh!) these days she doesnt stay inside much. Ive found I need her 24/7 to make it through the day AND to bring joy and snark to the masses.

    Kinda like this: Practice Random Kindness and Senseless Acts of Beauty…only more random and probably more Senseless Acts of Slovenly than anything else.

    and Jen? you precisely nailed why the MizFit is no longer a trainer and is using her powers for WORDS not WORKOUTS.

    The pinching an eighth (!) began to get to me—-and you are so not exaggerating.

    Love the Feisty Liberator name.


  4. Debra says

    I so look forward to reading on Fridays! I really LOVE the kid stuff on PSTEES. You trend setter, do gooder, fitness diva. Keep up the good work and keep us entertained and enlightened. Happy Friday!

  5. Mercedes says

    I am my own harshest critic, but I definitely have an inner super hero. She’s mouthy (oh, wait, that’s just regular me), strong, and wants to inspire other women to take charge of their health and be strong, fit, and happy. Phrases like “My husband hid all of my Weight Watchers yogurt, so I HAD to eat cookies” just fuel her fire (after she finishes banging her head on the wall).

    I haven’t named her yet, any suggestions?

  6. says

    It is so horrible wrong and un-PC of me to say this but when I read about men’s magazines giving men body image issues, it’s all I can do to stop myself from maniacally shreiking, “Hahahahahhahahah!. Ha.” I mean, I know, in a very real way, that body image issues affect both genders. But there is simply no way one can compare the media’s influence on women versus men. PS, re this story you directed us to about “Lads” magazines – um, don’t most of those focuse on barely naked women (Maxim, FHM, etc). I just opened a guy’s mag and the ad staring me in the face was this (NSFW) Yeah, I bet that make men feel REALLY BAD ABOUT THEIR BODIES!

  7. The Bag Lady says

    Inner Super hero?? The Bag Lady is such a softy, it would have to be something like Marshmallow Woman!! (Just doesn’t have the same ring as Super Woman, does it?) **You have to say it out loud, like the announcer would, MARSHmallow WOMan…..**
    (needs work, doesn’t it?)

  8. says

    My inner superhero is Geek Girl by day and Ultra Geek Girl by night. Oh wait, that’s my outer superhero as well. Any chance the t-shirt says SuperGeek??

    Also, glad that men are catching on that unrealistic media images aren’t in their best interest either. Maybe we’ll start seeing some policy change. Or some policy, period.

  9. says

    I love the PSTees… I like the “strong, fast and fabulous” one. That describes my little bitty girl so well!

    My favorite part of the stuff that you linked to? I liked the tip on boosting self-esteem that said “compare yourself against yourself”. I think that is SUCH solid advise. It ties into the media image thing too. In fact, I think it will probably play over in my head many times now. When I’m feeling frustrated about my career or body or anything really… it is probably because I’m comparing myself to someone else. If I stop and look at how far I’ve come with MY career, or how much I’ve accomplished in MY personal life (wonderful husband, 2 awesome kids, etc.) I think I’d usually move on feeling pretty good about things.

    Still thinking about my inner super-hero… I get it – I’m just not sure I have it yet.

  10. Alex says

    Interesting survey on the men’s mags, but it still doesn’t seem as if men are as phased by physical image issues. And it can’t be all about the media or men would have had this problem years ago, right? What about the images of women in the early part of the century, or whenever the cherubish figure was the “norm?” I believe I’ve read that women obsessed over that figure as well – stick-thin women had major body issues. Could it be that it is something a little more primal in us that wants to look like whatever the socially accepted norm is? Regardless of whether that accepted image is thicker, thinner, more muscular, appears able to carry on the species (Neo-man)…maybe one norm is “healthier” than another, but what’s the force driving us to “look like” whatever it is we desire to look like?

  11. Katheryn says

    Do I have an Inner Super Hero? Of course! I’m a mom!

    I love your blog. I’m new to reading it, but it’s become one of my regular reads.

  12. says

    Ooh…I am not pleased with myself. My reaction was the same. “Welcome to our world. Sucks, doesn’t it?” Gah. But you know…I think it has something to do with that article about how men seek very attractive mates regardless of how attractive they are, while women tend to be more “realistic” and seek less attractive mates based on their own attractiveness. That still has me irked. Because it’s true. (And because, um, it’s not like “attractivness” is an absolute. It’s really subjective. But that’s a separate rant.)

    And it still doesn’t make it okay for young men to get as screwed up as young women get…it’s all very, very sad. But since it’s becoming not just a “women’s issue” anymore, maybe more people will start to consider it a “real” problem. Wow, do I sound bitter? Yeesh, I’m really not. Well, much. :-)

    As for the superhero…that one I got. I’m “Insightful Woman”. :-) (Not Girl, cause, you know, I ain’t anymore…pardon the grammar.) It’s what I admire in others…it’s what I so love about myself now…and it is the root of all of the other positive changes and qualities I’ve developed.

    Very neat process! I lurrve it. :-)


  13. MizFit says

    Man I love you guys!

    *blows protein-filled kisses to the MizFits*

    that’s it.

    carry on.


  14. says

    Oh I think Gena’s totally right, “Still, the guys get pressure to be muscular and fit, while the gals get pressure to be unnaturally thin.”

    I’ll believe it when I hear of ONE man in real life who feels really horrible over media images of men.

    Sorry guys. No sympathy from me (or very little).

  15. Priscilla says

    Am working on the inner super hero. She has multiple personalities…they are still battling over just one name. She(s) is fiercely wonderful!

  16. says

    Gena- I agree with you that it does appear that the pressure is to be healthy and muscular for guys and just skinny for girls, but one of the biggest problems when it comes to the guys is the amount of steroids that they take and the unnecessary overuse of supplements and protein powders. And that just does terrible things to their bodies.

    And we’ve got to remember that it’s not all physical, right? There’s a huge mental component. So even if the guys look muscular and fit, they could have a huge amount of body image issues and problems on that level (and I think we all know just how taxing that can be!)

    Don’t get me wrong, though- I still do think that women have it WAY worse off! But guys probably have some similar issues too.

  17. says

    I don’t buy that article about men either. Jen said it best, no matter what they look like, they are always flexing and saying they look great! (even if their guts are huge!)

    those tees are adorable. My inner super hero? hmmmm….
    my super power is that I make milk! (I read that somewhere else, so I can’t take credit) I have a chunky 8 month old though, so it must be some powerful stuff he’s getting! :)

  18. MizFit says

    I know (“they are always flexing and saying they look great! (even if their guts are huge!)”).

    I cannot for the LIFE of me figure this out either! (when I do? look out Oprah’s couch :))

    I do think that a smidgebit of the time it’s false bravado (same as the way the uber-muscular man who is still ragingly insecure. so many good books on that topic) but more often than not I *seriously* think they believe it!

    here’s hoping the great and fabulous Dr J swings by the MizFit today!


  19. says

    Inner super hero – the amazing OCD multitasker. As far as men and body image, I do not think it is severe as the issue that women have with media images, but it is unfair to say that me are not affected.

  20. says

    Ahhh, but please read between the “man lines.” I guess I work in an idustry where the worse you look the more you are appreciated. Buuuuuttt, I do hear guys all the time say *as they pat their beer belly* I gotta get rid of this…..I just laugh to myself, all the time wanting to pull my shirt up and say, yeah, you want this! HA! But you know their eyes would not be on my stomach.

    I shall therefore be *Evil Chick* with a very soft side for animals, children and the elderly.

  21. Mallory says

    I would say that despite how we interpret men’s behavior, I have heard from close male friends and from general observations of my own that its a lot of posturing (literally too!). Just because it appears they have a lot more confidence and are happy with their appearance, beer belly or not doesn’t mean they actually are. I think guys are more willing to “fake it till you make it” then women. None the less eating disorder in males are on the rise generally and have always been a major and unspoken issue in the gay male community. I think happiness in general is something both sexes struggle with and its beyond the argument of who gets bombarded more by the media.

    I love the shirts, thats exactly the type of stuff that I think we need to see more of to combat the media and peoples acceptance of whats considered culturally “normal” (read stick thin or big and bulky)

  22. Dr. J says

    I had a guy ragging on me at the gym because I work out often. I did raise my shirt and say,”what have you got?” He has been much nicer since that day :-)

  23. MizFit says

    Alas, Dr. J, youre not getting off that easy.

    As the sole male to comment here (there are many others reading. I have my ways of knowing, Guys, so OUT YOURSELVES!) we need more.


    If we promise to play nice?


  24. says

    I think some guys feel pressure to look super handsome/buff. BUT, overall, I think women have more pressure to look thin, sexy, beautiful, and young. The media definitely doesn’t help. Airbrushed models (not regular, “normal” women, mind you) scantily dressed on the covers of magazines don’t help either. ‘Sigh.’
    It is acceptable for guys to get a little beer belly, gray hair, and wrinkles. Not so much for women.
    Still, I admire men (and women!!) who take care of themselves, don’t fall for unrealistic body images, are happy with their bodies.

  25. Dr. J says

    It smells like….like…lavender here! It makes me want to talk about feelings and stuff….this too shall pass :-)

    Thanks again!

    Dr. J

  26. says

    Its funny because i am beginning to see all these weight related products geared towards men like the “mirdle” a girdle to hide your beer belly, according to us weekly (yes i read it at the checkout line, how can you not!) tom cruise wore one to his wedding. Also, the coke zero product was meant to lure guys into buying it, you know because its “wussy” for man to drink “diet” anything. Every ad for coke zero has a man drinking it too. I see more men in my yoga class, an not the senior kind (although maybe they want to pick up girls???) and I find it odd that the most popular diets used by women were all concieved by men! Atkins, Ornish, Scarsdale, Spears (Zone), Agastson (So.Beach). And maybe this is why many women cant feel they dont work, telling us to swear off chcocolate and sugar while we are on our period!? clearly, they’ve never had to deal with it. The media airbrushes men sometime even more than they do women. I was talking to a family friend of mine about this (whos 50+ man) and he said, “all women are beautiful, some gorgeous, but men, nah only a few are really good looking, we are an ugly gender, but we are so ugly that its become acceptable to have the flaws.” Its weird and i sort of disagree, but he has a point, like the cookies i made in my culinary school class, when all are a bit funky, the funkyiness seems like the norm, but when they are all nearly flawless, one’s tiny flaw seems magnified.

  27. says

    I was thinking about my superhero, but I haven’t named her yet. She’s the person who comes out raging mad whenever I’ve been seriously wronged. Mostly she reacts to my incredibly rude coworkers and my clueless/forgetful boss. She doesn’t want me to be pushed around like I sometimes let happen. Still, I do have to keep her in check or she’ll start laying the smack down on people!

    Wait. I think all disillusioned, pissed off grad students have this same superhero.

  28. says

    Inner superhero – love it! The PSTEES folks have some great things on their site – and they offer their products for fundraising. Thanks for passing along their info!

  29. says

    The inner hero post at DLM was great and it reminded me of how you can’t see anything in another person that you don’t already possess yourself, that goes for both positive and negative traits!

    I also agree with you that if you don’t think you’re a super duper person, others won’t think so, either. Now if anyone has a challenge believing they’re super duper, there’s always “acting as if” until you believe it. 😉

  30. MizFit says

    great point JoLynn.

    and I think all of us—-at some point during the day, errr, our lives—fake it no matter how fraught with self-love we are!

    M., whose superhero name is simply that (because she’s pun-y that way)

  31. says

    Sarcastic Mom made me laugh!

    MizFit, when do you find time to get us all these great links? They make me think, and every once in a while, that feels good!