we are ALWAYS about both sides of the story up in herre.

and I appreciate Hungry Girl stopping by to say hello/respond to all the comments.

(if this makes no sense to you click here and read though the post, sure, but also all the interesting remarks which follow.)

Mizfit — Lisa from Hungry Girl here! I got a link to this post in a google alert and I have to say I like your blog– VERY COOL! Just wanted to reply to your open letter. I didn’t write about those Gerber Yogurt Melts because I feel women need to resort to desperate measures to lose weight. They were featured in one of our reviews because they are UNIQUE and they taste great! I’m not all that complicated and I don’t really have any hidden motives. They’re like no other product I’ve ever seen they taste REALLY good, and they’ve got great nutritionals as well. Please don’t read into it…

And it seems like there might be confusion about how or why products are featured on Hungry Girl. We do NOT accept money to feature foods in editorial content. We do have advertisers, but the ads are clearly marked as such, and ONLY for foods and products we would write about anyway…

Keep up the GREAT work!


Thanks for swinging by the MizFits, Lisa.

Like it or not, you’re now an honorary member o’the Bumbling Band AND Ive just finished filming a Monday Facetime which is a SHOUT OUT to you by way of my t-shirataki love.


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  1. says

    I’m conflicted. Just spent awhile on her site, and about 90% of the stuff I looked at was processed “food” not real food that you prepare yourself. I just don’t hold with that type of eating, and think that no matter how you spin it, the processed stuff will never be as healthy as it claims to be.

    Eat real food.

    That is all.

  2. says

    pretty cool she gave you a reply! i have to agree though, im getting off the fake food bandwagon and moving to the side of eating real food that is healthy and wise.

  3. Ann says

    Sure, real food is better than processed, but I don’t think she was trying to say otherwise. She’s giving alternatives to fast food and junk food for people trying to stay healthy on the go. For most people trying to change a lifetime of unhealthy eating habits, baby steps are key (no pun intended).

  4. says

    I second (third, fourth?) the idea that real food is sooo much better.
    Have you ever seen something labeled as a “food product”?? WHAT is that????

  5. says

    It’s great that she wrote back! .. and good to know that the recipes aren’t including ingredients/items from paid sources. But I still think HG needs to cut back a bit on artificial sweetener!

  6. says

    K. Just went and read the original post. Thank goodness I was not the only one hating those Gerber puffs for my kid. I agree that real food is the way to go.

  7. says

    Glad I’m not the only one who was a little confused at the degree of processed foods being recommended over there. Probably because it is a little tricky to find real food convenience foods that come in a box with a shelf life of 1 year….

  8. says

    Though I read HungryGirl on an almost daily basis for ideas and food news, I’ve gotta say that I rarely eat anything she recommends nor do I make the recipes she posts…. Or if I do put something similar in my mouth, I delete the Splenda and other non-real-food ingredients. I’m pretty sure I rolled my eyes when I saw the Gerber post.

    Pretty cool that she replied though!

  9. says

    MizFit, the journalist in me applauds your “share both sides of the story-ness.” I always appreciate learning from other people’s perspectives!

  10. says

    HG has got to be backed by a corporation, no?

    From a quick gander, it looks like all Kraft, Wishbone Gerber, Campbells’ WW, Klondike, etc…. product?

    It’s all processed mainstream Super Wal-Mart Finds.

    Just saying.

  11. Alyssa says

    In her defense, she has stated on her site that most of what she eats is healthy, unprocessed food. Like Ann says, she is giving alternatives to high fat, high sodium junk food. She’s not recommending anyone fill their diet with 100-calorie packs.
    (But I do agree that there is too much Splenda!)

  12. Elle says

    One thing I LOVE about HG: She has said multiple times that in a perfect world people would eat only real food but we live in the real world. And she’s also mentioned that you can alter a recipe to your taste. I don’t like splenda so I usually use none or half of the amount. Also, I prefer pepper to salt so I often use very limited salt when I make the HG recipes (and all recipes actually).

    I mean what is on HG isn’t law. If you use your brain and make appropriate substitutions to fit your lifestyle then you are fine. It’s like not putting peas in a stir fry because you hate peas!

  13. Elle says


    GO HG!

  14. cwxwwwxdfvwwxwx says

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