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why am i starving?

It’s only 11am and I’m about to gnaw my leg off.

Since waking up at 7a I’ve had two handfuls of cherries, a ziplock bag of grapes and strawberries, a fat-free yogurt, a scoop of high-fiber cereal, a large green apple, a toasted nuts & cranberry Luna Bar and a mini Milky Way. WTF??

It’s just so hard to carry chicken breasts and eggs with me to the coffee shop help but Im not getting enough protein, huh?

In one word? No.

In many words: at least not for me (please to reference here blah blah blah).

Once upon a time MizFit would eat cereal & fruit for breakfast and be freakin STARVING an hour or so later.

She’d grab some fruit, feel satiated for three to five seconds & then BAM would be ravenous again.

The moral of our story? Not enough fat & not enough protein makes MizFit an ornery, snacking, always hungry, WriterMama.

My answer to you (and what you intuited anyhoo) is the same. The sugars in the fruit and fat free yogurt would spike my blood sugar enough (even with the fiber from the cereal and the complex carbs/some fat in the bar) to give me the munchies QUICKLY.

My suggestions range from the “Yeah, um, NO. Only you would do that” (Ive heard it all before from friends/clients) to the “ok, that mightcould be palatable.”

They also range from the more Hungry Girl-esque (because we are talking portable protein!) to the even this blogger might approve.

When I did the work from Starbucks thing I would pack a cooler in the morning mainly with protein. The carbs—and good ones—are readily available so I usually didnt bother bring them with me.

I’d grill chicken the night before, wrap it in tin foil, and eat it straight from there.

Like a chicken-sicle (I think this one falls under only I would do).

Id bring envelopes of no drain tuna and plop it on top of salads or, more usually, eat it with a fork out of the package (Id like to clarify that this one I would do OUTSIDE of aforementioned Starbucks and brush my teeth afterwards).

You could bring slices of (hormone free antibiotic free *wink* ) deli meat with you? half a somekindaprotein sandwich using good complex carbohydrate lumpy bumpy grain-y bread?

I think I recall, emailer, you previously saying that you do bring oatmeal in a rubbermaid container to the coffee shop and add hot water.

Have you thought about bringing protein powder too? I did this frequently and it made a world of difference with regards to how long the oatmeal ‘stuck with me.’

With the many protein powders available (from soy to veggie options) you should be able to find one you like and which agrees with your body (how is *that* for delicate phrasing?).

I would also often make a protein shake EARLY in the morning, freeze it, plop it in my cooler and by the time I was ready to eat again it had thawed enough to be thick yet drinkable. You could do the same thing with a smoothie adding in some extra protein powder when you blend.

We’ve established Im a beef jerky fan, but if you dont do beef there are some interesting varieties available now—everything from turkey to salmon.

We’ve also established Im a fan of the PB2 powder (and peanut butter but that can get exceedingly messy in a cooler. take my word for it.). Im wondering (Sagan?) how that might work merely stirred into skim milk for a protein boost.

The eggs you mentioned? I never did it —-but now that I ponder I really could have seen myself bringing a few hardboiled eggs along (which would, again, necessitate the cooler).

Bottom line: Not interested in looking like the (a? who can say) MizFit by hauling a cooler? Try packing your bag with cheeses which dont need immediate refrigeration (string cheese can hang in there for a while. As can the laughing cow wedges and ‘hard’ versions), bring the protein powder for your oatmeal, some nuts, a frozen smoothie, or —if youre feeling particularly devil may care–1 grilled chicken breast to eat as a ‘sicle.

MizFits? I know you have some ideas/thoughts/tips. Please to hit us up in the comments!


can you suggest a beginnerbeginner routine for weight training? I know I should be doing it … I want to do it … and yet I don’t ever do it because I don’t know what I’m doing.

OK, keeping in mind I hath no idea what your current fitness level is or physical limitations might be here’s what I would suggest:

Full body routine.

start off twice a week (remember, we are setting ourselves up for success!) doing only two sets per exercise at a weight where you can complete 12-15 repetitions the first set without struggle and 10-12 repetitions the last set and feel *challenged* but not in pain.

What should you include in this routine?

1 exercise for chest.

1 exercise for back.

1 exercise for biceps.

1 exercise for triceps.

1 exercise for shoulders.

2-4 for your legs (depending on time available and your current fitness level. Im being deliberately vague as I do not know from whence you’re starting—but this will give you a sense of how to set up your program.)

As you become more fit you can increase your workout to three times a week (never on back-to-back days) and, as your fitness level increases still, you may wish to break down your routine into an upper body workout one day and lower body/shoulders on another.

The upper body workout would resemble: 2 exercises for chest (a pressing movement and a fly movement) 2 exercises for back (a pull down movement and a rowing movement) two for biceps and two for triceps.

The lower body workout would thoroughly work your legs and also include exercises for all three heads of your shoulder.

You also asked in your email about books which show exercises so you might get a better idea of how to execute them (disclaimer: I tend not to adore books which tout themselves as weight training for women. In my opinion we dont need to train differently than men (Anne? thoughts?) and it simply exploits women’s fear o’the bulk for financial gain. Long way of saying MizFits PLEASE to chime in here!)

Im old school. I like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s book because, while I dont wish to look like he does, the explanations and photos are immensely helpful. I also find Bodybuilding for Dummies gives clear, concise, bottom-line suggestions for how to devise and stick to a weight training plan.

There are many, many books out there so Id definitely suggest hitting a book store and looking through a few until you land upon one to which *you* respond.

Alright boisterous members of the Bumbling Band—have at it in the comments!


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  1. says

    Good protein suggestions–I always struggle with morning protein and usually end up with dairy–yogurt or nonfat milk or cheese, plus sometimes eggs or dinner leftovers. I wish I trusted deli meats a little more, but I worry about the link between processed meats and stomach cancer. I try to buy nitrite free versions, but I’m not even sure they’ve decided if nitrites are the problem.

    But hell, some mornings an Egg McMuffin really hits the spot. (And I think Starbucks does a whole wheat version of that).

  2. MizFit says

    I totally agree, Crabby, on the deli meats. I usually grab the nitrate/hormone free applegatefarms and hope for the best.

    sometimes life is just TMI, huh?

    I wanna eat as clean as I can and not FRET :)


  3. says

    Nuts.. What about the nuts? Those have protein and fat and it’s the good fat. Hard boiled eggs are great too. These are things I will pack with me (of course not today) and bring to work to keep me satisfied.

  4. MizFit says

    Thanks for pointing that out, Nancy.
    I, the woman who is never sans-soynuts & almonds (my faves) skipped pointing that out in favor of the more offbeat options.



  5. says

    Nuts and cheeses were my first responses to the emailer. raw almonds and walnuts along with soy nuts are generally thought to be the best. Healthy, delicious, and crunchy so your body registers that you’re eating something while you’re multitasking. There are also all sorts of individually packaged cheese sticks in mozzarella, cheddar, colby, and a few other varieties. They can generally be found in reduced fat versions, too.

  6. says

    Excellent protein suggestions. My main morning protein is lowfat cottage cheese. With cut up fruit, it works for me. I also make a little ‘protein’ shake by blending equal parts cottage cheese and yogurt, some ice, water or milk, and fresh strawberries and sometimes a little sugar depending on how sweet the berries are. If you blend the hell out of it, you won’t be left with any chunks of the cheese and it is creamy and gooood.

  7. says

    My staples are nuts, protein powder, beef jerky & cheese. I love the whey protein powder added to oatmeal, I usually top that with almonds & fruit. In fact, now that I’m writing that, I know what this morning’s breakfast will be.

  8. MizFit says

    Thanks for the tip and for swinging by, Hannah.
    It bears repeating how much I LOVE your blog’s tagline:

    “Someone busier than you is running right now”


  9. says

    Despite being a vegetarian, I’m ALL about protein & fat for breakfast. Consider switching out the non-fat sugar-laden yogurt for a greek yogurt! The 2% variety of Fage has 4 grams of satiating fat and 17 (!!) grams of protein. I add a handful of berries, a teaspoon or two of honey & some walnuts. Another breakfast I really like is an egg & veggie scramble rolled up with some cheese in a whole wheat tortilla. It’s very portable:) Also, a whole wheat bagel has 12 grams of protein and if you top it with an egg& cheese or peanut butter and sliced bananas, even better.

    Your reader didn’t mention when her workout is. If she’s coming off an early AM workout, she might need a minii-meal right after and then a more substantial meal an hour or so later.

    PS> Miz? Thanks for the nod to my neuroses – I SWEAR I’m not judging what other people eat. I’m only this crazy when it comes to my own food. I love your suggestions – esp. the tuna in a pouch! That has got to be the best invention.

  10. says

    I absolutely NEED a lot of protein with me or I become the Demonista. To work I have brought – hard boiled eggs, pre-made protein pancakes (I make them so that each one is a serving so I can have a bunch throughout the day), vanilla protein powder that I either add to oatmeal or mix w/only a little FF milk to make a paste and add to either granola or on top of fruit, baggie of almonds, cottage cheese, tunacakes (pre-made patties made w/tuna, egg whites & oatmeal cooked like a burger).

    So agree MizFit, all of the training books that I have were written for men. I *believe* as well that there is no difference either. Yes, men and women have differences, but in the end muscles are muscles and training is training.

  11. MizFit says

    Charlotte? you never EVER come across as judgmental!

    Fitarella? this? pre-made patties made w/tuna, egg whites & oatmeal cooked like a burger

    you’re my sister from another mother. I ADORE that yet would not have mentioned it to the Bumbling Band for fear they, like my husband, might throw up in their collective mouths a little.



  12. says

    This is my weakness. I SUCK at proper eating and dieting. That was my goal this year, to try and be better at my eating habits. Snacking less, and snacking on healthier foods. I will never be able to plan accordingly or pre-plan my meals, but I am better at knowing and being able to not eat all the horrible things I used to snack on and eat! (Little Debbie and I had an intimate relationship)
    Great post.

  13. says

    MizFit — I’m a new visitor on your blog, but I’m digging your attitude and outlook on fitness and health.

    Like Mama Zen, I’m a huge PB fan. Celery and PB, apple and PB, banana and PB. It’s all good for a snack. I’m also big into moz sticks and triscuits or fruit.

    And, in a pinch, a kashi bar (7 grams protein, 4 grams fiber) works, too!

  14. says

    Great suggestions! I buy huge value-packages of nuts (especially almonds) and then divide into tons of little snack bags so that each is one serving and I know exactly what the fat/calorie content is. You can also mix them with dried fruit and dark chocolate chips for an impromptu trail mix too, if you’re not fond of nuts by themselves or want something a little sweet.

    I’m also a big fan of cheese, despite the fat (some reduced-fat versions aren’t too bad though I don’t recommend the fat-free).

    Deli meats are handy but I always worry about what’s actually in them…I do like to grill several chicken breasts at a time on my George Foreman, then cube them and make up more snack bags of about 2 ounces each.

    Oh, and I have in the past (though I don’t do it much any more) chopped nuts really fine in the food processor and added them to oatmeal in the mornings if I know I’m not going to want meat or don’t have time to cook it. You could even do that with the pre-packaged oatmeal if you wanted.


  15. MizFit says

    donning my BabyMamaBandanna but had to say Valerie? the nuts & food processor idea? Id never thought of that!

    The Renaissance Man shall not know what hit him, errr, his oats.



  16. MizFit says

    dang, couldnt cease the thumbtyping without saying:

    Strong One? (love the moniker) it’s all about the baby steps huh? breaking up with Debbie Who Makes Us Not So Little can be a rough thang and it sounds as though you survived that one!

    tiny changes add up over time & it may NEVER be your ‘thing’ to preplan.

    different strokes.


  17. says

    i KNEW we looked alike! Yes, I have many, many bizarre concotions/recipes that my family throw up about on a daily basis. but happy to know you & I could picnic together 😉

  18. says

    Crabby, the aformentioned coffee shop does indeed have whole wheat egg mcmuffins with reduced fat white cheddar and low cholesterol eggs. The thing comes in at 350 calories and I absolutely love it. It also has turkey bacon, yum! Sadness is that people probably shouldn’t go and get hooked on them because the new boss man thinks the smell interferes with the coffee experience and is taking them out of all the stores by next year. I mean really, who sits inside coffee shops anymore besides bloggers, and then they are there all day and need some freaking protein bacon goodness.

  19. says

    Oooh… I’m totally going to try Fitarella’s tunacakes! I’ve got a long work trip tomorrow, and I was just trying to decide what I could take (to prevent unsightly fast food binges) that would get me some protein on the road. I’m packing my cooler tonight!

  20. says

    Love this post and the comments, because protein is something of a problem for me. I’m currently investigating pumpkin seeds as a snacky protein source.

    I’m also a reformed Little Debbie snacker, but I’ve been Swiss Roll Free for over a year now. Don’t we get a pin for that or something? :)

    Have a fantastic day!

  21. says

    Jen – with the tunacakes – for tastiness add some spices (pepper, garlic powder, all spice, dash of salt?) just some stuff to make it flava-ful. Oh, and I cook it so that it gets cripsy-ish brown and eat it with ketchup! (go ahead people, puke now)

  22. MizFit says

    Jen, I also like to make the protein pancakes ahead of time and eat on the road. with vanilla protein powder it *totally* satiates my sweet tooth as well.

    and remember you can always hit McDonalds for their apples (sans fibrous peel but better than nothing) and get grilled chicken and toss the buns to the birds.

    M., who has a flat tire and is taking one GIANT step back for womankind and called roadside to come and change.

  23. Alex says

    Good food suggestions. And I love Arnie’s book (and I’m a lady! I don’t think I’ve ever called myself a lady before. Won’t happen again)!!

  24. says

    I can definitely agree on this one! I’ve realized I am happiest and fullest when I get my fat and protein in. I’ll add in veggie burgers (pop them in the microwave for 90 sec.) and Greek yogurt to help me out. But it DOES make all the difference.

  25. says

    I’m surprised no one votes for edamame!

    : )

    M, if you didn’t call the roadside service people to come and change your tire, they would lose their jobs. I’m a firm believer in letting people do their jobs so I can do mine! So, I have to call you on that negative self-chatter!!! LOL

  26. says

    I always feel like I can never get enough protein in my diet. Protein shakes are an every morning thing for me now.

  27. MizFit says

    Marianne, is edamame good cold?!

    For some reason I’m a Hot ‘mame.

    M., duly noting her neg self chatter.

  28. says

    I have a secret: I’m not much into protein. Maybe it will be an unpopular opinion here, but I believe that for most people, protein should be eaten in small amounts – almost as a condiment to plants and whole grains. I find that if I eat small amounts of whole grains throughout the day, I am fine. Yes, I eat every 2-3 hours and not every 5-6 hours, but I don’t like big meals anyway. They make me sluggish.

    You, mizfit, might need more protein because you do have some amazing muscles on you and b/c of your amazing exercise habits. But I am more on the average side when it comes to muscles and exercise.

    Works for me. :)

  29. says

    PB2 mixed in skim milk? I will have to try it out! I will get back to you on how it is. (This morning I polished off my third jar of PB2. And I’m the only one eating the stuff. I need to put an order in for a 12 pack, I think… I *may* just be addicted to the stuff:)).

    Also I’ve checked out that For Dummies book and its really great with the strength training and all!

  30. MizFit says

    dont know if you’ll be shocked, Vered, but I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU.

    some in the exercise (needing protein to build muscle) way and some in the ‘this is all so personal’ way.

    me? I get CRAZYHUNGRY from grains without adding in a big ole dollop of protein every mini-meal.

    the masses? I oft think arent like me.

    any workout ideas for our emailer, oh wise ones?

    I *know* I didnt nail that on the first try (*wink*)


    • Lisa says

      I just discoved this site and I like it very much.I too have problems when I do not eat lots of protien. I did some research and have come to the conclusion that I am a non diabetic hypoglycemic. My whole life I have experienced hunger that included anxiety, sweating, shaking, and nausea. My father had the same problem but we never associated it with anything medical. We just thought we had not eaten so we were just extreamly hungry. I would grab something sugary and shortly I would feel better. I have now learned if I protein it up I do not have any of these episodes. I have felt better in the last 2 months than I have in years by following a low GI diet. I make sure I eat every 3 hours and it must contain some form of protein. I don’t care what nuts, chicken ,yogurt whatever and it is working great. I am losing weight and have more energy.

  31. says

    OK, OK, I can’t take the pressure! I am the emailer!!! I am the one who eats sugar for breakfast. And yes, I have a degree in nutri sci. Thanks for all of your insight everyone! MizFit, you are so right about the lack of protein in my breakfast and I actually do have a little black cooler bag – I brought it with me today and made a tuna fish wrap with a high protein Flat-Out wrap and some cheese. I’m redeeming myself! And yesterday, at the grocery store, I got kefir, cottage cheese, eggs and egg beaters and turkey. I would TOTES eat a chickensicle, BTW.

  32. says

    Thanks for visiting my blog & for the helpful comment. I checked out your video for kitchen triceps & found it is very do-able for me! Batwings Be Gone!

  33. says

    Still stick with my favorite breakfast. I pre-cook a batch of steel cut oatmeal and store it in the fridge.

    Morning comes, I scoop out 1/2 C, and add 1/2C of liquid egg whites. Zap in 30 second rounds, stirring between, until it’s a consistency I like. Maybe add some fresh fruit.

    But today I have none stashed in the fridge, and only Quakers in the pantry. I’m checking out that protein powder in my oatmeal thing.

    Also in the heat of summer, I go to the swiss breakfast: soak raw Quaker oats in milk and fruit over night, then eat it in the morning. cold. It really is delish, and would lend itself nicely to that protein powder addition.

    Now what is this PB2 powder? Hopefully something not as disgusting as your MetRx?

  34. says

    Seems like you’ve got good protein suggestions covered (myself? snacks of deli meat or yogurt, main meals take care of themselves as i’m a meat-a-saurus.

    I would like to offer up the book The New Rules of Lifting for Women (by Schulur, Forsythe and Cosgrove) as a legitimate lifting for women book. They go into the “bulking” thing and how we should “lift like men” etc. But it’s still written for women. just fyi.

  35. Kelley Burrus says

    How timely. On my way on to a 9 day photographic “urban hike” in Santa Fe, I bought the coolest neoprene “pocket” to haul around protein and snacks for fuel.

    If there’s ANYTHING the MizFit has taught me it’s PLAN, PLAN, PLAN for success.

    I hear ya, girl. THANK YOU!

  36. says

    Oo! Oo! I know! Pick me! Pick me!
    LOL, no really, I have to eat breakfast pretty early in the morning (usually around 6:30 or so) and I don’t usually have a chance to eat again until 11:30 or 12:00. So before I leave the house (at 6:45 or 7:00), I eat 1 packet of that Quaker Weight Control oatmeal (I know it’s processed, but I’m not making real oatmeal at 6:30am, LOL) with 1 scoop of protein powder and about 1/2 cup of frozen berries (which I stick in a coffee cup before bed so they’re thawed in the morning). All together I get about 15 grams EACH of protein and fiber, and I don’t get hungry until nearly lunchtime. All for about 290 calories.

    The other thing you might do is make egg “cupcakes.” Spray a muffin tin with non-stick spray (or even better: use cupcake wrappers and non-stick spray), then chop up some meat and some cheese or veggies and sprinkle it evenly in the cups. In a bowl mix up about 8 eggs, a splash or two of milk (or half-and-half or cream – whatever you’ve got, but the heavier the liquid the less you need), some salt and pepper, nutmeg if you have it and a little bit of hot sauce. Then pour the egg mixture over the meat/cheese mixture. Bake the whole thing at 375 for about 13 minutes, and ta-da! Little “cupcakes” that you can stick in a container and take with you.

    *Technically, they should probably be refrigerated all day, but although I store them in the fridge, when I take them to work I just toss them in my (unrefrigerated) bag, and I’ve never had a problem.

  37. says

    Um, those frozen berries I mentioned above? I should say, I put them in a coffee cup IN THE FRIDGE before bed. I don’t leave them on the counter all night. Ew.

  38. says

    I’m scribbling furiously right now to write down every one of these suggestions! Everyone has the best ideas, not just for snacks, but for breakfast and lunch. I love you guys.

  39. MizFit says

    WELCOME Marste. your first comment AND it’s a print & keep?
    Yer setting the bar pretty high for yourself :)

    and Gena? you *know* I so agree.

    M., who is quite proud of her bad self for never revealing the emailers’ identities.

  40. says

    Since you de-lurked yourself at my blog, I figured I better come over and de-lurk myself. :)

    I will usually have nuts on my oatmeal (the old-fashioned kind made with milk) or some peanut butter on an organic waffle and a glass of milk. That is usually enough protein to keep me full for a while. I just can’t stomach meat or eggs in the morning.

    Throughout the day, I will have a handful of nuts or some venison sausage. My uncle is a hunter, so we always have plenty of it around.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog!

  41. says

    MizFit, I’ve been known to break out a chicken-sicle. I’m also a huge fan of keeping a bowl of hard-boiled eggs in the fridge for quick protein access. Best of all, my kids will even eat them now.

    I also like natural peanut butter and nuts, but gotta watch those calories!

    I’m also planning to re-add a protein shake into my daily routine (something I was doing at the end of Shape’s Weight Loss Diary).

    Any thoughts on soy vs. whey when it comes to protein powder? I’d been doing whey, but just bought some soy.

  42. says

    I like to make my egg whites on the sweeter side if i am craving sugar, who says they need to be savory (although eggs with bacon or smoked salmon is delicious). this might sound gross but sometimes scramble egg whites with some all fruit or sugar free jam and serve it with someberries and bran flakes of kashi go lean which is a higher protien cereal(i am all about texture, and it needs to have a “crunch” element ya know).

  43. says

    Mi Mizfit,

    OK, I’m delurking!

    As for protein on the go, I am a big fan of string cheese, little individual containers of vanilla greek yogurt, and south beach protein bars…

    And on days when I have a brief window at home before I have to run out, I will usually slam down a piece of tilapia or chicken that I quickly grill — it’s like wild kingdom in jersey.

  44. mallory says

    to heather who was asking about trans fat free wraps, weightinggame reminded me that the ones my mom loves are called Flat Outs, I personally find them grassy, anyone else try them b4?

    I’m also in love w/ the PB2 and put it on everything. Will have to Try mixed in milk.

    Isn’t there someone blogging their experience following the schuler/foraythe book? Anyone know who/what I’m talkin’ about?

    I would save money on books and check out

    She has great stuff on lifting, creating your own home gym and even has a section on “women stuff” including postpartem fitness and lifting during pregnancy…among other topics!

    Sooo much thumbtyping, all for the M and the bumbling band

  45. MizFit says

    Haley? Wild Kingdom in Jersey?
    I think I love you.

    And *thanks* to all of you for making the time to chime in/delurking for that purpose.

    (Dara? More protein powder rambles coming…)


  46. says

    you know, i probably really need more protein in the mornings too… i think i only get about 16 grams of protein with my breakfast, give or take.

  47. says

    Mmmm..chicken-scicle. I ate those while preggo and on a carb restricted diet. I couldn’t look at a grilled chicken breast for months after giving birth.

    Thank you for posting those beginner weight training tips!

  48. says

    Hey, just dropping bye to check things out. Great post! I think I do a pretty good job of getting protein in my diet during lunch and dinner, however mornings are another story. I definitely have to work on that. Sometimes I am ready to eat lunch at 10!

  49. says

    Good post. I take hard boiled eggs with me everywhere. Luckily there is a fridge at work. Also lots of cottage cheese on whole wheat toast, string cheese & jerky (for traveling).

  50. says

    Late to the game, but I haven’t seen Hummus recommended as a protein snack. I spread 2T on Wasa Crackers and I’m full for a very long time.

    And if I’m running out the door in the am, I mini-whole wheat bagel and smear of PB is fast and tasty….

  51. says

    Since discovering the benefits of protein (keeps me stable and holds me till the next meal time!), I’ve made a point to include more of it. I’ll take cheese, nuts, a cut up chicken breast, and/or a hard boiled egg to work. I just pack ’em in plastic containers, put them in a bag, and off I go to work. It takes a little planning, time, and effort, but it’s sooo worth it!

    For breakfast, sometimes I’ll use a plain whey protein powder to make a shake or even mix with milk for a high fiber, low-sugar cereal. Hits the spot, and I’m not hungry till lunchtime! (which means no snacking on the candy!)

  52. says

    I add chick peas, black beans or edamame to my salads for extra protein. Cottage cheese also makes a good protein snack and they come in individual portions too. All good options when you want a change from meat, eggs or cheese.

  53. says

    Protein powder?? Hadn’t ever heard of it, thanks!

    Mizfit, you would be ashamed of my diet. But these tips are an exceedingly excellent start.

    Thanks to the e-mailer for asking the question and thanks for the tips!

    Now…where-oh-where did I put that Thundercats cooler?!

  54. says

    Had to jump back in to say: Mallory and Heather – I have had the Flat Out wraps, I actually really like them. Haven’t had them in a while, sort of forgot about them. Thanks for the reminder.

    Thanks for all the tips, in fact; this is definitely a print and keep, and probably a link-to at some point in the future when I next wax eloquent about the glories of protein. :-) I’m a big protein fan…I eat six mini-meals a day and every single one has some form of protein. It staves off the blood-sugar roller coaster that I struggle with otherwise. Ditto for my DH.


  55. says

    wow i just read through all of these…. and great tips!!!

    on the flatout wraps, the only thing i can use them as is for pizza crust. i can’t stand the taste of them when i make anything else with them.


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