Monday (sort of blurry) Facetime

subtitle: that sound you hear off in the distance? it’s taps, People. Playing for my video camera. I almost didnt post this as it is blurry but either pretend you forgot to wear your glasses/contact lenses OR if you dont need ocular assistance just make believe that you do.

RIP Flip camera. Ye shall be missed.


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  1. says

    Playground workout – what a great idea!

    You have a BEAUTIFUL figure.

    I once tried to do the monkey bars – the way kids do – that was HARD. My arms hurt for several days. :)

  2. says

    Awesome ideas!! I don’t have any small kids at home but next time I run past a park, I just might squeeze some work in there. Of course, there’s no reason why I can’t do them at home too … even have a pull-up bar in one of my doorways!

  3. says

    OH, that was fun! I did that lateral pull-up thingie last week, and it was HARD! Now I know I was really working my arms too hard.


  4. says

    Dang, for some reason the video is cutting off for me after a few seconds. I’ll have to try again later, because I’m really trying to get to the point I can do an unassisted pull-up and there’s a playground a block away from us.

    I’ll be baaaack…

  5. MizFit says

    Well. I do think it’s your computer/somesuchdeal-i-o and not the video, Crab.

    but I also think you mightcould live out the rest of your days without seeing my blurred self playing on almost rusty playground equipment :)

    Ill just come and visit you and the Lobster & show ya in person!

    I need me a vay cay anyway!


  6. says

    Looks like you have some competition for your Mizfit gig, how cute is your baby? Hope you had a great weekend!

  7. says

    your daughter is adorable!
    playground exercise seems like an ingenious idea…now I just need to pop out a few kids so I have an excuse to do it!

  8. MizFit says

    ‘pop out a few kids’


    I’m sure that boot camps do the same thing (and better as you won’t look like the bad mom on the playground when your daughter is off hurrying other kids down the big slide whilst shouting MY TURN. MY TURN. Not that *I* would know anything about that…..)!

    And I’m quite serious about using that as my workout time for the day.

    Next Monday’s facetime takes us to an even sillier, errrr, more *exotic* locale.

    Miz. )

  9. says

    omg, she is adorable! I love how she comes over to imitate what you are doing–which is why it is so important that we show our kids how fun exercise really is!

    I really need to work on my pull up, so I will be practicing these at the playground today.

  10. says

    Now if only I can persuade the stoner kids to stop smoking pot for 15 minutes on the monkey bars :-)

    Baby girl’s curlz are super cute and you be one hot mama!

    Happy Monday!

  11. says

    “This week on the Soup…’


    Difference between you and me doing this exercise, you aren’t at risk of your daughter showing you up….

  12. MizFit says

    Oh Joel McHale I HEART ye enough to letcha mock me.
    Id even show my face like Bret Michaels or the ‘is this funny or mildly uncomfortable’ kid from Yo Gabba Yabba.

    xo xo,


  13. says

    This was the best Facetime yet! Loved the Tornado imitating you – that was too cute.

    Hey, you were too early to my blog this morning – check out the new post and see what I was talking about!!!

  14. hughsmom says

    Pullup…..hmmmm….(flips thru short list of doables)…no….no pullups here….I have “pushup” listed under ice cream treats…that orange sherbet thing in a colorful paper tube that you push up to eat…? Yeaaahhh, you’ll have to try me again in my next life…pullups….sorry.

    (How does someone blessed with chicken wings for arms, that don’t stop waving when the rest of the arm does, work up to even beginning those things. I can see me hanging from thebar and having to let go cuz there ain’t no “pull” in my paltry arms. Then I’d have to pretend it was supposed to look like that.)

    : ^ )

  15. says

    Luckily the parks around here are deserted in the wee morning hours when we hit them after a run- I think I would have the confidence then to give these all a try and not feel the eyes upon me and my weak core.

    Lovin’ your mini assistant.

  16. says

    The Tornado imitating you made my whole day!! You guys should team teach more often. That was one of the best demos of negatives I’ve seen yet on the ‘net! And loved the body rows too – playground is one of my fave places to sneak in some exercise.

  17. says

    Uhhh. I TOTALLY mourn your flip. And mine too. ‘Cept I’ve never had one. So you’re ahead of me ;)

    Also…super thanks for the link love shout out last week. I can’t tell you how it warms my cockles to be “famous” for pissing in a hotel coffee maker. Well…not actually ME, of course.


  18. says

    Ahhhh, this after I had pull-ups in my workout today. 8 unassisted is my limit and has been for a while. :(
    I like the way the Tornado zips in unassisted and does the perfect imitation!

  19. MizFit says

    I LOVE THE WORD COCKLES. Youve nailed one of my life goals: the opportunity to utilized the word cockles in a conversation or sentence where it truly fits in.
    Greta? Im in awe.

    And speaking of *AWE*: eight Meribeth?! as in 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,EIGHT?

    kudos to you.


  20. says

    Awesome! I was just thinking that now that push-ups aren’t as scary, pull-ups should be next!

    I love watching the tornado zip around and get right in there to help demo. She’s a cutie!

  21. says

    sweet video, I love me some park workouts! When I grow up I wanna be a bartenda (youtube bartendaz).

    Happy Monday everyone!

  22. says

    Cool idea. Now when I’m at the playground I can’t sit on my arse! Darn. lol. :)

    Your mini-me is hella cute.

  23. says

    Oh, the Tornado made my day! How adorable!

    Speaking of working out in different places, I did a nice workout on the beach this morning! (Oh, and the back is finally healed up! It felt sooooo good to be able to move like a normal human and do pushups and ride my bike and everything!)

    Back in the day, my weight coach would put me under a squat bar with my feet on a weight bench to do the declined pull ups. They’re a great step for working your way up to full pull ups. I think he was a masochist, though, because he would push down on my shoulders to make them harder.

  24. Katheryn says

    Great facetime this week. The exercises are great, and you daughter is a cutie!

  25. says

    You guys are adorable!!!

    I love the playground exercises–I’m always looking for ways to make strength training fun and more appealing. This is something I’d actually DO on my own without Donald the Personal Trainer barking in my ear!

  26. says

    Very cute! And very informative too…maybe I’ll head out to my monkey bars this afternoon.

    And you are lucky if the Toddler Tornado only yells “MY TURN!” My kids (yep, both of ‘em) have been known to give the kid in front of them a helpful push…uh, nudge…in the right direction!

  27. says

    At Boot Camp we will occasionally run 2 miles to a playground and do an obstacle course work out that consists of many pull ups etc. Great demonstrations! To make it even more challenging have the little one sit on your tummy :)

  28. Heather says

    Of course I love it all.

    *I will try those tips. I will try to tips*
    (It’s not I will try to do it, but I will do it, right?)

    Kisses to your tornado from my bear. He was so excited to see his pal on the video (he loves his MizFit video every week).

  29. says

    Loved the video – what a cute assistant you have! There actually is a small playground very near me, have to give your exercises a try. One of the walking/running trails I use also has wooden exercise equipment about every 1/2 mile – great idea!

  30. MizFit says

    Gena? I think I love you.

    in that weird, uncomfortable, awkward way that a blogger hath for someone who actually takes her advice.

    you’ve made my morning.

    (and the Tornado’s although she’s a smidge miffed she wasnt along with you for the whole shebang)


  31. says

    You see, now there’s no excuse for not working out. If you really want to get in shape, there are plenty of opportunity to do so.

    Thank you for making this subtle point.

    Oh yeah, your comic relief partner is just hilarious.

  32. says

    Damn, my kids are too old for the playground… Now, you wanna develop some barstool exercises and I’m right there with ya! LOL. I don’t think I could pull up my own weight if EVERYONE above helped me. I’ll keep working on it…. sigh.

  33. MizFit says

    I hear ya Melany.

    If only I had an assistant Id be *so* Kathy Griffin and could film SO many more places.

    That said, I have a bunch of field trips planned in the upcoming weeks (cue mass excitement and hysteria).


  34. says

    Unfortunately, I don’t have any adorable kids to drag to the park with me, but I will try these out at the park on my way home from my run.

  35. says

    I used to love pullups, and *just* talked to RunnerMan yesterday about getting back into them. Perfect timing – AGAIN!

  36. says

    She is so cute! I love how she went right over there and did a pull up on the lower bar right after you finished! You can tell she loves her mom. Thanks for this post. I have realized recently how HORRIBLE my upper body strength is…the 100 challenge is still killing me!

  37. says

    What a cutie Tornado is! Thanks for this. We sometimes incorporate the playground at boot camp, and I love it.

    PS – I love my flip camera!

  38. says

    Your Tornado is super-cute! Especially when she was copying you! AWW!

    And I’m excited: an excuse to play on the playground! “No, I am NOT just screwing around! I am WORKING OUT!” Woot!

  39. says

    Tricks to work up to them. *chair* *bands* If I lay off of them for a while (bad me) I can do about 5. I hate them also, so I have to talk nice to myself before attempting them.

  40. says

    I could watch hours of video with you and those awesome arms of yours. I’ll have to try these next time I take my triplet nieces to the park. One of my nieces is like your Tornado. She likes to mimic what the adults do. So cute!

  41. says

    Your little girl is SO cute!!! And I love using the playground for a workout. Who needs a gym when you’ve got a playground nearby?

  42. says

    I totally appreciate the advice, but the whole time I’m watching this video I’m thinking: she looks like THAT after having a kid? Wishing PDX to AUS were a shorter flight. You’d have a new client STAT.

  43. says

    OK, THAT was adorable. Watching the tornado mimic the dips? Too cute!

    I don’t know that I’d call those “two easy exercises,” though ;-).

  44. says

    I really like the second exercise idea, the one on the lower bar.
    And I looove how the little Tornado was doing the exercises right along with you. She’s got some mean pulls-ups there too – better than mine, that’s for sure! ;)

  45. Maggie says

    You never cease to amaze me. You’re such a great role model for us mizfits, and your adorable tornado. :)

  46. says

    OMG, I love these tips so much…I am never at the playground but I may have to go now. :-) The “bench dip” is the bane of my existence but I’ve slowly gotten good at it…but the others I haven’t tried. But I will!

    And I SO adore your costar…I sense a star in the making! :-)


  47. says

    Your daughter is SO ADORABLE. I thought it was funny how she was following along behind you as you demonstrated the exercises…emulating her mommy, I see! :)