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  1. says

    How lovely to actually see you speaking in a video (first time for me being a recent convertee to your site), but it was a really good message. I’m happy to say that I have found myself doing that recently, for example I was at the airport last week and chose not to take the moving “travelator” but walk instead, didn’t really think about it concsiously but I think once you adopt a healthy lifestyle you sort of just do this automatically.

  2. MizFit says

    John? your tip? you gonna fidget yer way lean? march out to get the mail with your knees kept high instead of merely walking?

    and Andrew? such a great point. once these healthy habits become, well, HABIT it’s so much easier.

    it’s the getting there that took some prodding (for me anyway… :))


  3. says

    Love this video. There are so many ways to fit in little bursts of exercise throughout the day. I do heel raises sitting at my desk. A co-worker and I do tricep dips using the arms of our office chairs (he can do about four times as many as I can!) Wall pushups are another good one.

    Your grocery video gave me an idea to challenge my co-workers to lunge our way to the copy machine. They’re gonna love you/me for THAT one. :)

    Have a happy day, and congrats on the HG nod.

  4. MizFit says

    Cammy. I think I love you. Will this make things awkward between us? The lunge challenge? OFFICE PERFECTION.

    Im thinking we (the royal. YOU, really, since it’s your idea) need to get a Bravo show for that one.


  5. Helene Harris says

    MizFit! Just found you today through Hungry Girl website. I really appreciate your video about how the little stuff really can add up. I have to admit that at the end of the day, i can just flop in front of the TV (in a very reclining position!) I try to remember to keep moving, leg stretches, bicycling the legs, stretching the hips by rocking from side to side. Instead of beating myself up for the TV watching, I try to just be proud of the things i am doing.

    BTW, love your site and love the buffs too! I have to go read the rest of your site now. Thanks!

  6. says

    I love the reminder about fidgeting. We needed a new reading chair and got one that rocks/glides–it makes fidgeting even more fun! And we also got some rockers for the porch too. Rocking and reading is one of my favorite ways to sneak in some extra movement.

  7. MizFit says

    welcome Helene & Erica!
    We’re silly & snarky but beyond friendly up in herre.

    And crabby? Now I wanna give you a new nickname Rocking McSlacker?
    Crabby McReadnRock?


    Stick with the one that brung ya.

    I may have a few gifts but nickname’age is appearing *not* to be one of them.


  8. Sam says

    Hey, MizFit. I saw the shout out to you on Hungry Girl today. Go you. I hope more people are lucky enough to find your blog! :)

  9. says

    Thanks for the reminder, MizFit! I used to be really good about taking the stairs, parking far away, etc., but I’ve become relaxed on that recently. This was just the swift kick in the rear that I needed.

    Although, I do have the NEAT thing down pat. I inherited the foot tapping gene. :)

  10. says

    I’m a big fidgeter, but mostly because it helps me stay awake during some really boring seminars.

    I am fortunate enough to spend a good amount of time in the dark room. When it’s empty, I’ll do squats and lunges, leg raises, and even get down and do push ups. I hope there isn’t a camera in there!

    At my desk I’ll do triceps dips, glute and ab squeezes, and leg extensions. Not only does it get in just a little more activity, it keeps my muscles from getting tight after being inactive for so long.

  11. Lenora says

    Hi Mizfit, just learned of your site from HungryGirl, and love it! I’m one of those figeters who also adds balance and core trainng while standing. Just do what you need to do standing on one leg. That alone reminds me to tighten my stomach.

  12. says

    I do walking lunges to my mailbox with my toddler. He loves it and I get that extra burn during my day. I also jump rope in the driveway while he plays with cars. Some of my neighbors have made comments (not so nice ones) but I think they are just jealous! :)

  13. says

    I am a phone talker pacer!!! I take the stairs almost every time and park far away!!!!! Great advice!!!!

  14. says

    You can totally do exercises while yakking on the phone. Leg lifts or even grab a dumbbell (just be careful of the heavy breathing LOL). During tv commercials (for those peeps who don’t DVR everything LOL), great time to do a couple situps or whatnot.

  15. Nita says

    Parking farther away is good for you! And because parking far from the store usually means there is no one around you, you can pull straight out of the parking area instead of backing out, which saves gas. True, it’s not a lot of gas, but every little bit helps, right?

    Next week will be the one where I will have trouble fitting in my exercise. Not sure how I’m going to manage it.

  16. MizFit says

    Welcome Lenora & thanks for chiming in!

    & Nita? Do tell! What is next week and why the exercise challenge?

    I’m certain the Bumbling Band can help you solve that conundrum!

    (Oh, Blogher?)


  17. says

    I love the concept of NEAT! When I get to work, I’m going to put a reminder stickie on my computer monitor (right next to my “Drink Water” reminder). Park farther away- check, take the stairs- check, carry own groceries- check (and bring my own reusable grocery bags- check, check), fidgeting- uh, not so much.

    When I’m in the zone at my desk, people could probably mistake me for a corpse. I will make it my mission to move more during the workday (other than walking to and from the breakroom to fill up my water mug). Maybe I could loosen my chair a bit, and rock bath and forth while I type… or maybe not. Thanks for the challenge!

  18. says

    I have never thought about carrying all those bags to my car instead of the cart. Brilliant!

    This makes me feel somewhat pack mule-esq, but I will sometimes carry my 1 year old on one hip and then my almost 4 year old on either my other hip or or do a piggy back ride. They are about 50# together and just walking from the car into the store like that gets my heart pumping and them giggling. It’s all good.

  19. says

    OK, I feel like a slacker today — normally I park near the back of the parking lot at work. But today, I parked right up front since I was early and there were spots. Normally I always park in the back area no matter what. Then…I listen to this! Talk about feeling like a schmuck. Anyway, no more for me. I’ll park farther away. And, some of my work I can do remotely, but I’ll get up and walk to where I need to more. Anyway, thanks for the slap in the face…

  20. says

    We have an office cat – so she is reason for me to get up and chase her around the office. We also have stairs – so walking up and down the stairs is good exercise for me.

    And I never thought of fidgeting as a good thing – because one of my colleagues does that and it annoys me – now I’ll just have to think to myself “he’s just burning calories, let it be.” :-)

  21. says

    I’m a fidgeter, a grocery carrier, and a phone pacer. I cannot sit still on the phone, which got me screamed at for tangling our phone cord (back in the dark ages, it was rotary dial, too) as a child, but keeps me moving during the day. At home, I sometimes bounce around on my swiss ball when i’m on the phone for long calls.

    I also tend to run up and down stairs for no good reason other than it’s a novelty to me that i can do that, as opposed to the days when that would have left me passed out in a fleshy heap.

  22. says

    We’ve been potty training over here, and my son doesn’t always want to go. What started out as a bribe has turned in to a decent workout. I offer a ride on my shoulders to the potty. To get him up there, he stands in front of me (while I am standing,) and I lift him from under his arms and swing him up onto my shoulders. Then I take him to the bathroom. Getting him on my shoulders is quite a feat and really works my arms, shoulders and back. You can imagine how many times a day this happens, so it adds up. I should start doing walking lunges on the way to the potty. With a 38 pound boy on my shoulders, that would really give me a workout!! or throw my back out. 😉

  23. Heather says

    This is too cool – what a great blog!

    I just happened upon it (referral from and you’re officially bookmarked. I often think I would like to do something simelar, only focusing more on the nutritional side of things with the occasional exercise submission. :)

    I’m a horrible ‘exerciser’ and hate the traditional gym so I found your post to be particularly great today – finding ways to get extra injections throughout the day. This week is going to be beautiful where I life (Atlantic Canada) so my plan is to have my hubby drop me at work in the morning (we have no showers, etc here) however I’m going to walk home! (5 kilometers) Brought my sneakers and shorts with me in a backpack today!

    Wondering if you’d have any ‘non gym’ suggestions for toning and tightening the core? (from bellybutton to butt!)

    Cheers, and looking forward to reading on!

  24. says

    I just got back from walking the girls to daycare (love me some work-from-home days!). We took the longer, more scenic path there. And believe me, after pushing 70lbs of kid in a rickety old hand-me-down double stroller, my entire body is feeling it.

    I’ll have to try the standing/pacing suggestion for phone calls. I tend to…uh…check out blogs instead of paying attention, so maybe pacing will keep me listening!

  25. says

    What great tips today! I think i’ll be fidgetting alot more today as well as maybe the random lunge here and there! Or what i’m thinking is if the group walks the indoor track today there is a pile of steps leading down to rink and i may just decide to to run up and down those a few times 😉 Thanks for the nudge, just what i need!!

  26. says

    I’m a big fan of the “small changes” strategy. Taking the stairs, parking at the edge of the parking lot, walking to run errands instead of driving… it really does add up!

  27. cait says

    I am a HUGE fan of the far away parking, and also a big stair climber.
    Also, about once a week I decide to walk to the grocery store (about a mile and a half) and get a snack instead of driving and doing real grocery shopping for a meal.

  28. Alex says

    I always walk between stores in the same “complex.” Whether they are close or not. Sometimes that means carrying a bag or two. I may even cross a street instead of getting in my car and driving the 1.76 minutes. I get sun and exercise.

    I sometimes do isometrics at my desk (the glutes, the leg extension for hold) and try to take a walk at lunch if it is not too hot, cold, or rainy (have to stay looking work appropriate!). And if I get bored or stuck at work, I take a couple of laps around the office.

  29. says

    You look so comfortable doing all that in the grocery store! That’s awesome.

    I fidget when I’m in the car and I stand at the computer. I also like to pace around my room when I’m reading a book and stretch waaaay up high when I’m putting away dishes in the kitchen.

    Also, my condo building has 9 floors so sometimes rather than walking up to my sixth floor, I’ll keep going all the way up to get in a few more flights. Carrying heavy bags of groceries up those stairs is a good mini workout too!

  30. says

    You are my hero! I so want to be you when I grow up. I’m going to make an effort today. And I’ll wear my MizFit bracelet to remind me to do a little more!!! Thanks for the tips! (And yay for Hungry Girl!)

  31. says

    Okay, I know that you were saying something, but I was too awed by your arms to pay attention . . .

    Seriously, I work in a lot of extra exercise simply by staying in motion all of the time. I’m never still. Sounds crazy, but it works!

  32. says

    The Bag Lady is a fidgetty thing. It used to drive her mother crazy! She was constantly getting told to sit still.
    She still can’t be still. Ever. Now she drives her hubby crazy in bed. Oh, wait, that wasn’t exactly what she meant to say….

  33. MizFit says

    as always there mightcould be better tips in the comments than in the video!

    love it.

    (oh and heather? more core is coming soon to a Monday Facetime near you but CLICK HERE in the meantime for some tips you might have missed….)


  34. Beth says

    Hi, just found you through Mark’s Daily Apple. Great advice – it never occurred to me to carry my groceries instead of wheeling the cart to the car! Duh!
    Anyway, since I’m new, I need to know – how do I get arms like yours? Seriously. Gorgeous.
    Do you lift heavy? Push ups galore? I’m thinking you didn’t fidget your way to those guns…..

  35. Volnole says

    Thank you, Mizfit!!!! Found you via the Hungry Girl newsletter and, like other commenters, have bookmarked this site for frequent visits. I was a gym rat for YEARS but in my 50s just cannot face it any longer. Working exercise into my daily routine has helped me be more consistent and happier doing it. And, since I find it hard to sit still for very long, I justify getting up from my desk as an exercise break and beneficial to my health!

  36. says

    Okay, great challenge…and something I need to work on. I am a big fan of the excuse “but I sit at a desk all day!” which is, when all is said and done, just an excuse.

    So today I’ll go back to taking the stairs instead of the elevator, and not avoiding making trips upstairs. I will most definitely walk my errands at lunch (and not avoid those either!), and I will make a conscious effort to sit up straight and keep my core muscles engaged while sitting at my desk. And I will fidget…oh, will I fidget! In fact, I already did…I must have been channeling you in our staff meeting this morning. :-)


  37. says

    got lots of NEAT in this weekend chasing the boys at a relatives house this last week. funny (or maybe not so much!) how it is so much harder to take care of kids out of your own space. unfortunately i made up for my kiddo induced calorie loss by indulging too much in the wrong sorta food!
    love the buff….such cool designs!
    off to run!
    happy monday to all!

  38. Kelley Burrus says

    Congrats on the Hungry Girl link! You could easily handle an additional 500,000 readers…all in a day’s work!

    Love the week’s focus. Thinking, thinking, thinking….I’ll get back to you with a plan.

  39. hughsmom says

    I always park far from the door when we go to the gym. I made my guests walk to the fireworks the other night, to their displeasure…but 4 blocks?! Come ooon!

    I fidget and walk a lot when I’m doing mindless tasks. Actually, if I sit still too long I get bored, so I am in motion most of the time. If I’m in the back yard with the dogs I take note of weeds in the garden and plan on pulling them later – or I pull those that I can reach while dogs are doing their business. Just another layer to the “doing”.

  40. says

    Great facetime this week. I make a point of parking the furthest when I go to the gym my Catholic guilt overpowers me. LOL! Loved the tips surely incoperatin a few of them into my life.

  41. says

    I got on a plane recently carrying a bag and the attendant looked at me and said, “Oh – what great arms. I’ll bet you work out a lot for that” and I swooned. My arms pale in comparison to yours so let me just say this – “NICE GUNS, BABY!”

    About the life/workout/etc. balance – yes. And flexing and tightening in line – more yes.

  42. says

    My husband made fun of me today for taking the farthest parking space from the door of the gym. So HAH! to him! I’m too impatient to skulk for close parking spots anyhow. Totally not a fidgeter, and I married into a family of foot jigglers and they drive me nuts when they all get going. Can I have credit for jumping up to swap out the laundry or feed the kids between tasks?

    Happy Monday!

  43. Kandy says

    Thanks MizFit! I came to your site for the first time today through a link I found in my daily Hungry Girl newsletter.
    I really enjoyed this video, especially the bit about N.E.A.T. (I have a cousin who fidgets ALL the time, and she IS very lean!). Anyways, my idea to incorporate more movement into my daily routine is to sit on a yoga ball while at my desk (instead of my chair). At least for a few hours a day. That way, I am almost constantly moving, as I bounce up and down and flex/un-flex my legs.

  44. says

    Since I just had a baby I try and use him as my weight. I will also try and stand to rock him instead of sitting in a rocking chair. Like you said even the little things count.

  45. says

    This will definitely inspire me to take more stairs. When I’m on campus there’s about four flights of stairs I have to climb and 3 times out of 4 I take the elevator with the excuse that it’s been a long day and my books are too heavy, but that’s exactly why I should take the stairs. So I plan on it this week.

  46. MizFit says

    ok I giggle that you (the royal you. the more than one you. the (no reason to be) embarrassed you.) emailed asking WHAT ON EARTH PEOPLE MEAN BY THE GROCERY VIDEO.

    It’s the first link.

    It’s CLICK HERE.

    It’s the video which almost had MizFit ushered out by grocery security.

    good times.


  47. says

    uhm.. I already stand while at my computer during the day; walk the dogs 1-2 miles a day; fidget. I will have to be really creative to find more exercise, but with these pooches, I’m sure I can.

    Would love to see more people doing lunges down the grocery aisles. That was wonderful.

  48. Ann says

    I ride my bike to work because it’s close and easy, but I haven’t been riding my bike to the grocery store like I used to. Groceries no longer fit into my little bike basket now that my family has two (including myself:). So this week, I will ride my bike to the grocery, even if I have to make two or three trips!

  49. says

    By the way…kudos to you for doing the grocery lunges. I just lunged while carrying my laundry to the washer and felt like a nerd doing it…in the privacy of my own home…with no one else home.

  50. MizFit says

    Um, Ann? 2 or 3 trips? That mightcould earn you MizFit of the Month.

    and SlackerMama? I had no time to feel like a nerd as there was a management team meeting in the produce section.

    I was hightailing it OUTTA THERE!

  51. says

    Great ideas! I’ve been traveling a lot this summer and I’m taking an 16 hour flight to Asia tomorrow.

    While on the plane, I would go to the washroom when it’s not busy and do some incline push-ups. I position my hands on the sink and do push-up motions.

    While sitting down, I would contract my stomach muscles and do crunches.

    I would also walk around the plane just to get the blood flowing…

  52. seekatyrun says

    The kids and I just got back from a trip to the pool. It’s just about 1/2 a mile each way, up a HUGE hill on the way there (and thankfully downhill with the cranky kids in tow on the way home!). Many of the nieghborhood kids question why we walk instead of drive. And I love that my 4 year old son and nearly 3 year old daughter launch into the explanation that it’s good exercise and it makes us strong and it’s silly to drive that far and why don’t they walk, too?? They also know that’s why we park near the farthest “cart corral” at the grocery store — “the extra steps are good for you, Daddy” my little one said recently!

  53. says

    I really wish I could watch videos on my bedrock computer here at work. I need a reminder to do it when I get home!

  54. says

    alternative ways to get in a grocery store workout without getting the staff to try and kick you out:
    – squat (instead of bend) down to the lower shelves to either get something or look at something.
    – calf raises (get on tip-toes) for stuff on higher shelves.

    when i go, i try to always get a small basket that i carry instead of a cart. i’m usually not getting a lot of stuff and, knowing me, i usually get at least one or two heavy things that weigh down the stupid thing so i’m always changing arms carrying it.

    i also need to start riding my bike more for errands, but it’s harder now that i have actual cycling shoes and clips and stuff – i don’t want to be click-clacking around the store!

  55. says

    I’ve often had store management come running when they see my version of the grocery story workout — climbing the shelves all the way to the top.

    I’m five feet tall and that’s what they get for putting the whole-grain pasta that’s on sale on the top shelf.

  56. says

    Loved the video clip and the shout out on Hungry Girl today!

    I already am a stair-taker, but I think my two N.E.A.T goals of the week are to park at the back of the gym and grocery store parking lot.

    And I am also going to get a basket at the grocery store instead of a cart. Add in a little weight training while I peruse the aisles!

  57. MizFit says

    I have to add that I saw a woman out walking her dog today doing LEG LIFTS/SQUATS while the dog did its bidness.

    it was the best representation of *squeezing in exercise* I witnessed (you know, in real life) all day.



  58. says

    Super great tips!
    Sometimes I do those back leg lifts, the kind that work the bum, when I’m cooking in the kitchen. Sometimes I’ve been known to do them while waiting in line at the supermarket (but much smaller ones). :)

    I try not to get on an elevator if I can help it. I get too impatient waiting anyway!

  59. says

    I work on the second floor and am appalled by the number of people I work with that don’t take the stairs. Come on, people. I have always been a climber that way.

    Now for the buff – it reminds me of those 80’s and 90’s rockstars of which I am so fond…like Bret Michaels pre Rock of Love (of which I am not so fond).

  60. says

    Love the video – I’m riding my bike to work now instead of driving (at least when it’s not too ghastly hot!).

    Thanks so much for coming by my site and commenting! I’m glad it led me to follow you back here. 😉

  61. says

    Hey lady :)
    I’ve been meaning to drop you a line for a while. Love your suggestions – a lot of things I already do, but I’m always open to new ideas. Thanks.

  62. says

    That is all SO true – I choose to take the stairs down in the morning (12 flights), walk to the bus stop and again from the bus stop to the office (about 20 minutes all up) and I am a chronic telephone-pacer but there’s always more to do.

    I ‘blame’ my impatience on waiting for closer parking spots/elevators/buses but it gets me more exercise without me thinking about it!


  63. says

    I am such a fidgeter while sitting and pacer while talking OTP :)

    This week, I’m hoping to ride my bike to take the toddler to preschool rather than drive!

  64. Tricia says

    One of your BEST VIDEOS yet.

    Thanks for taking the time for face time. I do squats, lunges, and toe raises in the shower……

  65. says

    I dig face time :-)

    In the mornings I have a series of excercises I do while getting ready. It’s a great way to make sure you brush teeth for 2 whole minutes without feeling like you just stood there brushing for 2 whole minutes.

    I do the dishes in the sink. It’s a great excuse to do squats while conserving water by not using my hog of a dishwasher.

  66. says

    Wow I try to do that all the time but with the knee lately I’ve had to opt for the elevator vs. stairs.. Although on the subway I take the stairs instead of the escalator!!! The Jazzercise center is walking distance from my home so I will commit to walking this week instead of driving *unless its raining I’m not walking through the mud*

    Great video

  67. says

    Thanks for the comment and advice! I HAVE a paper journal…somewhere! I guess I need to start writing it all done before I get in trouble!

    I love your blog! I’ve been trying to work more exercise into my life by biking and walking as much as possible: to the market, to the post office…and most recently to work! I also find that I eat better when I KNOW I have to ride 4 (mostly) uphill miles. Today I thought about ordering some Chinese or Italian greasiness at work, but thought about how that ride home would feel. Blech!

    I’m off to peruse your archives!!!

  68. says

    Look at you, with your 70-some comments so far! MizFit is becoming so very popular because she is so very motivating and all-around awesome. :)

    Loved the video. So true about fitting in fitness in small ways. I walked to the gym tonight (just over a mile), instead of driving like I usually do. It takes longer, but it was more rewarding!

  69. says

    Hiya, MizFit!
    Thanks for visiting my blog & leaving such a nice complement!
    I park at the furthest point in the parking lot at the store. I always get a good spot!
    I try to squeeze my butt when I’m watching TV…really. HA
    Those guns of yours? Amaaaazing!

  70. says

    When i am cooking and not doing something active (ie, waiting for something to heat up on the stove/oven/microwave), i do lunges, squats, etc. Soup cans are good for those good old “21’s”. Also, i think people should really start to ditch their car engines and save money and embrace the bike. bikes are awesome and i sorta feel like the wicked witch from the wizard of oz when i ride one :)

  71. says

    Great tips! Yes, every little bit does count! I am a big pusher of the take the stairs not the elevator and park a little further ideas. Good stuff. Hope you had a fantastic fourth!!

  72. MizFit says

    Oh that I were sponsored by BUFF as Id sprinkle them on all yer heads.
    Adored or not (waves at JohnIsFit) they are fantastic in the summer heat for keeping the glow from running into your eyes.


  73. says

    Half the week my job has me standing behind a counter all day… I do incline pushups whenever no one is needing help. If I’m stuck waiting in a line (say, DMV, etc.), I’ll do standing calf raises or glute squeezes. When I carry my groceries out to the car, I’ll try a bicep curl or two with the bags before I put them in the trunk, and a shoulder press as I take them out to bring them in the house. Individually I don’t think any one of these things does much, but taken together I feel like they add up!

  74. says

    Ohh.. I think I’ve talked about this one in numerous posts. (Once again.. we’re on the same plane)
    -taking the stairs
    -actually walking on the escelator
    -push mowing your lawn (when applicable)
    -parking farther away
    -walking or riding your bike to get from point A to point B
    I personally walk 3 blocks to work.. then take 6 flight’s of stairs instead of the elevator. It’s tough some days…

  75. MizFit says

    And, Strong One, there is nothing new under the sun when it comes to fitness IMO.

    it’s all about phrasing it and rephrasing it and REphrasing it in an effort to give yourself (at least for me) or others an AH HA! moment.




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