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    I had an “AHA!” lightbulb moment while reading. I’m going to make a list of goals for myself at work. Goals *besides* just hitting my target weight. I kind of forgot that there are other things I can achieve while on this journey.

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    Bite Me LOL ahaha I love it.

    I think that is going to work from me. Next time I catch myself saying something mean I’m definite going to go with that.

    By the way… totally envious of those shoes!! Happy almost b-day!!!

  3. MizFit says

    That I’d b*tchslap someone (myself?) who talked that way to me.

    And Jillian? I’ve found that for me the key was not focusing on weight sometimes but other lifegoals (finishing a manuscript. Even wholly sedentary things!) & the weightloss (waves farewell to the saddlebags) just fell into place.


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    I love that you encourage people to adjust their goals if they encounter a road block. I think all too often we set goals and if something comes in the way of us meeting them, we just consider ourselves a failure rather than making adjustments and working to meet the new goals.

    As for my yearly goals, I am still doing really well with not drinking diet soda! I haven’t slipped up yet and only drink a diet soda when we go out to dinner (about once a week). I haven’t been doing well with the not getting on the scale goal. I need to think about how to adjust my thought process so I’m comfortable with not hopping on and off to check my weight.

  5. MizFit says

    erica? you’re my hero.
    I’m still one-a-day strong with the Mommy Merlot (aka diet whatevs) but find solace in the fact I haven’t set a goal to stop…..yet.

    And I’m all about the QUITTING, errr, re-evaluating as well.

    I have a post (you know, fully written. In my head where all the great&fab posts thrive) all about ‘why QUITTING is TOTALLY the answer. Wait. What was the question?’

    Here’s to it someday reaching the keyboard.


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    Let me start by seconding Erica’s entire first paragraph! Adjusting goals instead of considering them failed can definitely help me stay sane and positive; I’m going to add this to my memory bank.

    The negative self talk had been quieter, until we went to the beach. I think donning a swimsuit in front of your husband’s entire family will make anyone have a few moments of weakness. I know I did.

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    thank you for the great reminder! I too am struggling with the diet pepsi (aka: crack pepsi) but have decided until my baby sleeps for more than 4 hours, it is just part of my life!

    and love to use the bite me phrase. I also like to steal Kathy Griffin’s line and often tell myself to “suck it”.
    (sorry if that offends!)

  8. MizFit says

    Gena? In my opinion QUIETER is a huge NSV!
    When my clients would have a bad eating day (their words. me? I’d have just called it ‘a day.’) & we’d chat about it 99% of the time they’d realize it was waaaaay less of a ‘bad eating day’ than they’d have had before they started layering healthy habit upon healthy habit (yeah. there’s a nonvideo reminder for ya’ll).

    That, like yours, is a victory in my eyes.

    And WO Mommy? My sister from another mother?
    (That’s all I got for you ;))

    M., who vows NOT to interject again—–but we all know how that goes…..

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    I have failed to do as much DIY on my house as I’d planned… but that’s mostly because I haven’t had the money to buy new carpets.

    HOWEVER I have started having lodgers, which is movement towards a more stable financial situation, which will lead to new, extra-amazing carpets – That’s a half-tick I think? At least?

    TA x

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    Good for you on the advances with the negative self talk! I think getting in a bathing suit in front of a large group of people is always tough, especially when they’re family!

    Workout Mommy-

    Keep the pepsi to keep you sane until you’re able to get more sleep! I also want to say cheers to you! I think any mommy whose into working out is setting an incredible example for their kids! I’m sure that when you’re a mommy and the schedule gets out of control, it would be very easy to cut out the exercise! My mom worked out often and it set the BEST example for me. She taught me how to eat healthy and how to workout! Hooray to workout mommies everywhere!

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    Yes, we are more than halfway through the year, aren’t we? Definitely a good time to re-visit those goals we set in January. Me – I’m doing alright with my workout goals now, but STILL haven’t finished unpacking since we moved to our new home last September – wow, has it been that long already? Oops… I’ll get to it THIS weekend…

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    After watching, I had to think about my self-talk…When I’m playing sports, I always say “you suck” but when I’m working out, I say “c’mon keep going.”

  13. MizFit says

    that’s so interesting, Chris!!

    Are you, as I am, not a sports-individual?

    In that my forte is NOT hand/eye anything so I play soley for fun & could easily, as you mention, devolve to the negative selftalk if I forget that I’m there mainly for the F-factor!


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    Bite me….I like it.

    Great post and great reminder. I will go look at my goals and delete, rework, or cross off.

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    That is such an AWESOME tip chica! I so need to implement that.

    On a side note, where can I get your arms? They’re fab!

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    There you go, spying on me again. I just reviewed by goals last night. Made a few checkmarks, crossed a couple of things off, and made a few forward-facing arrows (Cammy-ese for “We’ll try that again later.”)

    I’m so grateful you focused on the concept of fluid goals. I’ve seen so many folks just pack it all in when they’re not able to achieve goals that were too stringent or maybe the wrong goals. Heck, I did that myself for YEARS!

  17. Teresa says

    From now on, when I hear my negative self-talk, I will picture you saying “Bite me.” That will make me laugh!

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    Thats me right there with the running thing. Except when I decided that my goal to run the half wasn’t right for me I didn’t really replace it with any new goals… hm. But even though I don’t have any set goals at the moment (I will have to draw myself up a little list to keep accountable and all), I’ve made loads of progress this year with trying out the belly dancing and boot camp and doing the 100 push up challenge and REALLY sticking to doing workout dvds.

    I like that you say its okay to alter our goals- sometimes we need to try things out before we realize that they aren’t right for us and if they aren’t right for us, then we need to find something that IS right for us.

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    How do you always pick what I most need to hear? I love this: MizFit’s CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy). Honestly, I’ve had so much success in my life when I actively work on controlling my thoughts and I can totally feel the effects when I let them slip in. Thanks for the reminder. Of course I can never talk to myself silently so I’ll be the crazy person walking down the street the rest of the day;)

  20. MizFit says

    masters degree in counseling up in herre, charlotte, so I’m a bigbig fan of CBT & hath a minor crush on Albert Ellis as well.

    Please to stagger down the street post-workout muttering:

    Bite Me. Bite Me. Bite Me.


  21. Heather says

    Great post! Thanks! Makes me consider actually starting a goals list! (I don’t have one yet!) And THANKS in particular for the tip re: the self-criticism. We all do this to some extent, however lately I have been particularly hard on myself, anytime I feel as though I’m ‘slipping’. Instead, I should see it as a mini reward for a job well done all week, and use it as encouragement to get out and try harder / do more.

    A few things that will make the list, for sure:

    – Slash the negative self-talk
    – Quit losing my mind when the scale fluctuates by a pound or two
    – Focus on firming and toning – not weight loss. (I’m a BMI of 20 for god’s sakes – I’m doing ok!)
    – Contrary to above but still important – lose those last straggling 4 pounds.
    – Cut out alcohol or reduce to the point of a ‘glass of wine’ as a treat every now and again
    – Further my mission of becoming a Clean Eater
    – Keep up the minimum 30 mins of exercise daily. Try and increase either time spent, or intensity.
    And for fun…
    – Start blogging, or doing something for me. I’d love to start a ‘lazy girl’s quest for healthy eating and fitness’ blog – helping other young women like myself get out of the social/irresponsible/unhealthy ‘rut’ of junk food and booze and into a more mature/responsible place of healthy eating and fitness, time management and lifestyle improvement. I’m absolutely obsessed with cooking/food prep/healthy eating/healthy alternatives so it would be a good outlet 😉

    Have a great Monday!

  22. MizFit says

    oh Heather. Great comment, yes, but you mightcould be a new enough MizFit not to realize we (the royal. The Bumbling Band) are *so* gonna hold you to those goals!



  23. hughsmom says

    I need to put “cranial-rectal extraction” on my list of goals, as my head has been in my posterior for the last few weeks. However, today I woke up with a new sense of composure, so I believe I shall be able to focus again on getting healthy.

    Goal: strength training 3X/week and cardio 6 of 7 days. I was doing it, and I got off track. Back to it starting today.

    I say “Bite me.” often, just not out loud so as to keep that Hugh from inserting it in his vocabulary. He’s been stealing my lines lately…

    Thanks for the reminder.

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    You know how much I love setting and working toward goals, so this is one my all-time faves of your face times. And I’m definitely going to use Bite Me!

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    I’ve been very good on the working-out goal (I go to the gym Monday to Friday and have not missed a single one of those days all year). I’m doing terrible on the “eat less” goal. Well, at least I have the rest of the year to reduce my calorie intake :-) Your arms are awesome.

    When I say something negative to myself I think “cancel, cancel” (like deleting a computer file) but “bite me” could also work.

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    I had the same realization that my self-talk would often be incredibly harsh compared to what I would put up with from another’s voice. So now I try to keep it in line with what i would use if I were trying to help a friend through a rough spot or toward a goal: supportive, kind, positive and with humor. Occasionally I need a mini-drill sergeant voice, too, but less Lee Earmy, “move your ass, maggot!’ and more of a “don’t you quit on me, you can make it!” tough but supportive voice.

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    This was the perfect face time for today as I am coming off a “vacation of visitors” and need to reassess and recommit. Love the bite me thoughts. I so think “get over yourself” whenever I start to give into the self pity talk. But I think ‘bite me’ and ‘suck it’ are going to enter my mental back talk vocab.

    On the goals- I thrive on making goals. I have meetings with myself about my goals- usually weekly- where I just sit and reassess and see what is working and what is not. Keeping myself in check. The biggest aha! moment for me was realizing that goals are not carved in stone and I can adapt them and still feel successful upon completion. I rarely give up on a goal these days because of this and that right there feels like a success! I also love having short and long term goals. Celebrating the little successes along the way fuel me for the long haul.

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    wow! i could not get over how fantastically in shape you look! those arms! yikes! i have just begun exercising again after many years of sheer laziness and pounds “augmentation.” i admit, i wasn’t exactly listening to what you were saying because i was just so focused on your healthy and firm look that my mind was elsewhere thinking…”this is the way i want to look. i wonder how many times a week she lifts weights? i wonder how many pounds? i wonder how long it took her to look like this?” i wonder, i wonder, i wonder! because that is my goal right now and you have just officially become my exercise guru. i will be coming here often for some inspirational lift when i am feeling like “i don’t wanna!” and i need to watch your video clip again because i missed half of what you were saying the first time around… :)


  29. MizFit says

    “cranial-rectal extraction” Hugh’s mom? I LOVE THAT!

    and the CANCEL CANCEL as well Marelisa. Methinks you are a tad more adult than I—-but Im getting there (wink).

    Mercedes? I would like to hire your minidrill sargent. are we talking in stature as well? mightcould I pop her in my pocket?

    Hannah? Im all about the reassessing. I think we’re all adult enough up in herre to know when we are giving ourselves too much of a break (Im gonna try and drink more water!) and when we are simply being realistic (as in my post-to-come: I can TOTALLY quit this kayaking class if I want.).

    rebecca? WELCOME and thanks for your kind words and the laugh they gave me. much needed!


  30. Leigh Anne says

    The timing of this was perfect as I just reevaluated my goals last week. Someone pointed out to me that I never reward myself and I realized that it was because I never looked at any goals but weight loss. So I wrote a list of all the things I would like to be working on, broke them down into mini goals and set a (non-food) reward for them. Now I’m much more focused on these non-weight related goals and feel very motivated.

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    “bite me” :) that’s funny- as for me, I’d probably cry if someone told me all of that negative self talk.

  32. says

    One of my New Years goals was to be able to do a back bend. Achieved! I should come up with new one now. Hmm..

    Thanks for the great vid.

  33. Kelley Burrus says

    How timely, my dear friend. My very-soon-to-be-15-year-old son just asked that I create a visual daily/weekly checklist for his fitness and food goals. It seems he’s not feeling as good about himself as he can.

    Think I’ll create TWO. Kids learn by watching.

  34. MizFit says

    ooooh a commenter I know in real life (K.B.).
    Methinks MizFit may have to cease the thumbtypeage and make a HOUSE CALL to that boy.


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    Ok, so I’ve seen a many of your face time posts and this has to be the most timely. I will take a look at my goals today. The foot is doing much better – ran 3 miles today and it was finally a strong run. :)

  36. Heather says

    No time to read all the (wonderful I’m sure) other comments. Just wanted to chime in with:

    I blew all my fitness goals way out of the water! I wanted to try to do a 5K and I’ve already cancelled the 5K to do a women’s triathlon that weekend and am hoping to do a half marathon in January.

    My keeping the house clean, budgeting, and being organized goals are works in progress. :)

    But I’m cooking healthy dinners most nights and doing better about having healthy lunches.

    So. Yay for me. Wow–Never thought I’d say that halfway through the year. :)

  37. says

    Dang – you have wonderful timing!
    Love ‘Bite me’ (but not on my smashed finger, ‘kay?) (short comment – can’t type properly…)

  38. says

    Another great video, with great tips!! I like the idea of revamping and tweaking goals, it seems like a good way to keep things flowing and not to get hung up on things that aren’t working!

    On yet another note, I’m sorry to say that I didn’t get the Cats reference and all I can say is this, “Mizfit, I gave you fair warning. Along with being fun, thoughtful, pretty cool and definitely playful I am also SLOW. Remember how long it took me to put together the MizFit name thing….”

  39. says

    I like your statement about changing the self chatter. I agree, if we don’t monitor that which we’re saying to ourselves, our self esteem will quickly plummet.

  40. MizFit says

    yep T. There’s nothing new under the fitness sun.

    We all just rephrase & rephrase and *rephrase* in hope of triggering in a reader an Ah Ha! moment.

    (Or, as we’re gonna start calling it up in herre, a SLAP moment. Yep. That a teaser, People.)


  41. says

    Love it, MizFit. Sometimes, I have angst over not meeting some of my fitness goals (umm, 100 push-up challenge? Let’s just say that got abandoned.). But when I look at all I have done this year, it’s hard to beat up on myself.

    I always try to tell myself — and my kids and anyone who’ll listen — that I can’t do it all every day. On days with heavy deadlines, I may do a light workout. On days with no deadlines, heavy workout.

    It all evens out in the end.

  42. says

    I promised myself I’d be within 20 pounds of my goal weight by my b-day at the end of Nov. I’m really damn close. So happy!

    I’ve also finally run a 5K (now 2 of them, a 7k and two 10Ks!). Who knew I’d like running so much.

    So glad I made goals. thanks for helping me clarify them up even more.

  43. says

    Good tip! On a similiar note to “bite me,” I try to talk to myself like I would my best friend.

    When 2008 started I wanted to quit my job by 2009…I’m closer now than I was then. Oh, and I can run longer and faster now. I shaved 3 minutes off my 4-mile time. Not too shabby for a girl who thought of herself as a slow runner. :)

  44. says

    Simply fantastic…I just left a comment for John at John is Fit today about how goals, no matter how big or small are what get me through each day. Great vid post – thanks!

  45. MizFit says

    man, I LOVE you guys. how you think. what you are willing to share in the name of helping others. how supportive you are of each other.

    lottsa love.


  46. says

    Perfect timing! I took a lot at my earlier-in-the-year goals this past weekend! :)
    Getting there, getting there…

  47. says

    Wow, great video, Mizfit, with great tips.

    You’ve inspired me to take a look back at my resolutions for the first time since I wrote them. And I’m glad to say that I only had to revamp 1 of them and doing pretty well on the other 7. Thanks for the motivation.

  48. says

    Oh! That’s a great idea for the self talk. I would probably just tune myself out. I tend to get annoyed with negative people.

    As for the emotional eating. I’m getting much better! Turning to water and other activities to fill the void.

    Great idea revisiting the yearly goals. I will have to look back on my post about it and see how I’m doing :)

  49. says

    First of all, you have the best arms. I want your arms, but arms aside I will say that this was something I needed to hear. I always feel like if I do not complete something just as I had imagined I failed but I think revisiting and making my goals that I have not achieved more friendly to my lifestyle is a very uplifting idea. I enjoyed this video!

  50. says

    Wow, great video. Goals are such an important part of my life–i feel a life without them is a life unfulfilled. But you make excellent points about the need to revisit, rethink, revamp, and stay on top of our goals. You have an awesome site!


  51. says

    Goals… Wow, I sort of had several gradschool-imposed goals that I’m very happy to announce are all done – poster presentation and a couple of (hard) oral exams with papers.

    Okay, I’ve been doing much better about the working out. Had meant to start going since the beginning of the year, but between twisted ankles (stupid ice!) back to back, a cold, the flu, bronchitis, and then school stuff (see above), I’ve had to put it off. NO, I chose to put it off. But no more. I’m making a huge effort.

    Thanks for putting the negative chitchat in perspective. If it’s something that I wouldn’t want to hear from someone else, WHY would I want to hear it from ME?? Bite me! Love it.