Link Love.

It’s hopscotch time up in herre!

Time to skip around the internet and see what we—-the royal—-can uncover.

Speaking of skippingswingingandSLIDING (and no. it isnt this again) I really enjoyed this piece on Playground Rules to Live By.

All of it.

Especially the part about playground rules being easy because they are clear cut.

Oh that all of life were as obvious & definitively stated (& that we could shout NO BACKSIES NO GIVESIES with such wild abandon).

Veering away from the serious I give you a MizFit fave.

as in BIG FAVE.

as in I send em to mySELF and laugh.


As a virtual-apology for the timesuck which is the above I give you this.

A very cool very easy way to organize all the paperwork on the stuff you already own, a way to research whether something is, indeed, a must-own and a FAB WAY (this is my favorite part) to learn how to really use items you have & cant quite figure out.

You may not need the site today—-but bookmark it as you’ll want it later. Take my word for it.

Got big weekend plans?

(We totally do up in herre. A concert, a concert, and we’re going to go to Home Depot. Yeah, buy some wallpaper, maybe get some flooring, stuff like that. Maybe Bed, Bath, & Beyond, I don’t know, I don’t know if we’ll have enough time.)

None for you yet? Here ya go. Id love a “sassy rough edged skirt with urban style” please.

I leave you with a link to a post which I know I NEED this weekend (got some work I want to finish) & I always like to think if *I* need it so does everyone else.

(If you dont…if you’re already beyond this…please to keep it to yerself.)

Myths numbers three & five really resonated with me. You?


(ok, who am I kidding? we can NOT end on a mature adult spiritual-growth note up in the MizFits. I leave you with this. Too FUN. TOO funny. And, mefears, *too soon* adopted by dieters as a new form of portion control. Let’s all agree to spread the word to stay SILLY with this one.)


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  1. says

    Snoop would definitely accompany you guys to Bezzle Bazzle and Bezizzle for some ghetto home decor. Have an awesome time at the concert!

    TA x

  2. MizFit says

    SEE? I am a movie geek.
    A movie MizFit who liketh to assumeth all others shall immediately git my references :)

    alas, no HOME DEPOT (if by ‘alas’ you mean THANK GOODNESS as this HD’tester does) it was all from HERE (grins thankfully at Xenia).


  3. says

    102–Is that a dry heat? (like it matters!)

    I can’t imagine the cramping of my poor finger as I attempt to balance my canapes.

  4. says

    Sounds like a fun weekend! You seem to have eclectic taste as your two concerts look quite, um, different.

    We are going to see Paula Poundstone tonight. It is also Gay Family week here in town, with tons of wholesome doting parents and kids running around being adorable.

    (There’s a joke in here somewhere… but I won’t make it. I believe Paula has cleaned up her act, and she’s always cracked me up).

  5. MizFit says

    manuela? nothing is a DRY heat when I’m out in it.

    I glow like a mo’fo’.

    (Yep. ISaidIt)

    And got an Oprah-worthy Ah Ha Moment! from your comment.

    The fingertrays might be the *one* thing my sorry arse could balance!


  6. says

    Oh, Old School. I should watch that again. I personally like to tell people to bring their green hats.

    So, can someone send that list to my boss? He thinks myths #4 and 7 are totally true.

  7. MizFit says

    I SAW THAT W.O.Mommy.

    Dude better not land in the slammer before the ATX concert.

    that said, we all know that the police are bigger fans than, say, Ren Man & I are :) so he’s just fine…


  8. says

    Sheesh – the Bag Lady added two more sites to her bookmark page!

    The finger-tray cracked me right up – I can just see myself poking an eye out with a shrimp tail whilst attempting to sip from the champagne…… or dumping the whole shitery down my satin dress, attempting to look classy!

  9. says

    Ah, thank you once again for brightening my Friday. Love the monkeys. I sent one to the Hubs as a reminder to refill his prescription- LOL, I crack myself up.

    Love the denim ideas, too. I have a whole box of jeans with the knees and bums ripped out that I’ve been saving to “someday” make a quilt. But some of those projects look fun, too, and are probably quicker.

    About the fingerfood trays, I generally have good balance, but when it comes to anything food, I am super-klutzy, and those look like disaster waiting to happen- totally funny!

  10. says

    Ok, I wasn’t expecting sound (and I normally have my computer’s volume off), so the monkey link just made me jump! Aaaaahhhh! I’ll go back to that later.

    I love playground rules. It goes along with my theory that badly behaved grown-ups didn’t hear the word “no!” often enough as five-YO’s. Which is why we have signs that say “be nice or leave” and “no whining” in my shop. Gentle reminders, ha-ha.

    Miz, I’m obsessed (!!!) with muffin in a minute. I tinkered and just made one that’s half flax meal/half instant oatmeal, with chopped nuts and dried blueberries. Yum.

  11. says

    mizfizzle be goin to snoop de oh double gizzle! fo RIZZLE??!! you KNOW i’m jealous!

    thank you for starting my day with an old school quote :) i always appreciate somethiing that makes me choke on my oatmeal!

    have a wonderful friday, mizfit!

  12. MizFit says

    I’ll confess my fave link (besides the monkey. ALWAYS HEART THE MONEY) is the ring as well.
    Think they’ll see I linked and offer to supply the entire Bumbling Band (cue dream squence)?!

    (Um, BL? we’re supposed to own SATIN? my closet is 99.9% ripstop nylon. looks lovely in an evening gown if I do say so myself)

    Mercedes? Im all about the tinkering with the M.I.M. right now, too.
    it needs to be a Food Glorious Food day in & of itself:

    The MYRIAD Ways To Prepare M.I.M.


  13. says

    Loving the productivity myths–#5 (Creativity can’t be fit into a system) was a real eye-opener for me! I’ve always thought of creative types as messy and disorganized, so the thought of a system was just… weird.

    Also loving the finger plates. WANT!

  14. says

    oh….laughing in my coffee! Mizfit, I already switched to kid size plates but if I hit a plateau I may consider the finger food ones :)

    I love Home Depot and Lowes. I love fixing the house up, the smell of paint, re-decorating.

  15. says

    I can’t believe you are going to Snoop Dogg!!! I’m so jealous! Have a great weekend! And I love LifeHack. That article was great. Course I also loved the jeans surgery site. Wish that I could sew!

  16. says

    Okay, so maybe I actually needed the productivity myths article, but I’m not telling my always organized husband that I read the article. I think it’s a passive-aggressive issue…

  17. Debra says

    really enjoyed the playground rules on some of the archived stuff on the site was really cool too. always enjoy your Friday links, for shizzle.

  18. says

    The whole concept of “a system” makes me edgy. I don’t/won’t do weight watchers because it’s a system, and systems take away my freedom to just be. I’ll take my organized chaos any day. Eeeek!

    And those little finger trays? I’d have one on each finger. I wonder if they come in white only or if they make them witl a little bling – fo’shizzle I be jumping on dat.

  19. MizFit says

    HughsMom, how did I not even think of that!

    The BLING on the RING.


    M., who is at this moment nekid & thumbtyping from aforementioned quad.

  20. says

    Love the Old School reference. A BB&B just opened ’round the corner so John and I always mention going.

    The Monkeys crack me up…and make me long for the Christmas time when we will all be able to Elf Ourselves.

    We’re off to a baseball game with the girls tonight…at 7:35…which is approximately the exact time I try to get them to go to sleep when at home. Think non-cranky thoughts for us!

  21. MizFit says

    gin & juice Mama Zen.

    Heck, SlackerMama too πŸ˜‰ for those non-cranky thoughts.


  22. says

    that ring is CLASSY.

    and I am all about myth #10.

    have fun this weekend! aunty e, eh? never heard her before, but now that i visited the website i am totally rocking out to “lots of shoes.” too bad she and snoop aren’t playing together. THAT would be an awesome concert.

  23. says

    For Shizzle you’ll have a fun weekend.

    I’m about myth #1. I am totally organized but not clean. I hire a maid for a TINY apartment because I can’t handle the clean. All my friends freak out and say that my apartment is clean. BUT no, my friends it is only organized.

    I had a dream about you last night. That I was at your house and you had your toddler tornado but you had a new baby too. I was holding your new baby. Weird.

    Anyway, armpit swelling is gone. I ate really clean yesterday and rested. I am heading to yoga this morning then doing long run on Saturday. Have a great weekend.

  24. says

    Mmmm…my mum-in-law makes us denim quilts if we save all our old jeans. they’re great for camping and snuggling under in the winter. They’re so warm and comfy to sleep under. Heavy like a duvet…

  25. says

    I like the list of productivity myths; definitely something I should be reading every day!

    And the Fingerfood. I can just see it: every finger with its own little plate and own little bit of fingerfood on top. Could be tricky to balance them all though (especially if you get into some kind of heated debate at a dinner party… food goes flying everywhere, escalates into a full-on food fight… ooh, these things could be fun!).

  26. says

    Bless you. Did not have a clue what I’d be writing about tomorrow. You gave me the topic, links, etc. in just one above.

    I can now relax a bit. Or go hit the gym. whatever.

  27. says

    Yay! Happy Friday ♥ I love Fridays -sigh-

    Loving the links! Funny how we upgrade as we get older. First, while we are little we are excited about going to Toys R Us, then comes say the mall, and then Home Depot. I get excited just thinking about buying stuff for the apartment. Oh Home Depot how you tease me.

  28. says

    Hahahahaha – Sagan started a food fight! Love it!!!!

    Oh, and Miz? I have RED satin pj’s. Haven’t worn them for many years, due to the hot flash/night sweat thing. Wore them on stage for a production of “Anything Goes”, which, I guess, means, it did….

  29. says

    Such eclectic music taste…Snoop would be honored to be linked by Mizfit. Hey, do you think he can do 100 push-ups while puffin a duby? LOL

    Have a nice weekend. PEACE OUT!

  30. MizFit says

    thanks BL.
    now Im rolling with the TT and, as I thumbtype, the song BLOW GABRIEL BLOW wont leave my head.

    ‘once I waaas headed for hell…’


  31. says

    Sigh…Snoop Dogg hosted a SNL re-run I just watched last week. I heart him. Have a great time, fo’ shizzy.

    And I was thrilled to see that if you can find things among your clutter, you’re technically organized. It makes me feel much better about the state of my desk.

  32. says

    Way too busy to click the links over here, but I will be back.

    Just wanted to say, have fun at the concert! Don’t get high…or arrested!

  33. says

    “Maybe Bed, Bath, & Beyond, I don’t know, I don’t know if we’ll have enough time.”

    Such a fabulous quote that I try to work into every day conversations as much as possible. Always makes me chuckle.


  34. Heather says

    I hate sewing denim.

    My organization non-myth:

    No matter how organized you are, a two-year-old can derail (and disorganize) it in two minutes flat.

    Speaking of which, we’re having company this weekend, so I’m back to trying to bring some order to our chaos.

  35. MizFit says

    Robin, ME? never. (if by NEVER you mean Ill really work not to do that because Im a mom. A role model for one.—-which I do.)

    Fitz (may I call you Fitz?), my Toddler spends half her life wearing ‘earmuffs.’

    and heather? AMEN. from the denim sewage to the toddler destruction to the fact YOU are having company not me.



  36. says

    Girlfriend – I tried emailing you the address to my secret bat cave, but it bounced back with a “fatal error”. I hope no one was injured.

    I use the following alias and hang my cape at
    (deleted so yer not inundated with gifts…)

    This is also where I park my catmobile and store my caterang.

    (don’t ask what that’s about, it all just popped into my overheated head.)

  37. says

    I love you Miz, and I sent a monkey to my MIL cause I love her too. Have a great weekend and enjoy your Snoop Concert. I love him too.

    (My nickname a few years ago was Jenn and Juice… Yeah, I roll with a crazy crowd)

    Feelin’ the Love,

  38. MizFit says

    and at what point, cara, are they then officially castanets?

    all these questions from a teeny tiny plate.


  39. says

    I’m sorry, did you say anything after Home Depot?

    Do you know how much stuff I could buy there and make if I wasn’t so lazy? πŸ˜‰

  40. says

    Re: playground rules – Was life ever that simple? Probably not, not in the other special ed! We all tended to over-think things, take ourselves WAY too seriously, and apply logic where it was completely stupid to use it. Also a lot of us were on some kind of medication (not yours truly; it was just a theme).

    Re: productivity myths – Are you a GTDer? Have you tried Remember The Milk? Every time I succumb to one of these Lifehacker productivity tools, I feel like I’m surrendering a little bit of my (special ed intp poet-at-heart English major) soul. But damn. Sure makes getting everything done (especially at the gym) easier!

  41. says

    Hey Miz,

    I really don’t have anything relevant to say about your post other than, woohoo! thanks for the links!

    I just wanted to drop a note and thank you for all the support in your comments…I am btw now a loyal mizfit reader ^_~


  42. says

    Thanks for your comments! :)

    (PS, about the tuna: I never mentioned, but your admission of eating tuna straight from the family-size can? Yeah, I do that, too. Sometimes with this “natural chicken” in water that cost an annoying $3/can. But it’s SOOO tasty and the Mandapants needs the protein lol.)

    Also, the finger plates? Funny. Somehow, methinks the landfills are crying haha.

  43. says

    I love Home Depot! I get excited at the prospect of going there and sadly looking at flooring is on my list of favorites. I need to get a life but geez I love home improvement! Have a great weekend!

  44. says

    That ring is a hoot! I think they have now developed every possible diet trick – how about exercise & eat healthy : )

  45. Teresa says

    Too bad your birthday just passed….I would have gotten you some of those “fingerfood” plates! There’s always next year! (You’ve been warned!)

  46. says

    Busy weekend you have! I hope it’s most enjoyable!

    I am quite amused by those swanky ring plates. However, I can just see myself dropping my hors d’oeuvre on to the host’s expensive, white carpet!
    (These party plates also remind me of Ring Pops… I think they stole the idea!) πŸ˜‰

  47. MizFit says

    susan I THOUGHT THE SAME THING with the ring pops.

    that said I have a box in my cupboard at all times (of pops. not plates.).


  48. says

    Love that ring tray. Little on the clutzy side though. the food would prolly end up in the dogs mouth.

    Need to productivity tips, always end up spending time on the wrong things–like reading many blogs!