Monday Facetime: we’re getting all kinds of consistent up in herre.

*a big thank you to YAS for today’s over-the-top giveaway.


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  1. says

    I need to be more consistent in my water intake – might have to try the rubber band idea from last week.

    I also would be able to exercise more consistently (ie more days a week) if I could drag myself out of bed in the morning.

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    For the past year, I’ve averaged 45 minutes per day of exercise. Three days per week that includes weights and cardio, the other days are cardio only. It seems to work for me, and it’s something I can do for the long term.

    As far as eating, I still count calories, sort of, as I train myself on what constitutes a normal portion size and learn what foods work best for my body. I’m more confident every day that I can live this life forever. And forever is looking longer very day, too. :)

    And is that a cute shirt, or what?

    Great Monday Facetime!

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    Oooh wow that is a cool shirt… and that was a super timely topic for me. I don’t think I have an answer but this idea of consistency is something that I am struggling with when it comes to logging food. I know that when I journal food intake, weight comes off and I need more weight to come off. The problem is that journaling takes me more time than I’d like and especially when I eat a lot of stews and things that have lots of little ingredients it can take what seems like forever to calculate everything up. I don’t know, but I do think that thinking in terms of what I could do, daily, for 15 years puts a way different spin on it. hmmmmmmm I’m gonna need to let that one steep a while. S.L.A.P :)

  4. MizFit says

    quickie as my BabyMama Bandanna is firmly on head:

    Lauren? No more snacks EVER?
    For the rest of your life?

    I’d be plunged into immediate depression 😉


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    Eat out less, and cook at home more! Work has been so hectic lately, dinner has often consisted of picking the “healthiest” choice off the to-go menu. I know that adding kids and “real jobs” to the picture won’t make things better or time less crunched, so I need to start making this a habit now, while I do have time, but am just a little lazy.

    The first thing I noticed on today’s video? How much that shirt rocks!

  6. says

    I covet thy shirt.

    The most consistent thing in my life at the moment is my running. I get my 4-5 runs in a week and it just makes me plain happy. I do think I can take advantage of my mornings more though and get in a little bit of strength training 5-6 days per week–no more than 20 minutes and I’m sure I would eventually see results. It’s sometimes difficult to explain to the brain that a little can go a long way.

    Thanks for the great post!

  7. says

    Ok, you are defitely ready for the lecture circuit and I mean this sincerely. You already have a following why not go for it. :)

    Consistency and Discipline, a nice marriage.

  8. MizFit says

    slapping on the pink camo MizFit ‘danna:

    I entirely agree, Xenia.

    And the consistency over the long haul has amazed even me with its ability.

    I used to say to people, when they’d remark how strong I was, IT’S SO EASY. YOU CAN TOTALLY DO IT.

    (Which I did/do believe)

    Until Ren Man nicely informed me that, in his opinion, it isn’t ‘easy.’

    That the choosing to do something ANYTHING every day is, in his eyes, quite difficult.

    Such an eyeopening moment for me as I’d been thinking EASY TO BE CONSISTENT ABOUT.
    I’d been meaning EASY with regards to NOT long hours in the gym.

    Uh Oh.

    Methinks I’ve thumbtype’rambled….


    I’m a tad passionate….can you tell?


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    Ooooo that top is supa cute!

    Oy, I have a HUGE prob with the eating :-X Worst junk food eater. The exercise on the other hand, I think I’ve got down pat 😉

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    I TOTALLY agree with your attitude about exercising for the long haul.

    I’ve done some sort of exercise all my life, but about 15 years ago I was coming of a period of less activity (stressful job) and really put a lot of effort in for about a year. Got great results, but knew I wouldn’t be willing to do that much forever.

    Now I concentrate on maintaining that level of fitness– a lot easier than the constant quest to build. I don’t spend hours at the gym, but I keep up modest levels of strength training and cardio. Sometimes I lose ground in one area, or feel super-motivated and gain ground somewhere else, but I give myself HUGE credit for keeping at it year after year. I’d rather set very modest goals and keep going than be super-ambitious and burn out.

  11. MizFit says

    oh CHRIS? How did you know that’s my marriage?

    I’m foolin’ ya’ll into thinking I’m the ‘C’ in the C&D….but you might be mistaken (cracks whip).

    I’m all about doing the Road Show MizFit Motivationals too as methinks my skillset isn’t fully utilized on the PottyTraining Circuit (but I could be wrong).

    M., whose tagline for her (now defunct) training studio was: The marriage of MIND & MUSCLE.

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    Great topic, this is my first time here via weelittleme. :)

    My biggest hurdle the past couple weeks is probably pretty common, but it’s eating in the evening. Lately it seems like I manage to get a little something extra in even after I’ve said, “No, I don’t want/need anything.” So it’s not even that I was actually hungry. Fortunately this isn’t a problem all the time, but I would like to focus on getting this under control this week… that is, eating only when hungry, not because popcorn (or whatever else) goes well with watching a movie. 😉

    Love the top! Very cute. And you have such great muscle tone, MizFit!

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    I have time for the gym now (now being with one full time job and one per diem job) and I try to go after work (Morning workouts don’t mesh well with my sleep pattern)

    However, come the end of August, I will be working 1 full time job (40 hrs) , going to graduate school full time at night (3 x’s for 3 hours at a clip), interning at a rehab hospital (20 hours a week) and keeping my per diem job at a group home. Working out might have to be sacrificed for home work and papers. I’m nervous of how keeping active is going to be realistic when I’m so busy with life.

    Seriously. Very nervous.

  14. MizFit says

    JILLIAN? we can generate a plan.
    Im off & running for the morning but may I ‘steal’ your comment for an upcoming Viewer Mail?

    I have many thoughts and I KNOW you’re not the only one facing this dilemma.

    just let me know.


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    Wonderful post and I totally agree. I think routines are great not just for the purpose of consistency but also because they help keep you committed. If you are use to going to the gym for say 30 minutes every day, your will already have that time mapped out and it will be easier to get there! Cute shirt! I will email you the artists contact info btw! I have some wedding pics up if you’d like to take a glance :) :)

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    In a world where yo-yo dieting rules, consistency can be difficult to attain. But I like how you put it, in terms of thinking of the long haul. It becomes more of a lifestyle instead of just the workout or diet plan du jour. It is more realistic, rather than idealistic.

    Generally during the week, I am more consistent with workouts/running, drinking water, and eating relatively healthy, but on the weekends it all goes out the window because there is less routine (except for my early morning Saturday long run, because that is my routine and something I look forward to all week). I also worry about how my current lifestyle will have to be adapted when (if?) I get pregnant and have a family (but that’s a whole other novel for another day).

    I think when you disect it, consistency is about being able to constantly adapt to whatever circumstance you’re in, and to find a level that works for you at that point in your life.

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    Totally agree, I’m in the early stages of my new life plan, trying things out for size – at the moment 3 x 30 mins of cardio a week is perfect for me and I look forward to the next one without feeling it’s a chore but will up it when I get in my stride. Food wise is harder – I need a weekend plan – everything falls apart for me with the Friday night take-out, the Saturday night out and the Sunday lunch. I shall be formulating my plan this week after undoing all my hard work last weekend!

  18. MizFit says

    I shall be formulating my plan this week after undoing all my hard work last weekend!

    feel free to formulate & haul it back here if you want/need any insights or tips!

    for me it was all about formulating, testing out, REDOing, REtesting out etc. until I finally nailed who worked for me and what I could do for the long haul (she types employing the vision piece of the Law of Attraction and ‘seeing’ herself at age 100)


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    Roobab – I totally agree about being adaptable. Consistency doesn’t necessarily mean “rigid” when it comes to lifestyle changes.

    This month I am committed to 31 days of fitness. I am not going to “feel like” going to the gym that last week of August when I have started school and am exhausted mentally. However, I will still need to get there because I now understand that working out recharges my mental and physical batteries.

    We have to be resilient and bounce back when life throws what we perceive as “too much” at us. I know Mizfit will address that as per above pending ‘viewer mail’.

    My consistent needs to be about food. I need to weigh and measure consistently and then be accountable for what I put in my mouth, even if my foot. When I do that I get results. I get results when I don’t journal my food, but not the results I want. (somehow that’s a lightbulb moment for me…huh!)

    And just me on the comment above about snacking at night: if you count calories (I hate it but I do it) you can still have your snack at nighti fyou allow for it in your calories consumed. Just be accountable. Easy, no. But better than feeling deprived and potentially bingeing because your inner “brat” wants something NOW (said with an emphatic whine and stomp of foot.)

  20. MizFit says

    so many good points HughsMom.

    Id urge you to think of this:
    I need to weigh and measure consistently and then be accountable for what I put in my mouth.
    as a stepping stone. to plan that FOR NOW you need to weigh and measure (as who am *I* to beg to differ) but make the longer term plan one where you learn to eyeball portions like this CLICK HERE.
    (not a great example…but what Im thinking)

    that way you’re not in a panic if, a year down the road, youre faced with a meal sans scale and immediately go from HEALTHY HABITS to full on PANICBINGEMODE.

    and I adore your point of this:
    you can still have your snack at night ifyou allow for it in your calories consumed. Just be accountable.
    it’s all about preplanning (IMO with everything in life) and that’s something we can all do CONSISTENTLY forever.

    (cue music as MizFit & her rambles are ‘played off’ the stage)

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    I’m just recently back on the healthy life bandwagon. I am very out-o-shape. If you look up out-o-shape on wikipedia you’ll see me! The other day I took a dog for a walk for 15 minutes. I felt great but I was zonked. My goal is to work up to where I used to be, which was being a 7 on the 1 to 10 fit scale. And if it starts with 15 minutes of walking, so be it. You’re very on-track though, we have to do what works in our life. Right now for me that is walking…thanks for the motivation!! :)

  22. says

    30-35 minutes of cardio 6 to 7 days a week? Doesn’t your body need rest? Miz, are you some kind of cyborg?

  23. Susan says

    My first goal is to eat more organic. To make this goal sustainable, I’m going to be volunteering at organic markets here in NYC (what better way to learn than face-time with the farmers?!)

    Secondly, I want to make certain I’m incorporating new exercises into my regime on a regular basis. For the past 8 months my program has been made up of HIIT and circuit weight training (primarily using bodyweight). I’ve recently started taking spin class and love it! I’m now looking for my next adventure. Perhaps mountain climbing????

    Super-duper cute tank Miz!!!


  24. MizFit says

    John, THANK YOU FOR ASKING what Id assumed would be the first question!

    No longer to my embarrassment my cardio is the EXTREME opposite of High Intensity Training.

    I loll.

    I read magazines.

    I watch TiVo’d Kathy Griffin’s My Life On The D-List.

    I return emails.

    It’s currently my only me-time so it’s more relaxation than sweattage right now.

    so NAH.

    I can consistently do that sh** six days a week forever.
    (or until they stop publishing STAR magazine anyway ;))


  25. says

    Excellent skull shirt!

    Some things I want to do:

    Right now, I run maybe 45 mins – 1 hour 5-6 times a week and seriously neglect my strength training. I am not afraid of “bulking up,” but I think if I do less cardio I might gain weight. I know that’s absolutely ridiculous and I would be much better off in the health and bone department to do something more like what you say. So, I am going to reduce my running (time or days) and add more strength training to my routine. Also, I will continue yoga, the love of my life.

    – Heather

  26. says

    I’m still finding a pattern in what I do. I am currently operating on about 40 minutes of cardio 4-5 times a week, with three weighted sessions 3 times a week. Of course, the problem is when work gets in the way! But I’m finding balance.

  27. says

    Mmmm, good food for thought.

    For me to be more consistent with my workouts, I need to remember not to have an all or nothing attitude. If I don’t have time (or just plain don’t want) to spend an hour and a half in the gym, I tend not to go. I need to go even if I can only do 30 minutes of cardio.

  28. says

    “No longer to my embarrassment my cardio is the EXTREME opposite of High Intensity Training.”

    Oh okay, we do things I bit differently. I definitely prefer doing high intensity cardio three or so times a week. Actually, it is all my schedule will allow at this point.

  29. MizFit says

    And you may have made my point better than I, John.
    Im all about the slow & steady as if I get off the bike early it simply means Im back on mamaduty sooner (Ren Man hangs with the Toddler while I do it) so I figure I shall embrace my time.

    For you it sounds as though that would CONSISTENTLY last for about a day before LIFE would intrude.

    Aishchai? it took me AGES to find my consistent-groove and I love how you phrased it as finding your pattern.

    Robin? As our fave Snoop Dee Oh Double Gizzle would say: CHURCH. 100 percent.

    I love and appreciate how you all make me THINK not just slap up a post and move on.

    (and claudia? thank you. for #2. YAS for #1 & Access Hollywood for my reading your comment and immediately flashing to a mental image of how TIRED Madonna looks lately)


  30. says

    your videos = the only thing i look forward to on mondays

    for me, i think the biggest challenge will be to reduce the duration of my cardio and up the intensity. usually i do 45-60 minutes of modrerate-intensity cardio (6x a week) and about 45 minutes of weights (3x a week). i know that so much cardio is actually eating away my muscle but i’m afraid to reduce it, because the majority of my intial weightloss was the result of doing a lot of cardio– this is definitely something i want to change because it’s not going to be realistic for me to have two hour days at the gym when we have kids!!

    thanks mizfit– have a great day!

  31. says

    Very timely topic. One of my goals for ’08 was to run consistently. I’ve been doing that, after not having run through my whole pregnancy and then running sporadically afterward — until March.

    Since I had run consistently before pregnancy and walked consistently while preg, it was easier for me to get back into shape and restart my exercise.

    Now, because running is my thing and I do it consistently, I feel WAY better than ever.

    I agree with Robin on not having an all or nothing attitude. If I had that, my eating would be NOTHING good! So, I’m flexible and eat well, but not rigidly well.

  32. AT22 says

    I can stay motivated to get to the gym after work for a while, but there are always a few weeks here and there where I peeter down to 3 days/week of exercise. SO, just this week (even before facetime!) I decided to get in 10-20 minutes of exercise before work (even though it is super early). I figure if I average 15 minutes or strength or interval work, that is over an hour of “extra” exercise a week, and then I won’t feel as bad if I miss a regular workout.

    I’m also thinking that an after dinner walk is a nice addition that I’d actually enjoy.

  33. Leigh Anne says

    working on cutting out the diet soda but it’s really really hard. I am truly addicted :( Right now my consistent is 45-70 minutes of running 4 times a week. and I keep to that pretty well. It’s ingrained in my schedule. I would like to add in some weight training as well but am still uncertain on my plan of attack. All the previous times I have dones strength training it has been at a gym and currently my only equipment is a couple of dumbells.

    No excuse really. I have the knowledge, just need to make a plan.

  34. says

    I was thinking that shirt was seriously cool all the while you were talking!! Sweet. I also just sent the YAS link to a bunch of my running buddies- We all need yoga for athletes.

    Hey as afar as goals for the month- I need to consistantly stretch more. Too little and I wind up with knots in my hamstrings or stiff knees. I think flexibility is more KEY than it’s given credit- at least for my current sport.

  35. MizFit says

    love all your thoughts.
    and the more *I* mull the more I realized (with everything. from work to my marriage to exercise.) when I now start something I ask myself:

    can I keep this up? is this something I can maintain for the looong haul?

    (for me Ive found that I need to ask this a LOT when it comes to volunteer opportunities. it sounds silly but Im a believe in consistency in all I do——as jumping in hardcore for a week or 3 isnt good in any arena IMO)

  36. says

    While I’m constantly fine-tuning, I think I’m living at a good balance with exercise & nutrition. I eat clean the majority of the time (80% ish?), and exercise about 6 days a week. Life still fouls up the rhythm on occasion, but by not making myself feel obligated to be perfect, it’s easier to get back on track. Right now my bugaboo is with overtraining. I think I’m brushing close to the line, so I’m trying to give myself the same opportunities for rest/lazy days in my activity that I do with my nutrition.

    Oh, and Miz? The Boy Genius ran with me twice last week (yay!), and made some excellent choices at the grocery store last night. I was very proud of the contents of our shopping cart! My good choices are rubbing off on him.

  37. says

    Miz Fitz – I am the same way, I go to the gym almost everyday, some people might find that crazy, but it’s what I like to do and it is my time to be by myself. Sometimes I do a pretty hard workout and leave with my hair dripping like I just got out of the shower, but other days I walk leisurely on the treadmill and read magazines. It just depends on my mood. I usually stay about 1- 1.5 hours mixing up cardio and strength training. But like you said it’s about consistency…. I am happy with my weight but I LIKE going to the gym everyday, and it’s something that fits with my lifestyle!

  38. says

    Great facetime and as always, you look great and so strong! What you said, makes complete sense to me. For the last 3 or so months, I have been doing cardio 5-6 days a week and strength training (mainly core) 3x a week about 20 min each time. I feel this is something I can stick with forever. On the days I don’t get cardio in, I feel more stressed out. I don’t like counting calories but I eat healthy foods and I am starting to get a feel for the things my body doesn’t tolerate as well. Even though I haven’t been counting calories, I am still losing. I think you really hit the nail on the head…….it is all about consistency :) You are proof that this way of life is achievable!

    As for a goal, I think I need to find more ways to put a little more fun in my days and lighten up. I get a little anal and stressed over stupid things…like the house not being spotless. I need to learn to relax more about the small stuff!

  39. says

    I was just thinking this morning, how the h*ll am I going to keep up these workouts when I am 60?

    Food for me is the DEVIL. My eating is never consistently clean. grrrr.

    I think I will always workout at home, just fits me better than having to drive to the gym. Especially in yesterday’s 102 degree weather. Once again, when did Texas move to the Desert?

  40. MizFit says

    good point, Meribeth.
    I may not *choose* to but what I’m doing now I could technically keep doing at 60.

    And I’m with you on the heat.

    First time EVER I’m praying for summer to HURRYUPANDEND.


  41. says

    You have THE SKULLY TANK!!! Back when FitSugar featured this (and they had a VERY interesting convo about how strange it is to wear skulls to yoga) I was sososososo tempted to buy one. Now, thanks to you, I’ve just spent 15 minutes loving on their site again. Sigh… I dno’t need any more workout clothes! I have tons!! But SKULLS!

    Oh, wait, your post had a point… consistency. I wish I were more consistent. I’m 100% there with my exercise. Eating? Not so awesome. Thanks for the motivation to skip the sugar today:)

  42. seekatyrun says

    I have the exercise consistency down pretty good most of the time. I have found that my keys to success is the accountability of groups. I run with 3 different SeeMommyRun groups — one M/F, one Wed, one Sat, and I take a group Boot Camp class at the gym Tues/Thurs a.m. Failure to show up at any of the aforementioned results in anything from gentle ribbing to concerned questions, which is one of the motivating factors in getting me out of bed. The biggest motivator, of course, if how I feel when I do it vs how I feel when I don’t, but the extra accountability of the social aspect definitely helps me.

    One area I am working on now — consistency in healthier eating. I definitely need to be more accountable for what goes in my grocery cart, since that’s what goes in my mouth!!

  43. says

    Ha! You did the get the shirt! It’s very cute! Did you get the matching socks? Or is that too matchy-matchy? That’s a fine line you know. 😉

    I’m pretty consistent, most days of the week. Blogging helps with that for sure!

  44. says

    Timely post for me too… I just spent some time thinking this weekend about what I could/should do differently to come up with a more consistent work and exercise schedule. The biggest change I am attempting to make (succeeded this morning – yay.) is to start getting up earlier… I’ve gotten into a habit of going to bed with the kids – and being wakened by the kids… I have no non-work me time to focus. I do run pretty consistently, but having an extra hour or two in the mornings will hopefully give me some time to plan my day, focus and work in some weights and yoga in addition to my running.

    So – now with your good Monday facetime – I’m feeling even more confident that I can do this for the long haul and it is a good goal. SLAP.

  45. says

    I’m pretty good with getting exercise in but it’s not consistant. I don’t know whether that’s because i’m having trouble with my calve but i need to work on consistency.
    As far as eating goes i’m working on consistent but the challenge for me is figuring why i binge eat every now and then but it is a lot less often than it used to be so maybe i’m doing pretty good on that as well 😉

  46. says

    LOVE that top!!!

    My goals: to start eating at home more, like Gena, and to use the early am time (that I so jealously guard) to walk on the treadmill or outside, rather than check email/surf the web. Not every day, but perhaps every other day.

    thank you for the sincere & inspiring facetime, Mizfit. I knew you did the cardio & ate clean but the 15 YEARS OF CONSISTENCY really hit home.

  47. says

    Just have to say Amen, about a million times. I’ve been working on losing weight and being healthy for two years now, and one thing I have figured out is that I am not ever going to be that person working out for two hours a day, every day. It does not fit with my life, and it doesn’t fit with my personality. But I’ve also figured out that I do absolutely have to do something consistently, which for me is five to six times a week. I need a day off, but I need to do something consistently.

    What I’ve found that works (i.e., has the desired effect on my body, yet does not leave me feeling exhausted, overtrained, or just sick and tired of everything) is pretty much exactly what you do. I can do longer cardio sessions if I’m walking with a friend, but if I’m just doing cardio for the sake of cardio, I don’t do more than 30-40 minutes. Then I do some arm work, some leg work, and some ab work, usually four times a week, and yeah, it probably takes me about 20 minutes to get through. It works for me – I do lose, though not staggeringly fast, and more importantly I feel strong and fit and toned. I see major improvement in my muscle tone and definition. And that’s what I want. :-)

    This whole thing isn’t about taking the weight off and then resting, for me. (And it can’t be for anyone, if they want to keep it off.) It’s about being healthy for the rest of my life, which I’m hoping will be another 40 years or so. That’s a long time to do something you hate. So I agree, it’s critically important to find something you can live with forever.


  48. says

    that tank is Shnazzaay baby!

    for me i think consistency w/exercise and food are pretty much there. i usually work better when I have a goal in mind (marathon, better biceps, 5k, etc) because then I feel like I’m working toward something – its a mind game.
    food-wise, because of my ex-ED, I stay away from foods that for me were triggers to binging & purging. Over the years I’ve tried, tested, experimented with different “healthier” ingredients to make substitutes for those foods so I don’t feel “deprived”, cuz that is when all hell breaks loose! I don’t count calories and am allergic to scales. Basically I try to eat as “clean” (for me that is majority unprocessed foods) as possible most of the time, but for the times I don’t i try to make it really worth it. meaning, I always think ‘is this what I really want? how will i feel after i eat this?’

    I do think consitancy is lacking in other areas of my life though. I am a jack-of-all- trades and master-of-none…i’d like to work on that. I want to be a MASTAH of something!

    ok, enough babling.

    Jill, I love you, listen to MiZFit…will email you :-)

  49. says

    I’m very consistent with cardio, but need to be more consistent with strength training. I just don’t find it very fun, so I neglect it. I’m doing better now that I have my kettlebell workouts though (and pull ups at the playground)

  50. Heather says

    This nailed EXACTLY what I’ve been thinking about over the past week right on the head as I’ve been trying to figure out how to finally surpass my goal weight.

    When I’m feeling sorry for myself or see the scale fluctuate – I look towards easy ‘fixes’ and have gone as far as thinking about Fat Burners etc. Once the moment of panic wears off, sensibility kicks back in and I remind myself that this ia lifestyle change, not a diet. I’m young now and will only have more pressure in life as work gets harder, and children come along. I need to worry less about numbers on a scale and have a more manageable, optimistic outlook.

    My goals are to do a minimum of 30 mins cardio activity (outdoors or in) every day but to keep it interesting by breaking it up into trail walks, jogging, aerobics, golfing, climbing, etc. Also, to complete 3 serious ab workouts a week, and to GET MY BUTT TO THE GYM in Sept.

    There is also a Boot Camp Program in town that I am looking to join however the darn trainer will not write me back. Jerk.

    Much love to all. I leave tomorrow for Vacation for a week – have 2 nights planned at a resort and spa on the shore (there’s a pool, gym, and trails) then 3 nights camping in a Nature park (ocean, trails, boating, etc) Nice eh? :)

    Heather Anne

  51. says

    Great post, has given me some real things to think about (and maybe blogspiration for my own post tomorrow..)

    I KNOW my workouts are sufficiently regular, and I have devoted a similar (quite large) amount of time to working out for quite some years now. I often adapt my schedule to incorporate new disciplines to try and figure out the best combination for me – and I’m getting there. I don’t (in my RIGHT mind anyway) think I should be putting any more hours in than I already do.

    What is NOT good is my reluctance to cut down my workout hours to suit life changes and new circumstances.

    Who’s to say this will be any different in ten years time, when there may well be other, smaller people to consider in my life (I hope)? I am pretty sure that my current regime will have to adapt in some very major ways.

    So – I can keep the gym hours up now, and have done for some time. But is it feasible that I’ll have the time to in the future? If I’m honest, something (aka many things) will have to give….

    At the moment, I choose not to think about it. It is too much for my already Crazybrain to think about.

    TA x

  52. Heather says

    What would I do without you? This is the absolute perfect “prompt” for me to write about today.

    I don’t think any activity I’m doing is not sustainable, but my scheduling is. I fit in whatever training I need to do on a given day in whatever free time I can wrangle out of the day. Some days that just doesn’t happen (when my husband just can’t get home during daylight/gym-or-pool-open hours to take over toddler management). Even on the days that I do find time to train, it too often ends up crammed into a corner of my day, not front-and-center. And yes, I’m being more active in general and opting for following the toddler around during playground time instead of hanging out on a bench, etc, but I don’t think consistency is going to last if I don’t start learning to make training a daily priority.

    Same thing with food. When I have the time to run to the grocery store or have the forethought to plan a meal, we eat very healthily. But I don’t plan well, and there are definitely days when that lack of planning becomes a problem (when I’m tired, sick, etc). All I need to do is thaw some salmon at the beginning of the week, but it just doesn’t happen . . .

    So I need consistent planning to make this “active & fit” thing last. But my backyard is weeded, my kitchen is clean, and I’m five days away from my first sprint triathlon. So I’m proud of myself. :)

  53. Allison says

    Goals: Pause and think about it before I keep snacking. I have a hard time stopping eating once I start! That is my biggest goal…ending a meal.

    Exercising less compulsively. I don’t need as much cardio as I do and if I eat clean it will all be okay in the end. I want to stop thinking of cardio as a way of compensating for calories.

  54. says

    My consistency with exercise is really good–I run regularly and have even been hitting the gym a couple of times per week (gasp!) since I got a personal trainer. I need to work on being more consistent with my diet–especially on eating less processed food and more fruits & veggies…

  55. says

    Hey, little Mizminder-reader! Thanks for this post – it came at exactly the right moment for the Bag Lady!
    She has trouble with the consistency… must give that more thought. (she wonders if she can encourage her cows to calve on demand…?)

  56. says

    I NEED a tank with skulls on it. To win that I will stick with consistently getting up at 5 so that when school starts again I won’t lose the beautiful consistency I’ve developed playing with my kettlebells and getting down with our Wii Fit.

  57. MizFit says

    2 thoughts.

    1. As always, I appreciate the time you all spend sharing your thoughts & tips. Tremendously.

    3a. I seriously think that we—-the entire Bumbling Band—-could solve all the world’s problems if given the chance…..


  58. says

    I am very consistent in my work-out routine. My eating however, tends to be all over the place (one week I’ll do great and the next week I’ll eat a chocolate every day, although I suppose eating a chocolate every day is consistent :-) ). And that’s a very cute tank top.

  59. says

    First time commenter on your site! Thanks for your comment on mine!

    Great point about consistency. One other key factor is finding activities you enjoy or you will never remain consistent! I get the same question a lot. I would answer very similarly but just adding that physical activity has just become part of my day. It is just something I do and I don’t think about it. Like brushing my teeth. Sometimes I could get to sleep a couple minutes faster if I didn’t brush my teeth, but is that a good choice?

    Have a hard time sticking to an exercise program? Find a buddy. Put it on your calendar. Make an appointment. Knowing that someone is waiting for your butt and you will show up. After ten minutes of moving, you’ll be glad you started.

    On another note, if life gets in the way and you have to change plans, don’t beat yourself up about it.

    I love your advice about eating. Make healthy choices. Listen to your hunger cues. Your body has a great way of communicating to you about your needs.

    Hope this helps….

    Oh, and I love sock monkeys too. I tried to make one years ago for my nephew and I couldn’t sew on the arms or ears…..not quite as cute. I think I will stick to fitness.


  60. says

    Every single fit person that I have ever asked how they keep so fit has always used the word consistency very early in their explanation!

  61. says

    First, LOVE the shirt. Need it for my gal group’s Day of the Dead party in October. It will show my great muscle tone.

    I head to the gym 3-4 times a week, where I do 20 minutes of cardio (I try to do HIIT twice a week and just high cardio twice). I push weights for 40-60 minutes 3-4 times a week.

    I’ve found this is necessary for my mental health (as well as my physical). At 56, there is no question I can maintain this until I’m 60. I may cut back a bit before 70 though.

    My diet isn’t as consistent as it was a few months ago; I need to get back to adding more of those good veggies. and have some for lunch as well (not just once a day).

  62. says

    I agree about consistency. My body clock tells me to run in the early morning; if I try to fight it and wait to run until the evening it just isn’t going to be as successful as a morning run.

    I wish I could be better about post-dinner eating. Sometimes I don’t eat enough throughout the day so I am ravenous after dinner. I will just snack and snack before bed then feel horrible since I can’t really sleep well on a full stomach. So I suppose my challenge would be to consistently eat more during the day.

  63. says

    Great Monday Facetime!

    a) My running? Is a baby. Only a few months old. Need to figure out how it’s going to fit into my life in the long-term (’cause I love it so much, and ’cause the elliptical stinks, IMHO)
    b) *sigh* Diet Coke. I know it’s bad. I know it makes me a clean eating hypocrite. But it’s so taaasty.
    c) Protein. That is all. *muches egg white*
    d) More *frequent* eatin’. I’m an obsessive calorie-counter (will likely never change; I’ll live), but I need to like s-p-r-e-a-d them out better.
    e) I’d like to be even better about my food cleanliness. I think I’ll post my non-clean sins on my blog this week for self-motivation.

    “Today I had…some bit-o-honeys.”
    “That will be one Hail Mary, please.”

    I is going to hell now.

    Much love to the Bumbling Band,

  64. says

    I’m one of those who is fairly consistent with exercise (try to get a nice balance of weights and cardio every week and I enjoy most of my workouts) but far from consistent with eating habits. Sometimes I think my eating suffers because I’m too busy worrying about the exercise! That happens when I exercise without proper eating, then I’m starving and just eat something fast without regard to whether it’s healthy or not. I often catch myself saying “Yeah, I love to exercise, though you can’t tell by looking at me–I’ve got fat covering my muscle.”

  65. says

    Ok, this isn’t really fitness related, but you made me think…if I’m going to be consistent, the most important thing I can probably change in my own life is to begin asking for help more BEFORE I really think I need it when it comes to stuff like housework and work work…because it’s one thing to have to cut my workouts short to spend time with my friends and family, and quite another to cut ’em short because I have dishes to do/carpets to vacuum/dinner to cook etc.

    It’s my goal to let go of my idea that I need to have my entire life in perfect tidy order BEFORE having kids because otherwise I have no idea how you supermamas do it all and stay sane!

  66. says


    A) how do you get your hair so glossy and shiny?
    2) where do I buy a set of those arms?
    and lastly) I just threw up in my mouth a little…”WHEN I get a change to lift”….I promise, next road trip, I WILL have that cheeseburger to test the whole roboto theory

  67. says

    Ooooh . . . .consistency. Seriously, this is my biggest struggle, even though I try to keep after the little devil.

    I think it is easiest to stay consistent when things are in balance . . . but on the flip side, consistency with exercise helps keep everything else in balance. Sort of a “chicken and egg” delima for this writing mama!

    I’m finding that my exercise habits are best when I can knock out a run in the morning and get to my yoga classes in the evening. I’ve been down and out with some insomnia lately, so everything is out of wack, but I think I may have hit my reset button this weekend and am back on track to my “normal” sleep and running routine (we’ll see about yoga – that enters later in the week). Only time will tell . . . but, yes, staying on track with a plan does make life richer, fuller and fabulous (assuming there’s sleep included)!

    You know me, I’m always up for a freebie – I’m in!

  68. says

    Love the shirt.

    My goal is to find a lifestyle that I can live with, but for the moment I have to amp it up a bit because:

    1. I have other goals to achieve.
    2. I need to lose this weight and get in shape for my health and well being.

    Eventually I will be able to settle into a routine that gets the job done without taking up a tone of time, but I think it’s something that I will have to build up to.


    A house takes a lot of work and sweat to build, but once it’s done you only have to maintain what you have built.

    I am building a house, made of healthy habits and love, someday I will only have to vacuum and occasionally fix things here and there as my “house settles” but right now it’s all about sweat equity.

    Happy Training,
    Love Jenn

  69. says

    Consistancy is the hobgoblin… oh wait…. never mind.

    I have 2 tips to share:
    1). figure out which time of day you can make inviolable for your workouts. For me it is first thing in the day before anything else can jump ahead in line.

    2). The workouts you least want to do always turn out to feel the best. Live it. When you just don’t feel like doing your training/workout just do it anyhow. You’ll be happy.

  70. says

    Ah, consistency…
    Well, I need to be more consistent with cooking…
    I also need to stop flip flopping about whether or not I want to consume any meat at all. This whole pregnancy, I have gone veggie and came back to eating white meat twice!
    So look for that decision happening after the babe is born.

  71. says

    Also, glad we can win that shirt, cause I was staring at it in envy the entire time…
    “What… consistency… Ouh! What a CUTE shirt!…”

  72. says

    I’ve only got two years in on the “Consistancy” thing, but I guess it took me 30 years to figure it out. ha ha.

    1. Workout in morning. Even if I can only get a walk or a run in for 30 mins. It works for me timewise, lifewise, socialwise, etc.

    2. Make myself a priority for at least an hour a day.

    3. Find the healthiest option at any location, restaruant, hotel, airport, etc.

    Love the stuff on that site – gonna check out more.

  73. says

    Now that I’m training for my first half marathon, I’m dealing with the “hungry all the time” phase and I don’t like it at all. I’m going to have to work on eating enough to sustain me on the long runs, but not go overboard.

  74. says

    Hey Miz!! I was going to write this whole big comment about how I am so inconsistent in every area of my life, but I realize that is no longer true.

    I have been consistent in my healthy eating (with a few bumps here and there), I have also been consistent with walking and working out (at least 3 days a week), and I have even been pretty consistent keeping my house presentable (and that’s a big one!!). I started blogging almost a year ago, but really the last 6 months I have been more consistent in regards to all these areas and I attibute that to the blogosphere. Knowing people are out there pulling for me is a huge motivator to keep going!

    Normally by now if I were just doing the whole “diet/exercise” thing on my own, I would have pulled out a long time ago, but by consistently blogging and reading blogs, I know that I CANNOT just quit.

    So thanks for this post – it helps me realize that I am not as much of a slacker as I thought I was!! Coolness!!

  75. says


    I LOVE Monday Facetime. There’s something about you that’s calm and assured and it just has a good effect on me. So thank you. :)

    I’ve been working out and eating clean for many years too. I agree that it has to fit into one’s lifestyle – otherwise it’s impossible to maintain it. I workout for around 30 minutes, 4 days a week, and that’s enough to maintain the level of fitness that I want. I used to workout more before the kids came, and certainly adjusting it to working out LESS rather than giving up completely was very important.

  76. MizFit says

    Jill? all my little arm hairs are standing at ATTENTION and saluting you.
    So thanks for this post – it helps me realize that I am not as much of a slacker as I thought I was!!
    percisely the Ah Ha! moment I can only hope to spark in people.

    and Vered? same thing.

    this: There’s something about you that’s calm and assured and it just has a good effect on me.

    TREMENDOUS COMPLIMENT. Add in that you think Im smart & well read and I may never leave your side.

    IMO less is quite often more (she types hinting at wednesdays post. yep. Im prepared this week as life is, as usual, trying to drag me away from the Band)


  77. Sara says

    WOW this is my first time seeing your blog and let me just say you have an awesome body!! Love how toned your arms are… and love the advice you have to give! Thanks for your extremely helpful and encouraging site :)

  78. says

    I need the shirt. really. I have a skull tattoo, skull shoes (two pairs) and an actual skull in my office.

    please, oh gods of the randomizer, pick me!


    as for routine – this is my major issue right now. Since I’ve been injured and can neither run nor bike, my routine has gone to hell. I am trying to get into a routine of hopping on the elliptical 3x/week, but so far (since it is not as much fun as running) have only managed about once a week. Perhaps I should go right now. While it’s still cool. And I’m thinking about it.

  79. Kellie says

    Miz, when you said “CHURCH” I nearly hit the floor laughing…you are brilliant, woman!!! I heart me some Snoop too.

    As to the dreaded C-word….I’ve got the exercise down to a science. I meet my training team in the morning for cardio and strength 5 days a week — yes, I said TEAM, six of ’em. It takes a village, ya know?! It’s the eating that CONSISTENTLY kicks my arse.

    I said to my trainer just this morning that I’ve only got two speeds. I’m either dieting for a fitness show or binge eating after a fitness show. Which leads me in constant search of the dreaded B-word…I need to find that middle of the road balance between a fit lifestyle and occasionally enjoying a treat.

    It’s a never ending battle. One much better fought wearing that awesome skull tank…

  80. MizFit says

    Um, yes, AMY?

    I showed you mine (CLICK HERE) are you gonna show me YOURS?

    and yep.
    an immediate run? S.L.A.P.

    And Kellie? Goes without saying I ADORE you knew what I meant.

    And goes without saying that this: dieting for a fitness show or binge eating after a fitness show IS ENTIRELY THE NORM in that world, huh?

    sad, true, and yet Im confident you can still compete and find a happy middle-of-the road.

    quite confident.


  81. says

    Damn…will have to read all eleventy-hundred comments later…stupid work gets in the way.

    Since I’m currently following WW, my plan is to continue to journal for a while and keep up my general eating plan which is pretty during the week to allow for treats (desserts, going out to dinner, wine) on the weekend. But staying true to WW principals, if something happens during the week, I’ll adjust accordingly.

    As for working out, I’m still shooting to be conisistent in actually working out from week to week…though I fear until my 2yo’s molars come in this is going to be tough. But my ultimate goal would be 5 days / week.

  82. says

    Ah I’m such a girl, I listened to so very little of that, all I was thinking was “oooh, doesn’t she look pretty in her swanky new top”. I’m such a girl, I am so sorry.

    Although, grabbing the gist for a minute…my daddy used to shout “consistency is key” at me when I’d be walking like an old lady around the house after doing a million squats and proclaiming I could never do another again as long as I live. Do a few every day, Cara? Pfft. I like to get my year’s exercise in in one day, and then vegetate for the year!

    Also, I need to get me a US postal address so I can start winning some goodies, although truth be told, I think I’d just as happily give goodies away to be able to come here everyday! Not so much with the needing of added incentive.

  83. says

    I actually started my goals 2 weeks ago – a new goal each week for 12 weeks – which will hoepfully equal as you mentioned – consistent change. First week – i eliminated fast food. This week it’s drinking the required amount of water….

  84. says

    Eating clean(er), walking ‘the hill of death’ every week day, and bicycling on weekends with a few shots (of bicyling (not tequila) on weeknights. I’m having fun and I’m consistent in my fun-having.

  85. MizFit says

    as my Toddler would say, Amy, OH MAH GOODNESS (me? Im a HOLY CR*P woman myself).

    LOVE the tattoo.


  86. says

    Nice tank top! And great Monday Facetime; consistency is key for healthiness.

    I’ve learned through trial and error what works best for me… I get cranky if I don’t get long sessions of cardio in every day so I make sure to do that. I also drink lots and lots of green and white tea, and I think that its the warmth of the mug as well as the nutritional benefits that make me feel calmer and more self-controlled. Eating crap food makes my whole body get angry now because its no longer used to that so I have to be careful about when and how much junk I have! Its kind of a useful “side effect”, because it makes me want to eat clean even more when my body responds in that way.

    The one area that I know I could do so much better in is the strength training, and mixing things up. I follow the 30 day shred a few times a week for strength training and sometimes I’ll lift some weights at other points but its always a little sporadic. Also starting tomorrow morning I need to get back into the routine of waking up and doing a few stretches- it feels SO GOOD and only takes a few minutes. I never understand how I manage to get away from doing things like that!

  87. says

    For me, the keys are intense, short workouts with one longer workout for endurance, eating clean but not torturing myself…if the fam wants a treat i don’t skip it unless i want to…, and changing things up. Right now, I’m training for a half marathon that’s coming up and before that, i was concentrating on building muscle. Cross training keeps it fun. today, i went for a bike ride with my 9 year old tornado and kept my bike in a high gear so I got some good exercise in. It has to fit your lifestyle and be doable for the long haul! i’ve been at it for the past 2 years and will be for the rest of my life..i feel so great!

  88. says

    MizFit, you have Cher-slapped me in the nicest possible way. I’ve been feeling kind of down about not making as much effort as I made last year, eating and exercise-wise. Your video reminds me that of course last year was easy — somebody else paid for a trainer, gym membership, dietitian and life coach, and paid me to write about it all — in essence, paying me to go to the gym.

    I am, however, doing the best I can in today’s circumstances and I’ve been consistently working toward maintaining my weight.

    Thanks for the eye-opener!

  89. Teresa says

    I definitely need to be more consistent about exercising. I’ll do 5 days a week for a few weeks and then something will come up (traveling, etc.) and I’ll miss a week….or two… and then it gets really difficult for me to get backinto a routine. That’s my goal is to be more consistent and to make exercise an integral part of my life.

  90. says

    I’ve been working hard at drastically reducing my sugar intake. Some days are really good, and I feel great, other days I’ll have a treat, and one thing leads to another (and I don’t feel so great). Yet, on the days I’m doing well, I can never seem to remember how crappy the ol’ junk food makes me feel.

  91. MizFit says

    I know. I know. Im a brokenrecord scratchedCD poorlymademp3 but DAMN you guys are amazing.

    the skull shirt? $41.50
    the shipping? 5 or 6 dollars
    The insights you share on a daily basis? PRICELESS.


  92. says

    I have had to reduce my workout time. I found it really hard to convince myself to go workout when I knew it would take more than an hour out of my day. I work and go to school fulltime so my days are pretty full. Changing my workout to a half hour and then convincing myself to extend it by 10 minutes has helped a lot. Now I’m able to work out about 4 days a week, as opposed to my one day a week before.

  93. MizFit says

    MegKathleen? PRECISELY.

    (and, cue foreshadowing music, more on this on Wednesday as well)

  94. says

    it’s all about the eating here!!!
    consistent exercise…NO PROBLEM!!!
    def need to work on my eating habits…..portion control and healthy choices.
    i tend to be an all-or-nothing girl and am always having my last big splurge to kick off the new and improved eating plan. it usually starts on a monday…mondays are good like that….and ends by thursday at the latest. it is always too restrictive (= NO FUN!)
    consistency is a much better way to look at it. if i can just make a few healthy changes and keep at it it should make a difference.
    and look at that…it’s monday!:)

  95. says

    I am very consistent about my workouts…never a day goes by that I miss a workout!

    BUT– my nutrition…now that’s the issue…

    I eat clean, but not always foods that I should be eating…Im working on it though.

  96. says

    as I am approaching the time to start college, i am also approaching the time to start a new sport: rowing. I am totally psyched about it. I cannot wait. Although I am sad to be leaving my gym (and my dear dear gymboy), I am ready to see if this is something that could be a life sport for me (and not just last next next 5 or so years).

    As for food, I have been trying to eat cleaner- like Miz- for the past month or so (lets not count those recent vaca’s though 😉 ) I have always thought it was harder to eat healthier- but it’s not. Not only have I been feeling better/healthier and stronger I have realized that I could totally eat this way for the rest of my life and enjoy every minute of it!- a feeling that I have not achieved with my other trends of eating.

  97. says

    I definitely do the roller coaster thing both with dieting and exercise….I go hardcore for a week or two, and then I go on a free for all for a month. THAT needs to stop. I think if I just exercise a little bit EVERY day….even if its just a 15 minute walk it would help me more than running for an hour for two days every three months. I’m also definitely making it a goal to stay away from refined carbs, period. It makes such a difference when I eat them….I get sluggish and feel gross.

  98. says

    I’ve been consistently journalling my food intake for over a month now. It’s something I plan on doing for the entire time it takes me to get to a healthy goal weight. It isn’t something I’ll do forEVER but it’s certainly helping now.
    I’m reading Thin for Life by Anne Fletcher and one of the similarities between the ‘masters’ of weight loss is that they ate the same foods during the weight loss phase as they do in maintenance. So that’s a consistency goal for me: a healthy eating plan I can stick with for a lifetime. Foods I enjoy, a treat for good measure & endurance 😉
    and a positive attitude even when the chips are down (life chips NOT potato!)
    I love your vid posts!

  99. says

    You are SO right! I do about 45 minutes of cardio and lift REALLY HEAVY for about 20 minutes a day, 5-6 days a week. It took almost a year to start seeing the results, but when some kind of tipping point was reached, 20 pounds fell off and I dropped from a 12 to an 8. I couldn’t live with 2 hours a day for the rest of my life. This schedule? I can definitely live with it, even in law school.

    I think a lot of women are scared of lifting heavy because they think they’ll bulk up. Not true, unless you’re injecting steroids or testosterone, or spending all day every day at the gym! It just makes your metabolism sizzle to add muscle. I saw a study in Womens’ Health that indicated a woman who’s been lifting for 6 months burns and extra 130 calories a day in BMR…or AT REST. That adds up!

    So think of how many more calories that same woman burns during an intense cardio session, knowing that every pound of muscle ups the calorie burn for any activity. It’s no joke, folks, it works.

    I think another key is making that hour in the gym really count–work up a big bad sweat, keep your heart rate up, make it intense.

    Trackin’, MizFit! Maybe in another year, I’ll be down a couple more sizes…or not, I’m pretty happy with the 8 for now.

  100. says

    You are awesome.

    That is such a good point, because I think so many of us when we are younger and without our own families tend to develop unhealthy habits to stay “fit,” and then when we gain responsibilities, kids and husbands, it’s often hard to put in the same amount of effort. I never thought about it like that before, so thanks!

    I’d say the thing I need to be better about all around is strength training. I’ve been a cardio girl for 12ish years, and now I find myself pretty clueless (and unmotivated) when it comes to lifting. I’m trying to be better, though!

  101. says

    you’re so right about consistency. that’s why i don’t do well on fad diets or crash diets or anything like that. as much as i fought the idea in the past, it really is all about a lifestyle change for me. and not a lifestyle change that includes cutting out entire food groups or ridiculous amounts of exercise. eating healthy, wholesome foods, vegetables, balanced meals without additives, and exercising at least six times a week (a combination of weight training and cardio).

    after i wrapped up the summer of me challenge at my blog, i went on vacation and i ate like crap and i ran *once*. it wasn’t about the guilt — but my body really yelled at me. my body doesn’t like it when I do that. i was bloated and moody and had no energy. and forget the weight part — it just plain isn’t healthy. So I just want to continue on the path that is healthy eating and exercising most days of the week, because I am at my best when I do this. Consistently. Plus my kids see this and they do it too! even the healthy eating part! and what’s better than a healthy, balanced family. you’re so right. consistency is the key.

  102. says

    Hey Miz!

    I have nominated you for a Brillante Weblog Premio 2008 Award. This was given to me and I was told I need to select some blogs that I think are great and nominate them. I chose yours as one of them because I read your blog all the time and really enjoy it. You can visit my site to retrieve it. Thanks!


  103. says

    I actually just started living this theme just recently. Cutting back on the amount of time I spend in the gym. It was upwards of 2+ hrs, including weights, cardio, and core. Now I’ve trimmed it down to 1 to 1.5hrs.
    I only do 20min of cardio.. not 30-45min.
    I try to keep a pace when I’m working with my weights. Lil to no lolli-gagging!!
    I too don’t stress over my calories.
    Great seein ya again!!!

  104. says

    i’m such a slacker and i just got to this post. but, i will definitely be taking your advice and look things over… as soon as i get a free minute. :)


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