A little bit o’link love.

Greetings, Peeps.

Today we shall *swiftly* swoop around the internet as Im toying with making Fridays into FREE DAYS up in herre.

As in one link.

One word.

One love.

And the gentle, loving assignment to take any time you would have spend surfing the web & use that for YOU.

To workout. To meditate. To love up your significant other. To be still. To pause, slow down, & remind someone how much you adore them. To read. To play. To simply BE before the weekend commences its funyetalsohectic craziness.

This week? Let’s start with the educational so that we can get that out of the way and head to the silly stuff.

Have you seen this site? there is a LOT to love over there with my favorite (if by favorite you mean most sorely needed —-which I do) page being the glossary.

Never again shall I wonder what Lactobacilius Bulgaricus is.

Veering away from the kitchen and BACK to the notion of taking Friday time to ourselves is this post.

It’s a scary proposition (as is the exercise of standing in front of a mirror for ten minutes prior to doing it…) and one which I shall do this weekend.

you in?

Edging our way toward the silly I give you this. (so many jokes to be made here. Ill start you off: Vodka, spray, mouth, leavefeetstanking).

These last two links are for the creative members of the Bumbling Band.

(People, out yourselves with pride. I so wish I had even ONE crafting gene in my body)

Id make this for sure using FAB skulls fabric & shall probably give these a try even sans-skillz. We all know how I love my ugly shoes—–so it’s kindasorta win-win.

That’s it around here.

Go take on your day. Keep me posted on your crafts & your experience with the time of self-reflection.

Next week? we’re pushing ourselves out of the comfort zone so consider it a sort of pre-training.

good bye.


that’s really it!

ok. it isnt. you want a timesuck? a ThankGoodnessIGotACoolProcrastinationLink? Check this out & consider yourself warned…


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  1. says

    Can I do the morph-y thing from my abs to an Olympic track runner’s? LOL. Those peopple are in damn fine shape! Good LORD.

    *sad wave goodbye to links*

    PS: I’ve always totally wanted to buy a plain pair of Keds and just GO TO with a marker on ’em. No design, no plan, just…write what strikes me, you know? I’d end up with shoes that looked like total crap, but I’d love ’em.

    Machine washable pens, anyone?

  2. MizFit says

    youre not getting off that easily, amanda :)

    Im just toying with one link or so.


    less of a timesuck perhaps?

    more of a THEME and less of a hopscotch?

    who can say…


  3. says

    Those seven questions are way too heavy for me Miz. Especially after a pizza dinner with a couple of glasses of red. I might not like the answers too much!

  4. says

    labelwatch is the shizznit!

    oy. i will be asking myself the deep reflection questions this weekend, but i won’t be soaking my dogs in no vodka!

    LOVE the sneaker pocket – so cute!

    In order to be true to my ex-bighaired-self I only wear white keds accompanied by 2 pair of different color big scrunchy socks, while tuck-n-folding my pants.

  5. MizFit says

    ooooh Fitarella!

    My dog is now asking to be soaked in vodka.
    thanks for that.

    would it be bad for him?


    and Lance? it TOTALLY SUCKED ME IN AS WELL. and the typically non-suckedinable Renaissance Men too.


  6. says

    We’ve got a mint plant growing in our garden, so that means I’ll be able to make…

    Foot spray?

    Er, sorry, wrong answer. That would be Mojitos!

    Feet will just have to stick with soap and water.

  7. says

    I think I did that Celeb Collage thing once and my match was Uma Thurman. Yet strangers tell me Ann Coulter. Regardless, I’m staying away from it. Hope you have a beautiful weekend!

  8. MizFit says

    Ooooh Crabby.

    Please mojitos for the feet’os.
    & then to eat some Fritos.
    Consider it a treat’os.
    I’d find it very neat’os.


    Miz., who hath lost her linklovingToddlerup@5 mind and hasnt yet touched the vodka. She promises.

  9. says

    I must have missed the celeb morph thing. Also, those seven questions are way too deep for me without any coffee. Must come back later and see if they aren’t so daunting.

    The shoes pouch? Love! I’ll be digging through my fabric scraps, setting up my machine, and sewing some this weekend! I love Sew Mama Sew’s tutes! Just to continue outing myself, after that I’m gonna finish sewing up a sweater I knit and then start knitting a sock. Yea, geekiness!

  10. says

    Still freakin’ painting (speaking of time-sucks!)- no time for celeb time-suck, but must say:

    Who would waste good Vodka like that? (use rubbing alcohol instead, if feet stink…. or just drink the damned Vodka and won’t care if feet smelly…)
    Bag Lady wants her life back….. (and now MIL wants to paint the rest of her house……)

  11. MizFit says

    there’s your answer, BL!
    give the MIL the vodka and she wont notice if her house is painted or no.

    and AJH? you can wait on the questions. till the morrow :)


  12. Debra says

    Seven scary questions – definitely not for this early in the morning. LOVE the label watch link and will use – couldn’t find Morningstar products right away – I’ll need to do more searching. Happy Friday

  13. MizFit says

    ….and I’d imagine the hefty bags with head & armholes cut out aren’t cutting it these days, huh?

    Stay dry dr.j!


  14. says

    Wow those 7 questions really are toughies. Will have to think on it. And you must post pics of your crafty endeavors! Speaking of ugly shoes, how are the MBTs working out??

  15. says

    Take time for me?? Thanks for the great idea. I have a me filled weekend ahead and I am going to cherish every second of it. :-) Golf, personal training and walking 13.1 with my mom to make sure she can do the distance come Oct…I AM SURE SHE CAN(now I just have to convince her).

  16. says

    i was sucked into the morph too…..here’s who I look like ( I wish!)…… Christie Brinkley,Gerri Haliwell, Natalie Wood, Jessica Simpson, Rebecca Romijn, Linday Lohan, Renee Zellweger,Nicolette Sheridan, Angela Lindvall, and Julianne Moore!! Kind of fun way to enjoy my coffee and morning reading πŸ˜‰ Thanks MizFit! I WILL pause and play over the weekend. This evening we are having ice cream cones at the park and doing 2 or 3 miles on the track with the kiddos πŸ˜‰ I have a kind of craft planned……..we are staining our picnic table……does that count?

  17. says

    What? No more time sucking Friday links? I don’t know how I will make it through the day :-) The celebrity morph is quite the time sucker, I’m with Amanda on wanting to do the abs morph!

  18. MizFit says

    Shosh? You lost me at golf. What my husband would NOT do to make me a golfer.

    Annette? That’s a pretty great combo. Today I’m a mix of Amy Winehouse (hair is rats nest) & Rosie (in her messy sweatsuitdays).

    Charlotte? I’m rocking the MBTs nonstop.
    Enough said πŸ˜‰ (tho I could ramble the love for hours…)


  19. says

    Ohhh yeah I’ve done that celeb morph awhile back, I got Patrick Swayze as one of my look a likes ROFLMAO I am NOT kidding!

  20. says

    Ok, I was totally proud of myself for being up early, working out hard (even increasing weights lifted) and totally not feeling the need for vodka. Then I did the morph thing. Thanks so much, I’m some ancient Japanese dude named Kenzo Tange. I will now commence to lifting 12 ouncers. SIGH.

    Time for me this weekend? Niece and I are taking the pop up camper and hitting the road. The fact that we have never done this before is part of the adventure (oh, maybe should charge cell phone). We have a page of notes in set up alone…

    The questions? Yes to all but #6….

  21. MizFit says

    Nobody puts Marcy in the corner!

    (Me? I was seinfeld in the early ’00s (insert joke here) & am now afraid to reattempt. I can’t lie to you.)

    Marianne? Ancient japanese dude? ONLY YOU. Have an amazing time with your niece.
    I want stories as I’m confident there shall be many….


  22. says

    Thanks for the links, its a slow Friday at work …so I need them! Enjoy your relaxing Friday! Anything special planned for the weekend? We have another wedding to attend- but its a beach wedding so it should be cool :)

  23. says

    Heh…while my primary celebrity morph was Jessica Biel…both Candace Cameron and Jodie Sweetin were on my list!

    I did love me some Full House back in the day…

  24. says

    questions way too heavy for the a.m.!

    love the craft project…i don’t have the equipment to put in there but maybe i’ll make a bigger one for my i.d.!:)

    need to get my scavenge on!

  25. says

    MyHeritage has been my at-work go-to for awhile now. Far more entertaining than Solitaire.

    But hey– keds design project reminded me of how in junior high I would spend class doodling on my good-old chucks. I am not sure how I got away with it but that was so fun. I need to bring the doodle back into my life. Seven questions make me realize there are a few more things I need to bring back into my life, too. Will reflect more over the weekend. But maybe not with 10 minutes of literal reflection. That would mean cleaning the bathroom mirrors…

  26. says

    Wrote down the self reflection questions. Love those.

    Will be soaking whole body in epsom salts post run tomorrow don’t particularly care if my feet stink!

    Have a great weekend.

  27. says

    Dear Miz.

    You obviously missed this post on painting shoes ! When the tornado gets just a little bigger, this is a definiite “play time” activity. Just splattering ala Jackson Pollack makes a neat shoe!

    Spending this weekend listening to the tape Getting Unstuck by Pema Chodron, and I always have a massage scheduled for Tuesday. Definitiely embracing the self-care.

  28. MizFit says

    I need to bring the doodle back into my life.

    I heartily agree (she types thinking about how she was once GROUNDED in high school (!?) for letting her lab partner doodle all over her hands & arm. A watch, a stack of bracelets, a few rings—the whole (doodle) nine)


  29. says

    I tried the morph thing and no one matched me. Thank goodness. I’d hate to see what they came up with. Bookmarked labelwatch. Helpful site! Am still reading “Questions You are afraid to ask yourself.” So far I think I could answer “yes” to all those. Thank Jesus!
    Thanks to Miz too!

  30. says

    thanks for stopping at my blog. I appreciate your comments.
    Great idea on the shoe lace gadget holder, i saw some skull fabric at JoAnn’s yesterday and thought it would make a great headband for my kid.

  31. MizFit says

    I like to think of myself not as LAZY but as sparing my daughter the humiliation of what Id create (I really do NOT jest about my lack of crafting skillz…in the slightest)

    for some cool stuff check out mamarunswithscissors above.

    oh to have the ability to do anything with scissors other than trim off the Toddler Tornado’s mullet (but thats a whole ‘nother comment).


  32. Ann says

    The Keds sneakers was quite the time suck as well. I managed to come up with a number of hideous combinations! I could buy those, walk to my local bar, and order up a tall, refreshing herbal foot spray. I’d love to see the look on the bartender’s face.

  33. says

    Ooh – I love that label checker site… sometimes it can be so annoying standing in the grocery isle for 10 minutes comparing 3 or 4 different labels. Thanks for the info!

  34. says


    Okay, but then they gave me Uma Thurman, who I only think is pretty from, like, one angle…

    But I’ll forgive them, because they tossed Carrie Underwood in the mix, too. :-) Must be an Oklahoma-girl thing, cause I’m definitely not thin, blond and disgustingly young.

    Loved the questions. Hard but really really important. I’m all about not avoiding the hard stuff.

    I liked the linked “Seven Questions That Will Change Your Life” too…I think I will print those off and do them every week.

    Very cool linkiness in da house today, M.


  35. Kellie says

    Oh For Pete’s sake — how the heck do you get a morph match from the adorable chocolate bunny that is I into KATE FRIGGIN’ WINSLET?!?!?!? Okay, yeah, we do have similar jaw and chin structure, but COME ON, Kate Winslet?!?

    The rest of the list was 2 other celebs I’ve never heard of, then Shania Twain, Jada Pinkett Smith, Beyonce (which is just weird because the photo I uploaded did not include my arse) Queen Latifah and Gabrielle Union, which was the only one that was believable….

    Thanks a lot, Miz. Now I gotta go tell the BF that I’m leaving him for Leo DiCaprio… And I hear that Mutt Lange is available these days. LOL

  36. MizFit says

    OK you guys are killing me and making me feel FAR better about my Jerry Seinfeld.

    KATE WINSELT? Kellie I hath see the lovely RIPPED chocolate BUFFbunny you be and you arent Kate (not that theres anything wrong with being you, Oh Titanic Starlet).

    Although Valerie is close at beating you with the Chad Michael Murry.

    Thats some funny stuff….


  37. says

    “Next week? we’re pushing ourselves out of the comfort zone”.

    GOOD. Stepping out of your comfort zone is the only way to truly LIVE.

    Can’t wait!

  38. says

    7 questions, huh…? Sometimes I’m too busy paying the bills that I forget to ask these things. Although I quite often ask myself why my feet are so stinky, guess I just need a minty fresh solution.

  39. says

    Thanks for the advice on my weight training. I do two strength training days a week and on one of those days I do another set of each exercise. That day is also my day off running.

    I’m training to be an ACE personal trainer right now. Any tips? I love your blog!

  40. says

    Wow..how do you find this stuff?!?! I am a timesuck sucker..and will most def. be checking out all your fun linkees and reporting back if I need to. Thanks for the entertainment for the next few hours…who needs sleep or clean laundry anyway!? Have a great weekend!

  41. says

    The reflection idea is interesting. While away, I realized how much I had been repressing, sublimating, and generally ignoring what was going on internally. I heartily recommend keeping a journal and making a habit of writing it in it at least every other day. Or a voice recorder, for recording thoughts (because not everyone can process emotion well through writing). As busy as the Bumbling Band is, it’s a sound investment to use time to stay engaged with yourself. Because if you’re not engaged and centered as a person, how can you be effective at loving and engaging with others?