Monday Facetime. Lunges.

We’re a little less Blair Witch than last time.

**you may need to do this in the bathroom/in a hallway/ANYWHERE sans carpet.

or come over. you can always drop by the domicile & lunge up in herre.

(want more lungestuff? go check out Fitarella. Mightcould be more Miz than you want—–but you’ll have that, I guess.)


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  1. says

    Look I KNOW I need to wipe down my kitchen floor, but you don’t have to trick me into it by telling me it’s exercise….

    (good moves!)

    TA x

  2. MizFit says

    TA? it is all a ploy to get YOU on a plane to come to my house and wipe down *my* floors (it’s as fun as the Italian countryside!! Almost!!)

    alas, you figured it out.

    and Kim? THAT’S HALF THE FUN! (for you anyway. Im now thankful for my boring, not coolold flat floors)
    extra core-stabilizing work for you…


  3. says

    I see the theme here in the comments – get a workout, clean the floors! Or, MizFit, maybe it’s just a hint that in addition to getting exercise, we need keep our kitchens in a little better condition!

    Lunges – they can be a pain in the …, well, actually they can be a pain in a few spots. And that’s a good thing!

    So, I’m off to clean the floor……..

  4. says

    Pick a room, any room. I wonder if my son would think this is fun. If I could get him to do this in every room of the house…..

    Have a nice day.

  5. MizFit says

    I always loved the *promise* of the Valslides…and then I realized they loved the promise of my money.

    anyone beg to differ?
    Id love to hear!

    (erica? we’ve established Im not picky. should you plop the food on floor fed ex to me. there’s a good chance it’s better (still!) than what Im offering up in herre.)

  6. says

    Living in a small apartment, I’m sadly lacking in floorspace (unless I ditch the coffee table or move it …)

    But perhaps this is a reason to visit the Miz and clean her floors for her … I mean lunge in her kitchen!

  7. MizFit says

    Gemfit? SisterFriend? that’s your weight training.

    move coffee table (3 sets of 12 repmoves) and lunge until you drop.

    then email me.

    Ill summon 911.

    Miz., who doesnt ever use weights with lunges. more a fear of injuring a 39 yo knee than anything else….

  8. says

    For the carpet-bound, try paper plates! Or pieces of wax paper/freezer paper. Or the plastic tops of your tupperware. They all slide well across carpet, I’ve tried.

    Unfortunately, they don’t clean the carpet, just make the dog and cat hair bunch up at both ends of the sliding area, making it even more obvious that you need to vacuum. Or is that just me?

  9. MizFit says

    IMO, Gena, paper plates work the best (if by BEST you mean they gliiide smoothly over any bullmastiff hair w/out bunching/making me feel like a worse housecleaner than I already do——which I do).

    Thanks for the tip!


  10. says

    I’m a fan of lunges and I love that you show ways to do stuff at home! I’ll definitely have to try that dishtowel trick when I can’t get to my gliding class :)

  11. MizFit says

    annette? *four recruits*?!

    What I wouldn’t give for a video of THAT lungestravaganza.


  12. Susan says

    Hmmmmm, maybe this is a good way to trick my niece into cleaning my floors? I like the swifter idea :) Giving this a try!


  13. says

    It’s the val-slide!!! But without the ridiculous pricetag! ;) My other fave is to do the same thing (but I use plastic plates on carpet) to do push-ups. It takes me forever to feel a good burn on lunges or push-ups but add something slidy and I’m sore in 10! Thanks for keeping fitness real and doable for all of us.

  14. says

    Okay, honestly? I’m not even kidding, I love this. Because I somehow injured my neck this weekend and can’t really do much with my upper body, yet I desperately NEED to clean my floors before the MIL shows up this week. So, you know, this is perfect. Total Lower Body Floor Cleaning.

    S.L.A.P. to me. :-)


  15. says

    That is a clever variation on lunges, one I will have to give a try to, though not today since I lunged out my legs already at the gym this morning. ugh, lunges tend to be the bane of my existence but I DO like the visible results!

  16. says

    Hey Miz,
    I have been doing that a form of that lunge for years on my carpets. How, you might ask? Paper plates!

    I also do a version where the leg with the plate not only travels back but on the way up I sweep through and lunge to the front as well. I keeps constant and varied tension on my glutes and really sets them on fire.

    On another note I have been so busy with school lately that I have had no time to blog or even read blogs much. I have missed it.


  17. says

    No one else has commented yet on my favorite part of the video, which is where the lovely miz smacks her own glutes? Or is this a trademark move that I’ve somehow missed due to my relative newness to the site?

    Maybe I’m just in a silly, good mood because today I will be trying these lunges and NOT push-ups. I could lunge all day if it meant not doing push-ups…

  18. says

    I love lunges — I feel like they are one of those exercises that give me the most bang for my buck.

    I saw some random show on Fit TV the other day where a personal trainer had her clients do lunges with her toe pressed up gagainst a pole in front of her. That way when she lunged back, her knee could not go over her toe — it would stop at the pole.

    It was one of those moments when you go, why have I never though of something so sinmple and so brilliant?

  19. says

    I love me some lunges! Can’t get enough of them! (and ironically I had a lunge post that was planned for today, but changed my mind at the last minute.) Great minds really do think alike! :)

  20. MizFit says

    wait. I S.L.A.P. my own arse?

    Now I need to rewatch and I just filmed this yesterday.

    jenn? haley? LOVE your suggestions….


  21. says

    Hmmmm…I do lunges quite a bit, but have never tried a slide lunge! Unfortunately my kitchen is about the size of my desk, soooo….will have to head over your place!
    :-) I should send over Bad Cat to “help” you like he “helps” me when I exercise.
    Maybe I can do these without falling over! Am I the most uncoordinated person in the world or what?

  22. says

    Apparently I also have no time to spell check. Sorry! It should be “doing a form of that lunge” and “It keeps constant”


  23. says

    That looks like a fun lunge. I will give it a try. Hopefully, my tile floors will be slippy enough. (or if not, I guess it will be that much better!)

  24. says

    This is a great idea. I’ve done the whole paper plate thing (works great on carpet!) with a side lunge (killer butt workout!), but somehow never thought of doing something similar on a regular lunge.

    When the knee is better, I’ll give it a whirl.

  25. says

    I know I was missing something. I used to watch my kids clean up a spill using the same method and all the time I thought they were lazy. Now I see that they were just showing how to do proper lunges.

    Another great video for the vault.

  26. says

    My butt hurts just watching that video. Or it may be from the squats I did at the gym this morning. I’m glad someone mentioned paper plates. I’m in apartment living cheap carpet hell up in here!

  27. says

    Dang. You make exercising look so easy, the Bag Lady is actually tempted to try it sometimes!

    Then she comes to her senses. Wonder how long it would take her to clean her 3000-sq-ft house this way? Pretty sure she’d play out before she got out of the bathroom……

  28. says

    I’m another lunge lover (or any lower body exercise for that matter). That move looks like it really gets the core as well when you’re sliding back forward.
    I love all of MizFits creative moves:)!!

  29. says

    did some lunges at the playground while my boys played yesterday…..SORE today!
    i like the towel, gliding idea…looks much smoother and easier on the joints than my wobbly regular lunges.
    off to clean my wood floors of st. bernard hair!:)

  30. says

    I’m with those above. I could these as moving lunges and actually clean the floor! Couldn’t I?

    But not today. Adam the trainer is torturing me today. I see lots of work with the graviton, tons of triceps, and lunges!

  31. MizFit says

    anyone here not see the amazing fitnessitude which is the MERIBETH?
    we all need to add to our BUCKET LISTS to be as healthy and fiiine at her age as is she.

    curious now?

    click on her link, People.

    it wont disappoint.

    Miz., who is desperate this morning for an AdamTrainer of her own.

  32. says

    I would get one heck of a workout if I did that around my house because my entire house is tile.

    So what was that about the comment on my blog? hehe

  33. says

    MizFit…sorry I don’t have time to read through all the posts so I apologize if anyone’s mentioned this…

    Have you tried gliding? I taught it for a while and while it didn’t work for a whole class (wasn’t very popular), it’s very much like that, you can either use towels or paper plates for the same think. Lots of things you can do in a plank with them. And damn do my muscles hurt the next day!

  34. says

    I think this is brilliant… combining cleaning with a real workout. That would make a great idea for a book… hmmmn….

  35. says

    Ooo, I never would have thought about sliding lunges! I’m definitely trying these soon, the regular ones I do are getting mighty boring, and I’ve been needing something to switch it up! Thanks!

  36. MizFit says

    Do you have concrete floors???

    if by (fingerquote) concrete (unFQ) you mean dirty wood then YES!!


  37. says

    Miz – I just realised that I had never visited your site before now! So sorry! Love it and love you! Going to add you to my llive-it journey blog roll. Will be back often :)

  38. Conny says

    Woohoo! So next time my son spills some of his milk on the floor, which is often, I’ll just mop it up with some lunges. I want to see the look on his face the first time I try this technique! Mommy is nutty.

  39. MizFit says

    laughing that it never occurred to me to CLEAN THE FLOOR before taping this.

    that people might actually look.

    duly noted :)


  40. says

    Cathe Friedrich had us doing some lunges like this and going other directions with our rags (she had little red rags for us in her gym) at her Road Trip. I think she’s going to have some of that in her next big weights series, so I’d better start practicing now….

  41. says

    I actually think that kinda looks like fun. But I am probably fooling myself and were I to try it, would find that it would kill me. Either because it was hard work, or because I would slip on the towel (very likely knowing me).

  42. says

    My quads suck! Even when I was working out with a trainer on a regular basis, I could never get them stretched and strong. You know the little quad stretch you did at the end? I could never do it – even at my peak.

    I might have to try your recommendation, to see if it helps. Thanks!

    PS – Has anybody told you lately that you rock?? Seriously – thanks for the time you take do post all this good stuff. :-)

  43. MizFit says

    pattie? THANK

    (And JavaChick? I guess that depends on one’s definition of ‘fun’….please to make me a list of your other fun thangs. Mine? Wine, movies, Ren Man, dancing with the Toddler Torando——nary a lunge on the list ;))

  44. Kelley Burrus says

    B-R-I-L-L-A-N-T….love them, love them, love them. Maybe I’ll also spray a little Pledge on the rag and clean up dog prints all over my wood floors!

  45. says

    i could use that as a way to clean our kitchen floor, but our floor is way too nasty to do so. i get enough of an arm workout scrubbing the crap off the floor.

    and i know lunges. walking lunges, stationary lunges, side lunges, diagonal lunges, backward lunges off a step … lungelungelunge.

    that being said, they’re awesome of course.

  46. says

    Thanks I love the demo. Once again, your legs look amazing.. Actually everything on you looks amazing. Do you do any of those body builder competitions? You should lady! I love to be able to do new things at home so I don’t look like a newbie freak out in public! BTW, big shocker but I have those same Nike running shorts…in pink too :).

  47. says

    Lunges used to be my most favorite workout for my lower body – until I had to have bilateral knee surgery and they cause extreme pain! I’m jealous that you can do those!

  48. says

    Hee. I keep having visions of my back leg sliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiding all the way out until, WHAM! I end up falling over. *giggle* I’m not sure if it would be more painful than fun, or more fun than painful. :D

    Hey, what do you do if you have bad knees?

  49. MizFit says

    here’s MY chant:


    Id do other things with clients (and lots of water running) but never lunges in that instance…


  50. says

    Hey Miz, I usually look at your blog Via my iPod Touch and For some reason the video wasn’t there??? so decided to get on my computer tonight and check it out. I’ve actually thought of starting to do lunges for the last few weeks. I am doing 3 sets of 15 reps each. i have a ? for u? do you recommend doing them daily or so many times a week? I usually do mine at work. do you recommend doing them all at once or how about one set as you find time.

  51. says

    I have a bad knee. :( I guess I will have to pass on this one. Too bad because my whole house is hardwood floors. It would have been easy to do these.


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