Im no Prelutsky (please to insert *sigh*)—yet with the rhyming I love it. I try.

Whatta week! Whatta week!

We talked kids & gave thanks.

You tired? Depleted?

Need more fuel in your tank?

We beat a dead horse.

(ok two. I’ll admit.)

You journaling now?

Or like me did you quit?

This weekend? We PLAYIN’

(Though the Toddler? She deep

we *working* on that.

when she better? a treat!)

Speaking of GIVES

Next week brings some fun.

(Wanna use what you HAVE?

You’ll so love this one!)

Chatting ’bout stuff

we get and dont need

you been here? sign up??

Im tempted indeed.

That’s all. Im out.

It’s BARELY first light.

Will I work out? Just Do It?

(Take a rest day? I might!)


they plumb slipped my mind.

Okay, I tease.

I know it’s not kind.

Valerie? You here?

Chris? You reading today?

(as a father of FIVE

youve little time to play!)

Last but not least

Is Ms. P-O-D

(who said (paraphrased)

Id use a photo of me!)

I hope you love your treat

as I treasure mine.

That a touchstone of gratitude

in it you’ll find.


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  1. says

    I can’t get my head around the pickle pop. That’s just freaky. Has anybody tried one?

    The gratitude theme this week was fantastic, and luckily (or unluckily) enough it arrived just in time for an avalanche of work-related stress. *chants to self* IlovemyjobIlovemyjobIlovemyjob….

    TA x

  2. MizFit says

    I laugh that the Tornado hates only one food consistently: PICKLES.

    I now wanna order those pops and use them in place of a time out! (really? no not really.)

    and TA? did you check out the DEEP link? is any of that slang for real?


  3. says

    AHHHH it’s a UK site!! I didn’t look closely enough first time round…

    Absolutely hilarious, and as far as I can tell nearly all of it’s fo real. Some of it’s a bit Southern and some of it’s a bit Yoof but I get the root of where nearly all of it’s coming from (eg. I used to call my parents “the Breadbins” from “brethren” although now it’s used to denote friends rather than family…) Love the Brass Eye reference to “Cake”… oh my LIFE I am going to be on here all day….


    TA x

  4. says

    Pretlusky? I woulda thought Shel Silverstein…

    Ick to the pickle pops. Ever tried a deep fried pickle?

    Painting the last never painted room in the house this weekend! (It’s only taken 12 years! LOL)



  5. says

    Miz! The first and fourth links aren’t working for me :(

    That said, pickle juice?? From what kind of pickles? ‘Cause if you do that with the type of pickles I eat (Kosher dills, pickled in really freakin’ salty brine) you’ll probably kill yourself. Seriously – just one pickle is like 89 % of your sodium RDA or some ridiculous amount (good thing sodium is one of the things I don’t give a crap about)

    Also considering the forward thing… but I only get forwards from my sister in law and I don’t even truly mind them. She mostly sends me funny pictures 😛

  6. MizFit says


    The first link is a *MizFit guest post* about NOT gaining the freshperson (wink) 15 and looks like they’re still snoozing (its not yet posted. I guess they are not as UP & AT EM and in different time zones as are we.)—–but its coming.

    And the 4th?

    No clue. Works here still.

    Anyone else?


  7. says

    I’m passing on the pickle pops as well. Ick! My nieces both drank pickle juice right out of the jar. (shudder)

    That language site made me chuckle. I enjoy watching our language evolve…sometimes.

    I was going to write a poem – no mojo.

    I do have a cake in the oven already, dishes ready to wash, one boy nearly showered, and a plan for the day though.

    Make it a great day.

  8. MizFit says

    they DID yank that 4th link on us (did they not want the Band invading their site?)—–so Ive yanked it as well.


  9. says

    I clearly am really truly no longer a teenager- I’ve never heard of most of that jargon!

    Love the Pikkee and StopForwarding site, those are both pretty cute. And enjoyed the last article quite a bit!

  10. MizFit says

    DC? Day off already carpe’d.

    And sagan? I’m gonna cave and do the NO FORWARD thing….whether it hurts people’s feelings or not.

    I’ll letcha know how it goes.


  11. says

    I can’t believe you manage to pack so many great links in one post, and make it rhyme!

    So I haven’t mentioned it on my blog yet (have a post coming up later) but I may be a little scarce in the comment section over the next few weeks/months. But I will be lurking and laughing–gotta have my MizFit fix!

  12. says

    OMG, are you serious? Me, really? Like, WOW. :-) How very cool!

    I love Christine Northrup – I have one of her books, Mother Daughter Wisdom, and it is amazing. I love this article, too…I am always excited to learn more about the mind-body connection, and if we needed another reason to be thankful for what we have, this is a GREAT one.

    I want you to know I started my Gratitude Board today…just got it up on the wall. I’ll post a picture someday when I get more stuff on it…my mind is just fizzing with ideas of what to add.

    The slang link shocked me…I thought I was relatively in touch but most of this was new to me. Gah. Although I did notice the startling absence of “thug” which is in constant use around here.

    As for the pickle pops…lord, my kids would probably love them. They’re pickle junkies. Personally, the thought makes me a little nauseous, though I’d probably have devoured them when I was pregnant. (shudder) I wish they had nutrition info on the site, because I would be curious about the sodium content…

    Still cogitating over the “just do it” link – nonproductive energy is a BIG problem of mine, so this is serious food for thought. I smell a number of posts from this one once I get it all sifted and sorted…

    Lots to muse on here! You’ve got me well-supplied with goof-offs and food for thought today. :-)


  13. says

    These are great links. The “just do it” is pretty interesting. And I think the StopForwarding site is probably a blessing for all the other people on the email lists I’m on, too. Happy weekend– hope Miss Tornado’s ear infection clears up and she can be happily eating pickle pops soon (hahaha).

  14. says

    ew. pickle pops. yah, not gonna happen.

    but i like your idea about stocking the trunk!! Thank you..should work out well this weekend!!


  15. says

    MizFit, you take a rest day? How many do you suggest when you are trying to lose? None?

    mmmm….pickle pops…….reminds me of my pg days!

    I am working in the pumpkin and gourd painting booth at our town’s fall festival tomorrow :) Maybe I’ll have some good stories for you all on Monday! Scared they might paint me into a giant pumpkin!

  16. says

    OK, that slang site has some American slang too. (Blaze, and Cake were two things I heard a lot about in college) But for the most part, only use it around your child/child’s friends if you want to embarass them. (and is it weird that I got most of the British ones too?).

    Please note though that “cake” can also refer to a band (they sang the short skirt/long jacket song), so if you hear your kid talking about Cake in a way that might not be the food, ask them about the band first (or ask what songs they like).

  17. MizFit says

    ok TMI but just in case you think I’m a mama to emulate:

    The tornado loathes the pickles.

    (So much so that, if she’s working my nerves, I’ve been known to request the PICKLE FACE for a laugh)

    I. Exploit. That. Fact.

    If I’m eating something she’s not allowed to have (popcorn. sushi. a bite of my cheesecake.) I simply tell her it tastes like pickles.

    And I’m also a child as I’m now laughing mere pondering ya’ll returning to MizFit finding a site change.

    Dropping back to see it now saying:

    MizFit. Proudly Powered By Pickle Pops.

    And *they* can be our sponsor.


  18. says

    …but you are MizRhyme.
    who went for out for a climb
    up that mountain we call time.
    to a life sublime…

    That’s all I’ve got…

  19. says

    I would so try a pickle pop. But what really caught my eye is the stop forwarding site!!! Is that for real? Might be a dream come true…. hmmm.

  20. MizFit says

    and annette? You musta been typing while I was.

    I’m a fanfanfan of the days off especially when trying to shed.

    Especially for you as, with your brood, you days off I’d imagine are chock full of ACTIVE REST.

    For me when I’m active resting (read: bring it on in to TODDLERVILLE) it makes me more excited to hit the gym again on monday.

    I see your days off as filled with play and not assoncouch.




  21. says

    OMG! The comment section fills up so fast here….I still haven’t managed to check out all the links yet! Sheesh!

    Had to laugh a little bit at the jargon site – what goes around comes around. My parents used to call the police “bulls” – that’s absolutely ancient!!!!!

    Must go back now and read about pickle pops.

  22. says

    Pickle Pops? Just reading the description made me gag. Growing up the kid next door LOVED pickle juice and was always drinking it out of the jar much to the disgust of my brother and I, wonder if he eats Pickle Pops?

  23. MizFit says

    THANKS ERICA. Im gonna get that *and* I prettied up yer link in case anyone else wants to check it out!

    Leah? really? Now I wanna set up a Pickle Pop stand across the street from where you weave those amazing posts and see if you MIGHTCOULD cave and come by to get one…

    BL? Bulls? is it a canadian thing?

    (MamaZen? I thought so as well and JUST NOT DOING IT this morning was kinda great)

    Molly? ick. although Im like the tornado (shocker. I wonder where she got it from) in NOT liking the pickle.
    in any form.


  24. Heather says

    I wonder if my friends and family are going to send me an anonymous “seriously, stop sending us these links you find so funny every Friday” email.

    I have great plans for the stop forwarding site, have already sent my pickle-loving sister the pickle pop one (I also think it’s pICKle, but it’s fun to say), and was tempted to make the freshman 15 one required reading for my two sections of college freshmen.

    Off to lesson plan. And grade. My toddler sends your toddler get well hugs and lots of pedialyte popsicles and ear-numbing drops.

  25. MizFit says

    OhWiseWomanHeather (about whom I am thinking as I write a post for tomorrow. A post Im almost called to write., Im honored if you think that S.N.A.P. was forward worthy.


    Miz., who would like to kiss fullonthemouth the inventor of ear numbing drops.

  26. says

    OK, I thought my town was behind the times, but they’ve been selling pickle juice popsickles at my kids’ school ballgames for years. It grossed me out when I first heard about it, and it still does.


  27. says

    Just am back real quick to say that I somehow missed clicking on the link to the SNAP article of yours (I was going to be late for boot camp- an honest reason to accidentally miss a linkage:)), but I’ve got to say that I loves it. Lovelovelove the focus on college attempts to be healthy/have fun.

    PS Heather you should definitely give it to your freshmen! They’ll appreciate it.

  28. says

    I guess Tammy just lives in Hipville! Those pickle pops are too funny. I LURVE pickles. So good. My mom used to make us drink pickle juice when we were sick as kids. I hated doing it — it seemed so bckward — but maybe she was on to something!

  29. MizFit says

    My mom used to make us drink pickle juice when we were sick as kids.

    Im totally and entirely distracted by this, Felice.
    I MUST have yer mama as a guest poster.

    The Particulars of Pickle Juice As A Homeopathic Remedy.



  30. Kellie says

    Love the Freshman 15 article. LOVE your photo even more…it’s very smart-girls-are-sexy.

    I’ve got several nephews and fancy myself pretty cool (cool meaning I get “jiggy” to embarrass the hell out of ’em). Took about 10 minutes to realize slang was from a UK site.

    Have a great weekend, Miz.
    Word to ya mutha (anyone?)

  31. MizFit says

    Vanilla Ice, errr, I mean Kellie,

    I was dragged kicking and clawing to get that head shot snapped—–so Ill tell Ren Man his bruises were worth it (thank you).

    I learned this morning that I need to watch what I say to the Toddler (she was a latelate talker) as I have the tendency to try something I love and exclaim:

    It makes me wanna smack my mama!

    (and then she laughs. shes a good audience that way)

    this morning I overheard her repeat that to Ren Man and NOT in a fashion Id like :)

    So, Im not gonna start incorporating WORD TO YA MUTHA.

    (today anyway)


  32. Debra says

    I have a couple friends who could really use a message from but I just don’t have the heart to do it- I think it would hurt feelings. I just delete those types of emails…great week of posts. Thank you and Happy Friday!

  33. says

    I really need to use the stopforwarding site…especially to folks who believe any “alert” they read and forward it on so that I can be up to date on the lastest scam or threat! I want to tattoo “” on their foreheads….

  34. says

    Like the freshman 15 article! Also love the pic of you.

    Re: Your question about the foot. It is the same, but I got reassuring information. Thanks for the concern, and yes, my lats are a little sore.

  35. Ann says

    I wonder which is better…sugar, salt, or fake sugar? I would definitely try (and probably adore) a pickle pop! It’s gotta be better than the diluted apple cider vinegar I’ve been drinking for my sinuses.

    Am I the only one who’s excited about pikkee? I already signed up and will probably take photos of my clothes this weekend. Yeeeee haw!

  36. says

    I just checked back in and saw that the first link was working, and have 2 comments: when you mentioned the only having one college experience, I got a lump in my throat, as I spent my college years in a one-sided competition with everyone to be the thinnest.

    Also, the article was next to an ad with Jillian Michaels, and I thought that you looked a lot better, as you seemed happier.

  37. says

    Hey Miz,

    Yes, I’m reading today and everyday even though I don’t comment everyday.

    Thanks for the link love. Can’t wait for your “Monday Face Time…”

    Have a great weekend!

  38. says

    The pickles made me think of my three year old nephew: the only flavor of ice cream he’ll eat is lemon. I guess some kids just go for “tangy” tastes while others can’t stand it :-)

  39. says

    Thanks for answering! Interesting!!! I did give myself a day off today and instead we spent 2 hours at the park picnicking and playing! So, yes, active rest :) And I ordered the grilled chicken salad to take to the park and used just a tiny bit of the 20 g of fat per serving dressing~ and I snuck a few fries from an unsuspecting toddler :)

  40. says

    Finally some work stuff died down.
    I am enjoying my lunch now that it’s nearing dinner. Eating cantaloupe and (fat free) cottage cheese.

    I clicked on all the links and the pickle sounded gross.

    I checked out the FACE time on the Freshman 15. You look great as usual!
    Thanks for the link fun.

  41. says

    I don’t like pickles but my friend’s daughter eats pickles like crazy and she’s only 1 1/2 years old. I should get a pickle pop to see if she likes it.