Poetry in Motion.

(ok, the motion part is only if you choose to wigglefidget whilst reading. it’s really up to you.)

The weekend’s arrived!

Filled with so much free time.

To cook. To clean.

To bust out a rhyme.

I have big plans

of things I will do

will they happen or not?

I’ll leave that guess up to you.

Perhaps we will play

a fun game or three

(that looks so funny

long as it’s not to me!)

Some time outside playing

enjoying the cool

It’s no longer 90!

Fall in Texas does RULE!

We were a/c poor

but we saving on heat

Makes me feel generous

wanna give YOU a treat.

These things? Just found em.

They simply divine.

You wanna sample?

(a whole case this time!)

Just leave a comment

with your weekend plans.

And why your adventures

OMEGA3 demand!

Details: you can be entered to win the box of Boundless Nutrition bars for the lowlow price of a comment below.

Why do you need a little extra somethin’somethin’ this weekend? What are you doing which mightcould require an extra mini-meal bar in your pocket? Please to illuminate us all.

EDITED TO SAY: OK, judging by my in-box, I was far too unclear about the radio show Im doing tomorrow.

Here’s the info (whether you wanna sleep in or call in):

β€œLight Living With Irene” is an interactive, live Internet talk-radio show that focuses on healthy living, eating right, fitness, and organic lifestyles. Callers are encouraged to call (718) 766-4025 to ask questions or make comments. The stream and archives are available at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/LosingIrene. The show is live every Saturday morning at 9 a.m. Eastern.


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  1. says

    My weekend plans, so far, only involve cleaning and organizing that pigsty that is my home. So, while not terribly exciting there should be quite a bit of lifting and toting involved. And I’ll be sure to get some wigglefidgeting in while I’m at it. :)

  2. runnin4fun says

    I have to work this week-end. 12 hr shifts. night shift. ‘nough said. (working in a hospital helping to save lives-that should be enough to deserve a box of bars!)

  3. says

    My Sunday is going to involve a 10km race at the Melbourne Marathon event, followed by a nice boat trip across to Tasmania overnight on Sunday night. So, some energy from the 10km run could need replacing, and I’m sure some Omega3s will go missing if I get sea-sick!

  4. says

    All reports show a beautiful Indian Summer weekend on tap here in Ohio. I plan to take the fam down to the Cleveland Metroparks where they can hike and explore with the hubby, while I do my 30 minute run…..

    …..on a REAL running trail, with other runners (passing by ha ha), through the woods, seeing the leaves that are changing colors, passing boats on the Rocky River…I CANT.WAIT.

    With all this running and playing and hiking and exploring, the whole fam could use a good energy snack!

  5. Debra says

    Those bars look AWESOME! This weekend I have a neighborhood garage sale (I’ll be selling stuff & shopping it) and then a TX/OU party/BBQ cook off at a friend’s house, and then supporting a singer/songwriter friend who has a gig at a coffee shop. And that is just Saturday!

    Sunday will be shopping hardwood floor supplies and then working in the yard. This week’s yard project is putting in borders and a gravel path. Thank you MizFit! Happy Friday.

  6. says

    Ooh looks yummy!

    I could definitely use those kinda bars to fuel me up for the rigorous shopping that I have planned. And the band that I’ll be seeing (Said the Whale). And of course nutrition is always important at a time of Thanksgiving when you’ve got all that lovely tasty food around like pie which doesn’t give a whole great load of nutrition.

    Also? Two new cousins! My auntie will require all the chocolate and goodness she can get to keep sane:)

  7. MizFit says

    DAMN. it’s only 5:38 where I live and Im already feeling lazy about my weekend plans (hello babysitter and Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist!)

    I shall have to pacepacepace while doing the radio things (not that I wouldnt have anyway πŸ˜‰ me? talking off the cuff? comedy gold or CRINGEWORTHY bronze? time will tell)


  8. says

    Hi Miz. I hope you had an easy fast yesterday and that your New Year started out sweet.

    My mom and I are leaving for Baltimore today, we’re doing her first half marathon tomorrow. Look for a race report on Sunday.


  9. MizFit says

    ok Shosh I need to get to your site when I’m at the computer.

    Your mom & you are running a half together?
    I’m getting that right, yes?

    I’m seriously choked up just typing that.

    We’ve already established I love the whole shosh&hermama thing.


  10. DinosauRN says

    You’re such a generous soul! I’m going to turn my basement full of cr*# into a comfortable walkout living space for about $100 and be done by noon. Now where did I leave that magic wand…

  11. says

    Wow, those bars look great!

    So I’m really, really, really, really, I solemnly swear, truly going to be working on a book proposal at least part of this weekend.

    But, um, it’s the start of “Women’s Week” in Provincetown so some tea dancing & roaming the streets & partying with the tribe may be in order. Will definitely need sustenance.

  12. MizFit says

    FUNFUNFUN Crabby.

    Change tribe to TARGET MARKET πŸ˜‰ & you can party with wild abandon all in the name of research.


  13. says

    We’ve already established that the Bag Lady will be busy cooking for the masses of people she has invited to her house for Thanksgiving. She had to have her meal on Saturday because of a conflict, and she is going to someone else’s house for another meal on Sunday!! She will be as stuffed with turkey as her turkey is stuffed with bread crumbs!
    But those bars would come in handy later on, she is positive!

  14. says

    It’s homecoming week at the grind this week. That means everything except school is really, truly, honestly THE most important thing. ~~~sigh~~~

    Our school has a school fair and “the big game” on Saturday. So, I get to work. All day. Being surrounde by people I don’t know who all know each other and don’t care to know me. It makes for a long, long, long, long day.

    After I will get to the gym, of course. And I’ll be doing some walking by day. But still…not how to spend a Saturday.

    Sunday going to a 40th anniversary party for my first babysitter. ~~sniffle~~ With my mom. (Hence the tears)

    Throw them bars my way~

  15. says

    Hey Miz, Good luck on your radio program tomorrow. is this setup like the Howdy Doody show with a peanut gallery? If so, don’t fall into the trap of talking to the puppet. Comes off really bad on radio. :)

  16. dragonmamma/naomi w. says

    You know what I’ve got planned for the weekend? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! But I still want those bars, just because.

  17. says

    Oooh, do the bars come with the hot shirtless guy on the web site? (If so, maybe I shouldn’t try to win because the Hubs wouldn’t want another man around feeding me wellness bars- he he)

    This weekend, the Hubs will be pouring cement for a patio in the backyard (on which to put the eventual hot tub). I’m sure I will get roped in somehow. But since snow is in the forecast, I hope to spend as much time inside organizing the ridiculum that is our basement (we moved in 2 1/2 years ago, and we still have mass un-packed boxes).

    I also hope to fit in some kind of long walk (since I probably shouldn’t run yet). Oh, and there will be plenty of football watching, too, so it would be good to have a healthy snack instead of eating junk mindlessly in front of the TV. = )

    Thanks for the other links, too. I’m so tempted to try the prank call thing, but also kinda chicken. Plus, now I want some of those gloves (they would be great for running and fiddling with my iPod).

    And Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian peeps!!

  18. MizFit says

    oh Roo you made my MizFit heart sing that you linkclicked and loved :)

    I’m getting those gloves as gifts for someone in my east coast family this Hanukkah.

    And hoax call me!

    Then we can see how it works and hoax call, say, Jillian πŸ˜‰ and run & hide!


  19. Bethany says

    My active weekend plans involve a HIIT session this evening on the treadmill, some weights tomorrow morning, a (probably slow, leisurely) walk with the hubby on a trail tomorrow afternoon and yoga on Sunday! Oh, and paiting my toenails tonight. :)

  20. seekatyrun says

    For once I don’t have hugecrazyhectic plans this weekend! I do, however, have two very long stretches of preschooler filled days with Daddy working (hmm — that sounds just ike during the week!) so I’m sure there will be much park-playing, perhaps come grandparent-visiting, and maybe even some apple picking…

  21. says

    I have writing to do this weekend and chocolate is serious brain food for me. Weather permitting I’ll clear out some of my garden patch, too, and it’s cold so I’m in baking mode. Need the brain food to help me invent things to bake.

  22. says

    This weekend I am participating in a 15K trail run that includes 3 passes up the highest hill in our County. Yikes! Then I am cleaning bathrooms, yuck, going shopping and babysitting for a friend’s daughter. All that is just on Saturday!

  23. says

    Oh yummy!

    Well, two things I am doing this weekend that I will need extra energy for: a kid’s birthday party (hooray) and I am going to clean my mother’s house. I am hoping to get a workout in somewhere.

  24. MizFit says

    damn you peeps are BUSY.

    And yes the bars know no bounds.

    Charlie? I like that.

    Now people get to clicking on charlie.
    I like that too.

  25. says

    Funny you should mention Jillian- I was just looking at her hair last night and thinking maybe I should cut mine like that- ha ha! But yeah- if I hoaxcalled her, I would definitely run and hide. = )

  26. MizFit says

    **caution. tangent ahead**

    I need a haircut intervention.
    I’d invte ya’ll to give me suggestions but I truly believe it’s a seetoKNOWwhatImworkingwith.

    It’s flat & fine.

    And no. Not fiiiiiiiiiine.


  27. says

    I’m sure you already know what I’m up to if you’ve been reading my random rants lately…but to be counted for the yummy bars, I’ll spill here:

    My weekend is packed with non-stop action starting today with of course my 9-5 job (which is really 7:30-4:30)…but I’m working through my lunch so that I can leave at 3:30pm to get to the theatre by 4pm in order to start the set-up for tonights opening of Turnadot. So from 4-10pm I’ll be sewing, dressing, decorating performers, and then I have the laundry to do, all the while I have to be dressed and ready to go to the Opening Night Gala for Turandot at the Asian Society…which will probably go until midnight or 1am, which should put me home by 2ish? Then I’ll sleep for 5-6 hours and get up and go to rehearsal for Martha at 10:30am which should only last 4 hours. After rehearsal, I’ll run home and gather all my laundry, dry-cleaning and shoes that need repairing so that my honey can drop them off for me sometime next week and then I’ll actually start to clean the apartment until 6pm when I have to leave to go to my vocal coaching at 7pm. From 7-8pm I’ll coach and then probably head back home to eat and colapse so that I’ll be fresh for Sunday. Sunday morning I’ll wake around 10 or 11am hopefully (but the kitties will wake me at 6:30am as usual to feed them) and then I wll finish a few things around the house, eat breakfast and head back to the theatre to set-up and prepare for Sunday’s Turandot Performance. I’ll leave the Theatre by 8pm and be home by 9pm I would guess, unless there are alot of repairs needing to be done on the costumes, which puts me home whenever I get done. Then I’ll probably shower and then collapse again and happily sleep until 6:30 the next morning when the kitties ask me to feed them again and then back to bed to rest up as much as possible before Don Giovanni rehearsal Monday night and begin the work week again.

    Whew…ok, there it is…and that’s just this weekend, the next few months look like that…wish me luck!


  28. says

    As for hair cut…come to NYC and we’ll hook you up, I have a fabulous stylist and she’s not to price either. I have fine hair and they cut long layers into mine to give it body :)

  29. Lori says

    Those bars look really good. They could help me get through a busy weekend. Tomorrow morning starts early for me too. Will be at my daughters cross country meet at 7 and then they both swim. After running them around all day my husband and I are running the skirtchaser (are you doing it?). Sun. brings a block party and volleyball. And sometime in there I have to cook a Thanksgiving dinner – my kids still like to celebrate it since we are from Canada. I’m glad its a long weekend. Maybe we can relax a little on Mon. Or not…
    Ok, off I go for a bike ride to start the day!

  30. says

    Um, are you secretly my mother? Did she call you and pay you to give me those cleaning links?? πŸ˜‰ Seriously, for my birthday, one of my best friends gave me Fly Lady’s book on organizing your house. I think the universe is trying to tell me something.

    And the bars look yummy!

  31. MizFit says

    Bex? Be careful what you suggest…..I’m *that* ready for a new look.


    And charlotte?
    I’ve avoided the flylady so far.

    Not sure why—but the more people rave the less likely I am to go to her site.

    There are books?

    Who knew.


  32. says

    This weekend I am busy not going to my friend’s birthday party in my hometown or my other friend’s hen weekend away in the Peak District due to my anti-social thoracic spine. Yay! I am going to try extravery hard to remain chipper regardless of missing out and not complain once.

    Luckily my injury makes any cleaning tricky too, woohoo! Every cloud…

    I must admit I prefer the 80s answer to glove issues – chop the fingers off! Means you can still play guitar in a freezing practice studio and look all hipster and warm handed :)

    TA x

  33. MizFit says

    Ooooh Suzanne…pulling out the hubbycard (that’s a compelling one, Missy!).
    Thank goodness for the Random Number Generator.

    I couldn’t be trusted to choose…


  34. says

    Wow, the bars look yummy…I’d eat the WHOLE case at once. Probably not good…

    I’ll be going hardcore HausFrau this weekend. Cleaning, laundry, change-of-season clothes sorting…a little grocery shopping for variety…and some end-of-year-trip planning, which I’m rawther excited about. It’s always good to have something to look forward to, right? :-) Oh, and lots of working out, of course. I am going to make a concentrated effort to get the workouts done EARLY, so I don’t wimp out after cleaning all day.

    And per your suggestion, I am going to build in time for some “fun games” with the kids. I need to do more of that. Probably not the prank calls though, don’t want to give them ideas… :-)


  35. says

    ooh ooh, I’ll definately need a boost to get through unpacking the rest of my boxes and organizing my clothes… doesn’t that sound like fun? they’ve been sitting here for a week as i read all miz has to offer πŸ˜‰

  36. says

    i’m in need of a little sumthin sumthin this weekend because i’m going to disneyworld tomorrow.. where “healthy” food consists of turkey, dredged in creamy dressing and cheese and wrapped in a white tortilla. i always bring a snack with me!!! those bars look like they would be perfect!
    hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  37. says

    My weekend? Tonight it’s kids’ school carnival from 5-7, then football game from 7-10 (in Oklahoma, you are required to attend the local high school football games or they make you move to another state). Then tomorrow is a loooooooong hard walk with a yoga dvd chaser, and lots of laundry. Sunday is church, then more walking and possibly Kickboxing for Dummies dvd. Then I shall nestle in with a good book for some down time before the craziness of a new week begins again. Oddly, I am looking forward to all of it!! =)

  38. says

    Ooh healthy protein bars! Anything to make me stop eating those Snickers Marathon energy crunch bars (which taste very much like a Snickers) LOL.

    I really need a boost this weekend! I’m going to be on the road all day Sat starting with an early morning hair apt and ending with a matinee performance of the musical Wicked (yipppee!). Oh and I have to run 18 miles Sunday. I need all the energy I can possibly get.

  39. says

    There’s been talk of heading down to see a football game. There’s been talk of going to the pumpkin patch.

    One thing is for certain: Team Slacker is hitting the playground this weekend. We went and (everyone) ran and played and carried on for a while last weekend. Had so much fun it’s on the definite list for this weekend, too.

  40. says

    Happy Friday!

    My weekend plans include my 3rd official 5K race on Saturday morning. My hubby is joining me, at least as a walker. Then we will stay where the race is and explore the town.

    Then, on Sunday we are going for a bike ride, because the northeast is going to have wonderful 60 degree weather and fall colors.

    Oh yeah – and lots of football Sunday! πŸ˜€

  41. MizFit says

    oooooh DISNEY.
    Haven’t been there since high school.

    There a MizFit Meetup in the words & how fun would the ‘World be?

    Or Vegas.

    Either way.


  42. says

    I will tell you why I should win this divine box of yummies! I am on high stress alert this weekend because we are having a case worker come to our home to do a home study and interview my husband and I to see if we can be accepted to adopt a new baby!!! Talk about running around my house like a mad lady making sure it looks perfect! :)

  43. says

    I need those bars in my belly!

    I plan on getting up early, lifting, running mad errands, attending my couisin’s bday bash, crashing early and then doing a long run on sunday, snuggling with my hubby and pup and blogging like a crazy foo.

    You know, the norm. :)

  44. says

    my Lifehacker-type organization tip? We just got a new car and I immediately bought a structured container from BB&B to keep in the back with Dan’s racquetball stuff, umbrellas, gloves, an ice scraper thing, reusable canvas bags for groceries and my yoga mat. My goal is to NOT have crap rolling around the back.

  45. says

    my weekend plans (being a Canuck) involve not one, but two thanksgiving dinners. One with the mother in law, one with my mom. THEN later in the week its my bday and THEN we are going to Montreal for the weekend.

    a typical food fest in another lifestyle.

    I think i’m set. Pumpkin pie? just have a small slice and eat the filling. Workout every day this week, some more strenuous then the others, taking bday off as rest day. Montreal? Buy some fruit and healthy snacks to eat before we go scouring the city!!

    and yes, one of those delish bars would be ever so helpful!!! A healthy filling snack before I walk into a Montreal deli would be heaven sent!!

    good luck tomorrow!!

  46. says

    Today I am trying to find motivation to go swimming. If I can’t, I will go running instead.

    Tomorrow we (Gary, Olivia and I) are going to the mall, then to the Long Island Fall Festival in Huntington. If I go swimming today, I will go running tomorrow morning.

    Sunday, if it’s nice, we will spend some time chasing Olivia in Wantagh Park.

  47. Regi says

    Got date with my honey to walk a new trail and NEED omega 3’s because I’m doing the menopause thing and they are supposed to help with HOT FLASHES! Can I drink fish oil? The bars probably taste better.

  48. MizFit says

    Regi? Fish oil is SO the way to go.

    Forget the stinkin’ bars there is NOTHING like the fantabulous burps one has post oil-ingestion to wake you UP and say HELLO!

    (And, if you’re me, those things happen if if you do the ‘take at night you’ll sleep through em’ tactic. TMI? Perhaps)


  49. says

    Thanks for the radio show details!

    I’m finishing up a newsletter article that I am writing for a new client. Should be done tomorrow. Then, I’m going to clean out my closet and clean up my flower beds.

  50. says

    Bring it MizFit…love to show you around the big city…you know I’m originally an Austin girl? And we could get you passes all over the city to try different gyms while you visit NYC πŸ˜€

  51. Emily says

    Right, so here in Canada (but I’m American, so have plenty of places you could ship the bars to in the States if need be, and they’ll get to me!) it is Thanksgiving on Monday. I’ve got 3 Thanksgiving dinners to attend (Friday, Sunday, Monday), a wedding on Saturday (including festivities all day because I’m the MC for the reception!), workouts on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, and a bunch of work to get done over the weekend (I’m a volunteer on to boards. There’s stuff to do for both!).
    ARGH! Talk about busy! This kind of weekend is what I need those bars for!

  52. says

    High school reunion activities all weekend (with a bunch of OLD people I might add) will definitely require a little boost.

  53. says

    Did your multiple tidying-related links inspire so many commenters to inject cleaning into their weekend plans, or is everybody else simply neater and more together than I am household-wise? Probably the latter. Sigh.

    I cleaned LAST week. Or maybe it was the week before? Either way, that’s quite good enough for me. I just realized I have a holiday on Monday. Now I am trying to quickly figure out who I can recruit for a cold-nights camping trip with me in the wilds of Virginia. Do you think the Boundless Nutrition bars would taste good stuck between graham crackers with charred marshmallows?

  54. MizFit says

    Bring it MizFit.

    Im so choosing to believe you meant that as a reference to my favorite movie.

    to this:

    Isis: You wanna make it right? Then when you go to Nationals… bring it. Don’t slack off because you feel sorry for us. That way, when we beat you, we’ll know it’s because we’re better.

    Torrance Shipman: Oh, I’ll bring it. Don’t worry.

    Miz., who still cant wrap her brain around the fact it will be 90somedegrees today and in canada it’s thanksgiving weekend.

  55. says

    Lol…that’s such a pop culture favorite of mine…never saw the follow-up movies though…have you? are they any good? I know what I’m netflixing next.

  56. MizFit says


    My Fave RANDOM LowBrow Movies. By MizFit

    *Not Another Teen Movie
    *Mean Girls
    *Honey (good G-d there’s some great fodder for mockage up in that film)
    *10 Things I Hate About You
    *Romy & Michelle’s HS Reunion (remember that one?)
    *Buying The Cow
    *Van Wilder
    *The Girl Next Door (someone needs to steal the ‘idea’ from that movie and DO IT :))

    And Dodgeball because if you can dodge a wrench you can dodge a ball.

    (Id give you more but my thumbs rebel’eth from typing…)


  57. dragonmamma/naomi w. says

    Ooh, we need a separate discussion just for listing our favorite guilty-pleasures movies. Mine include such gems as the Bill and Ted movies, Herbert West Reanimator, and the Evil Dead/Army of Darkness movies. Groovy!

  58. says

    Still house hunting this weekend. Though there is a huge inventory of homes in my area, getting the banks to respond to bids are another story and the range in home condition ranges from ugly to worst, the ones in our price range anyway. What that means is that my husband and I have to do more leg work (literally walking through more homes). Which is good for my health because my pedometer is ticking away.

  59. Heather says

    First, the dot gloves amused me.

    Why I need bonus Omega 3’s this weekend.
    by Me.

    I will need bonus Omega 3’s this weekend because I’m running the Homecoming 5K at the college where I teach, then going to the football game, then taking my son to the playground while my husband watches all the Division One college football games simultaneously (and a few Division Two–they don’t even have to be televised, he finds them on the internet). And that’s just Saturday.
    Thank you for considering my dire need.

    I could have just said “I have a two-year old” and left it at that, though.

  60. says

    Your movie list in #59 is awesome. Love Clueless. It’s brilliant.

    Really want those bars! I’m going to Houston for a 3-day weekend. I need omegas to cure inflammation in my foot because I’m going to run on it. Also, I echo Heather’s annoyance with football, which I will be subjected to as well.

  61. says

    Well, I’m a couple hundred miles south of you in Texas, ALL the way south, so we’re still pushing 90 some days. Still, I agree, fall in Texas is beautiful (as well as winter and spring, but those summers do get old after 5 months of 95+ days). Oh, and our proximity to the beach is nice too!

    Those bars look yummy! This weekend? We’re going to a festival in a park, then to see a huge model train layout for my train-loving 4 yo. Going to feed some ducks at a park. Maybe finally getting around to putting some seeds in the ground in the big hole I dug up, now that the mosquitoes have lightened up (but are not gone). Don’t know why any of that requires more Omegas than normal, but they’re necessary for every day, right?

  62. MizFit says

    who knew I should appreciate that, for the most part, Ren Man thinks there are no other teams but the STEELERS and whom they play that week.

    (for the most part)

    dragonmamma? I might need your sentiments in writing as my book proposal is MizFitness MOVIES AS MUSE.

    weaving all that lowbrow & middle brow humor into shit illuminating information we can apply to our WORKOUTS!

    and yes.


    Man the Bumbling Band is a busy group of people….

  63. Sam says

    Besides attending yet another wedding on Saturday (I swear, every time I turn my head another friend is getting married…when did we all grow up?!), I hope to take a nice long bike ride on Sunday, for which a nice mid-way energy boost would be great! Hence why winning today’s giveaway would be greatly beneficial.

  64. says

    it must be cooler in austin it is still too warm here in houston. have a great weekend show em on the air what we knew already knew about u :-)

  65. MizFit says

    it is TOTALLY COOL IN AUSTIN….at 430am when I get up.

    later? yep.

    Im still whining about the heat πŸ˜‰

    And speaking of running & Van Wilder CLICK HERE for a great article on Ryan Reynolds and why he’s running the NY Marathon.


  66. says

    Miz, thanks for clearing up the Canadian Thanksgiving. I was seriously getting very confused with all the Thanksgiving talk!

    So I’m gonna be dancing my ___ off this weekend–me and the 3 bad little girls and Oliver,the practically perfect black standard poodle (my dogs) per Roni’s great suggestion. The bars would be a great way to end my party!

  67. says

    I am going to Vegas, where yesterday it was 90 & tomorrow it’s supposed to be 66. Life is obviously not fair. I am going to try to keep up my workout streak by hitting the hotel gym on Sunday!

  68. says

    I’m going to be thinking of something that you can give away that I will donate. That will require tons of energy and protein. (But it’s not a marathon. I’d choose ANYONE who’s running a marathon over me!)

    Now I have to go check my closets for donations which are BEHIND curtains I strung up to cover them (make them look neater) after reading the cleaning website you listed.

    I was tempted to make a prank phone call though.

  69. says

    What am I doing this weekend? RUNNING 13.1 MILES ON SUNDAY!

    Yippers, I could indeed enjoy some protein fortified chocolate. That stuff looks awesome. Please to pick me!

    Enjoy your family time and good luck on the radio show. That’s awesome.

  70. Ann says

    Yay for all of these people who are running races this weekend! I’m spending this weekend at the county home improvement show. AND since I just learned that this Monday is Thanksgiving in Canada (so confusing! I checked my calendar twice to make sure I wasn’t totally off my rocker) I might be celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving!

  71. says

    I’m going for a run in the fall forest at the lake when I visit my folks…can’t wait. I could use a bar as a half way nibbley snack :)
    It’s thanksgiving up here in Canada.
    GOod luck on the show :)

  72. MizFit says


    lottsa running up in herre.

    YesYes there was a race MizFit was going to run this weekend.
    still mightcould.
    her trouble is it occurs TWELVE HOURS after she is typically up and going.

    (and, since she’s no spring chicken, that seems a bit daunting to her right now).

    on a different note *thanks* for the poem-love.

    I decided that since this was a labor of love Id make it a rhyming one.


  73. says

    Gosh those bars look good…okay, I might just have to relocate to the US just to be able to start availing of the MizFit’s goodies…

    Heavens, that ‘how to clean’ site is amazing!!! Of course I just douse everything in disinfectant. I’m rather germ-phobic…I have instant hand cleanser in my handbag for after the tram ride in the morning, and wipe my keyboard and phone with anti bacterial wipes every day. Also, I just used a Dettol soaked cloth to clean my remote control. Actually, seeing all that written down is ever so slightly worrying…

    Ah, and Miz? I was thinking of you when I went grocery shopping last week…I bought fruity flaxseed…it’s milled flaxseed with added yummies (bananas, raspberries and apples all dried and whizzed down to a similar consistency). Honestly I could eat the whole pot with a spoon!

    As for my weekend plans…I really need to get my eyes tested and get me some sexy secretary glasses, but if the weather stays as is (absolutely miserable) then I am afraid it’ll be a weekend spent disinfecting the apartment, ironing, and possibly colouring my hair. There’s no way this lady is leaving the house in the rain unless strictly necessary!

    Ah, and as for your hair, be REALLY careful with layers, as I imagine it’s lovely and low maintenance right now and some hairdressers insist on chopping in millions of layers to texturise which looks fab that day, but you may find it dries funny when allowed air-dry, and layers can get very stringy after a week or so. Basically, they be high maintenance. Beware.

    Heavens, Cara, stop writing!!!

  74. MizFit says

    Cara. I love your comment.

    All the rambles.

    The fruity flax.

    The layers (good G-d you know I’ve had some bad hair experiences in that regard. Two words: accidental mullet).

    All of it.

    Seabreeze? Please to run some for me.

  75. Lily says

    Yo Mizfitsermeister,
    As an avid blogger I know that I can get slightly peeved when questions repeat and repeat so I can only imagine it’s much worse for you, BUT I do have a question and I hope you haven’t addressed it before, or if so, you’d be so kind as to direct me to where I might find the info. I’ve been, uh, hitting the weights pretty hard, so to speak, and I’m getting a little vein-y. Just in my hands and forearms. But, it really is rather veiny—enough that other people pointed it out. I don’t care for this, what is happening, it doesn’t strike me as particularly feminine, and so on. Muchas muchas muchas gracias

  76. Cebca says

    wow these look like delicious nuggets of protein and fiber joy. my digestive system cant wait!

  77. says

    We are having a Mommies Night Out and big weekend of shopping! You never know when your next meal is going to be when you are going some heavy shopping.

  78. MizFit says

    I’m getting a little vein-y.

    what you are describing is vascularity. its a combo of genetics and being lean.

    short version? many people like how it looks but, if you dont, you may wanna strive to be a little *less* lean?

    not sure that helps (and Im assuming it isnt simply genetics since you added in the weight training piece)—let me know!


  79. says

    I love this poem:) I thought I had a busy weekend until I read everyone elses comments:)

    SAT: I have a run with fitmom early am , then Kickboxing at 9am, CoED softball at 12pm. Costco run at 2pm. Clean, organize, fix my bike for the TRI.

    SUNDAY: early am 12 mile bike ride with hubby, church,lunch with gp’s, 5pm coed softbal, DODGERS game…breath:)

  80. MizFit says

    and bobbi I love your blog’s tagline….

    Love the come step into my shoes…

    love back atcha.


  81. says

    Hey! I have missed reading all of your awesome posts this week! The week has been hectic! Monday- with packers packed up our house and worked a full day. Tuesday- Worked half a day and then steam cleaned all the carpets and cleaned the wholllle house. Wednesday- Drove to SC, moved some of our stuff into our apartment. Thursday- moved everything else into storage. Friday- starting to organize our apartment and trying to help the husband write a 10 page paper he has due for his masters on Sunday! I need the bars!!!! haha.

  82. says

    I’m getting ready for my 10-year HS Reunion next week! Why is it that 10 years later, I still feel the need to impress these people I definitely won’t see for another 10 years at least? Yes…I NEED some boundless nutrition…maybe it can help me lose those last 10 post-baby pounds? Either way…they look great!

  83. Lily says

    RE: veiny.
    Thanks for the reply. Hmm. Maybe the lean thing. Mummers and Papa aren’t veiny (although Mother is naturally slender). I’ve lost some weight and am currently about 107, 5’4 (and 100% boobless *sigh* but that was even before losing about 13 pounds, so eh). I wouldn’t mind gaining a few pounds, a few, mind, just a few. But I’d like those pounds to be evenly dispersed about the body and I don’t wanna go buckwild and get a little pooch. I know people normally reccommend upping healthy fats and portion sizes in general to gain a little, but my thing is it really is a little, like literally more than 5 pounds and i’d be not so happy. “They” recommend safe and effective weight LOSS is 1-2 pounds a week (which was what I did when I lost), so I would imagine that the flip side is true too, 1-2 lbs a week is a safe gain. Thoughts? Veiny? Why the veiny in the first place, again? Thanks! Oh-and I love your movie list, haha, this blog is just a catch-all for entertainment. My latest guilty pleasure movie was Don’t Mess with the Zohan. I fought the boyfriend vigorously over having to watch it, but it was actually very, very funny and lots of quotable fodder to boot.

  84. says

    Weekend plans? Trail run, childrearing, pick up organic veggies, date on a climbing wall with hubby saturday. Sunday- mmm, yoga in the PM. Childrearing.

    THose bars look awesome.

  85. MizFit says

    Robyn? HAVE FUN (& better you than me :))

    and FitMom Im so jealous of the climbing wall date!
    back in the day I climbed often—-now not so much.

    I love that idea though. Might have to steal it & alternate it with our movie afternoons…


  86. says

    I have my first cyclocross race this weekend. And I am in serious need of nutrition, as I have taught *five* cycling classes this week. My legs are screaming, particularly my biceps femoris, my psoas, and everything else.

    So sleep, protein, and healthy healthy fats are very much in order so that I do not die, come Sunday.

  87. s says

    omegaomegaomega! haha. my weekend plans involve going to the airport, where protein bars and chocolate are both helpful in their own ways.

  88. says

    I’m down with getting some chocolate. The roommate and I are about to run out of the stuff we got from the Russle Stover’s Factory.

  89. says

    I just love the Friday posts- I can’t decide if I like the rhymes or links more…hm…

    As for weekend plans, the kiddos are going to be gone *a lot* (thank you grandmas!) and aside from keeping my man on track with the couch to 5k running and our usual soccer game, probably of a lot of, um, er…getting re-aquanaut on a personal level πŸ˜‰ That burns calories.

  90. surfmom says

    I’m doing an intensive Kettlebell Sport Training Clinic tomorrow so when I compete, next month, I’ll be OK. Check out the video -that’s not me, but I’d like it to be…www.icechamber.com. That’s sandwiched between the decathlon event my husband and I are in and the soccer games for my son, ballet for my daughter plus the other household things. But really, the opera singer sounds like they’ve got the toughest schedule right now.

  91. Heather McD says

    Good luck on the radio today! I wish I could listen, but I’ll be at work.
    I would love love love a sample of the chocolate bars. What a great way to get your Omega 3’s! My husband and I are big believers in taking our fish oil, but even the enteric coated ones sometimes come back up, if you know what I mean.
    I’ve got some major inflammation going on in my calf muscles this week due some new calf raises I tried. They even have little bruises, and I have trouble walking first thing in the morning. I am definitely in need of some Omega 3’s! That and about 20 minutes on the foam roller might do the trick.
    PS – The Dots gloves – brilliant!

  92. says

    Running 87 miles, building a fence, climbing a skyscraper, strapping my 5 year old to my back and rock climbing the highest peak in Utah. Competing in a gymnastics meet for 35 year olds, Performing with my tap dancing team for half time of the Jazz game, and of course cleaning my house and making dinner for my family. Maybe I’ll do that first and the rest if I have some time….. Whew I’m BUSY!!! NEED the bars!

  93. Nita says

    Weekend plans? We’re supposed to go out this morning and run several dogs in agility, but it’s raining! I think the ground will be too wet for agility. sigh

    We’re also picking up a large aquarium so the kids can set up a terrarium for all the critters they find outside.

    Tomorrow morning I have to work.

    I’ll do some yardwork, do the grocery shopping for the week, and we need to get to the library too.

  94. says

    I didn’t realize you were in TX. Me too. DFW area. I agree with you about the weather. October is my favorite month in TX.

  95. MizFit says

    OK. Im speechless at Super Healthy Kids’ comment.
    here I was feeling virtuous that I MIGHT walk to the park instead of driving.

    **crickets chirping**

    and nita? COOL about the agility. I alway joke about attempting that with the drooling wonder which is a bullmastiff.

    and deb? yep. AUSTIN in the house.

    love texas but Im leaning toward november I think. ready for temps which begin with a SEVEN.


  96. says

    I ran for the first time this weekend…I definitely needed the energy, because my body had not done anything more than walking for at least 6-7 months. I’m so glad I ran now, it gives me a sense of accomplishment.

  97. says

    Love the links! I think I break every one of the “50 ways to make your house more organized” tips. *Sigh* I meant to get a lot more organizing done this weekend but only managed to get the dishes done and break out the goose down comforter, LOL. Baby steps…teeny-tiny minuscule baby steps.