Reverse WHAToring & How to look less tired.

Subtitle: we’re kicking it old school up in herre, People. It’s back to the Tip & Trend Tuesdays!

First the trend.

To know me in real life is to know that I long for a mentor.

Im eager for someone to take me under their experienced wing, show me the ropes, bestow upon me wisdom, and lend me a hand along the way (I wont lie to you. Im all about the handlending.).


Until, upon reflection, I it dawned upon me I have mentorS.

I’ve been reverse mentored for a while now without my even realizing.

The notion of reverse mentoring started in the business world as a way to keep the old peeps in touch with trends & what’s currently ‘hot.’

In companies it’s still utilized as a way to keep the upper echelons fresh, current, forward thinking and future focused.

That was my AH HA! moment, oh Bumbling band.

While reading & researching the concept I thought: I WANNA THAT! and then I realized I already had it.

All of you bloggers whose mama I could totally be were we to talk age which we wont?

Just by virtue of my reading your blogs we’re in a reverse mentor dynamic.

The tipstrends&technology I’ve learned from you could fill a million posts. (and a plethora of linklove, too, so please to know I just mentioned a few.)

I’ll spare you the gory panic stricken details (or not. any of you still twitterterrified? I can help. now anyway.) but this woman taught me all about twit pic & tiny url without realizing she was my reverse mentor du jour.

This woman educated me with regards to being forward thinking with MizFit. Ours was a tremendously helpful conversation and one which, only with hindsight, did it dawn on me she was all kinds of reverse mentoring in the process.

Both women are younger than I, more in touch with technology, and were more than willing to share their knowledge with a sortaDinosaur like myself.

All I needed to do was ask.

As with so many things in life what I sought was already in front of me. It simply manifested itself in a form Id not anticipated.

and you?

now that you ponder it are you someone’s reverse mentor? are you their key to all things current & hip from Common to Plurk?

Or do you have a reverse mentoring relationship with someone that you hadnt yet defined as such? your kids? a friend’s kids? a coworker?

Please to normalize my need to be hipped up and hit us up in the comments.

After this post more than a few of you emailed asking if I’d consider doing a follow up.

A post on how to appear less tired looking whether that feeling was GOOD TIRED or TIREDTIRED.

You were right. Some days, especially during the holidays, it really doesnt matter *why* youre fatigued you just wanna appear less so.

Please to find my favorite Look Less Tired tips below (which I just realized reveal my lack of makeup ownership.  Should I get me some? would that help? why do I feel it only draws attention to my, errr, situation?).

Please to hit us up in the comments with yours.

*chill teaspoons. place on eyes. relax for a minute or 3. remove. eyes less puffy. (aesthetically I rarely see a huge difference in the Samsonites under my eyes. the moment of silence, however, works stressreducingwonders)

*make ice cubes with water, a drop of lemon juice & a drop or two of olive oil. rub on face. the cold will reduce puffiness, the lemon juice will tighten your skin and the olive oil will moisturize. (I tried this. Whether it was a placebo effect or not Ill never know, but *I* thought I looked less tired.)

*soak cotton pads in cold espresso and press beneath your eyes (on aforementioned Samsonites). caffeine is a vasoconstrictor so it shrinks blood vessels & lessens dark circles under the eyes. the diuretic effect from the caffeine will serve to reduce puffiness/swelling. (you are correct if you assume Ive never tried this. MizFit would never have enough espresso left after her morning coffee to dunk q-tips in let alone cotton balls. anyone wanna be the guinea pig for this one?)

*grab a bag of frozen peas, throw yourself face up on the kitchen floor, slap cold refreshing puffiness reducing frozen veggies on face. (’nuff said)


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  1. says

    Adding to the tips…. if you DO wear makeup, put a little shimmery white eyeshadow in the inner-corners of your peepers to make em look wider. A white kohl pencil on the inner rim of your lower lid also works. And of course the eyelash curler – even if you’re not wearing warpaint it still makes your eyes wider and more awake-looking.

    I like to think I reverse-mentor my mum! She’s just joined a gym and has finally got over the “I’m not listening to my daughter she’s an exercise nutter” and has realised that my advice is actually tailored to HER and possibly even helpful. In fact she walked past the treadmill bank the other day and said she even thought “hmmm… maybe I could do that….”

    TA x

  2. says

    It’s all pretty cool. We can mentor, we can be mentors, we can reverse-mentor, and we can be reverse-mentors. When it comes to technology – I think of my parents, parents-in-law, and some older adults I work with who look to me for technology help. And yet, I don’t know it all – far from it! I have both online and offline friends who are much younger than me – and really know so much more than me – so they DO become mentors to me. Often, without even knowing it.

    TokiaAngel, I like how you’ve talked about reverse-mentored your mom in relation to exercise – that’s great! And another example – sometimes it’s not always easy to “accept” knowledge from someone younger than us – although, when we do – we really do open ourselves up to learning and growth!

  3. MizFit says

    trying. hard. to focus. on. what. TA. is. saying. and. not. her. lovely. prose.


    and very cool, TA. (except the makeup part. damn that sounds like work. Ill just hire you to do my face)

    and this was such a cool thing when I realized it (and I think you are my age, too, Lance):

    I have both online and offline friends who are much younger than me – and really know so much more than me – so they DO become mentors to me. Often, without even knowing it.

  4. says

    Sleep tends to be the only thing that works for me! That being said, a good long shower, some make up and a cup of joe (in my belly, not on my face:) ) does wonders for me! OH, and a cold wash cloth throughout the day…I use washcloth loosely since as a grad student there have been days where paper towel in the ladies room has needed to work! But, a cold wash cloth on the face can help.
    And, I completely agree with the 5 minutes of rest…helps with the tired fog that happens as well – just closing my eyes for 5 mintues and headphones with music really helps. Drinking cold water throughout the day (if you can’t handle much cafeine like me) really helps to keep the alertness. I think I’ll stop for now :)

  5. says

    First, I think you might be thrown off by my lack of maturity on my blog. I am way older than you think, me thinks.

    Second, it’s called Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals “Well Rested.” Right under the eyes – puff be gone.


  6. MizFit says

    thanks Diana! and the cup of joe line? PRICELESS.

    and Hangry? yep, now Im curious. I totally assumed you were younger than I.

    are you 80? living in a basement and really a man?!

    damn internet!

  7. bea says

    again something I had never thought about, Miz!

    I think I am a reverse mentor for some people are work and frankly I need to think that today!

    some days I feel as though as low woman in the office I am not valued.

    today I shall keep telling myself I am the reverse mentor to all everytime they interrupts me to ask about something computer related.

  8. kate says

    I would never ever spare any of my coffee for my EYES.

    I need all that inside.
    I also need a mentor. can we look for one together?

    or will you be mine??

  9. says

    I am a reverse mentor to my step dad. I have helped him with his computer, installed virus software and what not. I find this quite funny as I know nothing about computers! My sister is my go to for computer stuff!

    Hmm I think somewhere I heard about putting cucumbers on your eyes. Slices not the whole thing. :) I don’t know if that’s supposed to help with circles or just relax? Never tried it. Just sumthin I heard.

    Oh, and thanks for checking up on me, workout is going great! Food is a bit of a struggle. But I’m not giving up! :)

  10. says

    1: Throw Major Tantrum and demand husband take annoying chilldren OUT of the house before something ugly happens.
    2. Pour adult beverage.
    3. Lie on couch and close eyes.
    4. Text husband when it is safe to return.

    I don’t think I mentor, but I do think I serve as a damn good warning!!

  11. says

    I love the idea of reverse mentoring, but I try to be careful when injecting any wisdom to those that are older and especially younger that I don’t get too preachy. When someone gives pulpit speeches, it turns the listener off, even if the words could help.

    Humor each day is important to me and a display of wit really draws me in.

    (hmmm Could this by why I have this site on my must read list?)

    As for coffee, I agree with Diana that sipping is far better for me than any face moisturizer.

  12. dragonmamma/naomi w. says

    Our little community of regulars at the YMCA more or less mentors each other. Sometimes it’s as subtle as discovering from someone what NOT to do. Pick any random person and I just betcha I can learn SOMETHING from him/her.

    I don’t worry about circles under the eyes; I just assume my glasses cover them up.

  13. MizFit says

    and that, d’mamma, is why I rock the glasses all the time and not my contacts.

    and this (CLICKHERE), Tom, is why I need to heed yer words.

    and if I ever make you laugh Im honored. I tell Ren Man DAILY that I married his ass lovely intellectual self because he was the first person to make me consistently chortle.

    and applications are now officially open for me to be your reverse Twit’tor (twitter mentor? no? oh, ok.).
    email me at:

  14. says

    Hmmmm….. not so sure Bag Lady is in any way either mentor or mentoree….she thinks “who would listen to old woman?”

    One thing she did discover this summer in regards to helping look a teensy bit less “rode hard and put away wet” was some fancy-pants moisturizer that includes a wee bit of fake tanning stuff. Rub afore-mentioned moisturizer in the deep crevices….errr…wee, barely noticeable laugh lines at corners of eyes. When one works outside in the sun a lot, and one squints because one forgets sunglasses all too often, those little lines don’t tan, which makes those wee lines appear to be deep crevices when the surrounding skin is browned by the sun…… of course, the Bag Lady knows this from observation because, health conscious as she is, she would never go without sunblock, sunglasses, hat, veil………etc. Never.

  15. ellie says

    I haven’t heard of this (the mentoring I have heard of being tired :)) HOWEVER my teen was reading you post over my shoulder and announced she is my reverse mentor.

    I fear I may have opened Pandora’s box with all this.

    thanks a lot MIZ! if she starts ordering me around I am sending her your way.

  16. says

    When I’m putting the peas on my face, how do I keep them from rolling off?

    My students have been mentoring me for 10 years. They taught me how to use email, how to search the internet, how to photoshop, and a zillion other things. I love it when they can teach me something. I think that counts as reverse mentor.

  17. says

    just over thanksgiving, my mom made a comment about how i’ve been sharing the little health-related tips now that i’m cooking and learning about different foods and ingredients… i think i took offense b/c i didn’t want it to seem like i was trying to force them into doing anything. but i don’t think she meant it that way, i just have a hard time accepting compliments :) i think a reverse model for all of us are little kids… have you ever watched them play? they get enjoyment out of the littlest things! something i know i need to be more aware of

  18. says

    Coffee on my face?!? I could never waste my precious morning liquid in such a way.

    Reverse mentoring. Hmmm, I guess a lot of people ask me for diet and exercise tips. I love anything fitness related, and all my friends know it’s my favorite topic. I’m honored that they value my advice on the subject.

  19. MizFit says

    BL? as always you underestimate the power of you. in ways I wont share in this public forum and with that moisturizer/ self tanner tip!

    that’s something I could do (and need. sorely need.)

    ellie? IM IN. Send your teen my way. I love the challenge of the teens and would appreciate the rolling with the Tornado company! Pandora solved!

    Linda? tape.

    ttfn300? interesting about what your mom said and how you took it! Id be curious if you asked her what she ‘thought’ she was saying. (and all a foreshadowing for tomorrow’s post as well)

  20. says

    I’ve served as a reverse mentor for so many more senior teachers here at school, and not even known it! They’re always asking me about computer stuff, cell phone stuff, trends, etc.

    Thanks for another fab post!

  21. says

    Reverse mentoring? Dunno. I say you can learn something from everyone if you just open your mind and your ears. As to me, well, I’ve been accused of being a bad influence on people. That I take as a compliment.

  22. says

    Each time you and I have an exchange, I feel reversely mentored.

    And I agree with you that the mentoring works both ways if the other person even understands or read what I wrote to begin with. 😉

    As for cures for looking less tired, try sleep or a large hat.

  23. MizFit says

    As for cures for looking less tired, try sleep or a large hat.

    oooh or a HOCKEY MASK?

    please to add that to yer list, People.

  24. says

    she didn’t mean it in a bad way, more of a thanks for sharing your knowledge type of way… at least that’s what she said 😉 off to work, have a good one miz!

  25. says

    Yes, one of those masks like the one used in Silence of the lambs. Who cares if you look tired if you are wearing that? People will only glance and then run the other way. The last thing they’d care about is whether or not you’re tired.

    I feel a reverse mentored moment to go take my morning shower now. I don’t know what brought that on but this mentoring must work in clandestine ways.

    Whatever works!

  26. says

    Thanks for the linky love Miz, but… you’d have been one young mamma to be mine: 11? 12? That’s some Maury Povich material right there :)

    I think that we’re all reverse mentors. I’ve actually stopped going on the health and fitness board that I originally started relying on during this weight loss journey because my online support community is now composed of the blogs I read and the wonderful people who comment on my blog. And that’s all I need.

  27. says

    Sometimes I feel so disconnected from everyone and everything. One such days I feel like I’m floating all alone in the middle of a cold black universe and I have trouble getting down to earth. Some of my reverse mentors are younger than me but live less in their heads and more in the real world, and I need to see that! It’s immensely valuable and means a lot to me.

  28. says

    Any kind of shimmery eyeshadow will make your eyes look brighter.

    Biore revitalize serums have made my skin look awake and rested (not pale/dull).

    A tinted moisturizer can also give your skin a glow, as can exfoliating.

    A 5-minute meditation sesion makes me feel more awake/energetic (as do some jumping jacks).

    Tea bags on the eyes also de-puff.

    Citrus scents also make you feel more awake/alert.

  29. says

    Sleep generally helps me look more awake.

    I swear by mascara. Clear for the non-makeup wearing ladies. It really opens the eyes.

    Thanks for getting the brain wheels in motion. I’ve really got to think about this reverse-mentoring business. It’s quite a thought-provoking topic!

  30. MizFit says

    I bought clear mascara once, butterfly!

    I think I still have it.

    (Getreadytogiggle) I read somewhere that it works to keep your brows tamed so I got it.
    G-d forbid I trust someone enough to wax but that’s a personal issue…

  31. says

    Great post! I would like to think that at times, I become a mentor for my clients because they look to me for knowledge… sometimes..mostly they are just looking for a miracle cure. I do sometimes think that when they walk in, they look at me and are thinking, how is this 18 yr old going to help me! But I can usually win them over with my wealth of knowledge and magic tricks :)

    If you exude positivity and confidence, then throw in a funky dance for good measure, masks the tire-ed like a charm :)

  32. says

    I’m getting too old to be much of a reverse mentor to anybody. You totally could not be MY mother, Miz.

    I’ve found laying off the sauce helps my puffiness more than anything. I haven’t tried espresso for the eyes, but I did once try cold teabags. Didn’t work. If I had drunk the tea, maybe that would have done it.

  33. says

    You definitely induced the giggles! You’re right. The clear mascara is a great at brow taming. In my opinion, perfectly shaped brows eliminate the need for cosmetics altogether. Insta-open-eye.

    Having someone do the waxing for you is an interesting experience. Brows are minor. “nether regions” are another topic altogether.

  34. says

    A couple of my cousins have come to me when they needed advice, and were unsure about what to do in a certain situation. I am all about doing what is right for YOU, and they both told me that’s what they needed to hear. So does that make me a mentor? :)

    I’m off to get American Wife this week!

  35. MizFit says

    peeking in before mommy&me spanish (don’t be jealous).

    Yes, eileen. And makes me your bookmentor.

    Seriously, it amazes me how often what I seek is right in front of me (OR INSIDE ME) if I could just step back and see it.

  36. says

    Love the concept of ‘reverse mentoring!’ It sounds so much more cool than “I’m so out of it I’m the last one to hear about new technology, so I’ll rely on my blog friends”–which is my approach.

    I’d say you’re one of my reverse mentors, but I don’t know about the “reverse” part. Other than you’re being younger than I am, you’re a straight-out mentor, no reversing necessary. I learn so much from you and you’re so inspirational!

  37. says

    I’ve become a mentor to a few people and work who have started getting fit. Then they started outrunning me and that’s where the reverse mentoring came in! :)

    And espresso on the eyeballs? Hmmm…might have to make me some this morning!

  38. says

    39…and not necessarily holding (my age)…I say, just getting better with age! (you and me both!)

    …and learning from the whipper snappers out there…

    it’s all good!

  39. says

    Hah! Ya noe – being almost old enough to be YOUR mother yet one with it social media chick – I find myself mentoring lots of people younger than me. And TRYING DESPERATELY to mentor my colleagues who don’t give a frak about feed readers, twitter, or tabbed browsing in FF. They all still love IE (fools)!!

    Still love learning more from the kids. They do keep me on my toes!

  40. says

    This is fantastic. I have many many mentors, more than I could possibly count, and every day I’m learning tons from them. Especially from all of you! I love it. Just hearing people share their experience and thoughts- I have been rebuked before because I’ll stop holding up my end of the conversation because I’m so intrigued by what they have to say that I just lapse into silence and don’t want to interrupt them (though this doesn’t happen so much in the blogosphere. I’m more liable to NOT be able to keep my mouth shut around here. Writing is so much different than speaking:)).

    My parents always say that I’m reverse-mentoring them. Mostly with health related stuff like nutrition, but I’ve also really managed to explain a lot about gender relations to my dad (he thought “feminism” meant “man-hating”. Ahhh! That took quite a few dinner conversations to re-educate him… hehe).

    Mentoring and reverse mentoring is so important. We ALL have stuff to learn, no matter our age or expertise.

    Thanks for the tips on not looking tired! Moisturizer (once you figure out which one works best for your skin) is the best invention ever.

  41. says

    I need to try some of these ideas to make me look less tired… At this point, I don’t think anybody would recognize me if I DIDN’T look tired.

    I’m reverse mentored by my two teenagers, regularly.

    I then pay it forward with my mom.

  42. says

    Hi Miz. I LOVED this post. I have become a mentor to my mom. She looks to me for training advice and companionship. It’s amazing when you think about it you can actually point to people who have given a helping hand…my WW leader for one, my parents and dear friends.

    Hope you’re well I’ve missed you.

  43. MizFit says

    tammy? I’m laughing and think I fall into that catagory now, too.

    Tired? It’s my style.

    RestedLooking? So 2007.

  44. says

    Your tips are so natural, mine are so expensive and materialistic:

    -Benefit Eyebright Pencil. I’ve gone through at least 3, even though it takes a while to go through 1.

    -I use a Neutrogena product that is an undereye concealer, depuffer, and sunscreen in 1.

    -Strong coffee. Not on eyes, but lots in belly.

  45. says

    I like the Internet for helping me let go of some of my misperceptions about age. (Of course, every year on this planet helps me give up some more, too– when do the monsters under the bed go away?) This is an interesting way to think about mentoring, too…

  46. says

    I don’t think it is weird that you would want a RoadID even though you aren’t on the road a lot. I have a feeling I will wear mine almost all the time, even though I’m not on the road nearly that often. If I would be in a car accident, hunting accident (god forbid), have a seizure while doing curls with lighter fluid in the grocery store, I figure it will provide some pertinent information. Plus, I’ll feel cool…and really that is what it is all about.

  47. says

    you are so right, mentors are all around us. Not just my grandpa (who invented jogging!!) but my friends, college professors, a doctor I admire and trust, a stranger on the street who does something nice…YOU!

  48. says

    I do use makeup… but I find that instead of trying to cover dark circles with concealer, which does often makes it look worse, it’s best to put some blush, lip gloss and mascara on. It livens things up and draws attention away from the tiredness. I think. :)

  49. MizFit says

    wow. Ive been missing a lot (nope missed the oprah/mary show & had no idea about 90% of your tips tricia2).

    dang LIFE :)

    living can so get in the way of my tv watching/trend following.

  50. MizFit says

    typing while you were vered.

    now that I ponder perhaps that is an unrealized benefit of my striped over the knee socks and funky shoes.

    total eyebag distractors.

  51. says

    Love this post!!! Talk about an “aha!” moment for me, too! I get a lot of mentoring (both types) from the Bumbling Band and other places I go for health & fitness inspiration online.

    But the first person I thought of when I read this was my MizFit motivational buddy, SeaBreeze. She’s a smart, hip gal and a dedicated athlete. I’ve come to view her as a mentor as well as a “cheertasker.”

    And I’m finding that I’m learning a lot about what Tom Rooney mentioned: the delicate balances involved with mentoring and reverse-mentoring. (Or, doing my best to not sound like a preachy old fart to the younger and the smart a$$ kid to the elders.) I learn a lot from Thing 1 and Thing 2 that way: they totally tune out when I commence lecturing.

  52. says

    Shimmery eye makeup in the inside corners, like TA said. But don’t go overboard or you will look like a 12-year-old playing with glitter makeup. (Not that I know that from personal experience or anything . . . ) LOTS of mascara on your top eyelashes. Bright lipstick (unless your eyes are bloodshot – then it will only draw attention to the bloodshot eyes!). Ummmm . . . that’s all I’ve got right now. :)

    If by reverse-mentor, you mean just that I’m younger than folks, then yup, I’ve been a reverse mentor. But if you mean younger and HIPPER . . . um, not so much. Somehow I always end up being the “adult” in the mentor/mentee relationship. (My mom jokes that when I was born I was 30 years old, and just started aging from there. LOL.) I think it’s because despite my own issues, I’m pretty non-codependent. Which, sadly, is unusal in the world as far as I can tell. So I end up being “mom” to people of all ages – ha!

  53. Ann says

    I pick up pieces of advice from everyone, non-age-discriminatorily! I don’t always take it, and I don’t care if people take mine, but I love getting as well as giving advice.

    As for looking less tired, I found smiling helpful when I was in the days following my post-Thanksgiving-weekend-sugar-craze. I drank lots of water in the morning, put some bronzer on my face (nothing to be scared of, you just dust a little on the areas where the sun would naturally hit), and then smiled at myself in the mirror for a couple of minutes. When you smile, people don’t notice if you’re tired, and I felt so silly that it brightened my day.

  54. says

    I love the idea of reverse mentoring. When I was a teacher, I always emphasized that I learned as much from my students (or more!) than they learned from me. I think that everyone is an expert in something and it is my greatest joy when they – no matter what their age – offer to share that with me.

    As for the looking less tired tips… TA took my fave one (about the shimmery eye shadow) but I also like doing a quick 5 pushups and 10 jumping jacks. It’ll wake you up, add some flush to your cheeks and make your kids think you are nuts (in case they don’t already).

  55. says

    I don’t think anything could make me look less tired. But, I’m willing to give some of those tips a shot.

    I have a reverse mentor in my 17 year old sister. She’s hip, I’m not. Nor am I ashamed to admit it!

  56. Conny says

    If I am anyone’s mentor, it’s a secret (to me). The Bumbling Band have, on many occasions, been mentoring me. I’d like to think that if I throw out a question that some band member would help me out.

    Tiredness, at least for me, is quickly solved by a fast-paced walk around the block and a cold wash cloth. Am wondering about the teabags though– wouldn’t they leave stains around the eyes? Not sure that would be very attractive.

  57. MizFit says

    oooh Conny that would be fun huh? to turn all racoon’y from the tea bags? no one would notice the tired eyes then.

  58. alex says

    to look less tired I smile a lot.
    or people think I am crazy so they dont ask me why I am so tiredlooking!

    I like this idea of reverse mentoring.

    now to see if my boss likes it as well as I think it could boost morale where I work. it could be fun to pair up people like your matches!

  59. says

    I’m usually so late to these conversations and rarely join in, but here I am! Clinique Undereye Concealer…nuff said. Just put it on with your ring finger, not your index finger, some woman at a Mary Kay party once told me your ring finger is weaker than your index finger and therefore less likely to pull on the skin and cause future sagging. I am scarred for life.

    Anyways, I really wanted to chime in on the reverse mentoring…in my first (current) job out of college, I found myself as a reverse mentor pretty quickly and found it to be the most rewarding, mutually beneficial thing I’ve ever experienced. Our company had just adopted new software that changed our jobs quite a bit. Since I didn’t have the “baggage” of the old ways hanging around, I picked up the new system pretty quickly (frankly, it made a lot more sense, but I never told anyone else that :)). I kinda became the “expert” which meant that when people came to ask me how to do something computer-related (or twentysomething-related), I could ask them something non-computer related that could only be learned from years of experience. I loved it because I always felt like I was contributing instead of just asking millions of annoying questions. I also made a lot of friends outside of my age group this way and that was the biggest gain. They don’t realize it, but these people are more than just work mentors to me.

  60. says

    I’ll have to think more on the reverse mentor……afternoon slump brain here at the moment!

    Here’s a tip for look less tired …………..MAKEUP………especially lip color and blush! How do I know this? When I DON’t wear makeup, everyone tells me I look so tired………ha ha………good way to get sympathy!

  61. says

    “reverse mentor” Can I count myself as a reverse mentor. I give advice then read my advice and realize I should take my own advice =).

    Honestly, my latest eye-opener with this one is my children. The 3 year old is so full of love and patients. He’s constantly saying (sometimes yelling from his bed) “I love you sweetheart.” Yes, he heard it from me first, but he has so much love and shares it constantly.

    I’m just trying to gather all of this great info and organize it in some way to help others. Which again in “reverse mentoring” will help myself =)

    “…how to appear less tired looking…” Eye drops only cover up the red eye, and only last for so long. I splash my face with cold water, and throw on some good chap stick.

    I’m finding the best way to not look tired is….drum roll please…to not be tired, which means more sleep, and energy foods. I also heard recently that Bee Pollen is a natural energy booster. I have B-12 that I take when I need a quick boost.

  62. says

    i think it’s eye creams with vitamin k that make eyes look less tired. and i’ve also heard about wet teabags (placed on the eyes of course). i hope they wouldn’t turn your eyelids brown. because they are also used to make paper look old!

  63. says

    Awww… thanks for including me in the list of your reverse mentors. Honestly, having a mentor is one of the things I struggle with too. I love having conversations with other people who share the same interests as I, but add to that the fact that I’m bad at networking leaves me stranded with what to do sometimes.

  64. says

    I love the idea of reverse mentoring. I know that I have a couple friends that look to me for xyz, and that right there makes me want to be even more vigilant about whatever it is. There are a few people that I totally drink in every word they say and I doubt they even know it.

    And I am loving all these make-up tips on looking less tired. I don’t regularly wear make-up so I am sure anything would help on those days where I look like I got 2 hours of sleep. I am so clueless in the “beauty” department.

  65. MizFit says

    ok I feel the need to point out this in my reverse mentor’s comment above:

    add to that the fact that I’m bad at networking leaves me stranded with what to do sometimes.

    it’s amazing what we see on the outside may NOT be what people are feeling on the inside.

    Tanya? hip confident smart SMART insightful quirky and fabulous. AND an amazing networker.

    that’s what I saw.

    another reason why we women need to take the time to compliment each other more often.

    I completely assumed Tanya knew how fabsmartmazing she is.

    I am so clueless in the “beauty” department.

    me too. and Im slowly realizing that it cant really be my thing anymore. as in LOOK THERE’S MIZ! SHE NEVER WEARS MAKE UP AND DOES THE WOMAN EVEN OWN A BRUSH?! SHE SO QUIRKY.
    it’s losing its luster…

  66. says

    Hi! This website is soo cool, everyone pretty much says what is on their mind!. I recently joined a pilates class, I was soo sore for like 2 days but, it is definitely paying off. I love to put on my camo workout gear camo workout gear because it makes me feel great, and plenty of room in the pockets for a drink or keys or whatever. I think if you look good you are obviously going to feel good, so i go to my classes with alot of energy an ready to learn more!

  67. says

    I’ve been MIA, buried in books for a while, and I apologize for that. The little ones that I coach teach me things everyday. Be it how to encourage struggling team mates, when to ask for help, and that being concerned when someone else is human nature (and does not make me a sap)

  68. MizFit says

    ok I laugh that I would totally delete the spam which is comment 77 BUT I covetloveandwant all things otomix camo.

    so they accidentally slapped their spam the right place.

    now to get a freebie up in herre.


  69. evan says

    my wife is completely my reversementor!
    she is not that much younger than I but much much more hip and with it!

    I will tell her there is a name for it….I had no idea.

  70. s says

    oh! a less tired tip! i usually try to walk up the stairs (well, there are some in my building and i sometimes take them) reallyfast. (not getting-injured-fast, just enough to get the blood flowing.)

  71. says

    I’m in serious need of some unpuffiness. I’ll be a guinea pig for all of those if they work :)

    Hubby is my mentor. I’m technically challenged-He guides me through the backend of my blog.

  72. says

    I don’t know if I’m a reverse mentor or even a regular mentor, but I do love helping others. I actually manage a team at work, and I try really hard to teach through example, and help grow them so they will be very successful.. sometimes easier said than done..!

  73. says

    Watching a funny TV show like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia or The Office makes me less tired and energizes my spirit. Awkward social situations also make me less tired and alert.

  74. says

    hahaha – no, I wouldn’t say we are the same age, but remember I went to college, law school, lawyered and now am back in school. The big reveal … I am 28 and 1/2. See there’s the maturity. Anyway, I hardly think you could be my momma!

  75. says

    I am so with you on the no make-up (but you already know that). I’m lucky if I make it out of the house with foundation on, and that’s the bare minimum to even out my skin. People tell me all the time that I don’t need make-up, but I think that’s just because they’re so used to seeing me without. If they only knew that I “clean up” pretty good, LOL.

    About the looking tired, though, my morning shower is my main staple. Since I’m up at 5:00, and don’t do coffee (much as I would love to, I just don’t) I have to rely on that warm spray to do the trick. But on days like today, it just doesn’t cut it (stayed up too late to finish all the junk I needed to do, including my workout and strength-training (yay!)… kind of ironic, no?)

    On the mentoring, every now and then I reverse-mentor the ladies at work about nutrition tips, and I finally talked my hubby into getting a cell phone last year, but otherwise, I got nuthin.

  76. says

    I love this idea. I think we should all have mentors. And really, I think most of us DO, even if we don’t realize it! It doesn’t have to be anything formal…just people we look up to and learn from. Very cool!

  77. says

    Ask Woman… ASK away! :~)

    There is nothing I like to do more then share knowledge and you, I know, are the same. It’s why we get along so well. :)

  78. says

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