MizFit Motivational Matchups. Need an accountability partner? A cheertasker?

I was totally shocked pleasantly surprised at how many of you signed up for MizFit Motivational Matches the first go around (who said we Bumbling Band types arent joiners?!).

As a result I thought it might be fun to do it all again at the *beginning* of the year. You know, to help keep our new found motivation from waning.

After mentioning the concept in the comments/twittering your overwhelming reaction was: tell me what the hell this Matchup thing entails & then Ill let you know if Im in.

So here goes.

All laid out.

In short snappy nonMizFit’y (if by MizFit’y you mean rambly—-which I do) prose.

* Im all about the accountability partners. Peeps whom we may not even SEE on a regular basis but who help keep us on track with regards to our goals (which are, all together now, really just DREAMS WITH TIME LINES).

* Because I have had such fantastic support from people Ive never met (you know who you are…) I wanted to set you all up with the same kind of encouraging dynamic. Random pairings of supportive partners (IMO we need NOT share goals in order to cheer each other on to success. Sometimes I think it’s better *not* to share goals so the other person can be impartial/offer insights not tarnished by her own mission/goal striving).

* SUPPORTIVE. HEALTHY. These words are key and, since we are all grownass women (no men jumped in the fray last time), I shall leave it at that, People. If you cant envision how this might become UNhealthy with regards to encouragement—–email me. Ill happily enlighten you.

* What does this entail? Whatever you want it to entail!
Emails, instant messages, twitters, text messages, phone calls, small tokens of motivation mailed to each other—it’s all up to you & your partner! What I do suggest is that you cut & paste the below (or generate your own similar missive) by way of introduction and then let the correspondence take on a life of its own.

*Clarification: DONT SEND THE BELOW TO ME. All I need is an email saying COUNT ME IN! When you receive your matchname please to, should you want, cut & paste & send the below to *them.*

Dear _____,

My name is ____ , my friends call me ____.

Now, if I could only fulfill my lifelong dream & meet Vince Vaughn in person, he’d immediately give me a noogie & bestow upon me the coolfunny nickname of ____.

I have a blog (address: )/I dont currently blog.

My goals right now are pretty much A. B. C.

I wanted to have an accountability partner because _________________ but I almost didnt sign up because ___________. In my mind it would be perfect if you _______ because I tend to drop the ball when it comes to ___________.

That said, I do not respond well when people __________ so dont do that if you wanna motivate me. For reals.

OK. Im out.



That’s it!


Want in? email me and keep your eyes peeled for update posts in the next week or so.

Completely confused? need clarification? Please to hit me up in the comments.


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  1. MizFit says

    YAY, Chantelle! For once I think it ISNT on myside :)

    the email is MizFit08 AT yahoo.com

    (and just dont spell out the at)

  2. ali says

    more info please:

    do I need to have a blog?

    will you be telling us how often to keep in touch?

    thank you MizFit I love this idea!!!

  3. bea says

    I was wondering about the needing to have a blog too.

    Also did you see that your videos are linked today at crankyfitness?

    She didn’t link to your site but to you tube but it is pretty cool how they are all there!!


  4. Emily says

    I went and checked out the links.
    You need to burn them all to a DVD to sell here!
    I’ve done that for people before so if you need a hand please email me.

    I am also interested in the Matchups and can’t wait for you to answer the questions above.

    what is happening with your tattoo?

  5. says

    Ummm. But you already matched up the really cool people… Hahahaha.

    Well, somebody has to arrange the matches,
    Young people can’t decide these things themselves.

    She might bring someone wonderful—-

    Someone interesting—-

    SING with me!!!

    (yes, feeling silly today)

  6. MizFit says

    oh I love that.
    And now am thinking I should rent it (is it on dvd I wonder?) and play it repeatedly for the Tornado until she learns all the songs.

    (You and the Bag Lady are a perfect match, huh?)

    Here’s the deal:

    No blog needed but you may find you wanna start one?
    One reader here (of whom I’m quite fond & won’t call out by name lest she cares) started her blog after responding to a CATCH PHRASE post & used her phrase.

    I loved that.


    No need for a blog but it may help to join twitter.

    I shall be twittering nudges & prods & suggestions for the matches on a weekly basis.

    However, if you aren’t into twitter if you glance up at the top of the page all the tweets are listed there as well.

    For now all you need to do is send me an I’M IN! email & yer on you’re way.

  7. says

    Nuh-uhhhh. Yeah, I did.

    And I’ve not regretted blogging. It’s fun. I’ve “met” so many wondrous people. And met some wondrous people fo’shizzle.

    I’m in as well on this match up thang.

    Make it a great day!

  8. MizFit says

    3 cheers for FAT DON’T WRINKLE!

    (Uh the concept, sure, but I’m thinking please to CLICK on lindas name above….)

  9. says

    You think of everything Miz. While I’m stocked with supportive WOPs (Work Out Partners) up here, I know for so many that is exactly what they need to keep going. You are the world’s Fitness Guidance Counselor.

  10. MizFit says

    Alas, Kara, I may need to steal this:

    You are the world’s Fitness Guidance Counselor

    it shall lessen the sting my mother feels every time she thinks about the post grad. counseling degree I HAD TO HAVE and am not using.

    and she isnt even the one paying off the loans.

  11. says

    Umm, Miz? I can always mail you a copy of the amateur (and amateurishly taped) production I was in – the Tornado can learn the songs from that…..

    And if the rest of your partnerships are as well-matched as my motivational partner and I, you are doing an excellent job!

  12. says

    If there are any hot single men with a heart of gold covered with an ever-impressive chest/shoulder region, smouldering eyes, and smashing good looks that need an “accountability partner,” it would be quite the stretch but I’d certainly ensure he’s accounted for.

    All. The. Time.

    I’ll take mine in a size 6’3″. kthx. HANDS OFF THE REN MAN, SISTERGIRL! oh. wait. he’s only 5’10. **backs slowly away from the chiarunner**

  13. MizFit says

    Call me nerdy but Im so excited about the number of you who have already emailed me.

    no other questions yet?

    oh, and BL? I laugh that you and your partner might be the ones where they have the FINE PRINT in the commercial so small you can barely read:

    **results not typical**


  14. says

    Very cool idea. I wish I wanted to join in, but I’m happy with my progress and stuff at the moment :)

    Maybe when I focus more on fitness goals this could really come in handy. So hopefully you do another one of these!

  15. says

    I think that I failed my accountability partner. Without going into too much detail, my life crashed and burned (although it was pretty to watch, like fireworks) and I just let her fall through the cracks.

    So I’ll be holding off on this round.

  16. says

    I dunno… I go back and forth on this. Sometimes, I think it would be great, but on the other hand, I firmly believe that *I* have to be my own motivator, because I just get annoyed when people ask me how things are going. Like, “Why?!? You saying’ I’m fat?!?”
    The only thing that I have found to be extra motivating (i.e., I went to class on days I wanted to go home and be lazy) was getting my girlfriend to start taking a step class with me.
    But then again, I really want to get back in the groove again, having derailed myself over the holidays. Arrggg! I just don’t know.

  17. says

    I love my accountability partner!! She’s awesome and we check in with each other about once a week. I’ve even been scheduling my workouts because I don’t want to disappoint her! =)

    *waves to Eileen* Hi!

  18. says

    Totally in! (Sending an email right now!)

    I think this is something that could be VERY helpful in the long run!

  19. says

    Oh I think the fine print would go on a lot longer than “results not typical”!

    I came out of the holidays in a pound deficit. Motivational Partners are so fun that you want to exchange emails with them more than you want potato chips!

    We need a MizFit Mixer. Maybe at BlogHer?

    : )

  20. says

    Ok, I have to give a testimonial! (*giggle* Now I feel like one of those silly infomercial people!)

    I signed up on the last go-round and TA and I asked to be matched because we have similar mind-sets.

    It. Is. Freakin’. AWESOME.

    Like Sassy, I often can’t handle stuff like that because I get all rebellious, but this is working out beautifully. (IMO. I hope TA thinks so, too. LOL)

    In our case? We set our own goals and sometimes we share specifics, sometimes not. Depends for me on how fragile the goal is in my head and whether or not it can stand being exposed to someone else.

    And we email each other once a day. We talk about what we’re struggling with and offer encouragement and/or sympathy. Sometimes we email just to say that today sucked, and we hope tomorrow will be better – AND THAT’S OK. I think this is the first time I’ve had a partner where I really recognized that I don’t have to have a good day every day, and that even if I didn’t “redeem” my bad day somehow, it’s not the end of the world.

    We also send each other a list of 5 things we’re happy about/grateful for that day. (Some days it is SO HARD to come up with 5 things, although other days it’s easier, LOL.) They’re not necessarily diet or fitness-oriented (though they are those, too), but *I* use it more as a way to remind myself that even when I’m upset and feel like I’m failing, there’s SOMETHING that went well that day. It helps reset my Crazy Head.

    So. If you haven’t signed up, do it now! Operators are standing by! *dies laughing*

    (And here I must confess that I missed last night’s email. Sorry, TA! It was a bad, bad day, and I couldn’t think of anything to say. :()

  21. says

    Just popping in to say that my randomly selected accountability partner from the last round is awesome. The matchup doesn’t seem random at all – we have a lot in common and I’m grateful for getting to know her!

    Another word – I think it takes a bit to get in a groove and learn what you need from each other – so to people just starting – give it a little time, I think it’s a great thing! I recall being shocked at who you got, Melany, as you two are SO SUITED to each other and it was all entirely by chance.

  22. MizFit says

    Like Sassy, I often can’t handle stuff like that because I get all rebellious, but this is working out beautifully.

    Im with you Marste & Sassy (and why, when I accidentally hired a trainer recently I went back to UNHIRED him as soon as I could…to leave a note…and he was THERE…and instead of UNHIRING I caved and rescheduled…when I know Ill be cancelling again…but that’s a different post)—-but since I will remind us ALL of THIS IMPORTANT POST (that’s clickable…it’s hard to tell) before we launch the matches usually work REALLY well.

    it’s all about the language of encouragement, People.

    oh and a reminder:


    SEND YOUR EMAIL TO MY MIZFIT08 at YAHOO.com or you wont be added.

    also, if you dont mind, add your questions *here* and not via email (even anonymously) as Ill get to em sooner.

    (or twitter)

  23. says

    first reaction….love this idea sign me up NOW!

    second reaction….will i be a good partner??? i have a hard time even making it here each day…how good of support can i be??

    anyone in the same boat? maybe we can be matched up.

    thoughts? comments? do i just sound like a total non-committing loser??

  24. says

    I’m pretty sure i have my match up. The hubby and i are fitness partners, business partners, and best friends. We know how to motivate each other and support each other in reaching our goals. That along with many supportive readers (like yourself). I’ve been able to reach all of my goals so far.

    I love this idea and am a huge believer in a support team.

    Thanks for all of your inspiration and support.

  25. MizFit says

    thats me many days, mamaruns.

    not in fitness but in life.

    (*waves to accountability partners*)

    I make grand I AM GONNA DO THIS AND PLEASE PROD ME announcements and then can get semiornery when reminded of my goals.

    but it’s what I need.

    oh and im a GREAT nagger even when Im not producing :)

    methinks you might be as well?

    dont forget that youre NOT IN if you DONT EMAIL.

  26. says

    My accountability partner from the first round is the best! We definitely keep each other on track.

    *****waving back to Jill!*****

  27. says

    Since I’ve already got a Lobster to keep me on track, I’ll let others do the matching up–but I think it’s a totally, totally, awesome idea.

    Much cheaper than hiring a professional! And there’s really motivating about inspiring others too–it’s really a win/win.

  28. Lara says

    I am IN MizFit.
    Thank you for being my FGC.

    I like that concept (thanks to commenter #17!).

    I will email you.


  29. MizFit says

    Im *so* excited by the number of people who have emailed me already (I know, it doesnt take much for me—but I like it that way).

    Im going to wait a week or so and then do the matches…. so no rush.

    We need a MizFit Mixer. Maybe at BlogHer?

    I do think I may go to blogher this summer although it’s semiunderprotest.

    any of you heading to chicago in july?

  30. suganthi says

    Great idea Mizfit. I love my forum buddies at videofitness and they have helped me stay motivated through several years now. Some of it is indirect, just reading the collective energy from their posts is very inspirational to me. I have many accountability partners at forum.videofitness.com where I participate in check-ins.

    I have figured out that for me.. staying off the internet is crucial to managing time, getting my exercise in, planning and organize menus so I include more salads into my diet. With that said, I will get off the internet.

    Have a great weekend.

  31. says

    I am so happy I got matched up! Like Marste says, we mail more or less every day, but there’s no bitchin’ if it doesn’t get done, which is par for the course for our whole understanding, there’s just no pressure but on the other hand there is always support when it’s needed….

    Personally I think we just help ourselves to be accountable to ourselves, rather than to each other. Does that make sense? It is excellent! And doing our Five Happy Things has been a revelation for me, it’s snapped me out of many a negative thought spiral!

    TA x

  32. says

    I am waffling. Are you thinking that this is a once-a-year matchup opportunity, or maybe again in six months? Because I would like to do this, but I am worried that my life is still too crazy to make me an accountable *anything* since I owe email to nearly everyone I know.

  33. MizFit says

    Personally I think we just help ourselves to be accountable to ourselves, rather than to each other.

    so true, TA.
    and when I ask people to prod me about shit chickenbus to which Im not yet wholly committed NO AMOUNT of encouragement will get me moving.

    Nina? Id say more than once a year if people are interested? (how is *that* for a vague response…Ive no clue really.)
    I do know that people emailed me between matching asking when they next go around was and I just matched THOSE PEOPLE UP!

    so you’re never SOL (do people even say that anymore?).

  34. says

    I’ve never used Google Calendars, but I think it would be a great tool for this. From what I understand, you can set them up to be viewed and edited by multiple people. So, you could set up workout schedules and track each others progress.

  35. says

    I’m pondering BlogHer, Miz! I have a big of an inferiority complex, and then there’s the cost but . . . it sounds like an invaluable chance to meet some awesome people and learn a lot!

  36. says

    I think this is a great idea, but I think I’m going to take a pass on it. Right now, I’m a bit frightened to try and take on one more thing.

  37. MizFit says

    Ms.Turtle? That made me laugh…and you can feel free to hide with me in my hotel room should you take the blogher plunge & rethink upon arrival ;)

    And BigGirl/all of you who say you’re just too tapped out right now? Smart smart.

    There’s nothing worse than taking on an extra thing which is supposed to be *fun* and, well, loathingresenting it.
    (Not that I’d know *anything* about that…)

  38. Canuckchick says

    Can I be partnered with someone who can be my accountability partner and teach me how to use Twitter? ((blush))

  39. MizFit says

    or not pathetic at all, Jen, judging by the number of people who emailed saying they were in but not sure how to twitter.

    I should do a twitter post.

    the title will be: THE BLIND LEADING THE BLIND.

  40. says

    I love this idea!! And am looking forward to the twitter explanation as well. Not that I need one more thing to keep me on the ‘puter but it does seem like one of those things I ought to know about…

  41. Ashley says

    Wow what a cool idea. I don’t think I am ready for that kind of a comitment right now, but I would be in the future. Are you going to do this again?

  42. says

    That is a very cool idea! :) I think it will help a lot of folks… I’m not in yet, although maybe I could be convinced. :)

  43. MizFit says

    ashley? definitely.
    and, should you decide in a month or so you are IN and I havent mentioned another round EMAIL ME.

    that goes for everyone as I continually get people emailing and asking if Im doing a match soon and, well, there’s the unofficial MizMatchTime!

  44. says

    This is a great idea. Thanks for putting it out there. I actually have an accountability partner already (and right now 1 person is probably enough), but this is an awesome thing you’re doing for people.

  45. MizFit says

    updates coming soon & perhaps with a BASICS ABOUT TWITTER post.

    Just a reminder that all my tweets (twits? :)) are HERE ON SITE as well so if you are an avowed nonTWITTERER (and theres no shame in that) you can just read em here.

    the tweets will only be SUGGESTIONS and REMINDERS about your matchup.

    questions you might use for launching pad of discussion and challenges you might wanna issued for each other.

    Im really excited by how many of you emailed yesterday!

  46. says

    Just popping in (I always have to come back four or five times to read all the comment-versation as it’s always so rich in information and fun) and had to say – I adore Twitter. I love hearing what people are up to all day long. Perhaps it’s just feeding my ADD or a way to escape my boring job…but I love it. :-)


  47. says

    I’m am very excited about this!! I’ve been following your blog and love it. I’ve signed up with twitter but it looks like I need to go play in it and figure it all out…lol

  48. Andrea says

    I’m IN!!!

    I also have to echo the comment above about you being my fitness guidance counselor.

    I think all good guidance counselors realize that they can help you and urge you to succeed but can not do it all single handedly.

    I love your guest posts and now this.

    Sign me up!

  49. amy says

    Hi Miz,

    Thinking and thinking about a match – and then it came to me – YOU are my match. My daily read is a motivator, a reminder to check in with myself and my goals, an opportunity to learn and to laugh. So thanks. Looking forward to checking in with you tomorrow.


  50. says

    Too late to join??

    I’m in!! So excited!


    PS- do you need to know anything about my goals- i.e. I’m in the crossfit/paleo aspiring group of people, and my blog has done wonders for my goals and meeting people! Can’t wait to meet even more!