Exercise Bands & MizFit Food of the Month Club. (A marriage made in randominternetheaven.)

It goes without saying that I am SO excited about today being the first installment of MizFit’s Food of the Month Club.

Im honored that Dave made time for us and *know* you’ll (re)bestow upon him a warm Bumbling Band welcome.

But first, speaking of BAND, I had to do a fast viewer mail (I know…I know…).

My in-box has been jammed lately & a number of you have asked the same question: do exercise bands work? are they a replacement for the gym? and, my favorite email, there is no stinking way I am joining a gym, MizFit, so dont try and talk me into it just tell me if the bands would work!

(ahh, brutal honesty. I HEART ye.)

Today? The short version so we can get to the fun stuff of Dave’s video.

Next week? you tell me. want more? need more? desire a video? please to hit me up in the comments.

I am a big fan of the exercise band. I started my journey to weight training using exercise bands in aerobics classes and have purchased countless exercise band ‘sets’ for friends & family who want to workout at home/travel frequently.

Is training with bands exclusively as ‘good’ as weight training with dumbbells or machines? It depends on your goal.

The majority of the missives I received were from people just starting weight bearing exercise of *any* sort and, for that population, I think the bands work just as well as light weight dumbbells.

They are versatile (the exercise bands do not require gravity to provide resistance) & can be used horizontally *and* vertically.

You can tote them along with you *anywhere* (to the office? on a business trip? to the playground?).

Exercise bands are restrictive in a good way.

Have you seen the weight lifter (it would NEVER be me. never. that’s all a rumor) who appears to be swinging more than lifting the weights? This cant be done using exercise bands—-and, again, that’s a good thing.

In my opinion there’s also far less chance for injury when novice resistance trainers choose bands over free weights or machines (which is why I chose to start there, too).

That’s the brief version (pats self on back for not rambling as she is wont to do).

Exercise bands can, in most instances, provide the same benefits as weight training with dumbbells or machines. You will increase your muscle strength, muscle tone, & muscle size while decreasing your percentage of body fat and have a portable, injury-free, versatile workout as well.

Now, before DAVE, you.

Need more? want examples of exercises you mightcould do with your bands? you know what to do…

Please now to enjoy the informative, comedic stylings of Dave Grotto & MizFit’s Food of the Month:



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  1. says

    I love me some exercise bands! Great workouts to be had with those things! Thanks for the info!!

    And potatoes? Who knew! Great first food o’ the month!

  2. suganthi says

    Oh no.. the carb non grata. Notwithstanding all the good qualities.. .

    Well I for one heap potatoes, rice, wheat flour.. I have to cut carbs somewhere, that being said,, there is always a 5 lb bag of potatoes in my kitchen.

  3. says

    I think your band info was spot on – especially for travel. For home – I think they can be used to build up to free weights – but I think free weights should be the goal.

  4. says

    Big fan of the bands, too. I started weight training with them and still use them when I’m feeling like mixing things up (aka when I’m at home and don’t/can’t make it to the gym).

    As a matter of fact, my crunches in bed tip yesterday could be modified and it could be bands in bed instead. Or from a chair. Great way to start for someone who might have mobility issues.

    (I swear I get out of bed to workout.)

  5. says

    I have an NHS exercise band I have to use for my physio exercises – it’s beyond useless. My colleague did manage to transform it into a fetching top though (disco boob tube style). I honestly think that’s all it’s good for! Perhaps I need a better band….

    Strangely enough, Boy and I were going to venture into the kitchen this weekend to cook up a two-potato vindaloo in honour of me completing the Spinathon at my gym. Loving Barbie and Ken’s work.

    TA x

  6. Sally says

    LOVE the new addition to your line up Miz!

    You have the best guest posters around here.

    I would really like a video with the band as well. I rarely use mine at home because I don’t trust that I am useing it correctly to get anything out of the workout.

  7. Evan says

    I spit out my coffee laughing at that video.
    I knew I loved the potato and I had no idea I loved Barbie and Ken.

    My girlfriend (who never comments BTW for some reason) would like a band video as well.

    SHe also wants to know if she can build arm muscles like yours with a band?

  8. MizFit says

    I KNOW, right? Dave is choc full of informationalhilarity—which I adore.

    and I really mean the fact that we should be honored to have him—he, like all of us, is one busy guytitian!

    I hear you on the bands and will shoot a video of a full body workout for next week.

    evan? tell your girlfriend to *delurk* and perhaps.

  9. says

    GREAT video!
    The thing with the bands is that I figure that anything that is used so regularly in physical therapy can’t be a substitute for something designed more for fitness. PT is more gentle, and “working out” should be strenuous, right??

  10. teresa says

    Oh no. Potatoes and my strength bands are two things I have an 2 things I haven’t touched in forever.

    Thanks to dave.

    Miz? Could you show us a easy workout with the bands? I had a friend show me a workout months ago and can not remember any of it.

    I think she twisted the band a thousand differnt ways.

  11. says

    Loved the video, and food of the month is a great idea.

    When’s he gonna do brussels sprouts? The Bag Lady has been craving them. (I mean, really, WHO craves brussels sprouts? Sheesh) She bought a huge bag of fresh ones and now needs more ideas for using them up…. sigh.
    (the craving has been satisfied, but there’s tons of BS left….*grin*)

  12. MizFit says

    Yes on the easy exerciseband full body workout.
    Lets start there next week & go progressively more difficult if I end up too simple!

    Bag Lady? I have to admit I’d not thought about seeing if Dave would take requests!

    I like the BS (wink) suggestion and I shall pass it on for Feb.

  13. cynthia says

    Am I understanding correctly by #8s question and your response below that bands do not work to add visible definition?


  14. says

    I would love to see/hear more about the bands… I can’t seem to figure out how they can actually be used for a full body work out… and also how they can be effective for someone who has some muscle already… can they be effective then? A video would be great!

  15. says

    LOL – litterally. Ah – I needed a good laugh in the am…thanks :) Didn’t he do the video on the power of laugher?

    I love the message about how great potatos are. They definately get a bad rap. Too bad french fries aren’t the healthiest version. But, not I’m really confused. Some people say don’t eat them, some say do. How do you ever make up your mind?

  16. says

    I like resistance bands but I think people can get plenty of weight training bang for their buck with something that encourages them to use their own bodyweight. There are tons of books on body weight exercises that require nothing more than yourself and possibly a chair. Although if I were building a home gym I’d start with a TRX;)

    Loved the food of the day! I heart potatoes. And this is not relevant but must be said: Dave has an excellent camera presence!! Nice job.

  17. MizFit says

    peeking in.

    Thanks Charlotte as I entire agree with what you said about the TRX.

    here’s the link in case you arent familiar:

    the band thing? IMO and as a woman who is working to add muscle mass (read: muscle mass. I am in no way claiming I struggle to gain weight πŸ˜‰ at all) I do use the bands but very infrequently as a way to ‘mix things up’ and confuse my body when I cant get to the gym.

    For me the bands were invaluable (BEYOND) in making that mind/muscle connection.

    they allowed me to lift, not fret about injuring myself, and focus on FEELING the muscles I was supposed to be working (and not, for example, feel the bicep curls only in my forearms).

    I was then able to translate that connection easily to free weights and weight machines.

    make any sense?

  18. dragonmamma/naomi w. says

    I think the issue that scares most people away from potatoes is the glycemic number/index and how it affects blood sugar.

    To which I answer: That’s why the standard meat and potatoes combo works so well. The protein lessens the impact of carbs on your blood sugar.

    My hubby and I have a special meal after our big Sunday morning workouts: Buffalo burger on top of a lovely pile of hash browns. Very satisfying and filling.

  19. says

    Bag lady – I do take requests! Right after I sing the theme from “The Love Boat”, I will take that request – consider it part of the line-up.

    Dragonlady – I will ask MizFit if she wil have me back to do a guest post on Glycemic index, load and response. Lots of misinformation going on out there and I’d like to shed some light on the subject.

    Charolotte – you are too kind but judging on the early response, I think I will let Ken, Barbie and little Tot do my talking for me in future videos. What do you think?

    Mousearoo – I was thinking the same thing as MizFit – ha!

  20. says

    Loved the video! Can’t wait to see next months! I love avocados!!

    I look forward to seeing your band video! Yippee!

  21. says

    Am having difficulties viewing the video so will have to wait til tomorrow. BUT I heart potatoes.

    Also resistance bands are useful, but I prefer dumbbells. Love how adaptable they are for traveling and such though!

  22. alyssa says

    Great video!!!

    I would appreciate a band video as well since I am always BUMBLING with mine.
    I agree with people who say weights are better but for me they are not always an option.


  23. says

    All I could think of was this potato sketch. It’s still one of the wierdest things I’ve ever seen…


    I’ve been curious about exercise bands…I have a few free weights, but my shoulders tend to wig out when I use them…I’m wondering if the resistance bands might be a bit easier on the joints??

  24. says

    Oh, thank you, THANK you, Dave! I now have a completely legitimate justification for my potato-obsession! And I’m always glad to hear “conventional wisdom” (which is rarely very wise) debunked. :-)

    I love the video too…absolutely hilarious.


  25. says

    Even though he was in ridiculous shorts, I heart Ken for giving me the big (potat)O. You can get a goodly amount of low fat homemade chips from one potato!

    I think my favorite exercise band is Aerosmith, 2nd would have to be Bumbling. Those other kind? Make crappy dog toys. Trust me here….

    : )

  26. says

    Okay, I have to admit, I almost never watch the videos, cause I’m usually at work and they are too conspicuos (that is SO spelled incorrectly!) But, I had to chime in about bands – I think they are great because to add more resistance, you can just tighten your grip up, instead of having multiple different dumbells, also they make leg lifts a killer. That said, I also think they have limits, but for at home? Great. :-)

    (And I never gave up potatoes, regardless of all the anti-potato propaganda that has been going around. They are too good. And quite frankly, I gotta say I think most anything that isn’t processed can’t be too bad for you. :-) )

  27. says

    Ah! The vid isn’t working for me. I will come back!

    But- on the bands. I don’t do the gym thing and have bands and a couple sets of free weights at home and will tell you that I use and enjoy the bands so much more. They are more versatile and I can work out more areas and I don’t have to worry about my kids dropping them on their toes- or mine for that matter. My 4yo loves to use them too and doesn’t get discouraged- so I love that!

  28. says

    I’m all for the bands. I especially like what Jillian does with hers, by pulling on the poor person who’s trying to run away from her.

    She had be rolling last night when she exclaimed that she loves to beat on these people.

    I agree plus had to laugh at BagLady where she says she has too much BS left. I think I do too. I’ll take the Dan Quail potatoes (was that with an “e”?)

  29. says

    i personally cannot WAIT for a band how-to video for beginners!!

    i have one. I have not idea how to use it lol..it came with the ball that is too small for me LOL…

    so using one of those would be awesome!

    great guest video (as usual)


  30. says

    The only time I ever use resistance bands is when I’m in a strength training class. Never use them on my own. I kind of would like to see a video so I can add some variety to my own program. That would be great.

    Thanks to Dave for the video. I’ll admit…I fear the white tater. Haven’t eaten one in years.

  31. says

    OH my gosh that video made me snort!! That was so funny!!! I dig some smashed taters!!

    And you had me at “avocado”.

  32. says

    I love the variety bands and tubes add to my workouts. Usually I would use a band or tube in conjunction with my dumbbells when my weights are too light, but I am not yet ready to move up in weight.

    Here is what I do: wrap one end of the band or tube around your dumbbell. then step on the other end until you get the tension you want for bicep curls and overhead presses.

    And I love adding a band to my pilates workout because it makes it just a little bit tougher to do the leg work on the mat.

  33. says

    Dave, Dave, Dave… my invisible hat is off to you this morning. You made me laugh even through the pain of having my wisdom teeth removed a few days ago. Unfortunately, you made me want to eat potato, and unless I liquify one, I’ll just have to continue my little pity party over here. I already can’t wait for the avocado!

  34. says

    I’d love more info on bands, ie, what are the best brands, how do you choose a good resistance level, and other than standing on it and doing curls, what can you do with one?

    The video was hilarious ^_^ I may just go pick up some potatoes later!


  35. says

    I love, love, LOVE exercise bands – they are so great to use just about anywhere!

    And I love, love, LOVE your new food of the month feature.

    Lots of love today. :)

  36. says

    Loved the video – I always knew Ken and Barbie rocked! Ha! But I seriously LOVE potatoes. Fortunately I like the skin too, so I can at least rationalize that I’m getting some vitamins with my carb-mainlining. LOL.

    Yes please, on the band video! :)

  37. says

    Exercise bands are so practical and handy and yet I hate the way they feel! I feel like the range of motion is really small–too easy for the first two thirds of the motion, then, for about an inch, just right, then it turns impossibly hard. Weights at least FEEL more even, and like I’m exercising more of my muscle, but that’s probably all in my head.

  38. says

    BIG fan of bands and actually looking into purchasing a TRX package and giving those puppies a test drive. I’ve heard nothing but good things about the product.

  39. says

    I would love to see the ‘band’ video too.

    And potatoes. I never did get why people villified them so much. A very satisfying food!

    Really enjoyed Ken and Barbie and the tot!

  40. MizFit says

    peeking in from rolling with my own tot and having potatoes on the brain as well.

    almost let the Tornado watch the video, Dave, but feared she’d not get the proper message and go from TATOES GOOD to whining for a barbie πŸ˜‰

  41. says

    I use my bands for adding an unstable element to my workouts. Or for when I just need some extra stretch/working at home. Tell all my travelling friends that bands are the a great way to get a workout on the road.

    Have yet to screw up the courage to increase resistance by attaching a band to weights, though I know it gives a different kind of workout. Maybe later this week…

    Potatoes, though? Russets can be higher on the Glycemic Index than white sugar.. and are a food guarenteed to trigger a hot flash in me. Rarely eat them – I can find the benefits from other foods. But I loved Ken and Barbie…

  42. says

    I love potatoes. Hooray!

    I need to buy exercise bands. After enduring a crowded and awful gym last night, I badly want to update my at-home exercise tools.

  43. says

    Ohhh that’s a nice little plug for bands. I honestly had no idea there was any real difference between free weights and then bands. I’ll have to look into them πŸ˜‰

  44. says

    I just got me the excercise bands. Ya know, something only works if you use it.

    I loved the potato reenactment. LOL I usually make oven fries with them. Yummy.

  45. Allie says

    I own bands.
    I think they are in a pile at the bottom of my closet.
    I own potatoes.
    I think I will eat one tonight.

  46. says

    I’m actually very interested in the band workout, since I’m a novice when it comes to strength training, so a video will be very well-received. I own some bands… but they’re still in the packaging. Let’s find a reason to deflower them!

  47. says

    I’m scared of my bands. They seem like they could really hurt me if I let go accidentally.

    Or maybe that’s just bad memories of middle-school elastic snapping.

  48. says

    I am such a dork, Miz. I LITERALLY thought you were talking about musical combos, as in bands who specialize in playing music that people can exercise to.

    Not a bad idea, come to think…No wait, it IS a bad idea.

  49. says

    So, what’s the best kind of potatoes health-wise? My husband and I have a mini-war going on: he always buys whites, I get the russets or reds. Any differences in terms of nutrition? Also, I read that potatoes are one of the heaviest sprayed crops (w/ pesticides) so always get organic so I can eat the peels…is that true? Love this new feature!

  50. says

    Call me a guy, but I always thought exercise bands are just for ladies πŸ˜‰

    Love potatoes and they’re so easy to prepare and you can use them so many different ways.

  51. says

    We still do potatoes in moderation…..and I hear the colored ones are even healthier for you.

    I love my exercise band!

    Mmmmmm…craving a baked potato now!

  52. says

    We like potatoes in our house. I like to make baked fries for my boys–sometimes I even slip in baked yam fries and they don’t notice (but you won’t catch them eating any other form of yam–silly kids).

    As for exercise bands, I think they’re great. They’re the absolute perfect travel companion for working out (next to good walking/hiking shoes). I just did a workout DVD yesterday that used bands as well as weights (Slim, Strong, and Sexy Body Sculpt with Michelle Dozois–stupid DVD name but good workout) and some of the toughest moves included the bands.

  53. says

    LOL that video was hilarious! I actually like resistance bands and have been using them in my group aerobic classes. They are great and can definitely make my muscles feel very sore. And yea, my lifting partner definitely swings his weights all over the place lol.

  54. says

    I used bands in an exercise class and loved them, but I no longer belong to that gym since I left that job.

    I may need to invest in some for home!

    Loved the video! I haven’t seen a Ken doll in a long while!

  55. says

    Hi there–Meredith from the US Potato Board, here. Such a great conversation about potatoes (and the bands, which I’ve only used in personal training…) Isn’t Dave Grotto the best??? If you are looking for healthy potato recipes or more nutrition information about potatoes, visit our blog http://momsdinnerhelper.com/ or our website, http://www.potatogoodness.com/.

    MizFit, thanks for all you do. I love your site!

  56. MizFit says

    ok, some of the best comments ever today.
    Melissa? how much do I love that you thought I meant bandbands?

    Allie? I was waiting for you to say that you had a pile of potatoes on your closet floor as well.

    TB? was that a gauntlet you threw down about the bands being for the ladies?


    and TONY thanks for chiming in, announcing youve used the bands &that you liked em.

    (Is Ren Man your training partner?? Ive been known to shout at him midset: DO YOU NEED A PORCH WITH THAT SWING??)

    and then the piece of resistance (get it? butchering a phrase and making it almost a pun? resistance BANDS? no? oh. ok.) is the comment above from the US Potato Board.

    whatta day whatta day :)

  57. says

    I love my TRX!

    I like potatoes, I respect potatoes… but generally I prefer sweet potatoes ’cause I have a killer sweet tooth. Hubby loves both, but would probably choose white first.

  58. says

    I have to say I love my bands. I also love my little dumbells, which I have in 5, 10 and 12 lbs. The best thing about those items is that I got them for next to nothing at yard sales (the 12 lb weight was freecycled) and they fit in my end table.

    So instead of being a couch potato when I watch TV, I have my weights and bands nearby for an anytime workout at home.

    Speaking of potatoes, I was surprised some time ago to learn how healthy they were… minus the butter, salt, sour cream and bacon. I now have baked “fries” : potato pieces brushed lightly with olive oil and baked in the oven. Yummy. and happily, they fit in both my weight reduction diet AND my kidney health diet. I don’t know many people who CAN’T eat potatoes :)

  59. says

    TB? was that a gauntlet you threw down about the bands being for the ladies?


    I went to The Fitness Superstore to get a heavier band a few months back. Yeah, I’m a girl. But they were sold out. Why? THE FIRE DEPARTMENT HAD BOUGHT THEM ALL.

    …and the local department has some of the manliest men I know!

  60. says

    freakin hillarious :) isn’t there something about eating cooked potatoes cold? maybe to do with starches or the carbohydrates? shoot i can’t remember…

    I LOVE HIS BOOK BY THE WAY!!! thanks miz!

  61. says

    Love the tribute to my friend, the potato. I am derided by many for allowing up to one per WEEK (more like one per MONTH lately) in my repertoire.

    I also am in the check-your-eyes-I’m-sure-*I*-wasn’t-swinging-those-weights club.

  62. says

    Wow! Love the responses! Getting back to the band on a few things…

    Overall, great comments, great questions and hope, if anything, there is an understanding that it is okay to eat potatoes.

    Valerie – glad to be the voice of reason and happy to talk evidence based science here!

    Marianne – we will work on Ken’s shorts. he also had a string hanging out that was a little weird looking too. Did anyone notice that Tot’s pants fell down towards the end? Cynthia Sass, author of the Flat Belly diet pointed that one out to me – ha! We’ll ask Tot to wear a belt for the next one.

    Tricia – I’m part Irish and I need taters to live too. Hey, seemed to work well for the Irish until they didn’t have any!

    Heather who eats almond butter – I do, too! Smart thing to do with the current state of peanut affairs! Don’t fear the potato – enjoy!

    Lori – some delish potato soup sounds like just what the oral surgeon would order – enjoy them smashed too!

    Marste – smart lady to eat the skin – half the nutrients are there! Reagrding ‘carb mainlining’, its not empty calorie simple carbs, its mostly complex carbs which your body loves!

    MizFit – how about Mrs. Potato Head made out of a real potato for the tornado? By the way, did you know that the Ken doll used in the video dates back to 1964? he’s “old school” (did you notice the comb over?)

    Deb – mizFit has graciously agreed to have me back to talk about Glycemic index. load and response. Long story short, white sugar isn’t high on the glycemic index, which many think it would be (a 50 gram portion has a GI of 58, which is considered medium GI)- and that’s just one of the many reasons why I don’t think GI is a useful tool for the consumer. A food which has a high glycemic index does not necessarily raise blood sugar. The bottom line is that potatoes fit perfectly in a carb, weight, diabetic or simply an overall health conscious diet plan.

    TFH – all varieties are nutritious but you ask a great question. Potatoes of color – red, purple and yellow flesh varieties – contain more carotenoids and anthocyanins.

    Lainie – Awww schucks! Just to let you know, I’m 6’5″, 220 pounds – I hope you have a big pocket!!

    Meridith – Awww schucks x 2! Thanks for popping by! Say hello to all of the spud growers for me!!

    Okie doke – tune in next month for the adventures of Barbie, Ken and Tot as they “Guac ’round the Block” with Avocados!

  63. says

    Bands are kick butt and I LOVE anything I can take on the road with me in case the hotels have a LAME GYM- quite often. I still incorporate bands in my workouts and so doe my trainer.

  64. MizFit says

    OK DAVE is coming back and a short BAND video for the BUMBLING BAND next week it is.

    Thanks again, oh Guytitian!

  65. says

    Love (to hate) bands. They give me a burn that I don’t get with weights probably because I am more focused on the motion in the muscle as you mentioned up above in the comments.

    Cathe Freidrich has several videos that show some great band moves. Tie them around your ankles and side step like a crab while squatting – the aptly named firewalkers.

  66. Twix says

    Oh thank God! I are two of these for my lunch. That was t. I do like potatoes and have been tired of potatoe bashing. Although I do have to say the sound was a hoot. Yes Kkkk.e.e.en.n.n.n, lol. It came in all chopped up. Great fun! πŸ˜€


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