Monday Video: MizFit Demos Pushups & The Debut of Ren Man.

Subtitle: Seriously, People, if you dont laugh out LOUD at my face/inability to do that last part of the demo there’s no hope for you. Joel McHale? Call me.


And this, Oh Bumbling Band, is how the variation is supposed to be done.

I give you the Renaissance Man in his first ever silent movie Facetime Video.


Questions (on form)?

Comments (about my facial expressions)?

Email (address for The Soup so I can submit this fer their mocking pleasure)?

Please to hit us all up in the comments.

EDITED TO SAY: Check comment 21. It’s on my calendar but occurred to me that it may NOT be on yours. Please to SEUSSjoy.


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  1. says

    How cute is that!? CUTE CUTE CUTE!

    I wanna try! Ren Man makes it look so easy! We should all video our faces doing this one, then edit them into one long movie for The Soup…at the end can be Ren Man effortlessly doing like 50 reps! Watch him go!

    Happy Monday!

  2. says

    Hey Miz!

    Yep, I think the Ren Man’s got you beat on that variation!

    Still…your facial expressions/sounds make it all worth it!!! You’re right, that’s my starting laugh for the week!!

    And…I just had to try this variation after seeing it here – it IS challenging!

  3. says

    I would have been worse than you. I’d have somehow missed the floor entirely with my hand and faced planted myself. Definitely good video though. :)

  4. says

    Push ups are my current obsession, love the inspiration. ESPECIALLY the face and laughter :)

    Ren Man, you make it look too easy, I wanna see you giggle!

  5. says

    Ren Man makes that look insanely easy but I know my facial expressions will rival yours! I’m still working on doing a few sets of full pushups and not hurting for 3 days afterwards!

  6. says

    Hey Miz! Your Ren Men is VERY strong! Amazing! Thanks for the early morning giggle. :) I’m not even close to being there yet, the lifting of the arm. But I will try it on a block. I’ve seen some people at the gym try it on a ball, not too sure about that!

  7. Hannah says

    I love you MizFit!!!

    So many reasons and for today because you can laugh at yourself.

    I don’t know if I could have posted a video where I didn’t look ‘perfect’.

    Love the Ren Man too.

    You two are perfect for each other :)

  8. says

    Not a fan of the push-up variation. Which means, of course, that I find it very difficult. Maybe if I wasn’t using a ball for it? I’ll see what the gym has around. I suppose I could always use dumbbells….ouch.

  9. says

    GREAT exercise. I am working a lot of my pushups as the new class I am starting to teach is filled with them ;) WOW REN man has great control on that hand lift! I thought yours was quite beautiful as well ;)

  10. says

    Ren Man’s version was impressive. Laughing at yourself is so not the same as being self-deprecating and you demo that so well, even if you can’t yet do the harder version of the exercise.

  11. Evan says

    Wow that looks really hard.

    Definitely need more of the Ren Man here.
    More testosterone please!

  12. Alice says

    Ok MizFit.
    I never comment and have to here LOL.

    I’ve actually seen you lift in real life & need to ask:

    Are you faking that you can’t do that?


  13. Nan says

    ok you must bring him with you to Blogher!

    Are you leading a panel? He could be your demo person.

  14. says

    You both make them look so easy – I’d have troubles doing one on my knees sans block! You two are so strong! My gosh. I knew the muscles weren’t just for show, but still. Impressive!

  15. says

    Is it wrong that I laughed at the both of ya? You, Miz, because that slightly spastic palm slap is how I do everything (to a much higher degree of spasticity) when it comes to upper body workouts; and the RenMan because he made it look so easy!

    Off to go confuse my muscles!

  16. says

    Wow, Renaissance Man makes those look so easy. If I hadn’t seen you do them first I might have been fooled;) Of course I am impressed with your push-up-on-block abilities too – you can talk AND push-up at the same time. Oh how I hate pushups.

    PS> It must be said: you are one hot mama. And your shoes are ADORABLE. (Nike frees??)

  17. says

    Bwaahaa! I did laugh out loud – and so did you, which I know from experience is not helpful in a workout. That is a hilarious difference in the way each of you does the move. I know, I workout with my husband too and sometimes I am jealous of how easy some moves are for him. But I’m smarter, so it evens out ;-)

  18. dragonmamma/naomi w. says

    I feel cheated; we didn’t get to see his FACE! At least you could have drawn a happy face on top of his head.

    Tell him that next time we expect a face with the demo!

  19. says

    Love these videos! I’m still doing the girly kind of pushups. I always try the real kind like you’re doing (no blocks), and can do all of three! You’re my hero Miz Fit!

  20. suganthi says


    You made me grin and smile.
    I have to go back and see the Ren Man clip.
    But i had to post as soon as I saw you.
    I am sure I can provide hours of entertainment if I tape my fitness endeavors.. klutzy and all..
    I am trying hard to do boy pushups. I will get to the one you demonstrated soon :)

  21. dragonmamma/naomi w. says

    Oh, I forgot to say … in proportion to your body sizes, those two yoga bricks are going to be harder for you than for your husband. Check out the angle of the shoulder that’s on the brick; when you go down, your shorter arms force your shoulder blade back at a larger angle.

  22. says

    I totally forgot about those push ups! I used to love them. Ren Man makes those look way to easy. Off to track down my medicine ball to give them a try (the first ones, I fear I would crumble if I tried to lift my hand off!)

  23. says

    haha, love it :) ren man has his feet wide, maybe that would help miz?

    green eggs and ham for dinner? now there’s an idea, i have some spinach to use up, too! :)

  24. Miz says

    I have to make Ren Man read today….remind him he’s here.

    & charlotte? NIKE Air Rifts.


    Off with Toddler.

  25. says

    haha I’m loving it. Love the giggling, and you’re way better than I would be at that.

    Gooooo Ren Man! Nice! Way to make it look easy!

  26. says

    how exciting to see the Ren Man – now we now he exists and isn’t just a figment of you vivid imagination, a la “Oh yeah, I totally have a hot girfriend…in Kansas…”

    He’s strong! Almost as strong as you :-)

  27. says

    Not to sound defeatist, but I know better than to even try this. If I ever go back to doing pushups I’ll stick to the easy version. I do them standing up, at an angle, pushing off from a counter.

  28. surfmom says

    Nice videos! Dr.Suess today, I’m having a HB party with the 1st graders today and my kids!

  29. says

    Wow! Ren Man made those look totally easy! And I loved your attempt, Miz! I know better than to even try.

    Wonder if A(u)ntiFit’s hubby would be willing to demonstrate part of his fitness routine to be video-taped and posted on the ‘net…..
    (if only she had had the presence of mind to catch him carrying the 50-lb salt block across the yard….dang)

  30. says

    Oh come on. I was impressed you could even do a push-up. (I can only do girly ones. But just wait…)

    And I’m VERY impressed with Ren Man.

  31. says

    LOL!! I LOVE IT!!

    i’m so tired of seeing fitness people ALWAYS looking like they can do the perfect everything!!

    you always keep it real honey, and you always look fabulous doing it!!


  32. says

    I loved your video! Made me laugh. I don’t even think I could do that well, can you say “face plant”?

    And thanks to renman for popping in. He should do it more often :D

  33. says

    Goodness your Ren Man is STRONG. Your videos make me smile- we all need to laugh at ourselves a little more! You *know* that the moment I saw this I had to go try it out- am still giggling at my feeble attempts.

    My friend recently taught me a cool way to do push ups; you do 5 variations (hands close together, hands wide apart, left hand up & right down, right hand up & left down, and then normal). The idea is to do 1 of each, then rest for 20 seconds, then 2 of each, rest, 3, rest, 4, rest, 3, rest, 2, rest, 1. It’s a great workout!

    And Happy Birthday to Dr Seuss! I feel like talking in rhyme all day…

  34. says

    Love it! I like that you showed us how a fitness guru extraordinaire can do it less than perfect. Ren Man, however, ROCKS. Perhaps on the fourth rep he grimaces? Doubt it.

  35. says

    If I’d only read this earlier, I could have colored the breakfast quiche green! I’m sure that would have been popular with everyone….

  36. Sally says

    Ok I am no where near needing any variation as I am struggling with the push up in general but this was fun to watch.

    Could you imagine if you really were on the Soup???

  37. MizFit says

    thanks Sagan for the push up variation!!

    And I laugh that he asked if I wanted to reshoot because Id struggled (me? the one shot wonder? NEVAHHH) .

    1. no. I struggle. that is who I am.

    B. as if reshooting would have helped :)

  38. says

    I’m off to shovel snow but when I get back (if I’m not half dead) I’m going to try to do push-ups again. I still can’t do a real one (off my knees). I couldn’t hear what you were saying on your video (3 kids in the room) so not sure if the blocks made it easier or harder, I’m guessing harder lol. The 1 handed thing, yea don’t think I’ll be doing that yet lol. Good to see you and the ren-man too *smile*.

  39. says

    The top of Ren Man’s head is exactly how I imagined it…I suppose looking up and smiling for the camera would have been breaking form and we can’t have that now CAN WE, haha.

    I’m sticking to using my counter top for a least the next 100 pounds :-) but nice to know there are ways to mix it up.

    Great demo as always!

  40. says

    Spit my morning oatmeal all over my laptop screen! That demo was precious. But methinks had you had the wider leg position like RenMan.. you would have done it! Or only one block.. because, yeah what dragonmama said.

    I do mine on a GoFit air cushion every once in a while. Do not have the guts to try a ball and can’t find step platform/bricks at the gym. Hmm.. but I could just try at the bottom of the stairs at home.

    Damn, Sagan’s pyramid is tempting.. and today is an upper body day… (altering working plan…). Will report later.

    That said, all our facial expressions would be too much for the Soup to bear…

  41. says

    Oh, I cracked up watching that video, Miz! That was fantastic – not least because you are willing to put yourself out there even when you can’t do it perfectly! (That’s probably a lesson I should learn, LOL.)

    But I’m curious . . . the Ren Man did them so easily. They can’t be THAT hard, so why didn’t yours look easy? ;) (Man, I couldn’t even TYPE that with a straight face! Ha!)

  42. says

    Ah, so Ren Man’s the one in the family w/ the core of steel? I will definitely try these, and competitively, with my own husband. Thanks for making me smile with the family venture!

  43. Kim says

    Hey Miz,
    Did you decide to enter to be a trainer on BL?
    Did you see that they are looking for new people?

    You should!!

  44. says

    Oh…do not encourage fugly shoe woman…
    I have a better push up version. Lie on floor, close eyes. Repeat.
    I want to find one of those dance video workouts. I am bored bored bored.

  45. says

    gosh you both are so darn cute and fit!!!!!!!!!!! I was laughing my bootie off with the lifted arm………I see myself falling flat on my face and knocking out some teeth :)

  46. says

    Miz, I seriously did laugh aloud at your one-hand pushup – but only because of the look on your face!! :-D You get serious props for being able to do even that. Have a great Seuss-day… and don’t you think playing with push ups is fitting?

    I second the Biggest Loser motion. How could they not love you?

  47. MizFit says

    this really is one of the few videos Ive ever watched and it makes me (& the Toddler) laugh every time.

    No idea what I was thinking with that face.

    And yes.
    I was a little bit tempted to apply for BL—but didnt.

    (and YES. you may consider the sentence above FORESHADOWING for tomorrow’s post.)

  48. Kelley Burrus says

    Me thinks Ren Man would look cool with a tat on top of his head…staring at us if he’s unwilling to look at the camera or make sound!

  49. says

    First off, that’s so not how I pictured Ren Man… but wow, he make those look so easy! My question to you is: those cute Mary Janes? Who makes them and where can I get them? I need a cute summer shoe to go with skirts.

  50. says

    I don’t think I’m going to get to doing the variation any time soon, but I do like the idea of mixing it up and confusing your body. Makes it soo much more fun!

  51. Debra says

    very impressive Miz – you look fantastic. I am soooo not ready for anything like that right now but great inspiration!

  52. Kari says

    Im a little late to this but still wanted to comment waaaaaaaaay down here.

  53. says

    Yay for Ren Man! How crazy strong IS he? I had no idea.

    I’m still trying to get “good” at regular push-ups. Do they ever get easy? I mean, really?

    But I will have to try both variations nonetheless. Sans video camera, of course, although I could probably entertain the masses if I taped it and posted it on YouTube. I’m sure I’ll fall on my face a few dozen times before I get it. :-)


  54. says

    i will be attempting both variations but there will be no one watching! it won’t be pretty my friend…but worth trying so i will know how far i have come one day. a year ago i couldn’t even do one pushup and i have come way past that…