Link Love & Firm Workout DVD Giveaway.

It’s been a fun week.

For MizFit at least.

I showed you the FIRM

(That great plastic beast!)

Some laughed & some mocked

(You’ll have that I say!)

No matter to me

as I crosstrain away!

I found a  few things

this week to adore.

THIS ONE? No doubt

Left me shouting more!

Today Im meatfree

(you think Id forget?

Still in. Staying strong.

No beef jerky yet!)

Tomorrow? Im back.

For chicken & such.

Be it right or it wrong

I love it too much.

Im ready for the weekend.

Got plans? None for me.

I’m glad to slow down

Time to think.  To just BE.

Alas,  I dont have a WAVE to give away, but the people at The Firm so enjoyed The Great Wave debate they’ve donated a workout DVD our way.

You can be entered to win this DVD for the lowlow price of a comment below.

You may comment about a link, your week, if you’re going MEATLESS today like Miz, why YOU should be chosen to win—-anything.

Winner will be drawn at random, announced Monday, and may be from ANYWHERE in the universe (*cue confetti*).



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  1. Hillary says

    I wanted to say thank you MizFit.
    I dont know if you even remember but you made a comment about fasting and eating disorders this week.

    I’m in recovery now for almost a year and feel strong and peaceful and much of that is from you.

    xo xo,


  2. Bea says


    I’m going to try some lentils today. I may not like it but Ill try.

  3. DinosauRN says

    Phew, you scared me for a minute! I thought you were going to give away a Wave and I ordered one after reading your post. I also am checking out cave cooking regularly. What WOULD we do without you MizFit? (buy stock in Pop Tarts)

  4. says

    I’d feel like an all star if you ever linked your blog to mine 😉 I am excited to under take the clean! Although I am probably 75% clean now, I think that extra 25% will really make the difference.

    Hope you have a great weekend. Plans here are to get the house in order and maybe (FINALLY) get our pictures hung up!

  5. Kim says

    I have a question for my comment:

    How do I email you my workout question to be entered to have you answer it in a post?

  6. suganthi says

    Lentil love link looks good.

    Have a great weekend Rhyme Queen.

    Don’t need to enter me as I have too many DVDs that I need to use.

  7. Amy says

    I love the line in the MORE link about calling your craziest friend with you ideas and talking about them.

    I have a friend who always encourages my zany schemes and I love her for it!!

    Have a great weekend Bumbling Band!

    • MizFit says

      you can email me at
      Im with you Amy.
      I loved that entire post because as I read it I thought: YES!! THIS IS WHAT I DO AND IT WORKS, PEOPLE.

      I also thought: yeah, this is so well written and concise and NOT VERBOSE I could never have written it :)

      and I have no.freakin.clue. why my pics wont ever center here. Ive messed with it. WebWomanWonderful has messed with the code and it REFUSES.

  8. says

    Loved the Time to Think link….my hubby nad oldest son are ALWAYS coming up with great new ideas…only to not act upon and find them a few years down the road! :)

  9. seekatyrun says

    I’m looking forward to a weekend with BOTH of my sisters — we’ve all thought about it and don’t think we’ve been all together since Christmas ’07! Can’t wait!!!

  10. says


    A weekend with plans?
    thank you, but no.
    For more than a month
    we’ve been on the go.

    And meatless for me
    Not sure I can do
    I’ve got steak in the fridge
    I can near hear it moo.

    I must get my new gizmo
    Dragged up the stairs
    and put it together
    My muscles prepare.

    We do need to shop
    Shoes for me ;cleats for Hugh
    But that is the end
    of our weekend “to do”

    So we’ll stay here at home
    And do this and some that
    We’ll perhaps lift some weights
    To build muscle, burn fat.

    Have fun this weekend
    O bumbling band
    Thanks for a great week, Miz.
    Y’all give her a hand.

    ta ta for now.

    Make it a great day.

  11. Kyle says

    I just found you blog from the Austin American Statesman newspaper link.

    Great stuff here.

  12. says

    Oooh…I’ve heard alot of good things about the Firm…if I don’t win it (*cue computer voodoo) then I’ll just have to go out and buy it. May be a nice companion to my “Shred” DVD

  13. says

    I hear good things about the Firm.

    I’m off to the gym, then picking up some wine and packing so I can visit my parents and look at reception sites (my weekend? not so fun).

  14. says

    I have heard great things about the firm. Its about time I get some new workout DVDs. I was thinking Yoga. Anyone got yoga dvd suggestions?

  15. says

    Oh Miz, your poetry, it’s magical……

    I’m all about the whole chicken, some say the use of the whole animal is respectful…… I say yes, and delicious!!

  16. Tara says

    I love your rhymes but more than that I love that you are my Fitness Guidance Counselor.

    No need to enter me.

  17. says

    I wanna win!!!! Pick me! Pick me!

    I’ve been slowly cutting out red meat so I’ll join you on going meatless today. Shouldn’t be too tough.

  18. Michelle says

    I’d love to try the Firm DVD! I’m going meatless today! Easy though–I probably eat a vegetarian diet more than 50% of the time without even thinking about it–I love veggies, beans, nut butters, oatmeal, etc.!

  19. says

    *Loved* the Seth Simonds post! Especially this bit:

    “Because real change starts with a recognition of deficiency and a no-holds-barred desire to improve.”

    Of course, my definition of “no-holds-barred” and his might be a teensy bit different (mine includes the occasional slice of cake, for example), but I love what it says about knowing what needs fixing and then intently working toward it. No excuses, no fear, no turning back.

    Just what I needed to launch the weekend!

    Hope yours is a great one!

  20. Nita says

    We go meatless once or twice a week as I have a vegetarian daughter, and we do a couple of veggie meals a week for her.

    It’s good for us!

  21. says

    500 calories??? Really?
    And I am not going meatless…I am not a huge meat eater anyhow, but I do like my chicken/turkey pastrami in my whole wheat tortilla…

  22. says

    I’m with Irene, looking for a beginner yoga dvd. I would rather borrow or rent one before purchasing though because I’m not sure if yoga is for me.

    Well, that got off topic didn’t it. I’m not thinking about buying the firm at this point so no need to enter me into the contest.

    Chicken? Yum!

  23. says

    I hope I can comment today! I kept getting kicked out of your site yesterday :-( Couldn’t share my earth-shattering comment about how I hadn’t heard about the Paleo diet but was now going to check it out. Too bad you missed it. HA!

    Finally following you on twitter! Yay!

    I do meatless at least 3 times a week. Hubby is getting used to it. Finally.

  24. MizFit says

    Peeking in as I have 2 hours childfree to CRANK on vast amounts of work BUT I *love* anything RODNEY YEE for yoga!

  25. says

    Well, I’m not going meatless — DH would DIE.RIGHT.THERE if I didn’t give him meat today, and I’m too stubborn to start making two-meals-for-every-meal.

    I’ll eat meat-free breakfast, snacks, and lunch. That’s like…3/4 meatless. Good ’nuff :)

    Really interested in this video though — I’m always looking for challenging at-home videos for when I can’t get to the gym…and it’s definately a struggle.

  26. MizFit says

    Felice? WP is doing a funky thing with identifying comments as SPAM too….so I’m starting to ‘check & release’ there.

  27. says

    Is this where I have to post a million comments to win?

    I’m definitely looking to expand my home exercise video library, and this looks like a good one to add. I’m pretty picky about my exercise videos 😉

    as for today being meatless, I think I probably will be meatless today. My menu, as it turns out, was likely meatless anyway, although dinner is still up in the air.

  28. Louise S says

    I’m going meat-free today – so far accidentally but now I will make it a priority.
    I’m in two minds about eating meat. There is obviously a food chain that has been adhered to since time began and a world with an explosion of uneaten cows could be a little stinky. But I do sometimes wonder if maybe we’ve evolved past eating the flesh of other animals.
    Would it be so tasty if it weren’t meant to be eaten though…
    Have a great weekend!

  29. Brooke says

    I am meatless every Friday, with it being lent and all! I love the Firm workouts. I have their step and videos from 2001 and they are still butt kickers. I need to replace my videos with the dvds soon though.

  30. says

    OMG…I’m a HUGE Rodney Yee Yoga Fan…in fact, his AM Yoga it what got me out of the chiropractor’s office and finally on the road to recovery and health! I haven’t needed a chiropractor since.

  31. says

    Meatless today!!!!! Vanilla protein shake is my friend along with my cans of tuna ;)……..taking on 4 extra (sis’ kiddos) today…….why should I win? I’ve been such a good girl 😉

    Happy Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. says

    I would love win this!! I’ve done the
    Firm workouts on and off again for the last
    Several years. I love the workouts and as they say
    I’m a firm believer. I’m wanting to try something new and
    Would love to win.

  33. says

    The first day of spring – heavy snowfall warning

    Could have 6 inches by tomorrow morning

    No need to enter me in your draw

    Shoveling snow will be the last straw

    Not meatless, either, sorry to say

    Need all my protein for energy today

    (good thing I don’t have to make my living as a poet!)
    Have a good weekend!

  34. says

    500 calories burned with the Firm? W*O*W. I’m thinking it might be more for me since I weigh a little-a lot more.

    ~Enjoy your weekend Miz!~

  35. says

    I love that DVD!

    Please give it to me!

    …ok that’s my Friday rhyme. I rented it from Netflix once and just haven’t coughed up the dollars to buy it, and therefore it is necessary that I comment HARD right now!!! ::concentrating on winning vibes with all my mindbrain::

  36. says

    It’s always great to read your posts and I’m happy I have the time this morning to also leave a comment. I’m celebrating my second week of weight training with a personal trainer. YIPPEE!

  37. says

    I have a “date” for dinner and a movie tonight with my 19 year old son; so looking forward to spending some happy time with him during his spring break.

  38. Anne K. says

    I’m already a vegetarian, so no meat for me. I always love trying new workouts, so I’d love to win!

  39. Terrie says

    Only you, Miz, would have a video all about the beef jerky you love.

    Too funny.

    have a good weekend!

  40. MizFit says

    I laugh that the Ren Man doesnt read this so he will be MEAT FREE and, I think, not even realize it.

    we’ll see if he notices….

  41. says

    This was a good week -not perfect but good – and the weekend will be a wrap up of such. Lots of NCAA on the tube (MY alma mater plays this afternoon). At least one trip to the gym. But mainly hanging out and getting rest. Because we need it.

    Loved some of those links, must figure out the purpose of Zumbox.

  42. says

    ummmm…just checking out recipes in my new “art of the Slow Cooker” recipe book and I’m torn between “Espresso Braised Beef” and “Slow-Cooked Teriyaki Chicken” so I guess I’m not participating in the meatless day. 😛 BUT I am laden with organic veggies, so lots of meatless sides, if that counts! 😉

    lol on the contest being open to anywhere in the universe! When you extend past the US, you go BIG! 😀

  43. says

    A DVD?
    For me?
    500 calorie?
    Tee hee!

    That’s as far as my muse will let me go re the rhyming stuff. Muses are funny about stuff like that. :(

  44. says

    Love the preparation tips to make the morning “smooth”- that is so me.

    And the 8 meatless dishes are awesome! Except I forgot and I brought pea soup to work today for lunch; it’s got little chunks of ham in it. Damn. So much for being meat-free today.

    The dvd looks great- am dreaming of a Wave.

  45. says

    I bought The Firm a few years ago with the steps, because my sister used it and lost like 50 lbs (after her first baby). I am currently doing Turbo Jam (today is day 79!) but when I am done I will probably go on to do The Firm series that I have already. I wouldn’t mind trying this one too :).

  46. says

    Irene, I am liking Bob Harper’s Weight Loss Yoga dvd….it’s been nice to alternate cardio days with.

    That said — I’d LOVE a new DVD to work out with! I’m getting bored :(

  47. says

    I’ll echo the Rodney Yee love – especially Yoga Burn, which isn’t what I’d call aerobic yoga, but STILL improved my run time – and gave me muscles in my arms! Woo-hoo!

    Love the arm workouts and the whole chicken site. I’m a big believer in using as much of the animal as you can. And the bones make a great broth for soup!

  48. s. says

    a humorous version of this workout dvd would be the movie “the firm” with exercise moves interspersed at dramatic lowpoints.

  49. says

    No meatless here. I brought tuna salad for lunch, and I do not know what Mr. Handsome & Handy is making for dinner tonight. But I will stay out of the package of beef jerky in my desk today, to keep you company, Miz! (I swear, that stuff is seriously triggering!)

    Our weekend is busy! The kids have a night out (babysitting fundraiser at their dance teacher’s studio), so we get a night IN! By ourselves! Woo hoo!!! And on Sunday I get to meet one of my buddies who is visiting San Francisco. And I’m going to try a new soup recipe. So looks like a good one ahead…

  50. says

    Rats, I forgot about being meat-free. Guess that hot dog for lunch wasn’t a good idea.

    I’ve wondered how good that DVD is, so it’d be awesome if I got to try it for free!

    Thanks, Miz!

  51. says

    J’adore the workout dvd. How much protein is in it? LOL Just teasing.

    BTW, do you know anything about glutamine? My neighbor was telling me it’s better than protein supplements. We’re the fitness heads on the block and were comparing notes.

  52. says

    thanks for the lentil link. i have been looking for some new ideas for the lentils.

    and not meatless here today…didn’t even think about it. i had some lean steak and scrambled egg beaters with salsa for lunch! yum.

  53. says

    You know, I forgot about it being the meatout until I read the newspaper this afternoon. I thought “oh, too bad, I missed it.” But then I realised I haven’t eaten any meat so far today! So I’m in!

  54. says

    I love your rhymes! The toddler is lucky to have a rhyming mama. :-)

    Meatless so far and it’s almost 3! Sushi for lunch, quiche for dinner…I could do this everyday. (*hhmmmm)

  55. says

    Would love to win, always happy to get a new exercise DVD…Can’t think of an interesting comment…Been breathing paint fumes at the office all day…All I can come up with is: Pick me! Pick me!

    Can I have a nap now?

  56. says

    I love the Firm… That’s how I lost 100 lbs about 5 years ago. If I had kept up with it I would have continued to loose instead of gaining it all back. Live and Learn and then get the Firm


  57. says

    I’ve been meaning to go meatless today but then I forgot and defrosted turkey to make for dinner tonight :( Oops.
    Do you know if this dvd is any good? nope! I have a copy now but it’s for YOU guys so I didnt open it. Im sooo good that way!

  58. Meagan says

    I spent spring break cleaning the apartment, so I rewarded myself with a dip in the (freezing cold) pool. Ahh spring in Texas. Anyway! I would love the video. Can’t get enough workout videos for a nice challenge every day.

  59. Wendi says

    I needed that smooth out your morning link THIS morning!

    Ill take the DVD instead :)

    Thanks for a fun week as always.

  60. says

    I have gone MEATLESS today with out even realizing it. I have had eggs, and some dairy. It’s beautiful outside. I think I’ll pack up the boys and head to my grandmas to play in their yard. I love the sun =)

  61. says

    Not going meatless today :) I can’t since it is Chipotle Day!!!! Ok “Day” shouldn’t be capitalized. It’s just chipotle day for me :)

  62. says

    Meatless for me today since it is Lent. Here is my ode:

    Fish for dinner it will be.
    Not meat today, that is the key.
    First I must run, since don’t have a Wii.
    But, gorgeous sunset I will see.
    Then, time for dinner, the family and me!

  63. Hannah says

    Hey Miz,

    Just stopping by to say that for everything you do.

    Your comments on my blog have really helped & your tips here as well.

  64. nadia says

    I’m not going meatless… I’m pretty much semi-veg anyways, but since I was diagnosed with anemia a few months ago, I’ve been making more of an effort to INCLUDE meat in my diet (on top of other non-heme sources of course!).

  65. LaDonna F says

    Hi, I’m new to your blog. Not sure where I found you at but I love what I see so far.

    I’ve had a pretty crappy food day but there’s always tomorrow to start over.

    Thanks for the giveaway =)

  66. J B says

    Thank you for this wonderful giveaway opportunity. I seriously am addicted to your blog.

  67. Myra says

    Oh Miz oh Miz
    just what would i do
    without your fine humor
    and blog words to view.
    I feel like I know you,
    on this meatless day,
    I’ve never had jerky,
    but longed for it today.
    Fiber one for breakfast,
    with vanilla almond breeze,
    One Boca, two Bocas
    more Bocas, pleeze, pleeze.
    have a great weekend,
    I’ll eat like a bird
    and work my sore biceps
    while I share every word

  68. Amber` says

    Funny…I was just thinking about pulling out some old Firm Transfirmer workouts and then I stumble across you trying the wave!

  69. says

    I love the Firm and I don’t eat meat. Gave it up 28 years ago so I could feel good running after dinner when my husband could watch the kids! I want to win!

  70. says

    This is a great week! I’ve been busy with work, but school has been so much fun, and my diet is really working out! The only thing that would make it better would be a really great workout (like this one) to compliment it!

  71. MizFit says

    Where can I get that beef jerky you talk about?

    I order it in bulk from the company.

    chipper jerky bites.


    although Id encourage you not to start as, no joke, it’s addicting stuff :)

  72. says

    Hey — thanks for the comment on my blog! The Firm DVD look interesting — I’ve been thinking it’d be great to have a workout routine for at home, when the weather’s not nice enough for playing outdoors!

  73. says

    I didn’t go meatless on Friday, but I’ve recently been embracing a few meatless days a week. Even the odd vegan dish. It forces me to experiment with new veggies and beans, and encourages cleaner eating. And that’s the new goal: to eat clean, run and strength train. It’s taking-care-of-business time :) ‘Cause I want this body kicking around for plenty of vibrant decades to come!

    (An at-home workout that burns major calories sounds like something this fitness newbie could learn to love!)