What Does MizFit Eat: Part 1

Tuesday Tips: The this time it’s all about me edition.

More than a few of you commented on this post that you were curious what I ate on a regular basis.

More than that took the time to email and ask what on EARTH I meant when I said that I ate ‘clean.’

So here is is, People.

Potentially the most dull post ever (as we did cover it some here. please to skim if you havent yet.) .

And, to increase the level of dullnessment, I’m gonna pause for a moment and point you RIGHT HERE.

OK, ready? Here is goes.

As I’ve mentioned in the past I’m one to never count calories.


Even when I had the freshwoman thirty wrapped firmly around my waist and ass I didnt fret about calories.  I know intuitively (remember that word. we’ll come back to it later.) that I would NOT be willing to count calories for my entirely life—-so why even start?

As with setting myself up with a workout routine I could maintain for life I wanted to eat in a fashion I could maintain for the proverbial long haul.

A food plan where Id not neither feel neurotic (again, this is me. food journaling takes me on a one-way trip to CrazyTown) nor constantly STARVING.

So I educated myself.

I learned that a calorie isnt a calorie isnt a calorie & I learned to read labels (want more deets on that aspect? please to let me know in the comments).

I experimented and found what worked for me (see parenthetical aside above. please to let me know in comments).

The below is an example of that.

The short version of what works for me:

*Nary a THOUGHT to macronutrient or micronutrient or ANY NUTRIENT breakdown.  I strive to do my best to eat well/clean every day.  No figuring of protein grams or counting fat molecules. (yada yada yada DIZCLAIMER)

*I like to not be famished. I cant think or work or be a good BabyMama if all Im ruminating on is food.  As a result *I* choose to eat clean. Healthy.  That way I can happily snarf almost 2000 calories a day (& yes weight training helps since it elevates the metabolism) & not worry about fitting into my jeans.

*I eat every 3 hours or so.

What do I mean by CLEAN?

Im certain —-as with all things fitness & food—-there are myriad definitions out there so I shall simply claim this as my own.

To me eating clean is consuming everything in its purest form (Im aware of the irony of all this when Im chowing down on (finger quote) grilled (unFQ) chicken from places like Fudruckers. Purest, in this case, does not mean organic).

High quality foods which are as free as you can get them of not-found-in-nature additives.

Back in the proverbial day (when I was a personal trainer) Id often tell my clients not to even bother picking up a menu when they went out to eat.

In response to the inevitable look of perplexednessment I’d respond that if it wasnt a cheat meal/treat meal then their order was really quite simple:

grilled/steamed/poached (you get the idea. depends on the restaurant) fish/chicken/lean beef, steamed veggies (baked potato if they choose with everything on the side) and a salad.

That’s what I mean by clean (cue chorus of groans here. Ive heard it all before).

When Im truly eating clean? The packets of plan oatmeal are tossed out (too processed) in favor of the lumpybumpy goodness of slow cooking Irish oats.

That’s what I mean by clean.

When Im truly eating clean? All my 6 mini-meals include a portion of lean protein, some complex carbohydrates (whole wheat pasta/bread/brown rice etc) & a smattering of other fruits and veggies.

When Im truly eating clean? (here’s one for my man Mehmet) I dont add any extra salt to my foods.

ok, Ive never, ever, *ever* hit that last one but you get the idea.

Eating clean is, perhaps, starting with “sauce on the side” and only adding as much as you truly need to make your meal taste good to you.

Eating clean is simply working toward reveling in the taste of the food (again big ups to Mehmet) and not the grease or sauces ladled on top.

What is eating clean not? eating less.

MizFit is not about the being hungry. Ever.

An emailer remarked to me that I must eat like a bird so I sent her a typical day of MizFit Food Consumption (Renaissance Man and our grocery bill also begged to differ but had no email access available to them).

She was shocked.

The cleaner you eat the more calories you can consume while not gaining weight.

We’ve all seen the magazine articles where they show us a donut versus a large bowl of fruit and a stack of crackers *and* a few cubes of cheese and ask which would you rather have for the same amount of calories?

(yeah I know. I, too, oft think: The donut, Writerwoman, so bite me.—-but that’s not today’s topic)

Eating clean is precisely like that magazine article except every, single day.

There you have it, Oh Bumbling Band.

My definition of the way I strive to eat.

Miz’ version of Clean Eating.

Now you.

Do you already eat this way & have thoughts you wanna add?

Is the above what youre working toward (like this blogger) & have questions for me/The Band about specifics?

Do you beg to differ (as many do) with my definition & wanna clarify for me what EATING CLEAN truly is?

please to hit us all up in the comments.

(Part 2. The Great Snooze Fest which is/are details on my daily food choices coming next week.)


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  1. says

    Yes! Could not agree with you more! I feel like I’m consuming more now rather than less! Lots of fresh fruits and healthy veggies and lean proteins = much less calories than junk food (shocking, I know!). My body has literally never felt better! Can’t wait for part 2!!!

  2. says

    Sounds similar to my eating plan. Well, Slimming World’s actually. At Slimming World, you never count calories, and of the healthy fresh fod, you can pretty much eat as much as you like. It’s only the “syns” (meaning treats) that’s you have to count. I actually count calories though as I worry about my tendency to binge.

    I’m thinking of spending next week eating truly on the Slimming World plan so that I can eat as much as I want (meaning until I am full) all the time and see if I still lose as the place suggests I will.

    Oh, but in my calorie-counting, I never count the calories in vegetables and fruit. (This way I encourage myself to eat more of them.)

  3. Sandra says

    Can I say that I hated yesterday? :)
    I enjoyed the post but didnt like the comments being closed!!

    This is not boring at all to someone like me as I have always looked at you and wondered if you eat and what you eat.

    I look forward to specifics.

  4. says

    I Love your cander and what an eye opener really.
    I started down this path at one time, absolutely felt better(note to self, will work out more the better I feel) but somewhere along the way I have been sucked back into the “diet” regimen of counting and it DRIVES me NUTS. I truly get overly obsessed.

    SO thank you for your post, I think I need to re-think my plan.

  5. Celeste says

    Hi Miz,

    I am with Sandra. I missed the comments yesterday :)
    LOVE THIS POST and yet I wonder if I could be satisfied eating the way you do?

    I wonder if I would feel deprived.

  6. Kim says

    How much do I love that you mentioned those magazine articles!
    I always think: I would choose the candy bar over the million bowls of fruit and a rice cake.

    I am obviously still struggling to eat clean by anyone’s definition.

  7. says

    I don’t think I eat clean, but I eat in a way that allows me to lose weight, not be hungry, and not get tired of what I’m eating

  8. says

    Miz you could never be dull. Besides, I’m one of those freaks that stands in the aisle at the supermarket analyzing what people are buying. I am intrigued by the waif with her ice-cream and equally curious about the overweight Mamma with the skim milk and lean chicken breast.

    I too hate to count the calorie, nothing gets me snoozing faster. I too am trying to adopt a cleaner “diet” that I can keep on eating for the rest of my hopefully long life. You are a total inspiration, living vital proof that it can be achieved. Thankyou :)

  9. says

    What great timing, considering my question this morning! (Thanks for the response, btw – you confirmed what I was afraid of)

    I too would like to hear about what you look for when reading labels…

  10. says

    Overall, I share your definition of clean eating and strive for it myself. Reduced to eliminated processed foods, getting back to nature and eating the whole foods, slow foods way.

    I have counted calories many times before, but like you agree that it isn’t something you are going to do for the rest of your life so why adopt it as a healthy lifestyle habit. Doesn’t make since to me anymore so I stopped. My mind does however go to macro and micro nutrient content all the time though. As a nutritionist I think that is natural for me since I spent 7 years learning about it. Ha! At the same time though I feel we should just relax and, as long as we are eating a variety of foods, feel confident that we are geeting enough nutrients.

  11. says

    Hey Miz! What I love about you is that you are real. You are what I strive to be. I don’t want to obsess, count calories, write things down. I want to get back to body wisdom, what I was born with and was snuffed out of me at a very early age! I notice that when I eat food closest to their natural state I have much more energy. My mood is more stable (hubby and little man can attest to that BIG TIME! ) and I just generally feel better.

    Thanks for this post. It give me such hope of what I can achieve if I’m kind to myself and don’t give up!

    You are a real inspiration to me. :) Thank you!

  12. says

    Ok…I know I’m a special kind of stupid, but I’m sure there are people like me out there…and I KNOW that for a meal planner this is laughable…but… I can go all day without eating. Of course at dinner time I make up for it…

    Eating clean does not have to be boring. I also consider myself to be a clean eater (disclaimer: potato chips). It was a process, and it’s not perfect, but it makes me feel spiritually sound to feed my family good food (and I make sure they get a steady stream of good calories).

  13. Ali says

    Yay for comments being open.
    I struggle with trying to eat as you describe but I know I’d feel better.

    BTW I think its good you started with a general definition and not food specifics.

    I’ll be forced to examine my specifics this way 😉

  14. says

    Dull? SnoozeFest??

    You have no idea how to be dull!

    I agree that limiting processed food to the extent possible is really key to healthy eating–but it’s so hard to do! I end up with at least some percentage of “compromise” food–reasonably healthy, reasonably convenient, but not totally virtuous.

    Too lazy to go all-natural and unprocessed, alas.

  15. Miz says

    greetings from a slow cooked irish oats morning.

    Thoughts to follow (*hi-5s the mcslacker in the sometimes processed is what fits the bill* comment) but have to chime in that I didn’t like the closed comments thing either.

    Felt like the thing to do so I didn’t drag you back from Alex’s site, but….

  16. says

    A great read Miz! (does that mean I’m dull???)

    I’m all for getting me some fruit and veggies (lunch today is: grilled chicken, peapods, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, green peppers, apple, yogurt, and natural PB). Snack will be almonds. Drink=water (and a couple cups of coffee)

    Do I do this good everyday? I wish!!

    Dullsville is a pretty awesome place!

  17. Evan says

    The post isn’t dull Miz but isn’t eating this way???

    I think I would quickly crave McDs.

  18. Mallory says

    After reading Eating Alive, I am really excited to get back to clean eating. The stress of school and the time crunch got me astray on the processed but convinient foods. First step, give away (not throw out) all the crap foods in my cupboards. Spend an hot making a shopping list/ meal snack planning, and another hour after I return from the grocery store cutting/packaging things into individual servings. Spending 3 hours on Sunday saves me a lot of headaches the rest of the week!

  19. Miz says

    Spending 3 hours on Sunday saves me a lot of headaches the rest of the week!

    So true. Ill often grill a dozen or so chicken breasts on a Sunday so, if nothing else, those are at the ready (to be eaten, on the run, from their foil as a chickensicle :))

  20. says

    This is a way of eating that I am still learning. It’s difficult because of the winter season, there are not a lot of fresh foods around. However, I try.

    I do track my calories, however. I need to. i wish I didn’t have to, but it seems that when I don’t, that’s when my weight loss stalls, or I gain weight.

    So, until I learn to be able to eat out clean, I will log my food. But I am still a work in progress, so there you go. :)

  21. says

    Rock on! I’m trying to get there with the clean eating. I’m pretty good but I still need to work on things. I love that you aren’t all about counting calories or going hungry. You just can’t function that way!

    As for salt, hmmm….I can tell when I need it. Post hard workouts, etc.

    Great post!

  22. says

    this is how i WISH I ate all the time. If I get lazy or give in to cravings, my clean eating impulses go to hell. Usually it’s a candy craving that does it. A good rule to remember is “if it has more than five ingredients, try to avoid it.” But sometimes you just need a Cadbury Creme Egg. I usually eat clean all morning and noon, and then it gets a little dirty.

  23. says

    Ah, yes. This is the way to go. I have been eliminating highly-processed foods from our table for quite some time now. I grow a veggie garden in the summer and we eat our home-grown, grass-fed, natural beef.

    There is nothing quite as satisfying for me as looking at my plate and knowing that I grew/raised everything on it, so I know exactly where it came from and what went into it!

  24. says

    I try to eat as clean as possible and to me that means no additives and yes, eating as many foods as possible in their pure form. I’m still a sucker for chocolate and baked goods, so I treat myself for those!
    Oh and as far as sauces go, as long as I make them, and they originate from real foods, then I’m all for it! Gotta make it taste good or else I’ll be reaching for that donut! 😀

  25. says

    You eat a whole lot like I strive to. I focus a lot on low energy-density foods (like the Irish oatmeal, fresh instead of dried fruits, little or no refined sugar) so that I can still eat the quantity i “like” to eat but the calories (without counting!) that I “should” eat.

    Now, if I could only get that darn exercise thing… 2 days a week is probably not enough.

  26. MizFit says

    and, alas, this is what I STRIVE FOR.

    My beloved jerky saltcity.

    My ItsDateAfternoonMovieSnax? have an abundant ingredient listing.

    this? I can not even imagine and yet think it would feel WONDERFUL (to see/know and the resulting energy):

    There is nothing quite as satisfying for me as looking at my plate and knowing that I grew/raised everything on it, so I know exactly where it came from and what went into it!

  27. says

    I am all about unprocessed, and I am particularly about, make it yourself rather than buy it stuffed with preservatives and additives.

    It’s hard to go wrong that way in one sense, although it’s still pretty easy for me to eat more than I should. I think that’s a food issue problem, though, not so much what I’m specifically eating.

  28. says

    I like you do not like to go hungry. In fact, I don’t even remember what that feels like lol. You are so right that if you eat clean, you can eat more and not gain weight. I am trying day by day to eat cleaner. Each meal I try to get some protein in, but I do count calories. Not crazy, but still estimate. I still need to get a bit better with the processed stuff. But since I typically leave the house for work at 7 and do not get home until 7 always eating well balanced meals is a challenge. Any suggestions?

  29. Miz says

    Kristi? Definitely.
    Specifics coming next week as it’s really pretty easy when you plan ahead.

    Perhaps search here under OFFICE FRIDGE too!

  30. says

    I’m in the middle of Tosca Reno’s book on clean eating right now. I’d like to think that for the most part, I’m already doing this it’s the 3:00 need for crackers that I find it hard to avoid! I think it’s important to note that it really (surprisingly) doesn’t take your body long to adjust – and thrive! – on this kind of eating and your cravings for things you used to just “have to have” leaves you. I never eat fast food anymore and I don’t miss it at all. I started it when I was training for a marathon and boy oh boy could I feel the difference in a run after a ‘clean’ breakfast vs. a ‘dirty’ one : )

  31. says

    Hi, MF! Missed reading your blog…but finally back :)

    My big question: do you eat pasta? lol. That’s my biggest eating cleaner problem…love the pasta! I guess that may be a non clean living problem though…dependancy on things that are not clean! But, I agree with you on the counting calories. I definately get obsessive and crazy when restricting like that. Just need to find a way to convince myself that healthier (aka clean) is what I want!

  32. sassy stephanie says

    Ha ha. I just did a post at the end of last week about this. Totally a Tosca fan. Back on the bandwagon, but this time for reals. Like, for life. Like, getting my kids to sit on the wagon with me. After Sweetie’s cancer bout, I truly believe more today than ever before that ‘you are what you eat’.

  33. says

    As you know I LOVE me some Mehmet :) I’ve started trying to eat clean but not all at once. I started by eating brown rice instead of white and now the thought of white rice is kind of gross. I then started eating Irish Oats instead of instant and can’t imagine ever eating the Quaker Weight Control again that tastes like my first grade paste. Now I’ve ditched all my Aspertame yogurt and eat 0% Greek yogurt with berries everyday (incidentally Mehmet said eats that for breakfast everyday so I felt proud I was already doing it!) Now I’m trying to grow my own vegetables for my salads. We’ll see how that goes!

    Sorry to be a long commenter. I just fully support the concept of clean eating (with the occasional doughnut).

  34. Heather says

    Yay for clean eating. It was you who originally inspired me to work towards clean eating. It really is remarkable how most processed foods annoy me now/don’t taste quite right.

    But I still love my Chipotle veggie bol every two weeks or so and my soft serve chocolate ice cream cone every once in a while.

    One thing I had to learn–we like the simple stuff around here as well, but I do make recipes–I just use very little processed food in them. It’s been a very gradual thing. It started with “well it doesn’t take that much more time to scramble an egg instead of grabbing breakfast on my way to work” or “really it takes less time to open a tuna package and put it over lettuce and cottage cheese than it does to drive to Subway.” Now it’s “well, it’s fun to make my own Guacamole/pancake mix/salad dressing.”

    Disclaimer: I still don’t make my own pasta. But I buy whole wheat w/flax seed pasta. So I call that good.

    Oh and it’s cheaper! All that processing is expensive.

  35. says

    Clean fuel = longer lasting, better running engine
    Dirty fuel = clogged engine, multiple stops at the mechanic, new “car” purchase sooner rather than later and often you can’t afford this type of purchase.

  36. Mary Anne in Kentucky says

    Reading labels: my food allergies growing up forced me to learn to read labels pretty soon after I learned to read. The consequence being that I don’t eat very much that comes with a label on it. (Ice cream–the exception to everything!)

  37. says

    Am striving towards clean eating. Sometimes, I think I just eat too much of the good stuff and must have dark chocolate almost daily. My family is now willing to eat quinoa as their side dish!

  38. Kellie says

    I remember a boyfriend’s coach saying garbage in garbage out.
    That’s clean eating to me 😉

    I’m happy too that the comments aren’t closed.
    I was afraid that was going to be a new thing here!


  39. Miz says

    peeking in from the handheld but had to add POD? Kellie? It IS that simple (and that difficult) huh?

    Diana? Miz.Skipping Ahead To Next Week?

    Yes. Sparingly. Not as focus of meal.


  40. says

    Thanks for this! My experience is much like yours, that the cleaner my diet, the more I can eat. Funny thing is that when I’m eating clean, I’m not as hungry. I really think there’s something in our processed foods that sets off cravings. I’m no conspiracy nut. I don’t think it’s intentional. But I know how my body feels, and when I’m eating whole, natural foods that I’ve prepared myself, I eat less and I’m neither hungry nor obsessed.

  41. says

    I don’t know whether i do it as i should be, but yep i eat clean. We don’t really eat out. I do strive to have the freshest homemade food that i can, that way i monitor the ingredients and know exactly what goes into my body!

  42. says

    Although I am following ww currently, basically I’m really trying to eat “cleaner”. I do find that tracking what I eat makes me more aware of portion size and my overall choices in a day or week. (even though it can be a pain at times and sometimes I don’t do it! It’s not too time consuming online- which is how I track with ww.)

    I also signed up for a weekly organic veggie and fruit delivery which I’ve meant to do for so long and I love it! Now veggies and fruits (sometimes lacking in my weekly meals) are shaping my recipe choices more. Yeah for that!

    I love your idea of making food choices that you can “live” with, cause that’s what I’m going for to. I don’t feel like I’m on a “diet” right now, even though I’m losing weight. (well, except over March Break) I can do this if the food I face every day doesn’t bore me to death. I hate feeling deprived. I know you kwim! :)

  43. says

    i’m back and i’ve miisssssed you!!! although i think you were in my head, or on my shoulder while i was away lol:) lots of “hey, i didn’t see a double chocolate fudge sundae on your vision board, and u aren’t really hungry, so why is it you are thinking of ordering one when the raspberry frozen yogurt with fresh raspberries looks so so yummy?”


  44. says

    I admit I did not read all the links or all the comments, so selfishly and lazily I’m hoping for my own answer. In fact, I’m so selfish & lazy, I’d be most thrilled if you left the answer on my site as a comment.

    2 questions: do you sweeten things like the irish oats? What do you use for sweeteners? Are all treats/sweets fruit based? (that counts as a single question–sweets)

    2nd question: have you ever been fat? If so for how long and how fat (like how many pounds overweight). Just curious.

  45. says

    I eat clean in the sense that I almost never (maybe once every 3 months or so) eat fast food, no soda, no HFCS, fruit or veggies with every meal, complex carbs, and lean protein.

    And BK and I only eat out during “treat” meals (although we will order in the weekly pizza/pick up a bag of pizza rolls a week).

  46. Heidi says

    I am all about the sauces too Java!
    Don’t despair there are plenty of health options for sauces!!

    What’s the deal with not addressing that, Miz?

  47. Heidi says

    Oops. My bad, reread your post and this is your definition.

    For me it is about taste and healthy versions of things I enjoy LIKE SAUCES.


  48. says

    Thanks for this! I’ve oft wondered what a daily menu is like for you, I just never had the cojones to ask. :) I too am all about never being hungry to the point of insanity, because strange and bad things occur when I feel that way. I eat very often (every 2-3 hrs) and it really works for me, so I guess my style of eating is similar to yours, though not as clean as your cleanest. I would say I’m probably 70% clean? -ish? On a good day? It’s got to strike the balance as qualifying as an objectively healthy meal/snack by most people’s standards but delicious enough to make me feel like I’m treating myself well and not just being a martyr for eating something “healthy.”

  49. says

    Great post Miz! Not boring at all…

    I also strive to eat “clean”. I also find that I’m not as hungry when I’m eating this way.

    But, I struggle with the “cheat” meal. One little bit of processed garbage can send me into a three-day binge…

  50. says

    Loved the post Miz! What do you do when you are craving dairy queen or cheese curds or french silk pie, or anything else like that?

  51. says

    Commenting while munching on my Irish oats and a hardboiled egg.

    The more I eat clean, the better I feel. The clearer I think. The harder I lift. The longer I go. The better I sleep. The fuller I live.

    Stack that against a Whopper any day and see which wins.

  52. Miz says

    Tony? That’s next week 😉

    Short version?
    I heed the cravings.

    (& I emailed you)


  53. says

    Awesome post! I too NEVER count calories, don’t go hungry, don’t count fat grams, “points” or anything else. I also NEVER look at a nutrient or macronutrient to “decide” on what to eat.

    I DO go for taste — REAL taste of REAL food — and what will make my body feel good. I’ve learned that my body truly is a temple and if I treat it right, the rewards I get are unbelievable. My life has completely changed!

    I eat what I what, when I want, and how I want. But I didn’t always, and now I help others who were just like me because it IS possible. The freedom I now have is unbelievable.

    All the “diet” info out there is just not right — all the dieting, eating low-fat, chemical food is doing such harm to our bodies and in the end makes us GAIN weight.

    We have to start taking PLEASURE in our meals and stop fearing it. Stop looking at food as the enemy. And learn to relax, trust your body, and make peace with food.

  54. says

    Wow, that’s an eye opener. I am inherently submissive, I guess, because I always order off the menu like a good girl. I never thought to be more assertive and go off the grid.

    Also, your diet really does seem to be close to the paleolithic diet. Most of it comes down to clean, unprocessed foods that we can naturally digest. Well, except for the grain consumption, I guess.

    Looking forward to your sample menu next week. This is fascinating stuff.

  55. says

    Right there with you, Miz. During my year of consciously trying to lose weight, I actually ate more than I had before — just different kinds of food. Mini-meals of lean protein, veggies, complex carbs, etc.

    The biggest revelation? How much better I FEEL when I eat this way.

  56. says

    Thanks for this post, Miz–I was one who wanted to know more. I even own books on clean eating and still want to know more!

    We recently started the irish steel cut oats and DH seems to like them and has been making them for himself, which is nice since he’s not always great about feeding himself a decent breakfast (and I’m sure as heck not getting up at the crack of dawn to do it for him).

  57. Miz says

    love all your thoughts and, as I crouch in the back @ mommy & me spanish, had to address what camevil said.

    It was such a shock for me too.

    I always ordered what was offered and ate it.

    And didn’t like it.
    (I’m a lifelong nosaucefan)

    It was Ren Man (then my boyfriend) who said:

    Just ask for it how you want it.

    And, without being Meg Ryan in the scene we all know, it worked.

    A smile when asking works wonders huh?

    (And amen Dineen & Dara)

  58. says

    It’s so funny how you’re so CONVINCED that this is boring stuff, whereas in reality we all LOVE hearing this kind of information. This is some of my favorite kind of stuff to read about!

    I’m all over this philosophy. To the point where I feel uncomfortable about eating store bought bread (ie. not homemade or from a local bakery), or about eating frozen perogies/cereal/packets of oatmeal.

    And I’m not so good with portion sizes (I know how big they SHOULD be. Just not so good with sticking to it), so I like to eat large quantities of healthy stuff (she says as she munches on her fourth piece of banana bread…)

  59. Miz says

    I tweeted anne back but dr.sears will, I hope, be answering that question for us.

    And, if anyone loves the scienceWRITING & wants to guest post—-id love it!

    I’m a reader not a writer.

  60. Alyssa says

    Through intuitive eating and non-dieting I have come to (mostly) clean eating. I know that the times in my life when I have felt healthiest have been when I ate good, real food. And I HATE feeling deprived!!!!!!
    I also hate rules: what to eat, which combinations, what not to eat, when to eat, how much, food plans, etc., etc. Diets NEVER work for me, I always rebel.
    It makes sense to be able to actually EAT. And to be proactive about my health through things like food and movement.
    There are two things I heard last week that have had a profound effect on me: someone asked me “When did you learn that deprivation is a good thing?” And the other was from the CD version of “Intuitive Eating”: one of the authors had a client who thought she was a binge eater. The author (also a nutritionist) told her that maybe she was just hungry! (What a concept!) And to try eating every 2-3 hours. It worked.
    It’s amazing, how we think we don’t have the RIGHT to eat!!!!!!!

  61. says

    I seem to eat clean also! I think we can adapt to most any healthy eating style as consistency is key and the body adapts. I don’t do it like you, but so what, my results are pretty good, and I believe in peacefully letting other people eat the way they choose!

    I eat warrior style, but I’m weird, but you knew that :-)

  62. says

    To describe how I felt reading this post would just be a HUGE sigh of relief. I’ve never read a more fantastic approach to “eating clean” in my life. Thank you for taking the time to write this down, it helped me tremendously.

  63. says

    I have been trying to eat this way more and more – this year has been a real success for the most part. Food just tastes better :) And yeah, I can eat more and be full and still maintain my weight. Cuz I’m reating real food.
    I don’t realise the affect until I”m out and have an order of food, or food made by others that is full of salt/fat/saucy stuff and I think “meh”.
    And this is someone who used to dip her bacon in gravy and cheese in ranch dressing. I know where of I speak. Food tastes better on it’s own. Yes I use spices but it’s a different approach to letting the good things in the food come through. I’ve always thought “eating clean” was a bit too extreme (a life of eating chicken breasts and carrot sticks) but there is a way to make “clean” eating a reality.
    A tasty reality :)

  64. says

    I’m a fan of using the “single ingredient rule” to define eating clean… which is pretty close the same thing you’re getting at here. There are a handful of thermogenic spices I throw on things, which SERIOUSLY reduces the “need” to add salt (and I’m a salt junkie). I’m a little more anal than you sometimes though, if I’m really paying attention (which judging by the three pieces of pizza last night – avocado sundried tomato gargonzola – I’m really not one to claim dietary sainthood today) I’ll alternate b/w veggie/protein. So ya, if I get up and have a grapefruit, I can have an egg in a few hours, then some broccoli, then some beans, you get the pic. It’s more to curb cravings than anything.

    But I’m not nearly as hawt as the Miz!!!

  65. says

    Hey MizFit, good info there. Maybe it seems to you that this is a dull topic but for many the concept of eating clean is brand new & pretty dang interesting.

    What I’m curious about is how you’ve adapted your way of eating for your toddler. In reading various weight loss blogs, I’m always amazed by people who eat pretty well but are still going to fast food for their kids. They also seem to think that kids won’t eat anything unless it’s sweetened with refined sugar or HFCS.

  66. says

    Just like you, I don’t count calories and I eat every 3 hours or so.

    I’m getting better at eating more fruit and veggies, but I still have a tendency to eat too much refined carbs.

  67. Miz says

    lee? toddler does as I do for the most part and mainly because its what she likes…for now anyway. I know later in life when peergroup is a bigger influncer it may change? that said she does get treats (hello potty training!) but tends to self regulate.)

    and chiarunner? we need to hook up. with Toddler. At book people. Im on it :)

  68. says

    I love how much I can eat when I stick to healthy foods. I’ve seen people look shocked at my packed work lunches with their abundance of fruits, veggies, nonfat yogurt, turkey…but I’m eating way fewer calories than their smaller take out lunches. And I bet I’m way more satisfied.

  69. says

    this is one of my favorite posts ever. I was just remarking yesterday that somehow in the last few months I have fallen into trying to make bad foods healthier (like the veggie lasagna leftovers I have for lunch tomorrow) rather than going back to basics.. so i am finally back to basics.

    for me eating clean is something i can only do 80% of the time. the rest of the time I will be indulging in random foods like granola bars/chocolate etc, because that’s the only way I can eat clean the rest of the time.

    my typical day looks like this:
    Breakfast: multigrain english muffin + 1 tbs peanut butter + half banana
    Snack: raw vegetable
    Lunch: low carb wrap with organic turkey and cheese and side of raw veggies or a huge salad with fish or something like that
    Snack: big bowl of fruit and a couple of nuts or yogurt with berries and nuts
    Dinner: the classic steamed protein + veggies plus small serving whole grain carbs OR salad

    And sometimes I will have a granola bar instead of snack, or a small piece of tiramisu after dinner,and i KNOW that those little treats are why I am stuck at the weight I am. Which is why I am eating even better now and leads me to my question…

    I’d like to change that to even more steamed protein + veggie options but I no longer rally like chicken or beef, and I don’t like to reheat fish. ANY IDEAS FOR GOOD PROTEIN SOURCES?!

  70. says

    Love it!

    When I’m at my “cleanest” I’m all about as little processed food as possible – including snubbing store-bought bread for my own homemade loaves.

    Most of the time I fall in the in-between category; as little processed food as possible, with allowances for the occasional non-homemade whole grain bagel/bread/whatever. As long as I’m feeling good and avoiding crap like 100 cal packs of junk or ff sf jello, I think I’m doing pretty well.

    I ? real food!

  71. says

    Hey you “clean” up nicely…lol…ok, that was a bit lame, but I like to see we have the same idea when it comes to eating clean. This is the plan I’m pretty much going to teach our Opera Singer’s group when they get their meal plans. 6 meals of clean, unprocessed eating…I think it’s the best idea out there, especially if they’re taking up a fitness regiment.

    Great blog, thanks for the share :)


  72. Nan says

    I laughed out loud at the Fudruckers comment.

    That is my life.
    I take my 3 boys places like that in an effort to please them (some days) and just try and make the best choices for all of us there.

    Thanks MizFit.

  73. says

    Hmmm– part of eating clean for me is trying really, really, really hard to learn what works for my body. And then…pretty much doing the same thing over and over. Talk about boring!

  74. says

    (wrinkling my nose at tofu). i just prefer something more natural, if that makes sense (like eggs or fish).

    chicken = no sometimes, because it is slimy. but other times I still love it. weird right?

    i am just so sick of the same old things!! eggs, tilapia, tuna, sometimes chicken, vegetarian meals, repeat.

    turkey slices.. working on that now, but need to disguise it with cheese which i am thinking is not clean eating haah

  75. says

    I only disagree on one point, and I think it’s only a matter of context. You said, what is eating clean NOT? Eating less. For clarity, I interpret this as meaning that the volume of food is not diminished. However, if you are truly eating clean, the caloric content is probably less as you are consuming less unnecessary sugar, oil, etc.. So, while the quantity appears the same, because the quality is higher the calorie content is probably lower.

    Thanks for this post. I often use the term “clean” when referring to eating. I think the confusion people have with this term has less to do with a lack of clarity as it does with a lack of compliance. In other words, I think people are hoping for an answer that doesn’t require a modification of behavior. How else can we explain billions of dollars worth of useless pills, powders, supplements and diet plans sold every year?

  76. says

    I wasn’t exactly the poster child for clean eating last week (*blush*), but I aim for it. I’ve got a food plan and keep a written tracker, but I often don’t stick to the plan completely. (Which sometimes does come back to bite me….) I’ve found that I focus most on “clean” eating with my carbohydrates, favoring vegetables/fruits/dairy over starches, and my starches are generally whole grain (or at least low-spike and high satisfaction, like small quantities of dark chocolate). That said, sometimes a girl just wants a darn sugar-free popsicle or low carb ice cream or no-sugar-added jam on her toast, darn it. Fake stuff is sometimes, for me, a better choice when venturing into the 20% of the 80-20 rule. :-)

  77. says

    I agree with the single ingredient/not adulturated food concept. But limiting good fats is actually unhealthy and counterproductive to maintaining weight and health. Our societal fat-phobia is causing many problems (too complex for a short comment, but stop by my blog sometime for more). Ditto for the salt restrictions–as long as you are eating real salt, not refined salt. We need the minerals in true, unrefined salt, which can be eaten liberally with no problems. Refined salt is just as bad for us as refined sugar (and looks the same, no?)

  78. says

    I am a clean eater as well. I eat every 2-3 hours & no added salt as well. Things like Mrs. Dash or equivalent & other spices work great for me. I love adding hot/sweet mustard to things too & I look for a very clean ingredient list. Yup, the cleaner you eat, the more calories you can eat. I have been at this a long time & have done it wrong for sure so I am glad I now know the basics & as my body has changed over the years & especially now with hormone major changes due to my age, I know how to work it & change my food plan accordingly. It works for me so I am fine with it. I tell people if thy want to be really cut, see those abs & muscles, then they are going to have to eat clean. If they just want to lose weight & go down a couple sizes but the “cuts & abs” are no big deal, then there is more leeway to eat “less clean”. It is all about your own personal goals & what works for you & not necessarily anyone else.

  79. says

    Very similar. I’m not a tracker or counter either. Thus my rebellion against scales and journaling. I, too, educated myself and read labels. My meals are loosely planned – as to what categories and how much – protein, carb, veggie, fruit, dairy. So, I guess I already did the counting in the planning.

    *I* choose to move more and more toward cleaner and cleaner. I can give up the sugar, but not the salt. I have reduced it, but not eliminated it. And, I do partake in the chemical goodness of Skinny Cow everyday. Not willing to give that up either. I think that’s one of the few processed foods and one of the only that isn’t organic.

  80. nolafwug says

    Awesome! I am slooowly eating cleaner and cleaner. But slowly.

    Every week it seems I look at the ingredient label of a food I’m about to eat and I’m like “What? HFCS in the yogurt I eat every day?” and the next week, “How much sugar are they adding to this ‘all natural’ yogurt anyway?” Or is the sugar natural somehow, like fruit sugar?

    Would *love* to hear more about reading nutrition labels, yah! Especially re: sugars pretty please!

    My kids grew up on SAD, sadly so I have to very very gradually switch out the foods they are used to for healthier alternatives. We can’t go from dirty to clean overnight. That’s too harsh. But we’re improving week by week.

    Eating clean doesn’t make me feel “deprived.” It makes me feel “spoiled.” Fresh fruits and veggies are The Good Stuff in my opinion. Who wants Twizzlers when you can have actual strawberries (well, 95% of the time!)?

  81. MizFit says

    lovelovelove your insights and thoughts as always and adore that many of you dont agree with me.

    as Im sure you wont next week :)

    although theres not too much to disagree about I guess as what I eat is what I eat huh?

    and merely an answer to the question you asked of what a typical day looks like.

    Im fully aware Im a role model for NOTHING.

    I yam what I yam.

  82. Kelley Burrus says

    Great point….just don’t pick up the menu while dining out. I must entertain but it doesn’t have to ruin me.

  83. Lia says

    I generally eat real clean, but, as with most, there is a certain amount of compromise, though my options are limited as a vegan.

    I have to say that when I don’t worry about calories etc. I automatically eat cleaner, and just the right amount for my body resulting in a perfect balance especially when coupled with fitness. Since you say you didn’t get into the habit of counting calories you wouldn’t, by any chance, have any advice on how to get OUT of the habit of doing it? I seem to be stuck in something of a counting calorie rut.

    Also, how on earth do you keep up with all of these comments? There are so many!

  84. says

    I love the approach that both you and Erica are taking! I definitely feel my best on the days where I’m not worried about calorie intake and am simply focused on “clean” – that’s one thing I’ve found by reducing the amount of added sugar in my diet. It’s basically just another way of saying eat those fruits, veggies and lean proteins instead of processed crap. Oh yeah, and perhaps a package of salmon :)

    Can’t wait for part dos!

  85. says

    I’m at a point right now where I have to count calories – I hadn’t realized that I was eating WAY too few, and now I have to track them to make sure I eat enough! But I love the clean eating. Michael Pollan says, “If your grandmother wouldn’t recognize it as food, don’t eat it.” I figure that’s a good rule of thumb, LOL.

    (Although I’m not giving up my sugar-free flavored coffee creamer. Every morning I have a tablespoon of straight chemicals in my coffee. But I LOVE it.)

    The hardest part for me, is figuring out how to afford all organic, free-range, grass-fed meat. That stuff is EXPENSIVE.

  86. MizFit says

    But limiting good fats is actually unhealthy and counterproductive to maintaining weight and health.

    YES. YES. YES.

    Since you say you didn’t get into the habit of counting calories you wouldn’t, by any chance, have any advice on how to get OUT of the habit of doing it? I seem to be stuck in something of a counting calorie rut.

    That’s a post in and of itself huh? a book. it is a challenge and, IMO, a day by day thing…until it’s not. until youve worked so hard NOT to focus on it that you allofthesuddenrealizeoneday you no longer do.
    (and yes. I realize it is NOT that simple–but this is a coment 😉 not a post)

    I love Michael Pollans line, Marste, as it is that simple!! And why I was initially attracted to the Zone.
    It is totally something my grandma would have done/a way she’d have eaten.

  87. says

    I love how sensibly you eat – just like you do everything! You are the moderation mama and I aspire to be you some day. Bring on the rational!

  88. says

    I started eating “cleaner” in January of this year. I love how it makes me feel and try to make all my choices clean. I do sometimes eat what is convenient but I’m learning that clean is actually easier to do!

    One thing I still like is flavored coffee creamer. The dreaded SF variety. 😀

    Being a diet addict 😉 sometimes I spend way too much time counting and tracking. I hate it but get nervous that I’ll eat too much and not lose anything. Lately I’ve eaten too little and don’t lose much. I still have 80+ pounds to lose and still working on what works for me. I love getting a peek into what works for you and The Bumbling Band!

  89. Cami says

    Whoa. How do you get so many comments?!

    I love your approach and know that when I am doing the same sort of thing I feel so so much better as well.

    thanks Miz.

  90. says

    I really admire the fact that your emphasis is on what works for YOU. It is so easy to fall into the trap of believing that what works for someone else MUST work for everyone.

    By my own definition I do eat clean, because I cook almost everything from scratch (including bread and pasta) using basic ingredients. I am a sucker for sauces (mmm curries) though so I couldn’t imagine grilled meat frequently (that and I mostly eat vegetarian). On the other hand, a large portion of what I eat is vegetables because otherwise I do put on weight. That is the intuitive part that you talk about. At the end of the day eating should be pleasurable rather than stressful, otherwise maybe meal replacements are a good option (YUCK!).

  91. says

    This is exactly how I define eating clean…if only I ate that way…the world would be a happier place (with less grumbling from me atleast). I do, however, make sure about the soruce of protien in each meal. Another thing I have figured, works for me is very high protien vs carb oriented meals. Oatmeal in the morning makes me hungry way faster than an egg rolled up in a pita. More calories for the oatmeal..but hungry disha…no good!

  92. says

    agreement all around! I eat clean 90 % of the time (rough approximation) Although the “time” right now is GS cookie season..soo that’s another story. It’s nice that once you start eating clean- you really don’t crave/want/desire/tempt yourself with all that dirtay stuff. I read your 1st linked “dull” article- loved it, and now I want a PB zone bar…DAMN YOU RECALL!!

  93. says

    When it comes to food choices, I’m mostly in line with Miz, including the jerky. Clean but still flexible.

    BUT–having a 75 pound weight loss goal, I didn’t start seeing the scale really start moving until I started counting calories (and sharing my food log with my trainer at the Y). Writing it down, seeing it on the computer, has made me really change my food choices.

    It totally rocks that with my workouts, I can eat just under 2000 calories and still lose weight at about 1-2 pounds per week!

    But having recently found out that I’m pregnant and already seeing some of the wierdness of my appetite changes similar to what has happened in previous pregnancies, I may drop the calorie counting and just do a food log. I tend to get obsessive, gaining 6 and 0 pounds with my two kids.

    Miz, I’d love to hear what your experiences were with diet and exercise when you were pregnant!

  94. says

    I love posts like this!! I am getting better and better about “cleaning up” my meals, slowly but surely. My problem now is that I’m not as creative in the kitchen, so I have trouble coming up with quick and easy things to do with veggies/fruits/etc. But I’m getting there :)

    I just recently started counting cals again because when I don’t, I have a greater tendency to binge eat…but hopefully some day I will be able to control this and rely on a plentitude of whole, unprocessed foods to fill me up. One step at a time! Thanks for the inspiring post!

  95. Debra says

    I miss being one of the first to post but I am so behind! I strive for clean eating too but being a vegetarian I go for the shortcut soy-frozen meals for breakfast and lunch sometimes which is not so clean but would be fine if I could only make myself workout more. And I eat best when I plan ahead and have all the healthy stuff handy and ready to go on Sunday night. As always, you are my inspiration. Thank YOU

  96. says

    I love the concept of clean eating. It’s so sensible, exactly the way I’m sure our bodies were designed to eat. I eat much better than I did 5 years ago at 250 pounds, but I’m still working on eating cleaner. I’m getting there!

    Thanks for always providing so much great information and inspiration!

  97. says

    You are doing it right in my opinion. I’m slowly trying to detox myself from the addictions to sugary processed food I picked back up while living at home. When I was on my own I ate really clean and was felt sooo good. So I’m hoping to get back to that soon. :)

  98. says

    we eat a lot alike!!! I just put my hubby on a fun new eating plan, that is basically the Body for Life Method..he wants to lose 14 pounds..I hope this works for him:)

  99. says

    “As with setting myself up with a workout routine I could maintain for life I wanted to eat in a fashion I could maintain for the proverbial long haul.”

    Amen sista. A to the MEN.

    I don’t know why it’s taken this long for that lightbulb to turn on. But (in case you hadn’t gathered) I totally agree and LOVE your non-numbers living.

  100. says

    I like the way that you eat! I lost my 100+ lbs by doing exactly what you did and do. Eat healthy. I occasionally will look at a label, but for the most part you can look at a product and know if it is good or bad. Of course moderation is always the way to go.
    You are spot on when you eat clean. Makes complete sense to me.

  101. says

    I’m in for Part Deux, Miz. I just subscribed recently to Clean Eating magazine. If you haven’t seen it (doubtful given your knowledge), it’s a good magazine with lots of great clean recipes and pictures. I have to have the pictures!

  102. Twix says

    I strive to eat clean too or atleast I think I do. It’s a process and I’m training my family to follow. Except can’t seem to do much about the sugar eating hubby, hah. I’m also about not counting calories. I’m sort of in a counting/not counting limbo land. You’re right it does tend to drive one nutz. But here’s my question is it possible to lose 200lbs, never be hungry (i love this part), while eating clean? Or should those of us who have mass amounts to shed off be doing something different? Thanks!

  103. MizFit says

    I just subscribed recently to Clean Eating magazine. If you haven’t seen it (doubtful given your knowledge), it’s a good magazine with lots of great clean recipes and pictures. I have to have the pictures!

    Steph? That made me giggle as I asked them to do a giveaway for this post. It didnt work out.

  104. says

    I’m looking forward to seeing what you eat :-)

    I’m curious though – the 6 small meals….are they all about equal or is it 3 meals – 3 snacks?

  105. says

    Finally someone who agrees with me that a calorie is not a calorie. I eat a lot AND maintain my weight loss. I used to eat a lot and was about 100 pounds heavier. It’s the food choices that have made such a huge difference in my life. Yes, my breakfast may contain the same amount of calories they used to, but a big bowl of oat bran with protein powder is NOT THE SAME as 2 donuts. I don’t care what the studies say, my body has told me otherwise.

    Clean eating people…listen to the woman. She speaks the truth!

  106. says

    I have been working towards a more clean diet and I think the benefits are far beyond just weight. I am hoping also through my blog to encourage others as you are to keep moving towards those better food choices…which doesn’t have to mean boring or non-tasty!!

    way to go on informing the masses!

  107. says

    I eat clean six days of the week… but I give myself one day where if I want to eat junk, I can. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. Seems to keep me saner than just saying no to junk forever.

    I like clean eating because I get lots of food. And great quality food at that! I’m all for more! At the same time, I do get hungry sometimes on a calorie deficit. Not hugely so, but enough to notice. For me, I think it’s not a bad thing to know the feeling sometimes. Own it, realize I’ll live through it and move on. Most of the time, I’m not hungry though.

    I do calorie count currently, but that’s because I like my veggies and I can eat a LOT of clean food. Eating clean doesn’t equal automatic weight loss for me. But it doesn’t drive me nuts to do it. One day I won’t… but for now, it is helping me keep the weight coming off.

  108. says

    As a trainer, I wish it was so simlpe as just having people count and cut calories. It’s hard enough to get clients to even journal without a brow beating.

    I’ve never seen so many comments on a post…ever. I want my blog to be like this one when it grows up!

  109. says

    i am using sparkpeople to count cals right now, as i’m just now really truly gonna-do-this-if-it-kills-me getting on the bandwagon of this healthy living thing. but i’m such a creature of habit when it comes to what i eat, i’m sure that soon enough i’ll just “know” what makes a good balance for me throughout each day & i won’t have to write down every bite. *soon*

    i loved reading this post, miz!

  110. says

    ummm, did I WRITE this post, missy?!!!

    Do you know I call it “clean” too? always have. no counting or obsessing please- too crazy, too energy-draining and feels so terrible to always be conducting little data-surveys.

    My “clean” basically got rid of most things with labels. I get really scared to tell people this, I get scared that all my prospective clients will go screaming in fear, running for the hills or the closest WW or Jenny Craig and the points and fake food… ugh.

    I am eating seriously whole food these days. And loving it- because the cleaner the food, the lighter I feel energetically, creatively, mood-wise all of it. I was a serious sugar-addict for many years, and it seriously was like a drug for me, most processed carbs too. And it was awful-

    And to make it more awful, I worked with women and teens with eating disorders- and could help them, no problem. But could not do it myself.

    I also now have a husband that grows things and cooks-
    he cooks my clean food and makes it very very fabulous. It is embarrassing how good it is, how much of a fuss somebody (that somebody being me, of course) can make over eggplant on the grill with basil and tomatoes (all by the way from our summer garden, not now of course) with some mozzarella… And there I am oohing and aahing and groaning with sensual simple joy, over …. some vegetables. Believe me, sometimes I cannot believe this is me.

    But the 2 things I love BEST about eating “clean” and well, are
    1. How good simple things taste. Seriously, cauliflower tastes sweet. weird…

    2. How good I feel in the morning- light, and alert, and happy, and not as old as I am (almost 52)

    oh and here is my third thing
    I look really young. And maybe it’s just good genetics, maybe… but maybe it’s all that clean food. just sayin’, there are some VERY good benefits.

    The cleaner I eat, the cleaner it gets, until I start to worry that I am becoming a little mental, but I still adore food, and with clean food you can eat really well and be really satisfied and your body knows exactly precisely what to do with it, how to digest it, how to metabolize it. Because it’s natural, we evolved on it, and all that good stuff.

    So, I ramble…. it’s all that 140-character limitation in Twitter, like a diet for wordies.

    thanks Carla- wish I could make you a clean lunch at my place, in apple-orchard country Massachusetts.

    xox and blessings-
    Lisa @IntuitiveBody.com

  111. says

    ha, i’m so late on this post, but i wanted to catch up on my miz this week… i agree with so much… but haven’t been following through lately. trying to get back on track. i hate to be hungry too, but i’ve gotten a little overzealous on that front :)

  112. says

    yeah yeah yeah! i am so glad you are posting about your eating. and i waiting until last minute to comment because i wanted to read all of your comments on your reader’s eating habits. i eat really clean but i am going to make an effort to eat more protein. or maybe like one of your readers said…alternating protein in the “mini meals”. hummmm, i like having more to think about! thanks and looking forward to more food posts.

  113. says

    You were right, this is a helpful post. I could stand to throw in some more lean protein, but from what I just read, I actually eat pretty clean. (Okay, fine. I put maple syrup on my whole wheat waffles..)

    I can’t imagine counting calories for the rest of my life, even though I’m doing it now. I am pretty sure it will eventually land me in this CrazyTown that you speak of. It sounds like I just need to cut out some of my “go to” foods, which are low cal, but still processed. And, of course, STEP AWAY FROM THE CHEESE!
    Baby steps, though. Baby steps…..

  114. Jasmine says

    So eating plain instant oatmeal is not clean? The only ingrediant is 100% whole grain oats, so I do not see how that is not “clean.”

  115. says

    I bought this product with the thought characteristic of losing several underscoring. When I foremost tried this product amalgamation, I did not notice warmly denotative of a adaptation, but (over and) done with the weeks the discord was plain. I notice this product and a minute practice a week makes admirable results

  116. says

    Thanks for helping out, superb information. “Considering how dangerous everything is, nothing is really very frightening.” by Gertrude Stein.


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