National Start! Walking Day.

subtitle: Much to your chagrin, oh International Bumbling Banders, I’m dragging you into the mix as well.

Hear ye! Hear ye!  Are you all fully aware that tomorrow, April 8th, is National Start! Walking Day?

N.S.W.D., sponsored by the American Heart Association, is pretty much just an effort to get us all off our collective asses a day which focuses wholly on the benefits of  walking for health.

The importance of returning to a basic movement/mode of exercise in this age of people working longer hours & choosing (note the word) to spend more leisure time in a sedentary fashion as well.

(Im about 50/50—you? I do love me some Millionaire Matchmaker in the name of unwinding yet I also enjoy a vigorous monkey bar session at the park.)

YADA YADA YADA what’s my point?

Why am I telling you this?

Because National Start! Walking Day and its emphasis on the simple concepts of Start! & walk, are key to fitness success.

I receive countless emails (from men and women) which all ask the same question:

Im ready to get started working out, Miz. I wanted to know what the best exercise is? What should I do to burn the most calories as I need to lose a lot of weight.  I’m unsure what is best and once I know I can start.  I don’t want to waste my time on the wrong thing.

(real email. permission to use anonymously granted)

The answer? (waitforit) Start!

Pick something and run walk with it!

Should you realize along the yogapilatesspinningWALKING way it isn’t your passion—-switch!

The key to success? Start!ing. (It sounds so obvious yet can feel so elusive to those of us who suffer from Paralysis by Analysis.)

Do something every day to get your body moving.

If you’re one of my emailers waiting for the answer as to what the best!exercise!is! here you go:  find your shoes & mark the calendar: tomorrow is your day.*

The American Heart Association challenges us all to Walk More, Eat Well, Live Longer & this MizFit wholly concurs.

Been putting off starting your fitness routine?

Get  derailed over the holidays & not yet back on track (yes, those holidays. the ones which are now 3 months in the rear view mirror. you know who you are.) ?

Tomorrow’s your day.

Open your door. Step outside. And Start! walking.

Walking for as little as 30 minutes a day can reduce your risk of heart disease.

Walking can improve blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

Walking is a great time killer when you have a Tornado of a Toddler (just checking to see if you were still paying attention).

Walking is can improve your entire blood lipid profile.

Walking can reduce the risk of breast and colon cancer.

Walking, even briefly, can weaken chocolate cravings.**

Walking can reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

Walking, if you’re MizFit, can be almost meditative.

Walking, in its throw-door-open-and-go simplicity, has the lowest dropout rates of any physical activity.

And, according to my boyfriend Dr. Mehmet Oz, if you cant walk 1/4 of a mile in 5 minutes the chance you’ll be dead in 3 years is 3 times higher then if you could.

(Gotta love The Mehmet.  No AgaveNectarCoating anything with that guy.)

You in? For Tomorrow? For the proverbial long haul? Ready to climb back on the fitness wagon via stepping out your front door?

Here are a few tips to get you started:

Wear good walking shoes/comfy clothing:

This seems like a no brainer but, as with many common sense concepts, it bears repeating.  Shoes which are fantastic for yoga or weight training often ARENT good choices for walking (hello, personal experience!).

Wear clothes which are breathable, protect you from the elements, and dont force you to be checking yourself every 3 minutes to be sure you’re not flashing people/cars driving past (hello, tights I didnt realize were so low rise!)

Start slowly

Another one which should be obvious—-but bears repeating.  Slowly refers to both pace & length of time. Remember, we wanna do this for the long haul.  Our goal is NOT to get so sore the first few days out that we need a hiatus after a week.  Set yourself up for success & think marathon not sprint.


To stretch or not to stretch? There shouldnt be a question.  Be sure to warm up before you stretch so that your muscles are warm & pliable. This warm up can be as easy as walking up & down stairs at home or you can amble outside for a bit and then stop & take the time to stretch.

Here are some basic walking stretches to get you started.  Im also a fan of Bob Anderson’s book: Stretching.

Cool down after each walking session

To reduce stress on your heart & muscles be sure to end each walking session with a cool down. I know this piece of the work out can be easy to skip, but it’s important to make the time.  Walk slowly for about five minutes at the end of your walking workout.  After the cool down, if you can spare the time, it’s fantastic to repeat your stretches.

Next week? We’re talking intervals.  Ways to go from walking to power walking and power walking to jogging.  I know, try to not fall off the edge of your collective seats in anticipation.

*MizFit note: The holiday is tomorrow. Me? I think there’s no day like today (shout out to the musical Rent). Yank your walking shoes on this afternoon.  Pull em on tonight after work.  Hell, wear them to work today!  Anything to get a jump on tomorrow’s celebration.

**MizFit note: Researchers in the UK found that a short walk weakened chocolate cravings.  Cravings dropped by 12 percent (over participants who remained idle) after a 15 minute walk.


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  1. says

    WALKING! Great way to start exercising! My mom swears up and down about her walking routine and is very upset when she can’t get it in!

    Great tips here Miz!…off to walk the pooch the 2 miles to the park…living in a concrete jungle really gets you going!

  2. says

    “**MizFit note: Researchers in the UK found that a short walk weakened chocolate cravings. Cravings dropped by 12 percent (over participants who remained idle) after a 15 minute walk.”

    Love it – nothing like a good old bit of aversion therapy!!
    Great post Miz, love Liz xx

  3. says

    Already been walking for ages! LOL!

    Dh and I got rid of our car years ago, choosing rather to walk places that are within a few miles from us. (Further away and we take the bus.) Dh bikes to and from work.

    It’s better for the environment, better for our health & definitely better for our waistlines!

  4. Bea says

    More stuff I had never heard of before :)

    Unlike many of your readers exercise is new to me and I am still trying to make it a permanent habit.
    Love the tips and the stretching video!!

  5. Katie says

    How much does that quote from Mehmet Oz freak me out???

    I am not usually a walker but I am going to try that test this afternoon.

    Have a great day!!

  6. says

    Love it! I had no idea there was a day for walking. I just emailed my loved ones who are halfway across the world from me and promised them that I’ll run 5 miles tomorrow morning as long as they walk just one mile. I’m hoping it gets them in their sneakers and out the door.

    Thanks Miz!

  7. says

    Weakened chocolate cravings! Oh man, where has that research been all my life. :)

    Walking is a wonderful place to start (or stay) and many people can lose weight and maintain weight loss by doing it. I personally have to have something more intense, but I am a big fan of walking mixed in along the way. I really enjoy the research and work of Mark Fenton. He is such a motivating person, as are you MizFit.

  8. Aimee says

    First time commenter and just wanted to say THANK YOU for reminding us it doesn’t need to be running until we drop.

    I laughed at your remark at the end about starting today because it felt like it was directed toward me.

    I love to put off until tomorrow what I can anytime it comes to exercise.

    I will walk TODAY.


  9. Melanie says

    I can see that with the dropout rate.
    I’ve dropped out of more exercise plans than I can even remember but walking I do every day :)

  10. says

    Millionaire Matchmaker? Totally addicted! But don’t worry, I get my exercise in too- just not while Millionaire matchmaker is on ;)

  11. says

    Thanks Miz, this is definitely a post I needed to read today. My exercise routine has fallen by the wayside. I’ve been feeling very crappy and I know it’s because of the lack of exercise. Thanks for the push in the right direction!

  12. Heidi says

    I could have written Natalia’s comment!

    Why does it feel like walking isn’t enough?

  13. dragonmamma/naomi w. says

    Pick a day, any day, and you’ll find me walking. To the Y, to the store, to the top of the parking garage for an after dinner stroll.

    Hmm…wonder if the drop in chocolate cravings has anything to do with passing all those piles of doggy-doo? (Clean up after your canines, folks!)

  14. says

    Ah, I’ll stick with the running, but good luck to everyone who takes the challenge! Now that spring is starting to come through, a walk outdoors on a sunny day is wonderful!

  15. Evan says

    I won’t lie to you, Miz and Bumbling Band: I skipped the meat out.

    I’ll do this one tomorrow with the dogs.

  16. says

    Me too the walking as meditation, also brainstorming session… I get so focused and full of ideas when I’m out hitting the pavement… I actually hear my mind wander of on random nothingness even when I stop to cross the road.. must keep moving moving moving.

  17. says

    This is timely for me–I’ve actually been trying to walk more since I’m preggers and can’t do all my usual favorite workouts. Now that the weather is (sometimes) nicer I’ve wanted to get out there. Unfortunately the weather has not been cooperative with my free moments to get out. My next aim is tomorrow while my 3-year old is in nursery school. Crossing my fingers that it won’t pour down rain on me like it did yesterday.

  18. says

    Oh, forgot to mention that walking with the hubby is good for our marriage–we always talk better about our long-range plans, etc. when we’re out walking together and not distracted by sports on TV (that would be him) or reading & writing blogs (that would be me). So our relationship always takes an upturn in the spring. (Worst time for us is college football season, esp. if his Aggies are losing–which happens a lot now.)

  19. says

    I always forget about how simple things can be. And, I alwyas say I’m too busy…but I’m not. I just need to make it a priority. Thanks for the reminder!

  20. says

    Walking is my go to exercise – if I’m not feeling up to anything else, I can always walk! And during good weather, walking outdoors is like meditation for me – an opportunity to clear my head. During not-so-good weather, my treadmill gets parked in front of the TV so I can do my watching & walking at the same time. :)

  21. says

    This reminds me of the riddle -How far can you walk into a forest? wait for it- “half way”.

    Walking is without a doubt, an exercise that just about anyone can do. It doesn’t take membership fees. There is no expensive equipment to purchase or move around. It can be done in any climate even up with the BagLady lives. You can have concrete, blacktop or just earth below you. You just need a good pair of walking shoes. Put one foot in front of the other, repeat and you’re doing it.

  22. MizFit says

    HOW MUCH DID I GIGGLE, Tom, when you called the Bag Lady out? :)

    We all feel for her huh?

    chant with me:

    Bring spring to the BL!
    Bring spring to the BL!!

  23. says

    I love walking! It’s the only thing that I have mostly continued to do, even when I quit everything else. Right now it’s the base of my fitness plan. I’ll be sure to get in a nice walk tomorrow for the holiday!

  24. Nan says

    Since we were talking about being ourselves yesterday I am going to be honest here and say I always feel as though walking just is not enough.

    I am gong to try and change my mindset starting tomorrow.

  25. says

    I am so excited that there’s a Start! Walking Day. If I could I think I’d marry walking. I heart it with all my heart!

    And was going to say the same thing about starting TODAY.

  26. says

    Thanks for the reminder, Miz! Tomorrow is the fiance’s birthday, and we’re going for a special dinner out, and I could definitely use the extra calorie burn of a walk before dinner. If that’s not reason enough, I’ll just keep telling myself that I don’t wanna let you down!

  27. seekatyrun says

    I finally got my exercise habit restarted this week and it feels so very good. Weather permitting, the kids and I will take a nice walk tomorrow — lately they have been riding their trikes while I walk, but my back has been too sore to push them up hills so we have skipped our outings.

    On the topic of starting — one of my favorite quotes from when I first started running is from John “the Penguin” Bingham: “The miracle isn’t that I finished. It’s that I had the courage to start.”

  28. says

    I heard about National Walking Day – what a GREAT idea. Especially with the warm weather coming (except for the blasted SNOW we had Sunday!), walking is great for a workout but also helps to clear my head. (Well, as clear as it’s gonna get). I think I’m going to start walking at work. Get me away from this desk! Thanks for the reminder. :-)

  29. MizFit says

    I love how at the site they talk a great deal about getting EMPLOYERS involved as well.

    The working out at work encouragement (whether it’s gyms at the workplace or reduced rates on memberships etc) really helps, IMO, get us (the royal) to start and stay on track.

    I finally have Ren Man convinced that just WALKING to someones office instead of emailing really can all add up in calories burned by the end of the day.

  30. says

    You know i love my walking :) Taking a few pictures along the way and meditating!! That’s what will get my day off to a good start!

  31. Linda says

    I love walking. Will do the almost 5 with the dogs this morning. I wish it was warmer here. Will do again tomorrow.

    Make it a great day!

  32. says

    I love walking. I also love running, swimming, and biking…each has its place in my cram-in-exercise-where-I-can routine. Granted, I don’t always love running *while* I’m doing it (although I get cranky when I can’t!). But I always enjoy a good walk.

  33. says

    Well…I’m always happy to tell people to talk a walk. And if certain people around here don’t shape up right quick? They’re gonna get their walking papers.

    Wow, I feel better already. Thanks, Miz!!!

  34. MizFit says

    walking papers :)

    Im off to walk with the Toddler.

    Spontaneous after reading all your comments.

    My fave part of walking with her is she sings the same song every time. Of her own creation.

    “walking feeeeeet. walking feeeeeeet. Im walking feeeeeet.”

    I love three year olds.

  35. says

    Love the post…you always make me giggle *snort*.

    As for walking…one of the reasons I bought my cell phone (besides the Ms. Pacman application and recording capabilities) was for the built in pedometer that comes with it (oh yeah and my phone’s a really cute green color too.) I try to get in my 10,000 steps a day…it’s been a really fun challenge and I adore walks outside to unwind and decompress :D

  36. says

    Hahahahahh! Oh I love it! I had no idea what tomorrow is or what your post was on when I wrote my post! Together we shall take over the Internet;)

    I love your point about walking with the Tornado. Taking my kidlets on walks has been key to surviving the preschool years!

    PS> lovelovelove Rent!

  37. Meredith says

    I love M.M. on Bravo.
    How funny are those millionaires at the parties?!

    Wait. There was a rest of the post? :)

  38. says

    I try to get out for a 20 minute walk daily. I let it go for a few months but am back at it now. As I live in town three of four routes takes me by convenience stores where I can buy chocolate. I’ve not noticed any change in the craving. In summer a common route takes me by a spot where I can buy ice cream. Because it is also a fruit and veggie stand, I go there often. I love walking.

  39. says

    Love it! Having fallen off of the fitness wagon this past month, I’ll take full advantage of the day (and the beautiful weather that we’re supposed to have) and take a nice long walk.

  40. says

    I think this is great advice…just start! I really hope I can use tomorrow to encourage some other people in my life to walk with me (and I’ll skip my run to walk with you if you’ll come!). I’m searching for ways to encourage two people close to me to start exercising, and it’s really hard to be encouraging without coming off as nagging or getting the “you think I’m fat, right?” (NOT TRUE…I’m just concerned about your health!) Maybe this day can be a starting point.

  41. Miz. says

    Saw Rent for my birthday on Broadway when it was first out (huh. Could that have been my 29th? Feels like ages ago) & needless to say still spend 25% of my day belting out tunes from it as I wander around Austin.

    Only seen snippets of the movie.

    Is it good?

    *walks off singing*

  42. says

    Saw this advertised and the Olympic Training Ice Facility has free walking tomorrow around the track. I may go just to be nosy. Plan on walking outside too since it’s going to be over 50 here.

  43. Carrie says

    How on earth do you have so many comments at 715 am!

    I had no idea about Start! Walking Day.

    I’m in.

    Lord knows I need to Start! Somthing.

  44. says

    I will committ to starting tomorrow. I just bought a new treadmill last week, and I’m excited to use it, but I’ve had every excuse not to as of yet. NO MORE…I WILL get on and begin my excercise routine! Thanks for the motivation!

  45. says

    Sorry I didn’t get here sooner ……. was out WALKING!!!

    Every morning, without fail, as soon as the sun comes up – walk out to check the cows to see if any of them had a calf overnight. (Not yet).

    Yes, Tom – even in the frozen North, walking is terrific exercise! (Actually, it’s great when it’s really cold outside because it makes you move faster!!)

  46. Miz. says


    (Uh are we gonna have to have another introduce ourselves day fer the newbies? So they know you’re not really a BagLady? Not that there’s anything wrong with that….;))

  47. says

    You’ve sold me. I’m walking to work today.
    (Okay, technically I’m walking to the train station, but definitely there is mileage involved ;)

  48. says

    I’m walking tonight (since I didn’t get my sore butt out of bed early enough) and I will walk in the pool tomorrow. Does that count? :)

  49. says

    2 pathetic facts:

    The more I run, the less I walk. (“I ran this morning. I’ll sit and read at lunch instead of going for a walk.” Or, “I’m running tonight– I’ll drive to the grocery store to save my energy instead of walking.)


    Living on the fourth floor has made us go for fewer walks. (All…those…stairs…)

    I must try to remedy these, because for all those people who think walking isn’t enough, when I used to live a more urban Walk Everywhere lifestyle, I managed to stay pretty fit despite not doing much else. (Of course, I walk like I have somewhere to go– brisk, brisk!)

  50. says

    YES! I AM SUCH A FAN OF THE WALKING! Even though I have long since graduated to more “advanced” forms of excercise (hello Jillian Michaels), walking has remained a constant in my life since before I knew it was exercise at all. My mom always did it and I would accompany her as a wee babe, barely able to keep up with her power strides, and now she’s the one telling me to slow down. My natural stride is so strong and fast these days and I love having that bit of activity built into my day without even thinking about it. Granted, I have the advantage of being a New Yorker and necessarily needing to at least walk the 2 blocks from my apartment to the subway each day, but on the other hand, there’s also nothing stopping me from getting off the subway a few stops early and powering the rest of the way to the office! Plus I make sure to get up from the desk and outside for 20-30 minutes every afternoon, because that not only gets my blood moving again but keeps my sanity in a very small office. :)

    No matter how tired or unmotivated I am to exercise, rare is the day that I can’t get myself to power up some good tunes and walk around. I exercise my imagination during those walks as much as my body! …and then I feel 5…

  51. says

    I need to start walking more and less running since my disc in my back has been acting up. Maybe I can find it mediative as well. Thanks for a great post!

  52. says

    I’ve been lazy and unmotivated lately, but tomorrow morning I’m putting on my Nikes and hitting the road, I promise! Thanks for the kick in the behind, Miz!

  53. says

    You know, I didn’t walk when I was starting my weight loss/healthy lifestyle because I was so heavy my knees hurt. I ended up biking, which was a great way to ease me into some movement.

    So now that I’m 75 pounds lighter and workout 3 days a week? I look at walking as wimpy, which is not the case at all! You’ve inspired me to go for a walk today. And tomorrow. Thanks for the push, MizFit!

  54. says

    I was born a walker (well, weren’t we all?).

    I read The Complete Walker when in High School, walked when everyone was jogging (often tracking those joggers who poo-pooed my walking as not good enough), walked when everyone else discovered walking.

    I walk. It keeps my depression at bay, allows me to process ideas, keeps me in touch with nature.

    I walk.

  55. Miz. says

    Thanks for the depression reminder, Deb.

    It’s easy, for me anyway, to remember the connection but NOT the fact that something as simple as WALKING releases the endorphins which help keep it at bay.

  56. says

    My father underwent by pass surgery (5 of them) in December. Since that time, he has been faithful to walk at least 1 mile every day. He has lost almost 40 pounds and says that he feels 20 years younger. He slowly building up to being able to walk 3-4 miles daily. And I’m hoping all that exercise keeps him around for a long time to come.

  57. says

    I love walking. Can’t wait for the weather to get better!! Walking is almost meditative for me too. Now I’m off to test out that chocolate cravings theory… :)

  58. says

    Walking – it’s a great way to start. Even if it’s around the block to start, it’s a great way to get active. I love walking in the morning to work…can’t wait for it to warm up a bit more to get to that…

  59. says

    I can’t walk any longer due to assorted injuries.
    That’s not really true. I can walk. I just can’t walk for exercise. I can still use the elliptical and I can use the recumbent bike.

  60. says

    Oh, I needed this today. I’ve got a serious case of self-sabotage going on. Lots of percolating to do. Some of which I will do in the gym tomorrow. No matter what.

  61. says

    Walking is great! I never feel as good as when I am training for the two day Avon walk, which I am currently doing. This Saturday – 22 miles! It is a great feeling of accomplishment to finish that sort of distance.Thats so exciting Missicat! 22 miles is a lot of walking. GO YOU!

  62. Miz says

    I’ve got a serious case of self-sabotage going on. Lots of percolating to do. Some of which I will do in the gym tomorrow. No matter what.

    UH OH Marste.

    Dont make me come over there and snap you out of it.

    xo xo,


  63. says

    Love me some walking! I try to walk outside at least 15 min. a day plus I do in-home workouts (Walk Away the Pounds). I did a 5 mile one today and it was AWESOME.

    I actually lost my first 70+ pounds by doing that and rebounding. Fun stuff!

  64. says

    I love this post miz-fit! Walking is exactly how I got started, and my favorite fall back when I can’t work up the enthusiasm for anything more vigorous.

    Another peice of advice that I love is to think about what activity you loved as a kid- because chances are it is still your favorite. For me- swimming! Oh, the hours my parents had to listen to- “I’ve got my swimsuit on, do you have yours, want me to get it, can I put the towels in the car, yes the dog is out back, lets go lets go lets go”! Haha.

  65. says

    I’m not sure I want to quell my chocolate cravings that badly. LOL

    I agree starting is key. So, is making a commitment at that start – no excuses.

    I agree, find something you like and have fun with. If you hate something, do something else.

    That’s what I don’t get. This one gal went on and on about hating the treadmill and how she was going to go get hypnotized into liking it. I think I blew her mind when I suggested she do something other than the treadmill. I have no idea why she was so hellbent set on the treadmill. Still baffles me.

  66. says

    I love walking. It is the one thing I knew I could do and could handle when I first started exercising. Now I’m trying to get into running, and I’m doing Couch to 5k, and it’s proven to be really difficult for me. Running just seems so much harder, both physically and mentally, and it makes my heart rate skyrocket. Maybe I should stick to walking.

  67. says

    Heh, I’ve got a pass on this one ^_^ I live in a city where walking everywhere is the norm. I don’t own a car, and I think I know of only one or two people that actually do own a car. Walking is just a way of life here, especially since the Subway fares are going up (oy vey…are they going up…)

  68. says

    Great post! AND YES, NOTHING LIKE STARTING TODAY! Even if you fall of the eating better wagon, the same advice.. get right back on today, not tomorrow! All your points are great & walking is a good way to start for sure.

    Your last point is important. Even if you are going to walk only, you still need to find ways to make a workout more challenging with time… if walking is your form of exercise vs. just to relax like me. The body is smart & will adjust to your workouts so you need to change them or make them more challenging.

    I LOVE/HATE intervals meaning I do them & love the results I have gotten from them since adding them to my program. They are tough stuff though but man, my body fat went down, my jogging speed increased & lots of other good things. Can’t wait to read your post!

  69. Jana says

    Can not wait to hear about the intervals!
    I emailed you that I don’t want to run but want a better and harder work out.

    when is the post?

  70. says

    LOL, Miz! Got your message. It’ll be good. Post coming later re: sabotage. Strange stuff in my head at the moment.

    (Wow, that sounded pretentiously cryptic! Ha!)

  71. says

    We’ll be out walking tomorrow. I was planning to take the kids & dog for a long walk anyway, but now I can call it an “official” walk.

    Today’s spring break outdoor fun was backyard soccer and catching snowflakes… in Atlanta.

  72. MizFit says

    Interval post is, I think, next wednesday. April 15.

    As in “I think that’s when I’ll get my shit chickenbus together and write it…”

    Yes. Let’s go for 4.15 :)

  73. says

    Awesome post all around, and especially the Rent shout out! I remember starting 2 years ago all scared like “how am I going to keep this up” doing 20 minutes 3 times a week and now all I can think is “how could I not” and training for a half marathon…

    Also, walking is a great form of transportation instead of taking your car a short distance. We try to walk or bike everywhere we can.

  74. says

    Question for Mizfit OR ANYONE ELSE: This is a very basic question and I apologize for my lack of knowledge – I’m training for a small race and the program I downloaded calls for crosstraining 3x a week. I’ve taken crosstraining to mean weights or cardio, but does it also include pilates and yoga? I’d like to fit that in one day a week, but I don’t want to waste my time if its not beneficial. Thanks guys!

  75. MizFit says

    great question, TWD!
    Without seeing your plan I would assume crosstraining to be anything NOT running.

    Weights. Stretching. Pilates. Yoga. Corework. Spinning. Swimmimg. etc.

    For me, depending on how much I was running in the program, I might choose crosstraining which isnt as vigorously cardiovascular/leg fatiguing.

    but yes. Id say you’re on the right track.

  76. says

    I love love love walking. Whenever I’m feeling sad/super happy/anxious/pensive/confused/lost/broken I go on a walk. It makes me feel connected to nature, my body and my self. It’s amazing. And my favorite—walking in the rain. I’m weird that way. But monsoon rains that drench your body and open up your soul are the best. You’ve got me waxing poetic now, MizFit ;D

  77. says

    Even though I enjoy the benefits of strength training and the comfort of the gym, NOTHING pleases me more than to lace up my sneakers and walk! It’s so…portable. :) I can turn left; I can turn right. I can tackle the hill ahead of me, or I can walk a half mile out of the way to avoid it. Or I can disappear inside my head and just go where my feets take me.

    I love walking, in case you couldn’t tell. :)

  78. says

    You couldn’t have said it an better!
    Just start!
    Walking is so good for the body and it doesn’t cost a thing.

  79. says

    Got a jumpstart on the holiday today! Walked at lunch for about 30 minutes. It was great! Walking is my exercise of choice.

  80. says

    My favorite form of activity. But I don’t want to reduce my craving for chocolate. Dark chocolate helps burn belly fat and has other healthful qualities! ;-)

  81. says

    I am a total walker! Walking, hiking, and aerobics classes are my top three favorite ways to exercise. Oh, and intervals are fantastic!

  82. says

    Aw…I don’t wanna lose my chocolate cravings…
    my run isn’t all that much faster than a walk. does that count? ;)

  83. says

    although i find walking sooo freaking boring, its what i have to do for cardio for now with my back injury. well, that and swimming but i’m not ready for me in a suit in public lol.

    having my new dog is making walks alot more fun!! yes, even in the hail/rain/snow storms of this week. It felt awesome to be moving and grooving again:)

    yah national walk week!

  84. says

    been in d.c. for a week so it’s funny i’m just now reading this … as this was posted on the day brandon and i got to d.c. and we started walking. and walking EVERYWHERE. and walking so much it hurt. but seriously, it was so good to MOVE again.

  85. says

    I love walking!

    Of course, my walks have been pushed to more of a stroll due to bad hip, but I still get out there. There is nothing better than talking a walk in the fresh spring air.

  86. says

    Didn’t walk outside today, but I put on that DVD of Glee I’ve been dying to watch and got up on my elliptical. 49 minutes!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  87. says

    I walked today! Erm, as warmup and cooldown for my 3.5 mile run but there was walking! I bet I celebrate again this weekend too! :) I love walking as transportation and an event (hiking, etc) or just spending time with Zliten, but just as exercise by myself? Bleh. Takes too long to burn too many calories. But I’m just nuts. Great way to start out if you’re not nuts like me.

  88. says

    This is great! Good advice for someone starting out. I give similar advice.

    Walking is something amazing. Anyone can do it. It doesn’t matter if it’s around the block or 10 miles. It will make you feel better physically and mentally.


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