Link Love & Chipper Jerky giveaway.

Friday is here!

I’m thrilled. How ’bout you?

We’ve plans in the works.

Volunteering to do!

This week we grabbed trash

From the streets where we live.

Gathered food for a shelter.

Our time we did give.

You still have this weekend.

To jump in the fray.

Get out! Volunteer!

Change YOUR life in that way.

Some major decisions

I made this past week.

(I tried the site out.

Yeah I know. Im a geek.)

We got Ren Man a gift

Kind of random but neat.

(Didnt follow their “theme”

It’s an I LOVE YOU treat.)

We had fun. Played some games.

Read some fab-u-lous stuff.

We tried to be GREEN

found it wasnt too tough!

This weekend? A movie.

How to choose? What to see?

(Ren Man picked last time–

so this time it’s ME!)

Let’s cut to the chase

To the give of a snack.

Which Miz does ADORE.

It’s like MamaCrack.

Its dried beefy goodness?

Its protein GALORE?

When the canisters gone

leaves me shouting: MORE!!

I’ll spare you another rant about how much I HEART the Chipper Jerky.

Suffice it to say I purchase in bulk (I reuse the plastic containers when Im done. Always).

And I mean *bulk.*

While I know that the dried beef isnt everyone’s cup of tea (sorry)—–you can be entered to win a six pack for the lowlow price of a comment below.

Share how you are planning to volunteer this weekend.

Share how you’ve been even GREENer than before after our amazing Wednesday post.

Share why you’d never, ever eat dried beef & how I shouldn’t enter you to win.

Just share….

USA and Canada only. *TWO* six pack winners announced Monday.


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  1. Bea says

    Junk email notepads?
    That’s a great idea.

    I’d love to try that Chipper stuff only since you talk about it all the time.

  2. says

    I love jerky , especially the beef, that is for sure
    Even the kids and hubby truly adore

    This week got me thinking the term of being green
    So I have been rethinking my whole idea of how I clean

    It is vinegar, water and baking soda for me
    I am throwing out more chemicals and saving more trees

    Volunteering here in our house is not on that is obscure
    We do it weekly inmnay things, one is reading to those unsure.

    I will now end this rhyme for you today
    In hopes that a piece of sunsine finds you, that is a ray

    To help bring you a smile
    As you continue to walk a mile

    Have a great day Miz :) I LOVED this. thanks for being a part of *making* my day!

  3. Jo says

    Hiya Miz!

    Love the rhyming Fridays and wanted to tell you I tried the detergent you linked on wednesday.

    I made it yesterday and it worked really well!!

  4. says

    I’d love to try the jerky!

    So after Wednesday’s post, my husband and I started *gulp* turning OFF our computers when we left for the day. We also tried unplugging the kitchen appliances, but then when said husband made coffee and toast and waited an extraordinarily long time for them to cook (giggle), they got plugged back in and have stayed so.

  5. says

    I am entering on behalf of Josh who loves all things jerky :) In terms of volunteering- one of my good friends works at the food bank in the area and I was recently placed on the “volunteer” list- I hope to get called soon. Greener- I must admit, I didn’t do anything specific YET this week. I do plan to buy some reusable grocery bags. I also made the big switch this past year from plastic water bottles to a reusable BPA free bottle which is now one of the loves of my life 😉

    have a good weekend- enjoy the movie!

  6. s says

    i haven’t gone out to eat lately (or eating meat, haha, but that’s incidental) which means i haven’t been wasting tons of food/food to feed my food. also, i use public transportation. that’s about as green as i get, though. i try to recycle, but i’ve seen the people who take the trash at my school just dump it into regular trash. it’s somewhat hard to separate being actually eco-conscious from the whole “green” fad so i don’t try very hard … haha.

  7. Evan says


    I printed out the Wednesday post and gave it to my girlfriend.


    Forget that as I just realized that wasn’t GREEN. I should have memorized it :)

    Happy Friday all!

  8. says

    Mizfit! Hola!
    What is Stallone protein pudding? No I have never had it! (I was going to email my reply, but I thought hey, I’ll just comment on her bloggy!)

  9. Linda says

    I shall perhaps volunteer to clean litter boxes and my own basement. Sorry – selfish, but I been under the weather and have to make up for lost time here.

    Make it a great weekend.

  10. says

    Where’s the beef ? . not really doing volunteer work, but I have went thru my clothes and will be donating 4 garbage bags full of excellent quality shirts and dress pants to charity along with food to the food bank on Saturday.

  11. Dot says


    I was so green-focused this week (I’m a teacher) I had no clue it was Nat’l Volunteer week as well.

  12. says

    Have a great weekend, and as always, love the rhymes and the links!

    I’m trying to cut down a bit on red meat, and just recently indulged in Trader Joe’s potroast (which shouldn’t be tasty because it’s pre-cooked but it somehow still delicious).

    So I’m good for a while on the moo meat. But sounds like a great prize!

  13. says

    My rhyme brain isn’t working this morning… so I’ll just say “Jerky? YES PLEASE!!!”
    I’m a HUGE fan, especially because it kind of tastes like bacon, and bacon makes everything better (spoken like a true Jew!)

  14. dragonmamma/naomi w. says

    Emergency meat? Count me in! I won’t even pretend that I’ll share it with my husband if I win; I won’t even tell him about it!

  15. Kim says

    Volunteering this weekend at a soup kitchen.

    (Thanks for not making us answer in rhyme to be entered!!)

  16. says

    Love, love, love the dried beef. We got the food dehydrator from the in laws…home made is definately the BEST. I know, a little excited about it, but really…I haven’t had great beef jerky in a long time. Then again, I haven’t tried your kind either!

    Volunteer. Well, I’m thinking about starting up again after qualifying exams. Before that, I literally just don’t have time. Suckaroo.

  17. says

    Mmmm tasty tasty. I like the jerky.

    I’m being GREEN by avoiding the car. Not letting any food go to waste (although that might be because I’ve run out of food in the house- gotta eat all the dregs in the pantry/fridge).

    Voluntarily giving up my room for a month so that a friend can move into my apartment 😉

  18. Drina says

    I’ve been dying to try the teriyaki! Okay, well, not dying per se, but really hoping to :)

  19. says

    My brain has thought and thought, and thought
    Of the green things I should do, and those I ought not….

    I took all the tips that were left on the post,
    And implemented the ones that I liked most.

    When shop it is no plastic or paper for me
    I now use cloth bags and help to save a tree.

    The only water I drink…
    is the one that comes from my sink.

    Not sure if this has a lot of proper rhymes
    but is the best I could offer with so little time.

    can you come here? and rhyme DRINK and SINK for the husband REPEATEDLY :) he loved him some bottles of water….

  20. says

    No need to enter me in the draw for the beef jerky – have a half a freezer full of our own, thanks!

    Besides, I’m still munching the Popchips that I won from you – there’s a review on my blog, if anyone is interested!

    Great links, as usual, Miz. That bracelet is TOO COOL for words (maybe the sound waves have something to do with that….:))

  21. says

    Jerky is a great chew toy. I need chew toys when I write. I am writing, ergo I need jerky.
    I figure my best approach is the blatant argument. Have a great weekend.

  22. Tammi says

    No need to enter me to win. I just wanted to say thanks again for the weight loss maintaining post. It really opened my eyes.

  23. says

    I am heading out this afternoon for two full days of kidless delight and just got back from buying some snacks- beef jerky was at the top of the list! I love the stuff.

    I am leaving a list of free green things for the man to do with the kidlets while I am away :) That counts right?

    That nano crowd site is SO awesome. Thanks!

  24. says

    I would love to try the chipper jerky! Never tried that brand, yum!

    I’m going to start composting. I already recycle all paper and plastic and try to buy things with less packaging. But composting sounds like a good thing. Especially in the summer when the good ole Texas heat makes my garbage can reek!

  25. says

    I’m more of a fan of dried turkey, but that’s just me.

    And I was opening all the links in new tabs, and lost 100+ points on deepleap. Only made it to 300. And I found a new netgame addiction.

  26. says

    I’m a carnivor personally. As for volunteering…um…yeah, not in my plans (on tour this weekend), but kudos to everyone else who is. As for green, it’s my signature color, but I’m not doing anything new that I don’t normally do when it comes to eco-friendliness…we already recycle and try to reuse EVERYTHING…infact I’m a horrid packrat with schemes of finding uses for everything that I keep…we’ll see…oh yes, we’ll see…

  27. says

    Thanks for volunteering Miz! Even before reading your post I decided that instead of clearing off just our portion of the sidewalk this weekend I’m going to do it all the way to the end of the street. We’ve had some really bad storms and you can’t even walk through all the sticks. It will be good exercise and I’m tired of looking at it :)

  28. says

    Hmm….does acting as a tour guide for guests count as volunteer work? This week we rounded up all our old clothes and stuff we weren’t using anymore, and donated the lot of it. Green *and* charitable!

  29. says

    Jerky is one of the main food groups!! When our kids were little, jerky was our travel treat. We got the really good kind for a road trip. That and Combos!! Now that’s living. Sadly, those days are behind us now, the kids and travelling by car, not the jerky & combos days. :0 No combos recently, so guess that’s a good thing. I’m going out looking for the jerky today. Thanks for the heads up.

  30. MizFit says

    I do laugh that there is no gray area with the jerky (beef turkey whatever!) you either love or gag.

  31. says

    Well i’m working all weekend, but Monday i’ve planned a bowling pizza party for adults with mental health issues! It will be a blast :)
    Oh and i love jerky!!

  32. says

    I have to admit, not volunteering for me this week. :-( But I have continued my normal “green routine” – recycle, no heat/air on in house, oh – I did plant trees and bushes in my yard! That counts, right? 😉

  33. says

    No volunteering this weekend for me – however lots of family time is in store. I am however planning on spending time in the garden, nurturing my tomatoes, peppers, various herbs, and other plants in the hopes that I will be able to enjoy them with a fabulous piece of beef jerky. :-)

  34. says

    Opting out of the jerky giveaway. I just wanted to mention that I’m going to try that Hunch website. It is just so evil in a HAL sorta way. Can’t help myself.

  35. says

    I sure do love beef jerky…hook me up please :)

    This weekend I’m volunteering to do my taxes and organise my office…let the good times roll …

  36. Ana says

    Glad to see I am not the only one who found it humorous that you are giving away beef after yesterdays guest post!

    Pick me! Pick me!


    • MizFit says

      Ms. V that made me laugh. Im on the handheld and the TWISTER comment came in first and I thought:
      where on earth did she get TWISTER from?!

      and maybe?
      great for connection/networking huh?

  37. erin says

    MMMMMMMM I was a veg for eleven years, and I now WANT.THAT.BEEF!
    I volunteer every Sunday with a disabled boy who has seizures and we go bowling, eat lunch, play in the park, dance to rap. So much fun!

  38. says

    hm. No volunteering this weekend.. that’s next week (running the food counter at a quilt show).

    I’ve never tried jerky but the idea of an emergency meat supply (in the car, incase I’m ever stranded ).. makes it sound like something I should have. right?

  39. tisha says

    The twister thing was pretty funny. It seems to move that fast though. This weekend hubby and I are taking our recycles in for money. We’re donating all of our money to the Breast Cancer 3-day.
    *have a great weekend!*

  40. says

    I’ve tried beef jerky and I just don’t like it. Possibly because, when it comes down to it, I don’t really like the taste of red meat. Husband loves the stuff though. I’m sure he’d appreciate it.

  41. says

    I’m always up for trying something new!

    1. Volunteering: My band is playing a local homeless shelter benefit this Saturday (gratis).

    2. Greener: Just invested in a new recycling container! (I know, I should have REUSED one, but my city requires one with a lid…). Anyway, the container will receive lots-o-use!

  42. says

    Oooo, yum, beef jerky! Count me in!

    I carpool on Fridays and I volunteer at my son’s school on Mondays. Still deciding on whether we’re going to do the school clean-up event tomorrow. My husband does the really brave volunteering, though: he’s driving/chaperoning on Thing 1’s second grade class field trip to San Francisco to see a play.

    Several comments reminded me, though: it’s time to load up the car with our Goodwill donations and clear a little garage space.

  43. says

    It’s funny– when I ate meat, I considered beef jerky way to gross to ever try, but since I gave up meat/poultry, I CRAVE jerky. Which I’ve never even tried. I do see salmon jerky exists. Hmm.

    The Sound Advice Project link is really cool! I need that for myself, with my MIL saying, “be good,” mainly because it always makes me laugh when I think of how she says it. Like a loving threat. Happy weekend!

  44. says

    My dogs like chicken jerky, thank you Costco!

    Speaking of costco, I always save the bulk plastic tubs that things come in like rice or whatever and reuse them around the kitchen and in the garage for “stuff” My dog “cookie jar” is an empty tub from their treats that I’ve refilled with bulk treats over and over again. I never thought I was green enough but hey, I’m greener than I thought!

  45. says

    I honestly don’t remember the last time I tried jerky in any form. I giggle at it every time I see it hanging out there at the corner store because I’m just that silly but I never consider actually buying it. Until now? You’re making me strangely crave some of that jerky chew!

  46. says

    Hmmmn…. I volunteered to write a couple of Cranky Fitness posts this weekend, but I don’t think that counts. I could volunteer to do the weeding in the back yard… no, that probably doesn’t count either.
    Okay, let me think about this one. Good post, Ms. Miz!

  47. suganthi says

    HOLY COW it is for me. South Indian vegetarian here.. we worship the cow as gomatha. No dried cow for me, please don’t enter me.

    Did not read the green post yet, but I am such a GREENIE, my house looks like a recycling bin. I reuse ziploc bags, cannot bring myself to throw out the big yogurt containers or empty jars of pasta sauce. I also reuse plastic cutlery when I eat it with the salad at the cafeteria.

    Have a great weekend!

  48. says

    Yummy! I love some jerky.

    Let’s see… I can’t lie – we haven’t started anything new here this week… but I am going to re-read the Wednesday list and come up with something for the weekend.

  49. says

    I have my training at PMO! I volunteer there all summer, almost every Friday and Saturday night. Yippee!! It’s extra great when I spark some kid’s interest in science or teach someone something new. Sometimes they teach me something new. It’s great.

    Husband would love the jerky. He’s right with you there.

  50. says

    This is one contest I actually don’t want to win because I can’t stand beef jerky, but I do hope we can still be friends. :)
    we are better friends actually as, when we hand out, there’s more for me!

  51. says

    She thinks like me
    Can’t beat that dried meat!
    but to me it’s a dog treat.

    The PTO has driven me to drink
    Gonna put a rim of salt around my sink (yeah, it’s that bad)
    and imbibe ’til it don’t hurt to think.

  52. says

    I am trying to be greener & not sure if I am but I try!!! Every little bit helps! As for hat jerky, I am a protein nut like you & have never tried or heard of that so would love to win! I am always looking for more ways to sneak in my protein, especially when I am out & about.

    You are one amazing person to do all you did in that post today. Holy Cow!!!!

  53. Heather says

    No chipper jerky for me, thanks. Not opposed to the idea, just not a fan of dried meat.

    Love the poem.
    Try every day to do one additional “green” thing.
    Heart Mizfit.

  54. Michelle says

    The second/fourth Saturday of every month I visit a the Children’s SubAcute center at a hospital thirty minutes away (second sat) and the fourth Sat, tomorrow, I visit El Encanto, a rehabilitaion/old people’s home. I bring pets and talk to the babies/people and generally have a good time. 😀

    Volunteer peepz! The world needs you. We need you. :)

  55. june says

    i’m volunteering at LA festival of books this weekend! I can’t wait to explore through all different book companies.

  56. says

    Ohhh my 8 yr old LOVES jerky of all kinds….she’d be tickled to death.

    I am hauling a zillion pounds of recycling to the center this weekend :)

  57. nadia says

    I guess it’s not volunteering per say, but I’ve raised money and I am walking on Sunday in the MS Walk!

  58. says

    I don’t eat beef jerky, and no particular reason why. I’ve tried it and just didn’t do it for me. Don’t know why. Hubby loves it though.

    Volunteering and going green — we definitely need to see more of that. I used to volunteer walking dogs at an animal shelter and let me tell you…*I* got so much out of it. I mean, the dogs went crazy as they were outside and could mark their territory every 2 steps. But for me, it brought light to my day. To see how excited they were and how I was helping an animal, in my own small way, have a happier day too.

    Okay, I’m rambling off subject. But your post made me realize how heart warming volunteering is.

    And even just a kind smile and “hello” to someone on the street, can be a “daily” act of goodness. THAT is something I try to do as often as I can. I hope to make our world a better place, even if in a small way.

  59. WendyB says

    Trying to be diligent about turning off the computers atthe end of the day, both at home and work. We’ve also finally cut down on the numbers of paper cups being used in our office. I figured if I stuck 30 plastic cups in the cabinets, and made sure they go run thru the dishwasher everynight, they’d be used! And it’s working!


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