It’s time for a change (giveaway post).

People, I can not lie to you.

I started this post a million times.

It rhymed.

It was a pre-Father’s day ode (that one I really actually liked—-but decided to save).

It was a yammer about how it’s time for some new goal setting up in herre (hello, returning to tween fiction writing!).

It was a Dear Rock Climbing Wall I Never Visit Yet Always Plan To Stop By letter (that one was pretty spectacular as well. If by (fingerquote) spectacular (unFQ) you mean I blew off finishing it and went outside to boulder (climb) which I do).

It was a post about how we are five months into the New Year & it’s time to revisit the mission statements/goals we made in January (decided to save that one as well. Six months seems like such a better demarcation).

What it all boiled down to, however, is that Ive the itch for change.

Nothing big.  A new endeavor (whatever it ends up being) which will push me to limits I didnt realize I even had—and then some.

What it all boiled down to is that Im feeling the need to stretch myself and see how far I can go.

In what realm? Im not yet certain.

What it all boiled down to is this well-worn expression: what would you do if you knew you could not fail?

While trite and oft overused especially on Twitter it’s a phase that is entirely applicable to what Im feeling right now & one which Im tossing back at you on this Friday.

What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

And whatever that is—give it a shot.

It’s time.

(And yeah, once I’d gotten the IT’S TIME mantra firmly lodged in my head I felt compelled to wrangle a freebie out of it for you. And yeah, this time (rimshot?) it’s for the guys.)

I give you this:


Oriental Watch Site (which has a plethora of Men’s watches and women’s watches) has *generously*  offered to send one reader the (stainless steel, water resistant to 50 meters) men’s watch pictured above.

You know, as long as you’re willing to share your answer to that tough question above & join me in my one-woman IT’S TIME FOR A CHANGE movement.

So lay it on me.

On us.

What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

(Winner can be worldwide/announced TUESDAY)


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  1. says

    Miz, love and have always loved this question. How many characters do I have?

    – I’d give up counting calories and still try to maintain my weight.
    – I’d try to publish a book (trying anyway!)…
    – …and get my own TV show.
    – I’d flirt openly with the curly-haired gym boy.
    – I’d go home for a visit with the intention of sleeping through the night every night (sounds impossible now)
    – I’d grow up and have daughters…then try to raise them without eating disorders
    – I’d become a pop star…a healthy one without the head-shaving incident

    and FINALLY…

    I’d ask Bill Gates to please give me $1,000,000. Tax free.


  2. says

    – I’d finish writing both of the novels I’ve been working on.
    – I’d learn to sew (something I can never seem to get the hang of but always want to do).
    – I’d learn to knit.
    – I’d take up belly dancing. (I soooo want to do this!)
    – I’d finally succeed at getting dh to illustrate the two children’s books I’ve written (each with a different daughter in mind).
    – I’d apply for the top position in a publishing company.
    – I’d write a song and sing it for my husband (after learning to play the guitar).
    – I’d make the move, with my entire family, back to California.
    – I’d publish a book of healthy recipes.
    – I’d open a store on Etsy and start selling baked goods and things I’d either made by sewing or by knitting.

    And finally, that last thing that Amanda said! LOL!

  3. says

    I’m currently debating in my head whether or not to sign up for a sprint triathlon in August! I’m terrified that I just won’t be able to do it so if I knew I couldn’t fail then I’d sign up straight away!

  4. says

    I’d be a full time writer
    I’d live in a cottage in the countryside with nowt for miles but fields and flowers and a mooing cow now and then.

    Ahhh, I hear ya Miz. Itchin’ for a change :)

  5. says

    “I blew off finishing it and went outside to boulder (climb)” is making me laugh because that sort of thing happens to me all the time.

    There’s a million and one things I’d do and at the moment I seem to be in the process of trying to achieve about half a million of them. Time is for sure one of the biggest issues when it comes to sorting priorities…

    I’d conquer my fear of sharks by going swimming with them. I’d travel the globe and compete in a triathlon and spend my life writing and become fluent in Spanish. I’d reorganize the food distribution worldwide. And I’d close down every fast food restaurant in the world and replace them with healthier joints that celebrate the local and real foodstuff.

    …to begin with, anyway 😉

    And you, Miz??

  6. says

    I’d qualify to be a holistic health, nutrition & fitness counselor. It’s been my dream for a long time… I’m researching courses, but they’re so expensive!

  7. Evan says

    Powerful question.
    Yes a quote which Ive read many times before but glossed over and never stopped to think about.

    I would quit my job and become a teacher.

    and YOU MIZ?

  8. Nancy says

    (Will we have a post next week on how to make this all happen? :))

    I would quit my job as Evan says and open an antiques shop in a tiny town.

    Live the slow life.

  9. says

    Love to hear all the dreams people have!

    (This was going to be a much longer comment but turned into a downer– because I got the chance to quit my job and follow my dreams… but life didn’t supply the “could not fail” part. Or maybe it’s just taking its sweet time….)

  10. Tara says

    If I knew I could not fail I would:

    Travel the world and not worry about money.

    Paint as my career.

  11. says

    Hey MizFit!

    Since it’s a guys watch you’re giving away, and since I’m a guy, I figured I’d jump into your challenge here!

    What would I do if I knew I couldn’t fail.

    In 2005 my wife and I started reviewing movies with an to “Family-Friendly Flicks”. It’s not that we only review G-rated movies, but we’re always asking the question – “Is this movie family-friendly?” The response has been great, and it continues to grow!

    In the past I’ve found myself easily swayed from one project to another. I start things, I drop things. But, last year I made the decision to really stick this whole movie review thing out.

    So, what would I do if I knew I couldn’t fail? I’d send out MP3 movie reviews to radio stations, and weekly movie review columns to newspapers around the nation. I might even quit everything I do right now, move to Hollywood or New York City, and really take on this whole movie review world in a full time way. That of course would lead to yearly books of movie reviews, and who knows, even TV and one day the Red Carpet!

    There you go!
    Dr. Rus

  12. MizFit says

    uh, WOW.

    all of you.

    and a BIG OLE MIZFIT welcome to one of my fave twitter people @drrus!!

    Once upon a time MizFit went back to school, got her masters degree, and became a career counselor.

    I read the comments above and can not HELP but wanna proffer some ideas on how to facilitate all those dreams (which are, ALLTOGETHERNOW, goals as soon as we shove some timelines on them).

    Me? the more I ponder the more I think Im living it.

    Im working on a childrens fitness book.

    Im working on my MizFitness book.

    YES, SURE, Fo’SHIZZLE I could fail—-but Im CHOOSING not to think about that right now.

  13. says

    I’d set in action my plan to take over the universe because I always thought having my picture on money would be fun.

    Then I’d open a research facility (being ruler of the universe would provide those funds) and then I’d systematically cure cancer, diabetes, heart disease and every other disease.

    I’d also require the people of earth to stop fighting and live peacefully and treat each other with dignity and respect and hey because I’m ruler of the universe I can just put all of the people who don’t want to play nicely on another planet somewhere else.

    …and so much more.

  14. says

    Honestly? What wouldn’t I do?
    Things like skydiving and adventure stuff are not interesting to me… but heck, if I knew I couldn’t fail at it, I may try. I’d love to travel to Central America (Costa Rica or Dominican Republic), open a school for kids there, and focus the curriculum on true life skills, not what some government says (can you TELL i’m miffed at NCLB?)
    I’d write my autobiography as a tween/teen novel
    I’d tell my family where to stick it
    I’d have a destination wedding like, next week.

  15. says

    Oh Bumbling Band, you can so do this! : “It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that they are difficult” Seneca.

    Me, I would spend 3 month of the year traveling and volunteering. The other nine months, I would grow veges, take long walks in the bush and swim in the river.

    Go Miz and your fitness books!

  16. says

    What a great question! I have been thinking about it all morning! I would write a cookbook and have my own cooking show on the Food Network 😉 or….
    be the next American Idol (um, for tone deaf people- lol!).

  17. says

    There are so many things I would do if I could not fail, but I’ll try to keep the list short.

    If I could not fail, I would write novels, run a marathon, and dance professionally, which would include trying out for So You Think You could Dance, and I’d go into acting.

    Honestly the only achievable is the marathon and I will do that someday, I just need to be able to run for more than 3 minutes at a time first!

  18. Miz says

    Krissy: and why not the novels?

    I have two finished edited manuscripts metaphorically under my bed (because I learned the hard way I’d better have multiple electronic copies ;)).

    One was agented and never sold.

    The other I never even pitched.

    They are novels for me. For my daughter when she’s older.

    (Loving nudge)why not the novels?

  19. says

    I was surprised at how fast I answered this in my mind.

    I would retire now from my job and work full time on being a quilt artist.

  20. Kim says

    (Not missing a beat)
    I would cash in 100% of my 401k and open a plus sized womens clothing BOUTIQUE.


  21. says

    “Same thing we do every night Pinky, Try to take over the WORLD”

    Oh and probably become the first hiphop dancing operasinger…oooh.

  22. says

    I’d tri.

    It’s not the cycling or running holding me back. It’s the swimming. “Issues” about having my face underwater are the problem. Swimming backstroke laps works great in marked lanes at the pool, but seems like a bad way to go into open water with loads of other people.

    In the meantime, I’m working my way up to marathon and half/full century.

    Reading my way through the classics – heck, as many books as possible – is another life goal, but that one is completely doable. Just have to live long enough, as the reading list keeps growing… which is just another great reason to keep exercising. :-)

  23. says

    I’ve got nothing. I’m pursuing my dream of being a counseling psychologist (taking classes and getting my sh*t together to take the GREs and the GRE psych so I can get my Master’s).

    I guess ask Bill Gates to give me 1,000,000.

    Or do that lottery thing where you get $1,000 a week for the rest of your life.

  24. says

    I would open my own coffee/sandwich shop downtown. I’ve spent 5 years working in cafes and loved it, I think I could own one. As of right now I’m doing what I went to school for. Maybe someday I’ll open that shop… still got a long life ahead of me!

  25. says

    My first post was just silly…reason: because I already feel that I’m on the path towards my dreams and goals…there’s sooo much I want to do and so much I have on my plate that is in the works of being achieved. I’ve always lived with the motto that “If you never quit, you can never fail” It’s true…if you’re still trying, and going for that goal, you haven’t and cannot fail! Sure we hit bumps and sometimes road block on the path, so take a detour and find the path another way. Anything is possible! Everyone’s goals sound really reasonable (well maybe not the Bill Gates thing…but who knows unless you try.)

    THUS, I think everyone should just take a deep breath and jump…Seriously, start doing something today toward your dreams, because that’s when they become Goals in Motion.

  26. says

    Just because plans change and goals are rewritten doesn’t mean you’ve failed. The only way to really fail is to sit there and do nothing. The rest is an adventure. If you aim for a 10k and only run 5, YOU JUST RAN A 5K! If you attempt to write a novel and the story falls flat after a few chapters, at least you know you tackled your great idea and can now challenge yourself with something greater. It’s not failure. It’s success that happens to look a little different than you first imagined it. I’m okay with that.

  27. MizFit says

    Just because plans change and goals are rewritten doesn’t mean you’ve failed. The only way to really fail is to sit there and do nothing.


    Ive been waiting for this comment.

    For me the overarching mission statement doesnt change much but the GOALS I SET to work toward it are ever fluid.

    thank you Nadine.

  28. says

    Wow… I really had to think about this.

    Professionally: I would become director if Island Dolphin Care. I cannot tell you how badly I want that job. Dolphins + developmental disabilites + nonprofit = Kelly’s dream job.

    Personally: I would train for a triathalon.

  29. says

    I’d go back and get my license to be a personal trainer or group exercise instructor. That’s got to be way more satisfying than accounting.

  30. dragonmamma/naomi w. says

    Everything I want to do requires having lots of money (owning a home, letting my kids travel where ever they wish, etc) which sort of leaves me with the Bill Gates thing. But a million bucks doesn’t go as far as it used to, so I may as well ask for two million.

    But I’ll settle for the watch. My poor hubby’s is held together with duct tape.

  31. says

    I have no idea. I have so many fears of failing, yet I do try with the stuff that matters. Most of the time. I would concentrate more on my artwork. I would finish my dissertation and qualifying exams sooner. I would be confident about applying to jobs. I would trust myself not to get carried away with food. I would not be a worry wart is what it boils down to.

  32. Nita says

    If I couldn’t fail, I’d go for an obedience and agility trial championship on my dog. Unfortunately, I don’t think we’ll make it because of his age. Poor guy.

  33. says

    What a great question! And it’s kind of sad how the fear of failing so often prevents us from pursuing what we really want to do!

    Several years ago, I decided to do what I loved and went back to grad school. In the beginning, I had LOTS of anxiety about whether I had made the right decision. People around me were constantly talking about not being able to find jobs once we were done, etc.

    I decided to stop worrying so much and instead focused on little goals, such as getting lots of experience, figuring out what I REALLY wanted to do with my degree once I was done, reassessing how much material “stuff” I really needed, etc.

    In the end, it all worked out (and I had to actually turn down lots of work)! I truly enjoy my job and wish I hadn’t spent so many years in a job I really didn’t like because I was just too scared I may fail at something new. So I guess my point is (and yes, I realize I didn’t really answer your question!): set some goals and pursue them without worrying so much about failing! :)

  34. says

    What would I do if I knew I could not fail?

    I would stop treading water in life and learn to actually live.

    I would quit my job and move to the beach.

    I would open up a bar that specialized in organic beer and wine.

    I would go back to school and get my masters and PhD.

    I would live, every moment, to the fullest and never have another regret.

    I would love without boundaries. I would cry without shame and laugh without restraint.

    I would no longer be afraid.

  35. says

    Too funny that we were on the same wave length today Mizfit. I just loved this post.

    When I was trying to think of “the one thing” I thought of a million things I would like to do if I couldn’t fail. The word “everything” came to mind.

    I know one thing, I would quit my job and do “everything” I was “passionate” about and loved. I’ve always wanted to live everyday doing something I just loved. Though I still don’t know exactly what that is I would definitely want to find out. If I couldn’t fail either then it would definitely be fun trying “everything” *smile*.

  36. DinosauRN says

    I love this question and hope I have more than one minute to reflect on it before I die. After 5 seconds of reflection, I would attempt to write a screenplay about my workplace. I would show the world how dedicated and wickedly-funny my coworkers are, how the job is virtually impossible and how diverse (despicable to wacky to wonderful) humans are.

  37. says

    If I knew I would not fail, I would follow my dream of going back to school to get my masters in nutrition. I want to help people.

  38. says

    Interestig question…My problem is that I don’t seem to worry about whether I will fail at something…I just try it anyway. Is it my up-bringing? I don’t know. And I haven’t found anything that I’m totally successful at :o) But that doesn’t bother me nor stop me from trying something new either. So let me think…is there something that I haven’t tried that I’d like to…?

    Maybe I should turn this into a “bucket list”

    -visit Australia
    -ride in a hot air balloon

    I know there’s more but I just can’t get the brain cells motivated, I’m only on my first cup of coffee.

  39. says

    I would learn all I needed to know about publishing children’s books then get off my butt and get mine published.
    I would buy a house with 100+ acres of land and fill it with animals who I would spoil rotten.
    I would oil paint.
    I would ride my own motorcycle, go sky diving, jog for miles, and go back to school just for the fun of it.
    I would finally accept who I am and love myself.
    I would tackle as much as I could because for the first time in my life, my fear of failure wouldn’t apply.
    Sounds like paradise.

  40. says

    That’s a hard one Miz! Every day I think of a thousand things “I wish I could do…” but when you ask me this question directly like that nothing comes to mind!
    I guess I would pursue whatever dream I had at that moment…Probably open my own health center and run it!

  41. says

    Heavy question for a Friday 😉 I’d quit my job and open a healthy bakery. I’d teach group fitness classes every day rather than sitting behind a desk working on excel day in and day out. I’d be a better wife and mama to frankster.

  42. says

    I’d quit my current job, take a flight to LA, and try to become a famous actress. Or if the flights too expensive, drive to NYC and try to make it on Broadway. :) It’s been my dream forever…

  43. says

    I am loving reading everyone’s lists. A lot of them include what I’m already doing! (Living in the country, raising animals, etc.)

    If I knew I could not fail? I would fix this totally screwed up world. Make the fighting stop. Make animal abuse a thing of the past. Everyone would have access to clean water, wholesome food and be able to listen to the bird choir singing in the trees (like I am right this minute!)

    (And if enough of your commenters request it, perhaps Bill Gates will offer a million dollar giveway on Mizfit’s site, eh?) Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  44. says

    If I knew I could not fail I would restart a career as a public speaker. It is always in the back of my mind, but it is so hard to make that initial move. Of course, this is complicated by already having a really good job that I really do love. Of course, nothing says I couldn’t do it part time – just making the initial move is the hard part.

    Like others have written, this is just one of many things I would do.

  45. Emily says

    1) I’d sign up for a calculus class!
    2) I’d quit my job and craft all day long.
    3) I’d sign up for a marathon.

  46. says

    Hmmm…I don’t think it’s fear of failure that prevents me personally from doing things. Not quite accomplishing things I set out to do tends to roll off my back since I usually can find some good in the whole process.

    That said, if fear of going broke weren’t an issue I think my husband and I would totally buy some farmland, start growing stuff, and pursue our own fun and somehow mildly profitable ventures on the side (selling veggies? crafts? writing?). We’re working on it. :)

  47. says

    I’d walk into the office of the guy who is doing the hiring for my dream job (where I have sent in a resume) and demand the job. With the pay that I really want. I’d be compelling and convincing and incredibly impressive and I wouldn’t back down, and he’d give me the job.

  48. says

    I would open up a coffee shop. I have thought about it and actually wrote a business plan, but the financial realities have kept me from doing it (for now).

  49. says

    I’m sure there’s a number of things, but the first one that popped into my head was “Run a marathon and qualify for Boston.” I’ve backed way down on running because I hurt my leg and because I realized my training was causing me to have an unhealthy relationship with food, which was causing me to have an unhealthy relationship with my training.

    So now it’s a carrot I’m holding out as motivation to get truly healthy and build up my mileage slowly. I have to keep telling myself, it’s not going anywhere. You can do it. Just like the marathon itself, getting there healthfully requires lots of patience.

  50. suganthi says

    run a marathon
    triathlon ( cannot bike or swim.. ha, ha)
    express my kindness and compassion freely
    definitely rock climbing , rapelling

  51. MizFit says

    now, I know some of this is motivated by the I WANNA WIN A WATCH in all of us—–HOWEVER Im choosing to shove my head firmly into the proverbial sand and envision all of you mulling this over the weekend (be it two day or there).

    Pondering what you’d do and, more importantly, why it is youre not taking even the TINIEST step toward realizing your dream.

  52. says

    i haven’t been here in a while, i missed you! ive been sporatically blogging..
    oh this is a great question. if i could not fail, i would:
    -run a marathon
    -then do an ironman
    -open a tea room

    I hope to do them anyway, with the dream of not failing.

  53. suganthi says

    Oh btw, I don’t wanna be entered in for the watch 😀

    I didn’t literall interpret the “what will you do”..

    I don’t think I have stopped to do anythign for fear of failure.. because there is nothing that feels like a failure to me if I attempt a marathon and not acheive it. A decade ago, I couldn’r run 2 miles. Nowm I routinely run 6+ miles.

    I dance in my house , drum in my head all the time.
    I guess the real answer would be to be able to make a difference by being able to exhibit my kindness more freely and the rapelling bit :)

  54. says

    I’d do baseball “color commentary.” Not the “that’s a strike; that’s a ball.” More of the behind the scenes stuff. Like superstitions some players have. Or why they want to wear a particular number. Or what charitable causes they work on.

    Also — running!

    I’m working on the running. And I bore my friends with my baseball color commentary. :)

  55. says

    If I knew I couldn’t fail:

    –I’d run a marathon
    Do a triathlon
    -I’d change my major to kineseology and maybe change to minor in harp
    -And, the hardest thing? I’d talk to my harp teacher about having plans other than being solely a professional harpist. I want to keep playing, and do gigs as a job, but I don’t want to be a concert artist or major orchestral harpist. I’m scared to talk to her, because I don’t think she’ll understand.

  56. says

    If I knew I couldn’t fail?

    I’d apply for the position I really want.

    Fear and self-doubt are holding me back. Which sucks, because this position would be all about encouraging other women through their fear and self-doubt. (head desk).

    I’d plan the steps I want and need to take in the next year.

    What Quinn (#42) said:
    I would stop treading water in life and learn to actually live.
    I would live, every moment, to the fullest and never have another regret.

    I would love without boundaries. I would cry without shame and laugh without restraint.

    I would no longer be afraid.

    Especially this last one. Please.
    I’d make the damn reservations to hike the Grand Canyon, trusting that I find someone to do it with before the date arrives.

  57. Meredith says

    I would take the leap in many arenas of my life.
    I would start living and not trudging.

    I would start.


  58. Meredith says

    Oh and I think you are wrong, Miz.
    I don’t think that all of us are motivated by the watch (or I may just be speaking for myself) I am motivated to reach out as when I read your posts they feel like a helping hand offered in my direction. thank you so much for coming back to say that. I strive for that and it is 100% why I blog.

  59. says

    I’d start a humanitarian org like Mortenson in the book “Three Cups of Tea.” It would focus on the health and education of women and girls in a poor country. Or something like the work of Dr. Farmer in Haiti as noted in the book “Mountains Beyond Mountains.”

  60. says

    I’d run a marathon.

    I’m actually not afraid that I will fail, I’m afraid my KNEES will :-)

    I love you, Miz (and your blog and all of your thought provoking, soul searching questions)!

    Have a great holiday weekend!

  61. Kelly M. says

    I would be able to find my motivation and lose all this extra weight and become a runner!

  62. MizFit says

    I just finished 3 Cups of Tea and am finishing Kabul Beauty School.

    Your comment, Lee, has me pondering if subconsciously that sparked this post as well…

  63. says

    I would run a marathon, write a book, and work for SeaWorld.

    Hmm, at least 2 of those things are possible….

    Thanks for getting me to think, Miz. I love your blog. And I couldn’t care less if I don’t win the watch. :)

  64. says

    What would I do if I knew I could not fail I would start my own interior decorating business. Coincidentally, even though the possibility of failure is huge, I am in the middle of doing just that right now. Positive thoughts more than welcomed.

  65. says

    I would quit my nice salaried job and be a full time craft/DIY blogger and sew clothes, etc. for people! And maybe take a photography class. And finally run that marathon.

  66. says

    I am actually the nut job who would want to make it possible for the world to join in peace, humanity and equality. I know it sounds like a Miss America wish, but wouldn’t it make things a bit better for us all if we could work on this without fear of failure? Yep, and also a few million bucks wouldn’t hurt either. One mil ain’t gonna be enough, I fear.

  67. says

    I must read 3 Cups of Tea. Wonder if my library has it? I liked the book. LOVED A Thousand Splendid Suns.

    Oh, and a watch is not what I want.

    I want to do the things I haven’t been doing yet.

    Time for a change is right. I’m mulling now, and will continue through the 3 days of rest.

  68. says

    I would distill pure “awesome” in liquid form and sell it under the label “Some Awe”.

    Create a technique of destroying a viruses way of reproducing.

    Knit an awesome scarf.

    Walk/bike the length of New Zealand. Kayak around New Zealand.

    Road trip across the U.S., hitting all the States!

    Invent a cheap and easy way to extract hydrogen.

    Live off solar/wind/human power and never use gas again.

    Create a kick ass webcomic.

    Go to university and learn everything.

  69. says

    This is such a good question and one I’ll keep thinking about for days. But the ones that keep nudging me are:

    -Start a non-profit using humor as therapy for sick & injured (am in the process as we speak)

    -Have a career as speaker/writer with humor at the center of it all.

    -Open a coffee shop/breakfast place.

    -Frame and caption my own photography

    -Get myself down to a normal weight

    -Stop nibbling around the edges of my life and go at it full throttle.

    And yes, fear is at the center of it all, I hate to admit.

  70. jeremy says

    hmmmm… this is a tricky one.

    i would pick a city in each of the 50 states and live in each one for six months, trying a different career each time.

    that way, i could experience the US more fully.

  71. Laura T says

    That is a really profound question and you are making us dig deep for a pre-holiday weekend Friday!! :o) But I have to admit, if I knew I could not fail at something there would be no challenge. For me, most of the satisfaction in doing somethng lies with the uncertainty of the outcome in the beginning and overcoming all obstacles to get there.

  72. Jess says

    If I knew I couldn’t fail? I’d start running again, I’d let myself compete, I’d try harder in school (now, if I don’t try and I do badly, I can blame it on my lack of effort) and see what I can really do.

    Thanks for the giveaway, and I really enjoyed reading these comments!

  73. says

    If I were not afraid to fail, I would stop being afraid to fail. At everything. I would stop sabotaging myself to “prevent” failure. (Because you know, in my twisted logic, if I shoot myself in the foot, it’s not really “failing,” you know.) I can’t even assign it a specific thing, because I do it in ALL AREAS of my life.

    Crap. Now you made me cry.

  74. Kathie Armstrong says

    Great giveaway! I love the question.

    Failure is such a subjective concept – but for me, failing is not doing my best. Because, perhaps I’m naive, but I still really feel that if I put all of my energy – my mind, heart and soul – into something, I won’t fail. To me, there’s always a possibility of “failure.” That’s half the battle and half of the fun.

    With this attitude, I am constantly striving to do my best, which can be pretty frustrating – so there are certainly things that I like to put off or dismiss as impossibilities so that I don’t have to work so hard.

    So what are these “impossibilities?”

    *Become a Teach for America teacher

    *Traveling across the continental USA with an empty wallet

    *Writing a best-selling fiction novel

    *Own a fashion boutique

    *Run a Bed and Breakfast

    *Own a Tea House and Health spa

  75. says

    It’s time for a change, huh? You’re right! I can’t wait to read about what you decide to do. You are so very, very inspirational.

    If I knew I couldn’t fail, I would have a bunch of kids and I would write fiction. And I would run a lot more!

  76. Alan Menken says

    I would totally take all of my savings, and take off for Europe and try my luck there while writing and hopefully participating in local theater, eventually trying to move my way up in popularity in the acting world!

  77. says

    I would write the novels that run around my head but I’ve always strongly suspected won’t be nearly as interesting on paper, AND make enough off them to retire to West Virginia. (I’ve had this weird thing for West Virginia lately. Go figure.)

    Alternately, I’ve always had the idea it would be great to run a little bakery/bookstore (I’d also have to sell [vegetarian] soup, salad, & sandwiches) in a beach town near a resort where the food’s too expensive and people would rather stop by and pick something up or hang out someplace more-real/less-glossy. It would be in one of those big old houses where I’d live upstairs or it would have a cabin out back for me & the cat(s) & maybe a small dog. I’d get college kids to do the too-early morning stuff (I’m not a morning person) and maybe have acoustic music some evenings. (I’m debating the internet access with myself.)

    And in a shout out to Felice, I think I’d adopt a kid from Nepal. Maybe 2.

    And I would meditate WAY more, because there would magically be enough hours in the day, is that within the realm of this game’s rules?

    The watch is great. Fingers crossed…

  78. says

    This is such a loaded question. There are so many things, and for me it isn’t always the fear of failure, just how hard to journey to get there would be right now vs later. Maybe that doesn’t make sense- just things have a season I guess.

    On my mind lately- I would audition for this local theater and perform nightly doing something I used to love!

  79. says

    I’m pretty much going after what I want and I may fail until I succeed. That’s OK. I finished novel #1 and trying to sell. Halfway done with the next. I work at an observatory. I keep striving to be in better and better shape.

    I’d love to fly a space shuttle though and bounce around the Moon. Go to Mars. Invent interstellar flight and go out for a spin about the galaxy. I’d also love to write those hokey Saturday night movies on the Sci-Fi Channel, like SuperGator and crap like that. LOL

    I’d also like to live part of the year on Nevis, have my own plane and fly it. Scuba diving … I lurves watching fishes. So yeah, I’d be a combination of Buck Rogers, Jaque Cousteau, Ursula K. LeQuin, and an archeologist. I’d love to do a dig. Oh, and Picasso. I like painting even though I’m no great master.

  80. says

    MizFit, great as always! I love to challenge myself fitness wise so there are way too many things I could write on that especially since my balance is so bad.. sound familiar! I am really not scared of trying to many fitness/gym things.

    The truth for me is if I knew I could not fail.. AND I HAVE A HUGE FEAR OF FAILURE… from past issues & family issues. I will stop there… I would go after my career dreams. Right now, I just don’t feel I can do them without failing so I guess that is one for me to work on!

    You are always thought provoking!

  81. Sarah says

    if i knew i couldn’t fail… i’d try desperately to find a loophole. what a safe, boring life.

  82. says

    I’d go back to school to supplement my (kind of useless) English degree. I just can’t decide what I’d study because I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up (though I’m 34). Either web design or psychology or go on to get my PhD in Literature. Or what the heck–do it all if I can’t fail.

  83. says

    I just had to come out of ‘lurker’ status to say you have been a huge inspiration and motivator for me over the past year. I’ve lost 90 lbs and am struggling to get the final 40 off once and for all. But I know I’ll get there, especially with an amazing example like you to follow! thank you. thank you. thank you for making the time to share that.

  84. Donald Kenner says

    Umm Not sure if this has been said but play the Powerball!! Seems obvious… Aside from that:
    -Move to Hollywood and ask Jeniffer Garner out on a date.
    -Join the US Ski Team
    -Start a crusade to end world hunger

    …But first and foremost… Powerball!

  85. Harold says

    I would be an actor. I used to love doing it in high school, but had to give up when I went to college to focus on science. Being on stage was one of my passions in life, and something that I really miss.

  86. Kelli says

    I’m also adding to the NO NEED TO INCLUDE ME IN THE DRAWING comments—-thank you for making me address this (well not making :) but you know what I mean).

    My first reaction? Be my authentic self. Wholly and entirely and know that it was ok.

  87. Alex says

    I haven’t thought about this question in a long time…wow…

    I KNOW! I’d be one of the people that puts the music to the background of the TV shows. That’s my dream job.

  88. says

    You’re welcome – it’s true!! :)

    P.S. What would I do if I knew I would not fail? Well, I’m doing it right now … living the life I want for myself, tackling my dreams and turning them into my realities!!

    Have a great weekend!

  89. says

    This time of year seems to be when everyone is going through a transition (school, work, extra vitamin D boost from the sun, etc.), so what perfect timing!

    What would I do if I could not fail?

    I think….

    Walk a tightrope.


    Dance on top of a bar in high heels (NEVA gonna happen *snorts*)


    Ride a motorcyle


    Finish the beading project I started and then promptly put away out of frustration.

  90. says

    The first thing that popped into my head was actually get out there and try being a rockstar (literally, not figuratively). However, I decided this year to go the half marathon/running races route instead (only have time to do so much). That’s been epic enough to get me by. :)

    I’m also REALLY REALLY proud of myself that the first thing I though of was not LOSE WEIGHT. That makes me feel at least like a *figurative* rockstar!

  91. says

    Maybe I’m still on an endorphin high from my run yesterday, but two words kept popping in my mind as I read most of the comments: why not?

    Me? I’m still pondering the question. Sometimes it’s the figuring out what you really want to do that’s the harder part.

  92. says

    I would give up my day job and become a problogger.
    I would go to medical school and become a doctor.
    I would compete in the CrossFit games.

  93. says

    I’d qualify to run in the Boston Marathon, and run in it.

    Money and some other “things” always come with stipulations, strings attached. The rush I would get from just participating in the Boston Marathon would be “it” for me. I’ve had an injury that will most likely prevent me from ever getting a BQ time, but a girl can dream. 😉

  94. Peggie says

    For once in my life I would not worry what anyone else thought about me and I would live my life with abandon. I would follow my dreams no matter where they would take me.

    I would let my kids see me cry.

  95. says

    Reminds me of KK (son with autism)…he is completely uninhibited and unafraid. Doesn’t care what anyone thinks or says, just does what he feels.
    I’d be more like him.

  96. says

    I would start the Los Angeles office of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. ::sitting by the phone waiting for them to call::
    I would and will launch a website that has been in development for years the only component missing is $$$. Note if you are an Angel or a VC firm I will make you money!!

  97. says

    Oh my word… I don’t know if I WOULD change anything about my life… I think God has a plan.. and every failure I learn from.. without the valleys I don’t have the mountains!!!
    But Boy I LOVE the MOUNTAINS. This Question has had me thinking for about an hour before I actually sat an answered…. I AM NOT GIVING YOU SOME OFF THE CUFF ANSWER! So, I really don’t know.. I love my life with it’s ups and downs, and if that means I don’t get the watch cause I didn’t answer the question LOL.. , I did answer it honestly!
    GREAT Giveaway! And thanks for the opportunity to win!!!
    LOVE your Blog and learn something everyday!!!

  98. says

    In no particular order, I would learn to play the piano, speak French, Spanish and Italian, and find a way to work with a hospice program to do the work I know in my heart I’m meant to do.

  99. Meredith J. says

    Hmmm…there’s a bunch of things I’d do…but these would be my top 5!

    1) Write a novel

    2) Become a professional ballroom dancer (so I could be on Dancing with the Stars :) )

    3) Get my Ph.D

    4) Go to a bunch of casinos in Las Vegas

    5) Go into outer space…and land on the moon!

  100. Myra says

    Wow….well after reading some posts….I love my job as an ESL teacher….my 12 year old adopted Chinese Jewish American girl is happily studying for her Bat Mitzvah, and loving her body…she just learned to swim and tried it out in a motel pool this morning for the first time….even loves my body more than I do…”mom….let’s take a bubble bath…we need it….created art with foam on my neurotic form….so that’s ok..
    If I knew i couldn’t fail I’d tell everyone I know and even people online that i was going to lose 100 pounds by next April 24….wait….I am doing that..

    You know what they say? “If you do things the way you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten”
    Maybe I won’t fail this time.

  101. says

    That is a very hard question. I really don’t know if I could answer it easily. To think of a world with no limits, of endless possibilities.

    If I could not fail, I’d become that person I always wanted to be. Self assured, brave, loved.

    But the top three things on my list are quite easily distinguished.

    -I’d do all in my power to have the body and health I want.
    -I’d sing. All the time. It would be my entire life and the whole world would know it.
    -And last, I’d fall in love. Without holding back, or the fear of being hurt.

    Of course, I am working on that first thing, but the others have been lost to this world of limitations. Maybe when the first is achieved, or close to it in any case, maybe the others won’t look so impossible.

  102. Lacey King says

    A lot of things I would do but my top three would probably be:

    3. Get in shape to run 5+ miles every day (without excuse)
    2. Stop worrying about the petty things that don’t matter
    1. Live in another country on my own for at least 5 years.

  103. MizFit says

    I LOVE YOU GUYS. Many reasons & this morning because you took the time to think and answer my question and not simply to chime in:

    PICK ME!!

    Im struck (hello career counselor degree Im not using right now!) by how many of you have listed things youd do if you KNEW you couldnt fail which are, in fact, entirely do’able.

    Sure we all have the ‘this isnt realistic failure or not’ (Id have my own big network tv talk show) & yet I was surprised how many of us have truly achievable goals we’ve listed yet arent yet attempting out of fear of failure.

    yada yada yada follow up post coming soon.
    I k now.
    I cant help myself :)

    It’s gonna be all kinds of MISSION STATEMENTS R US up in herre.

  104. Hallie says

    If I knew I could not fail:

    I’d quit my job and go back to school for my PhD

    I’d move out of my apartment and take the financial risk to buy a house

    Thank you for getting me to stop my saturday to ponder this as in the manner you state above these are things I could do.
    I’m just afraid of failing.

  105. Mike says

    I would move to NYC to pursue my writing dreams. That’s all I REALLY want right now. And it’s incredibly scary.

  106. says

    Had to comment again to say that I would have commented on this one, watch or no watch, because it interests me, and I enjoy your blog posts.

    Fear of failure is a HUGE issue for me. I’ve been planning a blog post on it, but haven’t decided whether it’s going in my diet blog or my writers blog yet.

  107. says

    OK Miz – you have done it again….you keep making me think!! lol

    As I venture into this whole healthy living thing I am continually annoyed at the options for a healthy lunch away from home. Wait, that is not entirely true! I am annoyed at the price of “healthy” food. If I “Could not fail” I would open a sandwich shop with tons of healthy options at a reasonable price. soups, salads, sandwiches, all at reasonable prices. Sprouts or avocado added to a sandwich should not cost $3 extra.

    And after my sandwich shop succeeds I would have to write a book knowing that could not fail. lol

    Thanks for this thought-provoking question!!

  108. says

    ha, i was thinking yesterday or the day before about how my fear of failure has got to be worked on! i think sometimes it prevents me from being all i can be :) first thing that comes to mind would be to open a bead and breakfast!

    OK I AM LONGLONGING to know if that was a typo BEAD & BREAKFAST or not. if it wasnt a typo I love the idea. Beading and Breakfasting. love it.

  109. Kitten824 says

    I would live life to the fullest and enjoy every minute without thinking about all the things I could be doing, should be doing, and don’t have the ability to do.

  110. says

    This is a hard question. It got me thinking a lot. One of my MANY answers would be to start living and stop fearing. I’m going to have to leave it at that and spare the world of all the gory details. Thanks Mizfit for such a thought provoking question.

  111. Karen says

    I think I remember someone calling you her fitness guidance counselor once and that was in my mind yesterday.
    Guess what I did yesterday?
    I spent all afternoon researching a PhD program in which I have always wanted to enroll.

    It is the biggest step Ive taken thus far in pursuing my dream and you sparked it with your post.

    Thank you Miz!!

  112. says

    Photography! Almost there, some prints ordered, biz cards ordered…just one more push and I’ll be doing it! No need to enter me into the drawing!

    Have a great Sunday Miz!

  113. says

    I read a great book called “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway”!!! :) Great book! :) Uh, I guess I need to re-read it as I’m feeling the fear, but I’m not doing it anyway. :)

  114. says

    -I’d learn Photoshop and master my camera (which makes me weep with so much pleasure)
    -I’d continue to build my company into a collaborative of personalities and specialists and become the go-to source for corporate events.
    -I would build a lifestyle on moderation (not as a cut-back) but as a way to feel great, as a way to look great.

  115. Sarah says

    I would write a movie script.
    I would send out movie script.
    I would not shove under my bed and be paralyzed about letting others read my movie script.

  116. says

    Miz Fit, you ask why not write novels, and my answer is this… I don’t actualy have any stories in my head. If I did, I would totally be writing for myself. I don’t doubt that I have the ability to write. I’ve written enough papers for school and gotten enough feedback to know that what I write is readable, but I just have never had and original idea that is begging to be written rolling around in my head. But if I do, I will write it.

  117. says

    If I could do something knowing that I would not fail, I would quit my job as a teacher and open my own restaurant/blues club.

    Awesome watch by the way!

  118. says

    Loving it – I would go on roller coasters more often (I’m loosely interpreting here to mean I know I will not die – or I know the roller coaster will not fail).

    Luckily the folks grew my brother and I up to KNOW we could do anything we want. They had entrepreneurial spirits, and they failed at some things, but everything still worked out okay. As a result, I’m more willing to try things – whether I perceive the possibility to fail or not, because usually, everything will still be okay – the world will continue to move, I will not starve and I will not die or live homeless and penniless (just maybe with less stuff and less grand – which I am totally okay with). I wrote that because a lot of the wishes I saw in the comments are totally doable!

  119. says

    I’ve always admired your ability to ask such thought-provoking questions. This question is one that’s been on my mind a lot lately. I’ve been researching what I might want my next life-step to be (career-wise), and the really nice things is that I know there’s nothing holding me back once I make the decision. Move somewhere else? I’m happy where I am now, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be happy elsewhere. Do something I never would have thought of? If I love it, sure.

    If I could do anything, I’d choose something that I loved instead of how much it paid.

  120. says

    I have spent all weekend thinking about this question and the crazy thing is that it made me realise that all the things that I would list are entirely doable, even if the outcome isn’t succes at least I will know I have tried. The dreams that seem outside of my grasp are the dangerous ones – I would love to climb Mt Everest or travel the Silk Road or cross the Sahara on a camel or kayak in Antarctica.

  121. says

    I’d do the Ironman!

    I can’t swim very well, so I’ve pretty much written off ever being able to try a triathalon.

  122. says

    It’s taken me this long to comment because I really don’t have dreams or aspirations – and I know that sounds weird and sad, but I just pretty much go whatever direction life seems to be taking me. So you question has me stumped BIG TIME. I just didn’t want you to think that I didn’t care enough to respond…I just can’t come up with anything.

  123. Lizbeth says

    LOVE this question! I too have a rock wall in town that I drive by and WILL visit this summer.
    -I’d write and publish a book
    -I’d move to Hawaii (with spouse and land current ‘dream job’)
    -I’d run a race, any race (okay The Iron Man on Hawaii)
    -Pull-ups, in the gym, even with guys around
    -Mounatin biking (I like the control my feet give me)
    -If I really couldn’t fail, I’d sky dive and bungee jump and hang glide, climb higher peaks, make really great art, fly to Austrailia and New Zealand, SURF!,
    -How about write a movie?
    -How about maybe even be a famous movie lady?
    -I would bake (all of my attempts turn out pretty scary because I try omitting things like sugar, eggs and flour, go figure?)
    -Maybe other careers too, like Marine Biologist, scuba diver, boat captain, dolphin therapist,
    Great question! Hope all is well with you. I’ve been on the BOSU for eveything and having so much fun! My abs are inspiring me to eat better and my better eating is inspiring my abs :)

  124. says

    Climb the St. Elias Mountains, Alaska/Canada

    Write a book

    Be a free lance photographer

    Open a bed & breakfast in a remote spot at the beach

  125. Debra says

    Great Question. I was out of town this weekend and just now checking in.

    If I could not fail… I would open up a pet store supporting an animal sanctuary…I’ve toyed with the idea for years but…

    And/or open a book store/coffee shop or B&B and I would have a baby (or adopt).

  126. erin says

    OH man! If I could not fail…I would open a restaurant. A “clean” food restaurant. Macros broken down. Ingredients disclosed. Customization encouraged!

  127. Emily says

    I would sing and play the guitar to someone other than my roommate…haha..someday

  128. suganthi says

    I am not sure why I didn’t write it the first time. Could it be that I am so afraid that I blocked it out of my mind?

    I guess I never thought that I did not do something because of fear of failure. But, on thinking about this for several days, I know that I do fear a lot…What would I do if did nott have that fear?

    *I would move to a new job that I think sounds interesting fully believing that I would learn things fast and be nurtured by a good mentor.*

  129. LovingPittsburgh says

    I would probably have about 25 jobs in my lifetime…

    I would join many sports, and anything else I wanted to, because it wouldn’t be possible for me to over-extend myself!

    I’d take all those crazy chances…

  130. says

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