Renaissance Man takes over (video/giveaway post).

My initial plan was to make ask Ren Man if he’d take over blogging for the entire month of June.

He politely declined.

The compromise? Coming this week.

Welcome to five days of AlmostRenMan.

A week of MizFit Living Not Blogging.


The Outtakes:



The Tattoos (some of em anyway):



Have you noticed the only advertisement up in herre as of late?

Have you noticed that MizFitOnline is newly powered by Ren Man’s dayjob creation Sonic Tap?

You can be entered to win a free playlist download from SonicTap for the lowlow price of a comment below.

On any of this random shit chickenbus.

Please to hit us all up in the comments.

And yeah.

If you name WHAT playlist you’d wanna win should the Random Number Generator smile benevolently upon you Im giving you two downloads I can convince the Ren Man of stuff that way.

USA only. (I know. Here’s hoping there’s a SonicTap ‘splosion & they go international soon.)

All this week’s winners announced 6.22.09.


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  1. says

    Hey RenMan

    So, warm tuna…I know cats who might eat that…

    And hey, I see you workout at the same gym at MizFit, that one that also has a frozen foods section!

    Good luck in here this week…

  2. Janie says

    I love that you two seem able to laugh at yourselves!

    Is that the Tornado at the grocery too??

  3. Evan says

    I’m guessing you DON’T think Miz is crazy for her tattoos huh?
    That’s a lot of ink!

  4. Bea says

    So funny.
    Love the Ren Man’s tee shirt and am never coming to your house for dinner.

    (Unless I get some of those oatmeal creme pies!!)

  5. says

    Hi Miz and Ren Man!

    What a great debut as a SpokesDude! Totally charismatic and adorable.

    And wow–Sonic Tap is amazing! DRM free? All those tunes! The ability to preview?

    I should be packing for a trip but found myself totally seduced by all the cool offerings. Will definitely be back when I have more time.

    Turns out I am a “Glow” girl! Who knew Crabs liked to glow? But as perused the playlists I kept thinking… oh that’s a cool song! Oh, another good one! Another!

    I predict great success for SonicTap!

  6. Miz says

    I have to say I was laughing so hard while filming I almost had to stop.

    Its hard for him living with me.

  7. says

    Good morning to all Bumblin’ Banders. Thanks for the comments.

    Lance – when we had dogs, they pretty much only begged for MY food!

    Evan – are BOTH crazy with our tattoos. I got ANOTHER new one on Friday night that isn’t ready for display.

    Bea – yeah, we don’t get a lot of dinner guests (or lunch, or breakfast, or snack time…)

    Crabby – thanks for checking ST out. Who doesn’t love classics from the 70s and 80s???

  8. Lara says

    Running to work but wanted to watch the video before I did (Miz you’re one of the few sites I can’t watch @ the office!).

    *waves to Ren Man*

    Will be back to check out the Sonic Tap!

  9. says

    Hi, Ren Man!!

    Loved the video!! And the Little Debbie bicep curls cracked me right up — mostly because of the big grin!

    Looking forward to the rest of the week! :)

  10. says

    ooohhh…a whole week of renman? Now that is some treat, I am impressed with you sharing Miz! But..what is this? You are still responding to comments up there? I thought it was a whole week “living not blogging?” HA, you just can’t stay away from us – no problems, we are addicted to you just as much as you are of us!

    Love the Sonictap company!

  11. Becca says

    You got him to do a whole week???

    Go you MizFit.

    Will he do a week at my blog too? LOL.

  12. says

    ahaha love it! “I do not eat warm tuna!” Aw MizFit, so nice of you not to force Ren Man to eat warm tuna 😀 I’m really looking forward to what MizterFit has to say this week! Oo Sonic Tap looks awesome! I’m really diggin’ the Active Rock Workout, Vol. 9! I love me some Disturbed when I’m tryin’ to get my work out on! 😉

  13. Hanah says

    I really did wonder if you made everyone else eat as you do (I guess that’s really just Ren Man because you’ve said you do let the Tornado go to McD’s :))

    will you get the whole week off?

    Go on vay cay?

  14. says

    Love the pizza kickbacks. Exercise while grocery shopping=awesome fun.

    MizFit….really? Warm tuna? Not even a little salt and pepper? I’m thinking I’d prefer mine raw and cold to just warm out of the can.

    So RenMan eats what he wants. What does he eat? What’s his favorite exercises besides lifting Little Debbies. (maybe he is working up to Zingers?)

    The download I want? Definitely the Bootsy Collins mix. Nice.

  15. says

    I have to say, RenMan is much less intimidating here than the last time I saw him…I believe demonstrating push ups or some such exercise. Then, I thought he was a tough guy, but now I can see what a teddy bear he is! Looking forward to this week of MizTer Fit posts!

    Oh, and WARM TUNA????? EEWWWWW!

  16. says

    ok miz, love ya but warm tuna? i don’t think so. :)

    very entertaining for an early monday morning, thank you so much for getting my day started! love the grocery playout and love the art!

  17. Nita says

    I sure hope those were Renaissance Man’s tats, and not MizFits!

    I was looking at Sonic Tap last night, and couldn’t figure out how much a premium membership cost and what it included.

    And what fun to see RM doing some guest blogging. I can’t wait to hear what else he dishes on.

  18. says

    Loved how the tuna video was followed by real food. I looked hard at those tattoos. Thought they were yours at first and thought to recommend that you get Venus or Lady Bic to sponsor the page… Obviously I need more coffee.

    I wanna see him do a plank.

    : )

  19. says

    You guys are my new favorite couple!! My fave was, of course, the lil’ debbie bicep curls complete with running amok Tornado (that’s exactly how we roll at the store too!).

    Am very interested to see how SonicTap works!

  20. Lisa says

    One word for what you eat Miz: GAG.

    Love the tattoos on HIM was a bit concerned when I thought those were your legs 😉

  21. says

    I couldn’t get the first video to work :( But, it’s probably me…technology savvy is not my deal!!

    Love the randomness. Then again my husband is ADHD. lol.

  22. says

    LOL. Ok, it worked. Um, not sure about the warm tuna thing. I think I’ll borrow one of your OTHER food ideas 😀

  23. says

    Ren Man fan club in da howzzzz fo’ shizzy! Love it!

    Mizzy, I always knew we were sistahs from another mistah…I HEART warm tuna too!

    ST? I want Active Rock Workout Vol.4 please!

  24. says

    Okay, first I think I’m in love with RenMan because, wow – what a hunk! :) and second, my heart just burst with pride because you have Oklahoma breakdown on SonicTap!! My poor little state gets such a bad rap, so it’s nice to see someone actually celebrating it in some way – THANK YOU! :)

  25. says

    do people look at you strange when you start exercising in the grocery store?? i know it’s not the first time 😉

    and warm tuna??? oh miz…

  26. Leah says

    Your TATS are a bajillion times better than Ren mans.
    But he is quite amusing. We went to the grocery store this morning to try out the biceps curls and triceps presses ourselves and generated a lot of laughs from the other patrons.

  27. marie says

    hehe–LOVE the LD curls!

    Hmmm. . . I think the Pump vol. 13 playlist looks especially groovy. Actually, all of the Pump playlists look good.

  28. says

    Great videos. So this month gives me an excuse to pester BK (who does eat a lot of what I eat) to take better care of himself.

  29. says

    Too funny! But warm tuna? Not too sure about that.

    I am loving the Classic Rock workout, Vol. 3. All of those classic rock playlists are awesome, though.

  30. says

    Great videos! Thanks for stepping in this week RenMan!

    I think I would like the Zen play list.

    I would love, love to see jazz mixes available. There aren’t many out there (or classical either).

  31. says

    So glad to see I’m not the only one who was temporarily confused about the tattoos. Had to play it twice because I was all, “dang, those look like a man’s legs.”

  32. Leslie says

    I almost spit out my coffee when I saw that tattoo video.

    I’d seen your tweets, Miz, about not shaving the leg while you were being tattooed and I thought SHE WASN’T KIDDING!!

    Then I figured it all out.

    I used to be an itunes fan but lately my library keeps getting all f*cked up.

    I’d love to win this!

  33. Miz says

    LAUGHING HARD at the fact any of you thought those were my legs.

    to answer your questions:

    NO (Im not shaving the leg much. patches as I heal).
    NO (Im not that hairy :))
    NO (The Ren Man isnt 100% taking over. Someone needs to bring home the bacon, errr, Morningstar Farm faux sausage patties.)

    Any of you search for MIZFIT at sonictap?


    Got my own page up in therre

  34. cammi99 says

    SonicTap: I liked all the Classic Rock Workouts; looked mostly at vol. 1. I’ll go back an check it out more thoroughly later. Great idea!

    MizFit: Love meeting your family.


  35. says

    Ok – i’m not sure if i’m more disturbed that so many people think my wife (MizFit’s) legs are that BIG AND MANLY or that so many people think my leg’s are SLENDER AND FEMININE. Either way, i’m doing squats every day for the rest of my life…

  36. says

    Funny stuff. All of it. The warm tuna thing though? Almost made me throw up a little.

    I’m just thinking I’m glad I’ll have no problem identifying you two when we finally meet in person. As long as you’re not wearing pants.

  37. says

    Lori – working on more Jazz. Just found a great jazz programmer out of Los Angeles to help out. His stuff should be up soon!

  38. says

    The first thing I saw when I clicked to the website were the words “grilled cheese”. Tasty.

    Ren Man, you’re a good sport! Do you usually read this blog/comments when you’re not making a cameo appearance? (ie. do you know the Bumbling Band as intimately as we know of you? :)).

  39. Stacy says

    I wondered just what Sagan asked too!

    Why am I so curious if MizFit talks about us at home or if Ren Man has no idea what she writes about :)

    The tuna thing? If that’s the KEY to your arms I’m in.

  40. MizFit says

    I’m just thinking I’m glad I’ll have no problem identifying you two when we finally meet in person. As long as you’re not wearing pants.

    No worries then, Melany. No worries. xo xo, Pantless McGee.

    (And Im with you Ren Man. All brings to mind the MAN HANDS episode of Seinfeld in NOT a good way :))

  41. says

    Was starting to wonder if it’s true that the longing you live with someone the more you start to look/act like them. Glad to know they weren’t Mizfits legs!!

  42. says

    Don’t you mean ‘bring home the tuna’?

    I can bring home the tuna (da da da da)
    Nuke it up in a bowl (da da da da)
    And never never never eat bad carbs because that’s how I roll…

  43. says

    I saw the Sonic Tap thing and was curious. But not curious enough to click the link. My loss, as usual. I’m liking the 70s and 80s workout mixes so far.

    I’m curious about those Little Debbie bicep curls. I did those for YEARS and never lost a pound. Must’ve had incorrect form. :)

  44. says

    Fitarella – you have awesome musical tastes! I’ll get MizFit to post her picture with Luda from last year’s Sonic Tap party.

  45. Alyssa says

    Yay, Ren Man!!!!!
    Any workout that uses food is MY KINDA WORKOUT!!!!!
    And, um, warm tuna?
    OK, to each her own. Who am I to judge? I once lived on ramen and peanut butter for a month.

  46. says

    Oh and MizFit — to address your ‘frick’n’ love for my bracelet — it’s Lucky brand, from Macy’s, a gift from Heman boyfriend 😉

  47. Myra says

    FINALLY! I’ve figured it out! well, the joke’s on me! I didn’t know the Little Debbie trick only works on triceps. All these years I’ve been doing bicep curls with the Little Deb, and poppin’ one in at the end of the set! I was wondering why I had trouble losing the last 50!

    You know, the 70’s and 80’s suit my aged workout, but something with the word MEAT in the title is strangely appealing,

  48. says

    MizFit, you know I want your running playlist!
    Although I’m eyeing “Rick James B**CH” for Mr. TFH. 😉

    As for the warm tuna– well, that’s better than cold, out of the can, right? Personally, I find it too dry w/out a little olive oil, though.

    Looking forward to RenManWeek!

  49. MizFit says

    I love the perfect workout music. I sucketh at creating playlists. I married the perfect man for me.
    On a different note I let the Toddler watch the video and she keeps asking: WHO IS MIZFIT? WHO IS MIZFIT?!

  50. Kim says

    You know I still want more dirt from the Ren Man :)
    Are you really always this chipper?

  51. Linda - fat don't wrinkle says

    Whose legs are those? Hmmmmmmmmmmm?.

    Using the computer at the library totally lacks in quality. I’m on a stupid time. AAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!

    I’m getting lots done at home, though.

    I miss you.

  52. MizFit says

    BACK ATCHA Linda.
    Swung by this am.
    Didnt want you to think I was a stalker :)

    See you in Chicago in July?

  53. says

    Way too funny! Loved seeing your hubby & all his tattoos! He looked pretty cool there in the grocery store! :-)

    I could not figure out how to find the playlists on SonicTap so.. well, it is me & I am not great at this medium!!!!

    Had trouble all day getting here so not sure if it is me or your new “newly powered”. Probably me! :-)

    cant help you with SonicTap but it was freakin BLUE HOST today having problems. Love my hostingNOT.

  54. Ana says

    I want the Tornado to do a video now.
    That would be so funny.
    (Ok, I’m tired today)

    Glad you made it a family affair.
    Off to check out the tunes!

  55. says

    I love RenMan!!! (well I mean not as much as you do lol)

    I’m loving the little debbie curls… I used to do that but mine would mysteriously enter my mouth… strange… but you know that’s a thing of the past!

    Warm tuna- ewwwwwwwwwww

    I wanted to pick a playlist but frankly I couldn’t choose between yoga and running. *sigh*

  56. suganthi says

    ROFL.. warm tuna..
    You allow “Little Debbie’s ” in your house?
    When I first came to the US, I was devouring so many packs of Lilttle Debbie’s brownies.. they were cheap for a graduate student’s budget and I had just discovered brownies.

    Running vol.1

  57. suganthi says

    Ah.. I just figured out that there is more than Miz’s playlist at Sonictap. I also sucketh at making “playlists”, but I simply cannot run iwth anyhting other than CArdiocoach. I keep trying to run to other music, but I cannot.. I just don’t enjoy steady state…

  58. auti says

    I am sorry but I am looking for a post in which you laid out your daily diet, or what you eat in a day. I found it once and lost it. Do you know where I can find that post MizFit? Could your email it to me???

  59. says

    OK I had to come back and ask if Ren Man is channeling Stevie Wonder? Love, love, LOVE, the side to side head movement! The best.

    xo Miz!

    Great video Ren! :)

  60. says

    Oh my gosh- this was HILARIOUS. I love the I’m Present make shift t shirt and the giggling in the background. I want to know more about his workout routine!

  61. says

    Nice to finally see the RenMan after hearing so much about him. But that warm tuna? NO.

    (says the gal who eats steamed greens for lunch almost every day).

    And.. your grocery store must LOVE it when you two show up. But it looks so much nicer than mine.

    Started checkin out ST – haven’t yet found the track that really speaks to me…

  62. says

    RENMAN!! YOU’RE AWESOME. I’m likin’ the grocery store strength training plan. I’d have to bicep curl lil debbie about a million times to burn off the calories consumed. Love the ink…gorgeous!! Don’t be such a stranger RenMan.

  63. Susannah says

    Wow, Bass Line:Bootsy Collins!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whooo hooo!!! I want some! Go SonicTap Go!