Living not blogging: YOGA (giveaway post)

Some days my yoga practice looks like this:


While other days it more closely resembles the rambunctious mayhem of this:


What matters most to me & what Im focusing my energy on right now is DOing yoga and not TALKing about finding time for it.

Today? Im living not blogging.

Today? Im doing yoga (Rodney Yee. I love me some Yee) & being present while I do so.

Today? I’m not trying to maybe find a moment or three of time to do quick fast yoga in a hurry!

Today? I’m living not blogging.

And you?

How are you gonna take time to be mindful today?

Will you join me in yoga?

Find a few moments to meditate?

Please to hit us all up in the comments.

One lucky commenter shall win a free playlist download from

USA Only.Ā  Winner announced Monday 6.22.09


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  1. says

    I’m taking the whole week off to LIVE not BLOG! In spain :) I’ve been working up to 5 whole minutes of meditation this week, it’s a challenge, that’s for sure!

  2. says

    Yoga – something else to bring back into my life! I used to enjoy it so much and think I could do with the feeling of bliss it gives me.

    LOL at the second pic!

  3. says

    My mindfulness practice takes place at a local park these days. Whether it’s squirrel-watching, people watching, or just staring into space, it’s a great place to ponder or not ponder, whichever I need at the moment.

    Enjoy YOUR day!

  4. says

    hahaha I love the tornado practicing yoga. I need to be more mindful! My husband often reminds me that I’m spending a bit tooooo much time blogging šŸ˜‰

  5. Kim says

    I love that first image of y ou.
    Calm and serene.
    I will find some of that in my day.

  6. says

    I have to go in for a blood draw at the hospital today so I’m all iPoded up with a Dharma talk on fear, so that’ll be my meditation as I wait for my little buzzer to go off that tells me to go to the lab :) And knowing our hospital, that’ll take about an hour.

  7. says

    I love your topic….doing not blogging. Sometimes I get all caught up reading and responding to blogs, I forget to live my life. Sitting for hours at a computer does not burn calories!

    I destress by walking in the very early morning….out the door by 5 am…………no matter what!

    Loved RenMan yesterday…….he is a walking art gallery!

  8. Ana says

    I am with Dana and need a day to care for myself as well.

    I will make some MeMeditation time tonight.

  9. says

    I still don’t fully understand SonicTap, so no need to enter me but I’ve become a yoga convert so I had to comment!! I’ve been doing it daily now and I’m always surprised at how relaxing it can be, well once I figure out how to be a pretzel

    Ren Man is swinging by later to answer any SonicTap questions. Bottom line? it’s all playlists all the time.

  10. Bea says

    I saw myself in your words of rushing through yoga to be able to check it off my TO DO list for a day.

    I don’t even have a blog yet and need to live more!

  11. says

    Don’t have time for a full workout today. (It’s action packed) but I do plan on a lap around our windowless (pretty much) building. Being outside helps with stress, too. :) Enjoyed the pics!

  12. says

    I haven’t done Yoga since around Thanksgiving. I definitely feel like it’s part of the reason I’m so stressed out about everything. I will get the meditation bit in though. (And I routinely sip my tea in quiet contemplation of what I want and how I can get it).

  13. says

    Will do – it’s quiet here right now. I just read the book Breakfast with Buddha – and though it is fiction, the author definitely provided me with some aha! moments. So, if anyone is looking for a good summer read that isn’t embarrassing to be seen reading at the pool – check it out!

  14. says

    aaahhhh, yoga! I did my first yoga class last week and loved it! Totally relaxing! Definetly feel like I need to get me some more of it, yes, should include it in my every day activities! Starting today – off to find a yoga video online!

  15. says

    You know, I’ve never tried yoga. I’ll have to give it a shot one of these days.
    Today I am going to be mindful and present with my kids – we’re going to have fun!

  16. says

    I’ll be doing a form of meditating at my soccer game tonight- really. I think that the focus involved in playing a sport can be exhilarating and calming at the same time… my body might be moving around during the game, but my mind will be in a place of serenity!

  17. says

    My meditation comes when I have my earphones on and am chugging away on the elliptical. I can get away from the familykidsdinnerhousecleaning thing for awhile and get lost in the music. Having that little bit of time to myself does wonders for me!

  18. Carrie says

    I love that second picture!!

    It embodies health silliness and loving life for me.

    Enjoy your day, Miz!

  19. says

    I watch and enjoy Power Yoga on the tele.
    but I don’t do any of it.
    It’s fun to watch.

    In answer to your question, Om Shanti, Shanti Om.

  20. says

    Oh yes, taking some med/self-hypnosis time today. I’ve been doing some yoga known as Tibetan Rites one of which is that killer thing the Tornado is doing in the pic. Umm… it hurts to do when you’re 50.

  21. marie says

    I am going to Spinning today and will not think of anything else while I’m on that glorious bike!

  22. says

    Sadly I’m blogging, not living at the moment. But I wanna be Rupal!! PS> Love the Tornado Pose! Will have to try that one;)

  23. says

    Tornado is adorable!!!!!!!!!!! Good for you for living & not blogging! I need to do that too! No yoga but walking with a friend & chatting with her today! It is not a hard workout & more like just enjoyment but moving too!

    Later.. some mindless Days of our Lives watching for escape!

  24. dragonmamma/naomi w. says

    My husband took a week off of work, so I’m also taking a one week break from the gym. Instead, we’re biking all over the place, playing frisbee, etc.

    Today is my daughter’s 18th birthday, so I will be in the kitchen shortly to make her requested Coke Cake. (That’s right, chocolate cake with coca cola as one of the ingredients.)

  25. says

    I’m working :( But, hey, that’s living. Kind of.

    I need help with the meditation stuff like that. I think I’ll work on that tonight per your example above and hope I either have as much focus as pic 1 or as much fun as pic 2 :)

  26. says

    I love yoga and how it makes me get relaxed. At my weight right now, though, I feel bulky and awkward trying to get into some of the positions. Any suggestions for plus-size yoga?

  27. says

    I am going to be the “White Tornado” (anyone else remember that, or is my age really showing?) around here (this morning while it’s still cool), but first; a walk in the pasture and some Tibetan rites.

    This afternoon, I am going to find a cool place, if one exists, in which to hide from our forecasted hottest day yet.

  28. says

    I’m embracing the unplanned, unexpected moments that come my way! Not everything that I do is required to be in my daily planner.

  29. says

    Mindfulness is a two edged sword. I think that there are plenty of times where peacefulness is not a part of mindfulness, and that in order to live in the moment, there are times when the moments are stressful, painful, or otherwise unpleasant.

    I think that there are times and practices that release some of that stress, that allow for acceptance and letting go, but I wonder at times if it’s so much mindfulness as recentering.

    This morning I’ll be mindful without peacefulness. The moments I will be living in will have a lot to do with those things rather low on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. This afternoon and evening I’ll be consciously refocusing and recentering… shifting from a productivity based mindset to a mindset of acceptance and release before I start my trip tomorrow (and more productivity based thinking)

    oh, I obviously have to blog this when I get back this morning.

  30. says

    Yes, yes, yes.

    I’ll do yoga today (it’s been a while…). And I’ll be mindful while doing it (and hopefully also the rest of the day…). And I’ll live not blog!

    Thanks for the reminder! :)

  31. Monique says

    Yeah for Yoga!

    I ‘do’ yoga 3 times a week and found out that it actually helped the running.

  32. Nita says

    I probably won’t do anything worthwhile today. It’s one of the 2 days a week that I work, and I come home exhausted and totally wiped out.

    I haven’t done yoga for years, but I think it would help these muscles that get so tight after weight-lifting. Something slow and mindful would be perfect.

  33. says

    I’m really clueless when it comes to Yoga. I’ve done a couple of poses on Wii Fit but that’s it! But I will join you doing some yoga today using WiiFit. :)

  34. says

    I loves me the Yee too! I do his Power Yoga DVD regularly, I love the routine for flexibility – feels like a million bucks afterward! Today I took a long power walk outside in my beautiful Brooklyn neighborhood. It wasn’t yoga, but it was a refreshing change since I rarely go outside for exercise. I certainly meditated on that!

  35. Tammy says

    Thanks for the plus sized yoga link.
    I think that doing something like that could be a step toward living IN my body.

    Thanks for all you do, Miz.

  36. says

    Miz! It’s been a while. One of the things that I want to pick up is yoga. I’ve been doing a lot of cardio, but I have a hard time fitting strength/yoga into my workouts. As for being more mindful today, I’ll be communing with nature on a bike ride this afternoon.

  37. says

    well, due to my back injury, yoga is pretty risky for me. So instead, i put on some zen music and do my physio stretches and strength moves for 10 minutes.

    maybe i should call it ..noga?

    regardless, love the ren-man videos (and ‘stash!!)..And am pleasantly surprised that i unintentionally entered the living not blogging challenge. I’ve really cut down my posts and visiting other blogs these last few weeks..But I missed yoU!!

    p.s. don’t enter me!

  38. says

    Mmm– I love my dates with Jason Crandell (podcasts on the Yoga Journal site and iTunes) after work. Just 20-30 minutes and I’m soooo relaxed. Lately I’ve needed that, instead of the powerful-saluting-sweaty yoga.

  39. says

    i need to figure out what works for me for yoga. I LOVE it, love it, but find it so hard to get into a regular practice sometimes. I’m asking for a DVD player for my birthday this month so I can do it in the mornings – I like the quiet morning, but I have no place to do it that wouldn’t wake up my husband, so I’m hoping this pans out!

    love the crazy pose with the little yogini with you :)

  40. MizFit says

    peeking in. Brandi? It took me eons to find what mishmash yoga worked for me.

    Brought me inner calm.

    (Wasn’t Bikram ;))

  41. says

    I love the picture of you and the toddler! What a great little yogi already. :-)

    “I’m focusing my energy on right now is DOing yoga and not TALKing about finding time for it.” I need to be better about this. For me, yoga is always one of those things that’s pushed to the backburner. I get intimidated going to class, and I need to get over that shiz. Thank goodness for YogaDownload…I’m vowing to do at least 2 this week!

  42. says

    I’m such a fan of Yoga – increased energy levels, better digestive function, mood stabilization, and the list goes on. It is definitely a mind/body/spirit discipline that could be used to achieve optimal health. You just have to make the time for it.

  43. says

    Yeay for you and the Tornado! The rambunctious mayhem looks like fun!!!

    I had an hour and a half of gym-time this morning. It might not have looked peaceful on the outside–spinning and running and sweating buckets–but I sure felt peaceful on the inside. Now hoping to carry that peacefulness through the rest of my crazy day… šŸ˜‰

    Loved the RenMan videos yesterday, by the way! Encore, encore!

  44. says

    My biggest problem with yoga is finding the right class. So far I’ve found a classes that were way to easy (like i don’t even break a sweat) or way to hard (like i can’t even get into half the poses).

    RuntoFinish– Sonic Tap is a different kind of music service. Other services primarily sell single tracks or albums, which is fine if you have the time to search and find what you like. Sonic Tap uses professional music designers to create playlists that are perfect for any occasion or event, from exercising to dinner parties, from road trips to “play outs”. And, if you use an iPod you can download your Sonic Tap playlists right into your iTunes library and enjoy on the go.

  45. says

    I love yoga in the mornings, it just calms me for the rest of the day. Instead this morning I did a run, and I wish I would have had time to yoga too. Oh well, tomorrow morning for sure!

    I have this PlayStation2 game called Yourself Fitness and it randomly generates a 15-20 minute yoga session for me. It’s just enough to get stretched out and not too much time. I love it!

  46. says

    I finally have time to blog read again! (Okay, I just don’t care about my job anymore.) and I’m so excited to finally start daily having my Mizfit fix again!

    I go through yoga phases where I can focus and be present…and then there are times I’m just not into it. On the days I’m just not into it, I usually just stop. I know I’m not getting the benefit out of it.

    If the mood is right, I’m going to try and add a yoga podcast into my evening…a few sun salutations will feel good.

    Happiness Awaits

  47. says

    I love me some Rodney Yee. I haven’t done yoga in FOREVER, but I was thinking the other day that I need to get back into it.

    And LOVED the Ren Man yesterday! The pizza kickbacks were hilarious; he looked like he was going to bust out laughing any minute! :)

  48. Laurie says

    I know I forget that meditation can be one minute of total calm.
    It doesn’t need to be a long time when I don’t have time.

    Love ya Miz!

  49. says

    (I know this is off-topic, but it’s Miz pre-approved…)
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    For more info, please visit

  50. says

    Miz – you are the best. Thanks for the constant reminders to live life. Sometimes I get so caught up in it all that I really forget to ENJOY MY LIFE.

    Muchos love your way.

  51. says

    Hey I have a Rodney Yee DVD too, but I only just managed to get through it once and it nearly kilt me. However, I WILL go in and do my other yoga DVD which I love. Just for you!

    Love the pictures!

  52. Teresa says

    I am like you in I love what I hope yoga could hold for me and yet rarely make time.

    Today I will.

  53. says

    I Love Rodney Yee too! In fact, I’m going to be doing pm yoga today “with” him this evening! I just spent some time living not blogging since I’ve been out of school for the semester, but now I’m back to blogging semi-regularly :-) I think. Glad to see some awesome yoga going on over here.

  54. says

    I *LOVE* the idea of living instead of blogging for a while. It’s not fun when blogging starts to feel like a job! You’ve inspired me to turn off the computer and actually DO what I read and blog about!

  55. says

    I’m so impressed that you do yoga. I am still “talking” about doing yoga. My Yee DVD is collecting dust, although it’s very good.

  56. josha says

    finding moments with my son with autism. He answered 2 “why” questions yesterday and 1 today! He wouldn’t have if I’d not determined to re-focus on entering his fun world.

  57. says

    I’ve been experimenting with the mudra lately … not consistently enough though. I’m eating some strawberries, so maybe I’ll remember to try my mudras better.

    I’m impressed you can do a headstand. It’s not something this middling body would attempt these days … very cute pic with the Tornado. LOL Love that.

  58. Nancy says

    Took me forever to read your nonpost because I have to read ever comment šŸ˜‰

    I echo mary meps and want a VIDEO FACETIME ON YOUR HEAD!

  59. says

    For what it’s worth, and because I adore Twitter, I am really practicing being present with computer time. I turn the computer off at 5 now.

    LOVE me Rodney Yee.

  60. says

    Yoga intimidates the heck out of me, so I haven’t really tried it. Inspiring, huh? :)
    yes, yes you will be when you try it, however briefly, in the privacy of your own home with the shades drawn (no, wait, that’s how *I* do it. My bad.)

  61. lynn says

    I found that it was such a nice day that all I did (afterwork) was lie on my back in the grass and watched the sky…thoughts cleared and life revived.


  62. suganthi says

    Just finished a few segments from Rodney’s Yoga conditioning for athletes after an hour’s Cardiocoach run.

    My meditation: Tried to stay away from the internet and focus on work (partial success).

    Miz: Yo at his wisdomu really need to check out Erich Schiffman and Tilak Pyle for Yoga.. wonderful.

    Tila Pyle:

    Altar of the heart is most definitely the most beautiful YOGA production in my opinion ( I don’t have SHiva Rhea). This is a bit fast for me.. but it is simply beautiful .. music, scenery and Tilak.. a genuinely nice kid.. yes Tilak is so young and yet so grounded. I met him in a workshop and was completely blown away by his wisdom and kindness.

    I only have the Beginners DVD.. absolutely fantastic.

    Thanks to for educating me. I hope you don’t mind me giving all the links, I believe in giving credit to people who give me all the info.

  63. says

    I’m a day late but I did my yoga today–nice prenatal yoga video yoga. Good stuff. Except I want to laugh so hard when she says to do something “with care and grace”. Shyeah, right, I’m 6 months preggers here! Ain’t no grace going on here.


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