Living not blogging: PLAYouts (giveaway post)

Ive yammered about this a million times before—-but I blather because I love.

Today’s Living Not Blogging is brought to you by MONKEY BARS, LEAPFROG, and HULA HOOPS.

How you gonna get yer PLAYout on today?

Please to hit us all up in the comments.

EDITED TO SAY: Check out comment #20/#34 (discount code alert!) LOVE TIM. LOVE Punkrope!!

One lucky commenter shall win a free playlist download from

USA Only.  Winner announced Monday 6.22.09


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  1. says

    I love PLAYouts! I actually have boring WORKouts happening today (and some DIYouts…) but at the weekend I was at a barbecue with some crazy toddlers and we had a bit of a Simon Says thing going on….

    TA x

  2. says

    LOL, that was why as kids we were never fat!

    Actually, I do consider the gym as some kind of playground for grown-ups with cool toys to mess about on!

    Thanks for asking about my knees – they are doing OK without any painkillers – phew!

    Now, I want to go hoola hoop – never been able to get the hang of it, darn.

  3. Kim says

    Should I run out and rent a kid for today? :)
    Or are you asking us to babysit so you can get back to yoga?

  4. says

    Most of my workouts are “playouts”now since my hubby bought me a Wii game system. :) Kids and I play almost daily against and with each other. (and trust me it IS a workout)

    We LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!

  5. Bea says

    I know you’ve said this a bunch now but it is a mindset I need to shift to still.

    PLAYout and not WORKout.

    Maybe then I will dread my exercise less?

  6. suganthi says

    Oh Carla Miz.. you so ROCK!
    The monkey bars are so high up for this mighty 5 -footer. I really love monkeying around though..
    Loved the Tornado in the “playground” clip.
    I saw another great hulahoop linl.. I wish I could it find it for you.. you will like it.

  7. says

    That’s it! I’m getting a hula-hoop! Do they make them in XXXL?

    O love that top you’re wearing in the first video and the mask you’ve put on TT!

  8. suganthi says

    Ha ha.. I saw somebody mentioned Wii. My 19-year old is back from college and he and my 9-year old crack up : they enjoy looking at mama the klutz, the one who loves jumping about, but is afraid that too much hi impact makes her want to go shoping for diapers ;). And I love it when my big boy drags me to play with his brither and him.

    The Active Outdoor Challenge.. Wii game is tough for me.. I can barely sprint on the mat for a minute. I am not sure why I am able to run long distances, but find WIi games hard..

  9. says

    i’ve been mia from ALL blogs but of course when i checked yours it was just what i needed :) i think your living not blogging series is awesome and totally inspiring :) hope all is well w/ you and your fam! enjoy summer 😉

  10. Evan says

    Is a mask a crucial piece to the Playout?

    I fear Id scare people :)

    I will just skip down the street for you today.

  11. says

    I’ve no kids of my own but I’ll take my cue from the care free exuberance kids show when playing.
    I even use the monkey bars in the local kids play area after an evening run – when the kids had all gone home (I did’nt want them laughin or showing me how its done).

    It’s been years since I’ve hula’d a hoop. I could be buying one later today.


  12. says

    I’ll be happy to get out of the car and walk to the bathrooms today. I have 12 hours of driving planned. Wish I had time to play :(

  13. Nancy R. says

    I saw your tweet a while ago (month?) about finding hula hoops at your Dollar Store.

    Our Dollar General has them too.

    Just FYI for your readers.


  14. says

    I started Punk Rope in 2004 as a reaction against overly serious workouts. 5 years later, our Playout quotient is as high today as when we first began. In this week’s tribute to England class (it is the Queen’s birthday after all) we incorporate a knighting and curtsey drill, a “draw the Queen” relay race, and hooligans vs. bobbys dodge ball. Sure, it’s important to get a great workout, but it’s just as important to laugh and smile while you’re sweating. To check out how we play feel free to stop by

  15. says

    One of my favorite things to do is teach my kids “old school” dance moves. We will turn up music from the 80’s and 90’s and dance all around the house. We do the running man, roger rabbit, sprinkler and shopping cart, just to name a few. Little do they know that I will be embarrassing them with these “sweet” dance moves when they get older!

  16. says

    With 7 kids my days are full of playouts! But today in particular I promised them we’d go to the pool and work on teaching the 6 and 4 year olds how to swim. You know, when I was obese I couldn’t do playouts at all! I love the term, and I love the blog!

  17. Teresa says

    Thank you for always making me grin and remember that life is mean to be fit and fun.

    Love ya Miz!!

  18. says

    Love that you’re showing people stuff like this :) I think we forget that moving our body & fun go together!

    I don’t have kiddos and too much work, but I often play with my dog! She’s a surogate child, it counts right? 😀

  19. says

    LOL What kind of place did you go to that has hula hoops laying around everywhere and flags and stuff? Looks like fun! I’m wanting to try some of those hoopnotica moves. Looks cool.

    Some of my favorite playouts are:
    jumping on trampoline
    swimming (I get to be the alligator trying to catch the kids. slightly morbid but fun)
    lacrosse games
    canoeing (too much fun to feel like exercise)
    just exploring through the woods or along a creek

  20. says

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  21. says

    Does playing “horsey” on the floor count? :)

    I am DYING for a hula hoop now – I used to be really good at that (like 20 years ago). Hmm… now that I think about it, I think one of my girls has one…somewhere. I may be headed to Dollah Gen this afternoon!

  22. Nita says

    We love hooping here. But I guess other than hooping, we don’t often just go “have fun” with exercise. There’s always work to do, so we just get out and get busy.

  23. Meredith says

    Loved Ren Man in the background explaining what in the heck you were doing to the Toddler Tornado.

    Where are you??

  24. says

    No piggy back rides here today (both boys are over #100. However, I did take myself off the injured list and hit the treadmill and the yoga mat. I feel like Jabba the Hutt.

  25. says

    Miz Miz! I woke up early this morning for a little exercizzzzzin! Fabulous fun that I will blog about later.. I just wanted to tell you first MizMorning! :)

    Playouts are the best workouts.

    (And marie ((above)) makes me want a wii.)

    I’m having a strong urge for my favorite of all childhood games: double dutch.

  26. says

    And don’t forget swings. I love to stop by the swings (if the kids aren’t all over them) at the end of my walk when I’m heading through the park back home.

  27. says

    To be able to recapture my youth again is what I aim to do. While growing older and fatter I seemed to have lost my youth and fun..Since dropping 90+ lbs my youth is coming back and I’m finding that this summer I can’t wait until the kids are out of school to play the outside games with them. Shootin’ hoops, volley ball, badmitten, that little jump or skip stick you put on your ankle and jump over..the bouncy ball you sit on and hop all over the place. My older kids think I’m nuts..My youngest (7) thinks I’m an incredibly cool mom!

  28. says

    Ooh, parks and playgrounds are so fun! I love swings.

    Hubs and I are going to a baseball game today, so I’m planning on hoofing it up and down the stairs a few times to get in some cardio and offset the nachos, hot dog, ice cream, and popcorn I’ll be eating. KIDDING. (Well, I might have some ice cream.) :)

  29. says

    I love: tag, kickball, frisbee, swinging on my hands across jungle gyms (which I couldn’t do as a kid!), and the idea of hula hooping…I’ve never been so good at that either, but after watching your video I’m discarding my excuse that slim-hipped women can’t hula. :)

  30. says

    You’re rocking that hula hoop! Think I might have to dig my hula hoop out of my closet after work today and play with it, too. And my run this morning? That was total play!

  31. says

    Hey, that looks fun!

    Gotta get me some play in my exercise routine.

    And I love the way you still offer up great videos and inspiration when you are “not” blogging!

  32. says

    What great answers from everyone, I want to steal most of them for myself. You did great with that hula hoop Carla.

    I was a heavy kid so I never really got to be one so I vote on recapturing my kiddy side *smile*. Bring on the hula hoops, bikes, swings, and anything else I can think of. Oh I’m small enough for the trampoline in the back yard now I just thought of, hmmmm something to do when I get back from Disney *smile*. I will be riding those rides like I’m 5 too next week.

  33. MizFit says

    now I want a tiny trampoline. for indoors. it’s hothothot in herre (ok in TX) already. And it’s june :)

  34. says

    I cannot hula hoop for the life of me. (OK, I look like you did in the video. Did you ever master it?)

    However, I have friends encouraging me to start some “mommy bootcamps” and involve a lot of play in them… I’m thinking skipping, hop scotch, tag, etc.

  35. Sarah says

    What is on your daughters face?!
    is that part of the playout :)

    I shall skip and jump and GIGGLE today in the name of playing out.

  36. says

    Playouts can be hard to do when you don’t have a kid around to help you :)

    But I certainly do enjoy when I get together with family or friends with kids and we play together.

    One of my favorites is our annual corn maze in October…get the kids and adults together and run through the giant maze trying to find our way and answer trivia questions to point us in the right direction is a blast!

  37. says

    That punkrope class looks pretty cool! Hmmmmmm, I already did my regular hard core workout for the day BUT maybe some care free walking too!

    I did a post way back when on hula hoop & jump rope for a change of pace exercise. Gonna have to dig that up!

  38. says

    Love the PLAYouts! Today’s will be BodyPump class at the gym; I really get a kick out of that class.

    Thing 2 and I had a great playout yesterday evening after dinner: scooter (her) vs. running (me) race, playing catch, 3 seconds of pseudo-yoga (led by Thing 2), and catching Thing 2 repeatedly as she flung herself out of the rose tree at me. Talk about your functional fitness! 😉

  39. Miz says

    deb? nope that is still my level of hoop-mastery.

    I get a great core PLAYout from LAUGHING.

  40. says

    My 6-year old now wants to join me when I do dance workout videos. That’s more of a play-in, though, isn’t it? Still, it’s play when we do the workouts together. My 3-year old is more into yoga. I can’t express how funny these preferences are since the 6-year old is the quiet calm one and the 3-year old is the bounce-off-the-walls-full-volume-all-the-time one.

    I’ll do my play-out tomorrow when I take my oldest to his T-ball game. Then the younger one and I play on the nearby play equipment during the game–mainly swinging for me and general monkeyshines for him.

  41. says

    Oooh, I love “playing” with my kids as a workout. Sometimes we race up and down the drive way to do quick “sprints” to determine the Winner of the Universe. We’ll skip to a certain point or run backwards or jump, whatever. We also dance to the Top 8 at 8 or whatever on the radio. highly entertaining. :o)

    I wish I could still HULA.

  42. jk says

    I don’t have my own kids but I always play with my nephew and they have so much energy!

  43. says

    Hmmm, since I missed a workout this week, I did a pilates sculpt today. For added fun I am going to the post office and then the grocers for my two week supply of soy cheese. Exciting day … mega exciting. I worked, too.

  44. says

    Once the race this weekend is over, you had best be bettin’ I’m going to do some funfun stuff for a change. Rollerskating and ice skating and rock climbing and bike riding and swimming OH MY!

    Not that running isn’t fun, but running 4 times a week for 3 months at the exclusion of other stuff = time for a summer break!

  45. says

    Hula hoops are great!! Good for you! Did you see the kid on TV that did, like 20 or more of them at once LOL!

    I ran 7 miles, and had a vestibular decomposition at the doctors office! Fun, huh??

  46. says

    Miss playing until the streetlights came on. And everybody got along and nobody got a trophy just for participating. Ah, the good old days.

  47. says

    Just got my playout in! I spent 2 1/2 hours chasing after the toddler at the playground. He loves to play catch with me these days, and I encourage him to run run run to burn as much energy as possible… It was lots of fun, but I’m more tired than he is! :)

  48. says


    It’s the best playout for me 😀

    And definitely provides a good recovery week break from the swimming, biking, and running.