BlogHer: my weekend in pictures.

Subtitle: The words? They coming on Friday.

First I needed to decide if…

my new tee was (fingerquote) appropriate (unFQ) to bring along—–or not.


Then I headed to the airport and was way EARLY.     As usual.

For some reason there’s just something I *love* about the Austin airport (come visit! we’ll hit The Salt Lick!).

I bought some snacks (please to note that I emerged from the flight with almonds GONE but Diet Mt.Dew unopened).

And had the 3219837th person as of late ask me: Ma’am? Are those Dr. Seuss stickers on your leg?

Love my Kindle, pretty short flight, cab.

Arrived at the hotel & set up shop (if by shop you mean threw my stuff on the bed and the laptop on the desk—which I do):

Found Lisa:

AKA Workout Mommy:

Then we stalked Sahar and Zandria until we located them as well:

We then hit here:

Where I received this:


Please to imagine some pictures *here* of dinner with RonisWeigh, AjLovestolose, Lisa & Sahar.

Returned to room later to find these:


(Alas not from Ren Man.  I think they were from iVillage? It was all kind of odd…)

Went to bed & was up at the *crack* to meet these lovely women:


to run (walk) the BlogHer 5k! (Many thanks to this woman for organizing!):


Yada  yada yada lottsa chatting, did a radio interview and then LUNCH.

Which included a giant Ragu jar fashioned all from vegetables:


and was accompanied by lovely veggie-flower centerpieces:


Then, finally, it was time for this:


And saying hi to friends (the Toddler Tornado’s FAVE Miss Lori):


& AJLovesToLose, Roni & Mary.


and MizTer Potatohead:


After that it was mingling-mayhem & serious swag-snatching (lottsa treats for the Tornado!):


Until it was time to chatchat once again & put more faces to names (loved that).

Saturday? Pretty much the same as friday!

lottsa talkingeatinglaughingswagingsessioning.

Met up with Roni, Kath, Mary, JennMara for dinner (Kath, Jenn & Mara below):


Hung out for a while afterward and then, alas, Sunday arrived & it was time to leave this:


and go home.

THANKS SO MUCH to my great sponsors OIKOS & SONICTAP for an helping me get to BlogHer.

I had an amazing weekend.

EDITED TO SAY: Yes. If you are a TRASH MOUTH as am I you can buy the FITNESS BLOGGER tee (& others) HERE.


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  1. says

    Looks completely awesome! What an opportunity to connect up with so many fantastic people. The Dr. Seuss stickers? I love it!! Best of all, though – good times and great people all together! very cool!

  2. Tammy says

    So? You wore the tee? I saw your tweet about it.
    No one “yelled” at you? :)

    I wish I could have been there…

  3. Bea says

    Look at you being all almost FOODIE BLOGGER with the pictures.

    Dinner looks fun as I read those girls’ blogs all the time.

    Did you feel like a rock star??

  4. says

    I love the Austin airport too, but any one with bbq and live music is already above the rest. I also love Zan! And thought the 5k was one of the most fun BlogHer activities ever.

    Safe to say I’ll be acquiring one of these t-shirts. Glad you had a good time too.

  5. says

    hahahha I love that t shirt. Adorable. Looks like you had a blast- SUCH a cool event. I’m very jealous 😉

  6. Andy says

    You are too funny (and the roses? was Ren Man jealous? only you would get roses and have no idea whom they are from).

    Did you run the whole race??

  7. dragonmamma/naomi w. says

    I caught your guest appearance on Mara’s (What’s For Dinner?) website. There are probably lots of photos of your weekend floating around the web. Looks like you had fun!

  8. MizFit says

    panel went well and, more than that, I had such interesting & surprising conversations AFTER with women blogger in random places (from the bathroom to walgreens!).

    I hadn’t thought about that DMamma.

    About pictures popping up elsewhere.

    Good thing I (forthemostpart) behaved myself.

  9. Nan says

    It was such a fun weekend and so cool to finally meet you in person!

    I’d love to buy some tattoos as well (mine has finally officially worn off ;)).

    Did you end up make tees of the Unapologetically Myself?

  10. Sara says

    I’ve heard so much chatter about the fighting over swag.

    Did you see any of that?

    (Did you join in the scuffle? LOL)

  11. says

    Looks like it was a fabulous time. Wonder when they’ll hold it somewhere closer to me? Sigh. I guess it’ll be a really long time before they hold it anywhere close enough for me to walk to get there…

  12. Vanessa says

    As a foodie I love the pic of the giant Ragu!

    The fitness blogger tee isn’t for me (again, foodie) HOWEVER I love the: I am my own superhero tee, Miz!

    I ordered one 😉

  13. Alyssa says

    I may go next year as I live in NYC!

    Was it awkward at all? Hard to make conversation with people?

    Or is that Friday’s post? :)

  14. MizFit says

    ahhh Alyssa that is/will be Fridays post. You nailed it.

    I’ve heard so much chatter about the fighting over swag.

    there was a lot of pushingshoving for swag. I deliberately didnt check luggage/bring an extra bag for swag. ’nuff said :)

    and NO.
    I didnt feel like a rock star….well, except for the radio interview I linked above when I was interviewed with the inimitable WORKOUT MOMMY!

  15. says

    I love that shirt so much! It’s hilarious. Thanks for the picture story, it looks like such an excellent time.

    Also looks as though my sister and I are going to be driving out to Austin for a day when I’m in Texas, sometime during the last week of August (I’m taking your “come visit” to heart. Hehehe).

  16. Debra says

    Thanks for sharing the pics. Love the new tee!

    NPR’s All Tech Considered did a piece yesterday about the swag issue at BlogHer which led to a lively discussion with my husband on the commute home. Looking forward to more.

  17. says

    I AM SO LOVING THE TEES & MONEY OR NOT GOING TO BUY SOMETHING FROM THAT PAGE! I am loving the don’t f* shirt but I am a potty mouth per my hubby! :-)

    Thx so much for the pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved seeing some of what I missed & it looked FABULOUS!

  18. Sally says

    I, too, heard the piece on NPR about the swag.

    I wonder if it is a sign of the economy?

    From the way it was framed on NPR it didn’t sound like it.

    I LOVE the I am my own superhero tee.

  19. says

    Loved those shirts but I’m not the ‘drop and give me twenty ‘type. I’m more like the “give me $20″ type. Do you have shirts that say that?

    Trip looked fun through the eyes of your camera. Did you get Mizter Potatohead’s autograph?

    sent the picture of me and the TaterHead home by email and the Tornado thought I was bringing it to her. “thats for ME?????”

  20. says

    Ooooh! So many things. First: I am getting one of those shirts! I laughed so hard. Although I’m not sure where I’ll wear it (prolly not to “mommy and me” art time, lol).

    Second: You got to meet so many amazing people! Looks like you had a blast.

    Third: I actually think the veggie Ragu sculpture is really cool!!!!

  21. Samantha says

    It was so much fun finally meeting you in person.

    You are totally the same as in your videos!

    My tattoo got lost—-can I buy another?

  22. says

    I loved reading about your trip and seeing all the pictures, you look soooo happy. I loved all the Dr. Suess tats too, way cool. Hope you get some rest now that you’re home *smile*.

  23. says

    Haha, I am in shock to find so many pictures all at once up in herre! But I have been reading BlogHer recaps all over the place lately and it looks like it was just too cool. Next year it’s in NYC, woot woot! I will have to mark my calendar for a MizSighting.

  24. says

    I took zero pictures – what’s up with that? It was so great to finally meet you and hang out all weekend, even them loooong lines…

  25. says

    I continue to be Jealous of everyone who went to BlogHer. And now on top of it all, I’m going to spend more money on awesome tshirtness. ^_^

    Looks like it was a blast! Thanks for sharing all the pictures ^_^

  26. says

    LOVED finally meeting you in Chi-town. So sad that we didn’t get to hang out more. Kinda glad that I managed to escape all the photos.

    What those who read MizFit do not know: she is a little slip of thing. Really. TINY as a breathe of air. I never would have guessed.

    I have almost recovered from the weekend. Next year – I’m taking a lead from my friend Laurie and staying an extra day if I can.

  27. says

    Looks like a great fun time! And I think the shirt is perfectly appropriate but I’ve a pottymouth too. Love the potatohead. :) And I’ve been to my share of video game/tech conferences and it’s all about the schwag. Perfectly rational people sometimes can get crazy when there is free stuff around (myself included).

  28. Kimmy says

    I loved meeting you there, Miz.

    The panel was great and so many of the sentiments stayed in my head through out the weekend.

    (and now)

    xo xo,


  29. Miz says

    Perfectly rational people sometimes can get crazy when there is free stuff around.
    I laugh that I didnt go crazy and really just took what was handed my way and STILL wanted to jettison some clothing so I could bring the Tornado home freakin FREE PLAYDO.

    I lost my mind :)

    though she did adore the free Mizter Potatohead…

  30. says

    Great photos! Thanks for the vicarious vacation!

    p.s. Yes, please do tell more about the body image session when you get a chance!

  31. says

    Love the pics and I am SO SO JEALOUS!!!

    I love the shirt! Did you wear it anywhere? Mine would have to be altered to say on the back: “Or I’ll whine and moan and bitch ’til you’ll be seriously sorry you ever f*cked with me.”

    Not nearly as catchy!

  32. tisha says

    The pics are fab. You look like a bean pole next to Mr. Taterhead. Great, fun pictures. Must check out the link and order a naughty tee for my sis.

  33. says

    Looks like a KILLER weekend! and I ADORE that shirt!
    must have!

    I really REALLY enjoy your blog!
    Happy Tuesday!!!

  34. says

    Stickers? Seriously! Dang…

    I think I need one of those shirts… NEED like more than water :)

    BlogHer sounds amazing… I want to go next year!!

  35. says

    Thanks for the recap! It looked like a wonderful conference. Hope they bring it to the SF Bay Area sometime!

    And you got to meet Miss Lori! We *LOVE* Miss Lori! (I didn’t know she had a web site! The Things will have to check it out.)

  36. says

    It was so fabulous to finally meet you! I want to do it again!

    I would also like to note that I took that photo of you with Ms. Potato Head. That was fun!

    Also, I probably haven’t taken the time to tell you this yet, but I LOVED the body image session. It was my favorite of them all. Whenever you get women together talking about such a serious and personal subject, it tends to be like that. You guys did an awesome job!

  37. Suzanne @ WorkoutNirvana says

    What a lovely time! And why yes, I actually am a trash mouth! Will purchase one today! :)


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