First Person Friday: NOT a giveaway post (wink).


Last Friday’s First Person post was no different than any of my other weekday yammers: most of the good stuff was found in the commentversation.

I adore that, no matter the topic, my posts are typically launching pads for YOUR discussions & I learn far more from you than I imagine you do from me.

Im also honored when posts spark comments that day & continue to weigh on your mind after youve left the blog.

A few of you took the time to email & share your SUPERHERO moments from last weekend and I wanted to share some of the messages here.

I also wanted to link where you can get the shirts.  I didnt last week because selling wasnt what the post was about.

Here’s the link.  Because you asked .

An emailer who wished to remain anonymous wrote:

Miz, I wanted to let you know I channeled you and the Bumbling Band this morning as I did my first 5k. I walked almost all of it but I know that another time I would have walked OFF the course and quit. I am my own superhero. Thank you.

Badass DietGirl wrote:

I got my blue belt at kickboxing yesterday without passing out… very proud of that one :) I’m my own superhero now!!

Fitarella? She sent a picture (look at HER being all on the tanktop bandwagon early! We love us some Fitarella):


And FitHungryGurl Irene? She’s an early adoptor/huge supporter/fierce superhero as well.


Jana Eggers, CEO of Spreadshirt the freakin COMPANY where I made the tee (!) wrote:

Your superhero story? I’ll be using that as inspiration, likely even tomorrow. I have a HalfIron triathlon and it will be nasty weather likely due to Hurricane Bill. I need to be my own superhero! Stories like that make me smile through the pain and fear.

Sarah wrote:

I did it Miz!!!! I joined a gym this weekend and I worked out there twice. While this may not be a big deal for some for me it was truly the equivalent of donning a cape and flying through the air.

FabFattieShannon wrote

Miz, I was MY OWN SUPERHERO this weekend by…Taking my 3 boys hiking for the 1st time in 15 years! Healthy lunch + good shoes + good company = SUPERHEROS!!!!

Heather discovered that LESS IS MORE! (**cue confetti**) & was also her own superhero:

Last year, I did the Incline Trail 3 times while we were in Colorado. I was running often, strength training, and working out hard 5 to 6 days a week. Had been for about 8 years. Since December I have done nothing but yoga, walking, & some hiking. My best time for the trail last year was around 55 minutes. I knew I would be nowhere near that time since I’d done no cardio in months, and I told myself I should be happy if I completed. However, in my heart, I was hoping for around 60 minutes. I finished in 51:04. Not quite sure how that happened…perhaps 8 months of rest has done this body some good! Crazy, huh? I know I’ll be sore tomorrow, but still smiling and my own SUPERHERO.

Dinneen wrote

MizFit, I was totally my own superhero this weekend by totally believing in myself. I was having a moment when I started to doubt myself and what I do. Then as life would have it, I received a message from someone whose life I recently touched. Brought me almost to tears, and was reminded of the often amazing & positive impact I have on people’s lives. I looked into the mirror and just smiled…and believed. Believed in me and the inner beauty I was given, flaws and all.

and the AMAZING HANLIE blogged all about it.

(**awkward segue & drum roll**)

And now the almostcape which was thisclose to a giveaway.

An item to which Im not sure Id have typically said yes to (Im nothing if not honestblunt) but since it rang kindasorta close to being a cape I immediately said HELL YEAH!

That and, should you reside anywhere else besides where I currently live, fall is practically upon us & who wouldnt have loved a snazzy new scarf accessory?

Or, should you be of the male-persuasion, who wouldnt have wanted the chance to gift-for-free a little somethin’somethin’ to a woman in his life?

And the proverbial icing on the Giveaway Which Almost Was? It was featured in the movie, Confessions of a Shopaholic.

Alas, it was not meant to be.

As they say: the PR G-ds giveth & the PR G-ds are compelled to taketh away at the semi-last minute which, for some reason, seriously cracked me the hell up.  Can they do that? I guess they can.

So there you go.

A glimpse into other people’s superhero’dom & nary a chance to win a lovely fancy scarf (which you may or may not have chosen to tuck into the back of your shirt & used to fly around your domicile).

You may be entered to win absolutely nothing for the low, low price of a comment below.

On anything.

From the state of your SUPERHERO’NESSMENT to the state of your life in general.

Please to hit us all up in the comments.

NO winner will be announced Monday. USA & Scotland only.


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  1. says

    Regardless of giveaways…I LOVE visiting, reading, laughing and crying!

    I am working on the whole”I’m my own super hero” thing, for me,it is hard…but I am working on it and when I overcome it I too will be sporting a wowser top claining my super heroiness! :)

    Have a great day Miz…You are awesome!

  2. says

    As to being my own superhero, right now I feel like I am made out of awesome, but it is those times when I don’t that I will be reminded that I can/will feel that way again.

    I will remind myself how far I’ve come and how much fear I’ve faced and how fabulous/scary the journey has been.

  3. says

    I was my own superhero today for doing something I never thought I was capable of. I drew a picture for one of my children’s books, and it actually looked good! (I have never been someone who could draw, until now.)

  4. says

    I was really touched by the superhero comments. I am working towards being my own superhero because I choose to arm myself with knowledge to lead a healthy and meaningful life.

  5. says

    We can all be superhero’s – what a positive and uplifting message! And wonderful snippets to read! All the stories are awesome proof of this in everyday life!

    Miz – I love this post – it’s so, so real in so many ways!

    And to all the hero’s – thank YOU, each of you, for sharing a part of your story here!

  6. says

    Miz, my most recent superhero power involved exercising patience when dealing with some difficult people. Us superheroes have to keep our cool so we don’t set a bad example for Young Super Heroes in training, ya know?

    P.S. The people on Mars are totally bummed this non-contest was only open to U.S. and Scotland.

  7. says

    A superhero is someone who rises above the ordinary, and comes to the aid of those in need. That’s what all your stories showed.

    There are many, many superheros in blogland, and you MizFit, are one of the best!!

  8. Andy says

    Can they do that? Take away your treat like that??
    I think I would have been tempted to announce the company
    You are so grown up Miz.

    You are MY SUPERHERO :)

    I love that 2 women shared their pictures.

    We need to do a wall with adults and kids!!

  9. Bea says

    I can’t remember when you did the post but it was all about how less is more and overtraining can make us go backward?

    It isn’t that I didn’t believe you :) but DAMN!! at Heather’s email.

    I’m not working out today and letting my body heal.

    Have a great weekend Miz.

  10. Nan says

    LOL at the post part about the giveaway.

    How do you get giveaways anyway??

    I wasn’t my own superhero last weekend and wil be this weekend.

    For me that will entail moving more and eating less.

    I can do it.
    I am my own superhero.

    Thank you for this reminder, Mizzy.

  11. says

    Giveaway or not…this was a great post.

    I think by even writing these blogs when you don’t feel particularly inspirational is when we, as readers, get the most inspiration from you.

    I love you witty blogging ways and hope you never stop.

  12. says

    Yes, great post Miz and so SuperInspiring!

    I asked my three-year-old what he wanted to be for Halloween and he said, “A Superhero!” I asked him which one and he said, “Superhero AIDAN!”

    Definitely his own superhero.

  13. Kris says

    Ooooh. I’m in Scotland!

    Pick me to win…..nothing 😉

    This post made me laugh and also think how today I need to stand up for myself.

    If I succeed I will drop back and share.

  14. says

    LOL, that was my favorite non-giveaway post ever! Hilarious. 😉

    I will consider myself a superhero if I get through the next week with my extended family without punching someone. (Ok, I wouldn’t really punch them, but I might YELL really loudly.)

    For the moment, I will pre-stock myself with superhero equanimity by going to the gym to burn off some stress! Woo-hoo!

  15. Miz says

    for some reason it cracked me UP that the give was ungiven.

    I mean, of course they can do that…hence the word GIVE.
    Just made me giggle.

  16. says

    Aw Miz. We don’t love you for your giveaways anyway!

    Love these stories shared.

    See? Motivation/Inspiration momma….you’re a big britches blogger whether you think so or not. You are to us.

  17. Karyn says

    Use the giveaway from last week!

    I did this past weekend with my twins:

    Tuck papertowel in the back of your tee shirt.

    Instant cape.

  18. says

    Dang – Canada gets left out AGAIN!! (even on the non-giveaways!) :)

    This was one of your best posts evah! LOVED reading about how you’ve inspired so many to become their own superheroes!

    Thanks for sharing this.

  19. says

    i guess i am my own superhero because i am trying not to be freaked out of the possibility of going through some big changes for better and worse.

    i know that it’s OK to be scared and that bad news is only temporary.

    this knowledge makes me strong.

  20. MizFit says

    and Im going to lovingly add (& filled with CHUTZPAH I realize–a word with which I know you are familiar) that the knowledge REMINDS YOU THAT YOU ARE STRONG.

    you always were.

    have you ever read or seen the dvd of FREE TO BE YOU AND ME, FGF?

    your line about “its ok to be scared” reminds me of the Rosy Grier song ITS ALRIGHT TO CRY…

  21. says

    my superhero powers have been tested this week! I have not been feeling very physical but I have been working hard! You see I am a teacher and I teach at-risk high school and I have really been worried about giving my students the best of me ~ with this is mind I have been working very hard to come up with creative ways to educate and engage my students…I want to teach them to be their own superheroes!

    I am finally realizing that I can be my own superhero! thanks miz!!

  22. Hillary says

    YES! Please enter me to win nothing!!!!!

    My own superhero……I am taking ownership of my life and my actions. No “playing the victim” here. My life is what I make it with what is handed to me and with what I go for. (sorry to end that sentence with a preposition….please don’t tell my mom) I cannot control other people’s actions or thoughts but I sure can control my own actions….though I have no control over my thoughts but I think that’s normal.

    and with that, I am off to use my new kettlebell (again) because I love it so!!!!

  23. says

    There’s always something here for everyone, Miz – even if it doesn’t involve freebies. Just try keeping us away.

  24. says

    Well, golly gee whillikers, who doesn’t want a chance to win nothin’? Count me in. :)

    I do win, however, when reading your blog. I become informed, challenged (squats in the grocery store), amused and left feeling uplifted. Thanks. (for nothing this time)

  25. Alyssa says

    I’m LOVING these stories!
    I’m a superhero because the kids started school this week and, like most parents, I have been caught up in a blizzard of activity: re-enrolling son in school on his first day while simultaneously avoiding guilt trips for not joining/donating to the PTA right away (I will when I get paid and have my new work schedule), getting daughter settled in her new school (her 4th in 3 years), navigating bus/car pick-up/drop-off schedules, delivering supplies to classrooms, working out times for various therapies for both kids, and still managing to get to work, put food on the table, exercise, get clothes and dishes washed, and to even spend some quality time with Hubby, who is also in school training to be an EMT.

  26. says

    I used to wish for a knight to swoop in and rescue me. Turns out I am the knight and I rescued myself. It still astounds me that it is all me.

    Thanks for the continuous inspiration. We could all open our linen closets, take out a towel and make our own capes. LOL Now there’s a photo gallery that’d be entertaining. 😀

  27. Arzu says

    I am so glad I found this blog. I love how positive you all are. I am my own superhero by turning to exercise rather than bottling up all my stress and overeating. I made a pact to exercise and eat healthy and so far I’ve lost 10 pounds (looking to lose another 10). I’m very proud of myself, but I know I could not have done without inspiration and support from blogs like these. I really want to get that shirt as well. Thanks Miz and the commenters <3333

  28. says

    i learned that I need to be there for myself. I need to have own time just for myself even if that sounds selfish. I think having my “own” time is like being a superhero to myself. Sometimes, that self time is necessary to reflect on myself and life.

    thank you!

  29. Michelle says


    Why be hatin’ on peeps in Oz? jk. first person ‘Sunday’ is I am going to be running a 12km race. The longest that I’ve ran is 10km. I am going to go with this mantra ‘I am my own superhero. Each km is representative of the past 12 months which I have survived. Me running through them means that I have gotten through everything that still maybe hanging around. I am a new me’.

    I may have to walk some…I am sprint some…I may cry through some.

    I will complete all.

    To all of those superheros…rock it!


  30. says

    Love the post and your blog, Miz! You’re definitely in my League of Superfriends! :-)

    We made it through the first week of school! The family and I are spending our Friday basking in the superheroic afterglow of the week, then off to more exciting weekend adventures in the morning! Up! Up! And awaaaay…to bed!

  31. Nancy says

    I went for my run already this morning and truly used I AM MY OWN SUPERHERO as my mantra.

    I love the idea of making a collage of all of us in our tees and tanks (thank you for making bigger shirts for us NOT SMALL gals.).

  32. Aaron says

    I would love to get a black tank top for my daughter.

    Where can we get one like Irene’s?

  33. says

    Hey MizFit! I just wanted to let you know about a book you might be interested in called The All Pro Diet. I’m doing an internship with one of the authors, Mitzi Dulan, America’s Nutrition Expert. The book comes from a sports nutrition standpoint, but most of the principles can really be applied to anyone. Just wanted to give you the heads up! :)

  34. says

    My superhero?

    So many bloggers that I read. They’re all superheros to me – everyone who overcomes that cravings, pushes a little harder, moves a little faster.

  35. says

    How did you know that I needed nothing! Whoohooo! I know I’ll win!
    I’m gearing up for a 12 mile mountain run, up and over, on San Juan Mountain trails. I’ll pretend I have a cape!
    Loved the way you cheered for your e-pals with this post!

  36. says

    I love the concept of the superhero shirts! I hope to be able to fit in one soon.

    I am my own superhero because I continue to push myself past my limits (both physical and mental) and am amazed at what I’m able to accomplish.

  37. says

    for you I have “nuf’ respect!” I am training for my first 2 block run… working up to a 2k… baby steps!!! You are an inspiration for me to continue on in my own sport of Fat Boxing… I’m about to drop another weight class, come read my story and comment at I am The Fat Boxer!!! What do you do about those side stitches? You know the ones, after running for about 10 minutes (for me anyway) my sides start feeling like somebody is sticking me with a pitchfork!


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