First Person Friday (Perricone No Foundation giveaway post).


Subtitle: A little bit o’flashback with a lot of a new treat.

Once upon a time, back in the dark ages when MizFit was a little girl, her sister had a birthday party.

Now MizFit remembers very little about this entire event except for an exchange which occurred between her mom & one of SisterFit’s friends immediately after the gifts had been unwrapped.

MamaFit: I love the present you brought SisterFit.  All the make-up, nail polish and perfume—she will love that.  What a great gift.

Friend (wrinkling nose in distate): Yeah, I hated it but I figured SisterFit would like it.

Even though I was only about 11 at the time it really struck me how accurate SisterFit’s friend’s assessment was.

The friend was the consummate tomboy who’d probably see a gift of such girly proportions as a punishment.  SisterFit? She, as our mom predicted, loved the gift & used it right down to the last powdery smudge of eyeshadow.

At that age I was just beginning to think outside of myself & just starting to have the tiniest of realizations that simply because I didnt enjoy something that didn’t mean it should be banished forever from the universe.

(Let alone have the ability to step back, shop for someone else, put myself in her shoes, and select a gift *I* wouldnt like but she would. Hell, I barely have that ability now at 40 years old!)

Why am I boring you with this childhood memory? (Unlike some posts I have a point.)

A few weeks ago I was contacted about doing a giveaway for PerriconeMD skin care products.

I’d heard great things about their product line from a friend if by friend you mean OPRAH which I do yet, since it wasnt anythingI’d be motivated to use, I almost said NO THANK YOU.

Believe me, my lack of motivation isnt due to a lack of need (Hello 40, too many years spent lifeguarding, & not enough sleep!)—Im just like SisterFit’s friend above: it’s not my deal. it’s not what I’d choose to use to perk myself up (Hello french pedicure! Greetings new tattoo I love!).

And my thisclose to sending a Nah not something my readers would at all be interested in! email back is what brought to mind the story I shared above.

The fact that MizFitOnline isnt all about me (shocking, I know) but is all about respecting what makes people feel good about themselves.

Im still pleasantly shocked by how none of you, no matter what you thought in the privacy of yer own cranium, left tattoo-comments criticizing my decision, lecturing me on how Id regret it or chastising my poor role modeling for the Tornado.

So there you have it.

My MizFit AH! HA! moment of the week:

A chance to win Perricone’s No Foundation Foundation & a re-realization that just because Im not into something it doesnt mean others wont be.

You can be entered to win simply by sharing your pick-me-up.

Be it big & costly (like my tattoo) or cheap & relatively fast (like my morning meditation minutes) please to hit me up in the comments below.

Winner announced September 21st. USA only.


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  1. says

    Cute story :) My sister and I always had (and still have) very different tastes! Great giveaway- pick me up: Starbucks non fat misto with pumpkin spice syrup mmm or for non food related- new workout clothes!

  2. Lisa says

    OK… here goes. The thing that centers me most and gives me energy: praying/reading the bible and/or laying down face to the floor pushing out all the “me, me, me thoughts” and listening.

    Love your story Miz!!! Such a perfect illustration on getting out of your own head. You are awesome.

  3. says

    Great story! Love the part “because I didn’t enjoy something that didn’t mean it should be banished forever from the universe”. MANY people do NOT get that!!

    This is the dorkiest thing ever to admit to, but a great pick-me-up for me is to browse around the bookstore or library. I love the quiet and looking at all the interesting books/mags!

  4. Nan says

    No need to enter me, Miz.

    I just wanted to say that you inspire me daily to want to be my best self.

    You are the Mayor of Blogville and my Fitness Guidance Counselor all wrapper into one precisely because of this post.

    You are open minded and judgment free and just want us to discover our own path to living a healthy life.

    Thank you for all you do,


  5. says

    Love the cute little story. My pick-me-up is shopping for clothes. I’m the kind of person that dresses up (w/ make-up and everything) to go shopping or else I feel like nothing looks good on me.

  6. Andy says

    I felt like this was written for me as yesterday I had a judgemental moment when I criticized a friends choices because they weren’t ones Id make.

    I would love to win this as I would give the Perricone to her.

    She would adore it.

  7. says

    The thing that picks me up is getting enough sleep. Such a simple (yet elusive) thing makes everything else so much better! It changes my entire outlook on the world.

    I’m not all that into make-up either. I used to wear it about once a year. Post-40, I’m taking that up a notch. Maybe 5 times a year!

  8. says

    A good pick-me-up for me is my ‘still time’. For 15 minutes a day, I can rule the world for ignore it completely. Pure bliss.

    And if that doesn’t work, a mani/pedi helps.:)

    Have a great weekend!

  9. Callie says

    I recently had this same head-out-of-ass realization.

    It’s amazing huh? :)

    I LOVE the Mayor of Blogville name.

    We need to get you a tee shirt LOL

    Have a great weekend, Miz.

    you running??

  10. Miz says

    crazybusymorning. In a great way.

    Nan? Your comment made my day and, ala what Ive yammered before about remembering nice words said to you, Im gonna cut and paste and print.


  11. Tricia says

    This is easy…and frankly, winning would be nice, but completely unnessary…my pick-me-up…is my new attitude about myself! When I turned 40 a couple of years ago, it’s as if something clicked. I suddenly realized that my biggest need was to live authentically. So, my journey to self began. My most recent discovery, thank you very much twitter, was this very website. I LOVE your philosophy…being my own superhero and being unapologetically myself has been my personal undercurrent…I just didn’t have any great phrases to accompany the way I’d been feeling. Now, I can don my recently purchased “Unapologetically Myself” tee and feel as if I’ve slipped into my superhero’s cape! My latest pick-me-up is certanly my new tee!

  12. says

    Madam Mayor Miz!!

    Nice little ring to it.

    Not eligible for the contest, but wanted to drop in and say a quick hello before I got off to work!

    *Waves frantically*

    “Hello BumbleVille!”

  13. Trish says

    Good Morning Miz,
    No need to enter me as I don’t don the stuff regularly.

    I wanted to tell you though that my uplift is reading your blog almost daily. I seem to always walk away with a smile and at times THAT is a true miracle.

    Thank you for being the inspirational person you are AND sharing that with us here in the blogosphere.


  14. says

    I think taking a walk perks me up – I enjoy the solitude. My favorite girlie thing to do, or as close to girlie as I get, is to soak my feet in a foot bath and scrape all the dead skin off my heels. Sexy!

  15. Savannah says

    Canada here 😉 so I can’t win.

    I read this post and was reminded that I need to make time this weekend to discover what feeds my soul beyond food.

  16. says

    What a great story Miz. Things like that make the world go around. Well, I have lots of pick me ups….but right now I have my eyes set on Starbucks Pumpkin Loaf. *drool* It is my friday treat.

  17. Miz says

    Carly you totally reminded me of a PickMeUp the MIL got for us which we haven’t used yet!

    A Toddy coffee maker.

    Anyone use these before?

  18. Teresa says

    There are a few things that pick me up. Every morning I love to have an iced coffee with organic milk…make the day great. For an occasional pick me up I love to get facials, a pedicure and go to an artwalk with wine tasting.

  19. says

    I *love* this post.

    My pick-me-up: reading a good book, shopping, or finding some time in the middle of the day to do something fun without worrying about who’s trying to email me… feels pretty delicious.

  20. says

    I don’t know if this is what you’re looking for, but I work better and am more content when I get to check my blogs and chill with a cup of 1/2 caf iced joe in the am hours :)

    Regular pick me up when I’m down? Cuddling with my husband or my girls (aka the dogs). It’s just what I need to forget my petty worries and realize how good I do have it!

  21. says

    Love this story. How Miz-like for you to always be thinking of others.

    My favorite pick-me-up is watching a funny movie or TV show – The Office, Glee, 30 Rock. Second to that would be reading inspirational quotes.

  22. says

    Baseball is my pick-me-up. Listening to a game on the radio, watching a bit of it on TV or even reading the box scores on-line or in the paper. Off to check out the foundation — especially since your pal, Oprah, has weighed in on it!

  23. says

    I have a US address again, and someone bringing stuff over soon (hello iPod!), so I’m in!

    My best pick-me-up? Sunday morning lie-in and cuddles with my beloved husband. It really puts a spring in my step!

  24. says

    This post came at a great time, as it made me realize I haven’t taken the time lately FOR a pick me up!! And I always teach other people the importance of self-care, so great reminder.

    I have lots, but would have to say my favorite would be sitting with a nice glass of wine, alone in the house, reading a good book. Just relaxes me (okay, maybe it’s more of the wine than the book)…but puts me in heaven. Thinking I will do it this weekend!

  25. Miz says

    you know I beg to differ oh SisterMara 😉

    A good meal enjoyed is a true pick me up.

    I’ll see you in Chicago!

  26. Nita says

    I feel better when I:
    1. Watch the sun rise over the mountains.
    2. Get outside for some nice back-breaking labor.
    3. Have a great training session with the dogs.

  27. says

    To each his/her own, I guess! :)

    Anything in the great outdoors makes me chill.

    I also treat myself to do-it-yourself pedicures…tired tootsies need some pampering…

  28. says

    I have several personal pick me ups. A quick trip to the library for a new book, buying a new CD, or spending a quiet hour by myself to work on a knitting project. My favorite, though, is buying new nail polish. I always have a ton or oranges and reds, because their my favorite colors.

  29. says

    My pick me up is being able to spend some time in quiet with nothing to do. Clearing my head of all the things that “must” be done.

  30. MizFit says

    Missy? Im following your lead.
    I have a meeting at 930.
    Im going to hid in the bedroom for five minutes with total silence and clear my head.


  31. says

    I always buy my wife presents that I like!! Knowing full well, I’ll be the one enjoying them.

    I love playing the piano as a treat. How ever I like, without worrying about making mistakes.

  32. Traci says

    Miz tell me you thought of Horton Hears a Who when Nana said the mayor! :)

    I’d love to win this and give it to my sister who needs a pick me up right now.

  33. says

    I have two pick me ups…

    the first one is loud, bad music. I love, for instance, Abba. Fleetwood Mac. Bon Jovi. Europe. I crank the music and dance around my living room.

    The second one is limes. It’s weird, but the smell of lime just perks me right up. I particularly like squeezing lime wedges into my drink or over my food.

  34. says

    1. My fiance. We cannot be grumpy around each other for long – it’s just impossible. Grumpy turns to silly and giggles ensue.
    2. Drinks on the patio with friends (not healthy-living but it’s definitely a pick me up after a hard day/week)
    3. A nice easy run outside when the weather is beautiful.
    4. Thrift shopping! I can buy pretty much anything I want without guilt. I have come home with 100$ of half off thrift store clothing before…

  35. says

    Oh yeah, Lynn C – music. Totally forgot about that but it’s a HUGE pick me up. Depending on the mood, either bad, upbeat poppy dancy stuff or loud crunch angry screamy guitar music.

  36. says

    Miz, It shouldn’t surprise you that no one ‘reprimanded’ you on your tats. You set the stage around here. Like a good mama, you model kindness and openness to others ‘different’ than ourselves.

    And in addition to that, you constantly encourage us and inspire us to be better than we even thought we could ourselves.

    Dang, Miz, forget the Mayor bit. I think we need to elevate you to ‘Saint’ of Blogville!

    My pick-me-up? Sitting outside reading a good book, or my Bible, and praying, or just sitting still and watching/listening to the birds. Or, the simple act of sewing 2 pieces of cloth together (the beginning step of creating a quilt.)

  37. says

    a run in the park with my friends and my dog ALWAYS brightens my day even if the run didn’t go that well. The feeling of bing outside with the people (and pooch)who make me happy always make my day.

  38. says

    My pick me up moment is the time I can just sit with a cup of nice hot tea and a book under my snuggie. I don’t make time for it all the time but I love the soothing warmth of the tea and the snuggie and getting lost in someone elses world.

  39. says

    Let’s see… my pick me up. What is it? Coffee and seeing my 4 year old niece, Hannah.

    Though a good book is always nice, a emailed greet from you is a kick in the ass, my sister’s beautiful face in the morning (at work), a phone call from a friend, email from a friend, See’s candies and winning any Perricone…now that might work to pick me up.

    Eventually I’ll be able to say meditation. OM.

  40. says

    I love this anecdote! As for my own pick-me-ups, I have developed a Pavlovian response to this one iTunes radio channel that plays kind of cheesey classical (and I use the term loosely) piano music–I always put it on as I’m getting ready for bed, hang out a little in a forward bend to decompress my crunchy desk-job vertebrae and then read for a few minutes. Rapid zzzzz’s ensue. :)

    But I also just read comment #50 and am reminded that I love enjoying a cuppa joe with my mom or a good friend. :)

  41. Tanya says

    This is funny…My favorite pick me up is new workout clothes one size smaller than a month ago! I am in the process of losing my excess 100 lbs! Seeing and feeling progress is great!


  42. Sally says

    My favorite pick-me-up is s’mores. My mom always jokes about my “s’mores face” which is a big smile and twinkly eyes that I get when I eat s’mores. I just love them! For our one year anniversary, my husband and I made stovetop s’mores and it was a fantastic way to celebrate. We made flourless graham crackers with almond flour, used 70% dark chocolate, and marshmallows made without artificial ingredients, and we toasted them over the stove. I can’t wait to make them again for my birthday!

  43. Stacie says

    What a great post, and boy, was that kid aware of herself, and the world around her!

    My favorite pick-me-up is music, of the uptempo, slightly
    punk, slightly nerdy They Might Be Giants or Barenaked Ladies sort. There’s simply no way to be depressed when you’re bouncing around like a Peanuts cartoon. :)

  44. Rebecca Hoover says

    I love love love a pedicure! And getting my hair done. And a new outfit. And then I get to go show them off. Wow, how vain do I sound? My normal day, clothes that can be chewed on or pooped on by my birds, hair up in a bun so that the aforementioned birds don’t get caught up in it, no makeup, housework. Sigh.

  45. seekatyrun says

    Waking up before the rest of the family and having a cup of hot coffee in a quiet kitchen can be an amazing pick-me-up for me. That said, I love the craziness of when the kids are running and playing and laughing, but lately the rare quiet in the morning soothes me.

  46. says

    I like girly things [make up, hilights, clothes, shoes, bags] and non girly things [telescopes, mountaintops, the outdoors]. We all adorn ourselves somehow.

    I’ve never considered a tattoo myself, but lately the idea occurs to me. A band of my book titles [coming soon] around a [coming soon] gun would be nice.

    I’m not much of a nail care gal for some reason. I keep ’em trimmed and that’s about it. I think I’m addicted to hilights though. :-O

  47. says

    Well, with my age hormone ravaged face, I could really use this as I have no $$ for the dermatologist!

    I have a few pick me ups. One is my workout, I hate to say. Me time. I saw one that really hit home with me. I can’t afford it BUT I do get my hair colored every 8-12 weeks or so. The cut is less often. With curls like mine, not as important as covering the gray! :-)

    A big pick me up was when I turned 50. It was the 1 year anniversary on my mom’s death & I was pretty depressed. My husband, although he knew it was not in our budget, I hate to say, took me to Hawaii & it turned out to be the best trip & thing we had ever done. Weather was perfect & we found places we never had before.

    Thx for your giveaways, Miz!

  48. Erica B. says

    Hi MizFit,

    Just new to running. Lovin the way it’s makin me feel.

    My pick me up is reading weighloss success blogs and inspirational blogs. I love priorfatgirl and tony the anti-jarod’s blog. Sometimes I feel so alone in my journey, Lord knows I get no support from home. I know you guys in blog-land don’t know me personally but I can always count on uplifting posts. :)

  49. says

    My pick me ups include a cup of Starbucks coffee (we are cheapos and only get this maybe once a month or so), a pedicure (again with the cheapo – once every couple of months), and playing chase with my dog (I do this quite often!). The Perricone giveaway is something I would LOVE – I am all about the one-step products!

  50. Laura E says

    My pick me up is a starbucks run for a iced black tea and some sort of pastry! Thanks for the opportunity.

  51. says

    Hi Mizfit! *waves frantically* for me, a clean house is a great pick me up! I feel peaceful when I’m not in the midst of all the clutter. You don’t have to enter me in the drawing. Not my cuppa tea! 😉

  52. Emily Werrett says

    Nice Story! — A good reminder for all of us.

    My pick-me-up is being able to curl up with a great book or my cute hubby at the end of a long hectic week. :)

  53. Whitney says

    My pick me up is definitely getting 8 hours of sleep…but with a 10 month old that rarely, if ever, happens!

    Just found your blog recently and I’m really enjoying it!

  54. says

    I’m sure you mean aside from my GINORMOUS cup o’Joe every morning? Riiight.

    My favorite pick me up is riding (cycling) or running in 65 degree weather with a slight chill in the air (you know, when fall is coming.) And also loves from my pups. Always a pick me up.

  55. Alyssa says

    My favorite pick-me-ups: taking a walk with Hubby and kids, hanging out with the pup at the dog park (and watching her swim with other dogs in the nearby lagoon), and hanging out at the bookstore by myself for an hour or 2.

  56. says

    so many pick me ups! coffee? haha!
    I love spending leisure time with my husband and good friends. I also feel really good when I get the gray out of my hair…:-)
    Hope you are having a nice weekend!

  57. says

    Not really interested in the giveaway, but like the question about the pick me up.

    Meaningful time with family and friends.
    Daily meditation.
    New sneakers.

  58. Lia says

    Nice post. Those childhood memories really stick, and I love looking back and noticing little lessons I learned where. :)

    My pick me ups:
    – Grocery shopping in the produce section (donno why)
    – A Vanilla Soy Latte and a bookstore to browse through for hours
    – Enjoying my mom’s company in the kitchen
    – Hiking!

  59. Denise says

    I can’t win because I’m in Canada but I wanted to share my biggest pick me up. It is the greeting my dogs give me every day when I come home. They are all rescue dogs but I really think I’m the one who was rescued. There is nothing like complete, unadulterated, unconditional love I get from them – they don’t care what the scale or the measuring tape says.

  60. Jenny says

    For me, it is playing with my dog, Oscar. Watching him frolic and tease with his toy, bring such joy. That and cuddling with my husband.

  61. Lea says

    I feel 101x better after a good sweat session at the gym. I leave with a runner’s high.

    Another would be shoe shopping…

  62. says

    You’re right – while you aren’t crazy about the stuff, I would be ECSTATIC to win this giveaway (my first win)!! For as long as I can remember, my mother and grandmother have drilled into my brain the benefits of using eye and face cream (in general) daily. Couple that with my skin tone being less-than-perfect…this stuff sounds great.

    Anyway, wonderful post…a reminder that our opinions and tastes are NOT the end-all, be-all.

    Things that perk me up:
    1.) an awesome workout, usually either at my favorite place (YAS in socal – – it’s a spin and yoga studio that ROCKS) or a good, LONG run and some crazy ab work
    2.) a new haircut
    3.) SHOPPING SPREES for anything. This is a dangerous one. But hey, they don’t call it Retail Therapy for nothing..

  63. says

    There are the everyday MUST HAVE pick me ups: coffee, NPR, Bobbi Brown lipstick.

    Then there are the I really should do this more often pick me ups: shaving my legs (I’m unhairy) and using body lotion.


  64. Nanci says

    Blog reading.

    Book reading.

    NYT reading.

    Reading :)

    No need to enter me as, like you, this isn’t a pick me up I’d use!

  65. says

    My pick-me-up is a trip into the mountains. (We live on the front range in Colorado.) Whenever I’m needing a lift, I head out to the hills. I’ve got two specific places I usually go, ones a bit of a touristy place (near Pike’s Peak) and the other is a National Forest… it really depends on how far I’m willing to drive!

    For me, the mountains have always been a place of great beauty and where I feel at peace with myself, nature, higher being(s). And it’s a great kicker that I usually feel the urge to get out and hike when I’m there!

  66. Devorah says

    My pick me up usually involves shaking myself up!

    Changing my routine in some way, finding something new and healthy whether it’s something different to eat or drink, or a new exercise or activity, place to visit, working on a task that has been waiting too long and finishing it.
    Sometimes just reading a magazine I would never read or an online newspaper from a different country can be a great thing!

    Thanks to you, I am all into kettlebells now and am loving Lauren Brooks’ video!

  67. says

    My best pick-me-up is taking a long walk with my 17 year old daughter and have her tell me all about her day at school, her hopes and dreams, and her thoughts on every subject.
    It’s better than chocolate!

  68. says

    I love getting my hair done! even if I am too broke to get it done professionally! covering my greys makes me feel like a whole new woman!

    There are sometime when all it takes is a hug from my kid or a walk around the block!

    I LOVE the tattoo! on so many levels! I have tats myself so there is that! but I love how expressive your choice is! and I think you are a fantastic role model!


  69. adrian says

    For me, music always seem to be a great pick-me-up.
    Thanks for the great giveaway. Would really like to try it!!

  70. says

    One of my favorite pick-me-ups is something we call “fur ball.” One of us will yell “fur ball” and my husband and I run, with both dogs, into the bedroom and we all jump up on to the bed and romp and play. The dogs love it, we love it. It puts smiles on the faces of two wonderful dogs and the humans they own (and love them)!