Updates: from KURUs to cookbooks.

Once upon a time MizFit went to Blogher.

She was way way fortunate to receive an amazing little card which entitled her to a pair of FREE KURU SHOES!

She was excited. She was elated. She was completely clueless whom this KURU was yet adored the notion of free footwear & trusted the opinion of the woman who’d passed the treat her way.

She perused the KURU website & immediately found herself impressed by the benefits of the footwear:

1. Custom Molding Sockliner – unique foam, topped with moisture wicking fabric, custom molds to your foot
2. PORON® Cushioning – premium PORON® cushioning pods in heel and forefoot absorb and return energy
3. Orthotic HeelKradl™ – thermoplastic Orthotic molded into the Shoe, cups your heel and keeps your fat pad where nature intended, under the heel bone
4. Reinforced Arch Support – ergonomically correct arch support reduces fatigue
5. Performance Foam KuruSole™ – performance EVA midsole with flexible forefoot gives a healthy, flexible barefoot feel

Being the MizFit she was, however, she didnt care about foothealth focused more on the look of the shoes and was immediately smitten with the DRAFT.

The rest, as they say, is Huh, who knew I needed a new pair of shoes for simply AROUND TOWN WALKING comfort! I love these! history.

004 300x225 Updates: from KURUs to cookbooks.

I wont lie to you: at first I wished the Draft came in more vibrant BRIGHT colors. Then I glanced at my leg and realized that muted was probably for the best.

003 225x300 Updates: from KURUs to cookbooks.
I knew Id love these if for no other reason than they slip on. I love slip on sporty shoes (RIP my beloved Nike clogs) as Im an impatient-fast-dresser like that. These did NOT disappoint me in that they STAYED ON without requiring socks and were entirely comfy (no rubbing).

001 273x300 Updates: from KURUs to cookbooks.
And VOILA! Me & my KURU. By way of complete disclosure I have zero feet issues so Im not certain I even gleaned all that the shoes have to offer beyond looking good. By way of more full disclosure I have, in fact, worn them while lifting weights. Right or wrong. Intended usage or not. I loved em.

Onward and….COOKWARD.

If you’ve been under-a-rock residing as of late you may not have heard of the amazing blogger known as Prior Fat Girl.

If youve been busyBUSY as of  late (SERIOUSLY. Who isn’t life-slammed right now?!) you may have missed the fact she’s collecting recipes & creating an e-cookbook!

You have until mid-October to submit your recipes and, while Ive nary a cooking-creation thought to submit, PFG & I are working on a few fun *other things* for the cookbook as well so stay tuned.

Last, but surely not least, DietGirl and I have decided on a name for the podcast!

The name chosen was submitted by a reader/blogger and s/he will be on the next podcast (coming 10.9.09!) to announce it him/herself.

(ooooh the mystery. I know…)

That’s it in my neck of the ‘net.

Questions (about or FOR the podcast? regarding the cookbook?) comments (about the KURUS?) updates (on you!)?

Please to chime in below…


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  1. says

    I had a nasty ankle injury 8 years ago–stepped into a well-disguised hole at the park & snapped off a ligament & chipped some bone, but had to wait 2 years for surgery because I became pregnant w/ my daughter 2 weeks later. By then it was too late to reattach, so I’m missing part of my ligament there. It’s healed as much as it can heal but still gives me trouble now and then. I am always looking for something to give me better support. How is the sole, in terms of thickness? I usually shy away from slip ons because they make me flex my foot to keep them on and that strains my ankle. Do you think something like this would be beneficial?

  2. says

    You’re gonna tease us and not tell us the name until the podcast?!


    And I’m sure the KURUS are great but the “keeping the fat pad where nature intended” part made me laugh pretty hard.

  3. Tia says

    I love how you collaborate with other bloggers to expand our community.

    I think I initially found you through something like that.

    Cant wait to hear what you and Jen come up with!

  4. says

    I want those KURUS, although NY weather will be getting quite chilly these days. I saw some new Sketcher’s Shoes (Shape Ups?) that are supposed to make you slimmer/bootylicious. Have you heard about these?

    Me? I went to the gym yesterday because my brain told me to. Usually, my body says YES brain says NO but it was different. I am pleased.

  5. says

    Are the KURUS better than the MBTS?

    I hope you had a great day yesterday I know my Yom Kippur was lots of fasting :) but also lots of connection.

  6. Jenny says

    Ok we totally need a full on pic of the tattoo.
    Is it finished??

    Love the shoes with the ink.

    On my own legs? NO :) (for both).

  7. says

    All I could think about as I started reading this post is how I need to get a pair of walk around shoes – not exercise shoes. I so miss my sandals, but since putting them aside I haven’t had an issue with my feet, but that is another story.

  8. Barb says

    I looked and saw they make hiking shoes too.

    Did you see those?

    I have to echo what Tia said: you help make the blogword a blogcommunity.

    Thank you for that, MizFit.

  9. says

    Marianne may be right about the shoes being “different’, but ya know, if they are all those things they profess to be? I NEED SOME!! And the green would even match the new uniforms at work!

    Wonder if I can talk the boss into springing for some for the entire staff? ….. Meh. Probably not.

  10. Miz says

    Ahhh BagLady you KNOW I tried to get a pair to give away as well.

    Methinks they just wanted the promotion and not to have to do a give.

    Alas methinks I really liked the shoes—–so I did, in a way, comply.


    Its finished!!
    For now anyway ;)

    2 reasons. First I want to stay on training schedule for the marathon & tend to NOT workout for days after I’m tattooed (esp.around the knee).

    I also wanna ‘sit with it.’

    My artist loves the flow and the fact there’s negative space in front highlighting the most important/persona story images.

    Onces there’s more color there’s no going back ;)

    So I’m leaving for a few months as is.

  11. says

    I love the idea of sporty slip-ons too!

    I do have foot issues (or I used to before I started getting fit). I wear Crocs around the house and around town, but those things are UGLY and they are not for sports. *sigh*

    To be honest, if I didn’t have to wear shoes in order to do certain things, I’d just be barefoot all the time. Which is why, when I do have to wear shoes, I prefer slip-ons.

    I’ve never heard of Kuru shoes before.

  12. Tammy says

    LOL @ Marianne.

    Those are kinda ugly but if they work….

    and I adore my crocs but wont wear them out of the house.

    UGLY too.

    And my Birks.


  13. Miz says

    Marc, I need to see if I can get a good pic as the Tornado and I baked cupcakes in the shape of skulls as our break fast treat.

    So funny….

  14. says

    Hope your reflection yesterday was peaceful & well….

    Hey, on the post today, can’t wait to hear the name & another podcast! Very exciting! I hope I make it that far with the curiosity of it all!

    Those shoes look very cool! I have very wide, very flat feet with major bunions.. do you think they can help that!!!??? :-O I barely fit in workout shoes these days… heels are a distant memory!

  15. Ali says

    I found you after the BlogHer conference and missed that post you linked.


  16. says

    I have feet issues.
    Do you think Dr. J will work on a column about running feet rather than shoes?
    I like how the kurus matched your krothing.

  17. says

    They look SO comfortable! I burst into tears when I put on my court shoes for an interview yesterday… The very idea that I might be wearing them every day shortly just broke my heart.

  18. says

    I love the idea of slip on sporty shoes but have never owned a pair myself. (Hear that, KURU! Give us a giveaway!) ;)

    I can’t wait to see what you and Jen have planned in addition to recipes, and I am very curious about the name of the podcast. You’re such a tease!

  19. says

    Love the shoes and they sound so practical.

    Though at first I read that they had “porn” cushioning and I was kinda wondering how that all worked out. Oh, PORON, sorry!

  20. says

    I like the shoes – they would work well in your neck of the woods, or in Oregon, where my parents live (they are turning into hippies, I swear!), but I would stick out like a sore thumb wearing them here. Which is sad that I even consider things like that. I like the slip on aspect of them – like flip flops for the winter!

    Looking forward to another podcast!

  21. says

    Yes, the kurus are oh-so comfy! And great for people with feet issues.

    Your readers missed my kuru giveaway, which means they aren’t reading my blog. :(

    yes, that was shameless self promotion!

  22. says

    I haven’t the faintest idea what folks are talking about.. those shoes ARE CUTE. And if they are supportive -all the better.

    Crocs are the devil and horrible for bad feet. Says the woman who spent 3 years only able to wear Keen sandals because of her bad foot. (no I couldn’t wear Crocs then either.) My podiatrist would probably charge me double if I showed up wearing Crocs.

    On updates: took steps to seriously work on moving toward my future. I’ve been stuck in neutral much too long.

  23. Teresa says

    Do you ever feel as though your are an unpaid advertiser?

    I know I’ve purchased items you say you love (and I typically love them as well) and it seems companys don’t appreciate bloggers at all.

  24. says

    First time (i think?) commenting.. altho I’ve read your blog several times before.. I echo those in saying thank you for all you do for the blog community.

    LOVE the look and comfort of those shoes.. will have to look them up.

  25. says

    Kurus look comfy! I’m always on the lookout for good shoes because of my funny short leg. It’s the cause of a great deal of annoyance for me.

    I like cookbooks.

    I’m excited for the podcast-age.

  26. says

    I’m a cook not a chef so I can put together great food when someone hands me a recipe but have no creativity to make it up on my own.

    I love the look of the tattoo with the shoes. YOu are right that it would have been too much to have a bright show with your leg. But it looks Fabulous!

  27. MizFit says

    ShellyB you nailed it with the flipflops for winter. love that phrasing.

    and Cynthia? did you make up that difference between cook and chef or is that a ‘thing?’
    that is entirely me. I can cook. I do cook. but create recipes? NEVER.

    hence my different involvement :)

    and Teresa? you.said.a.mouthful.

  28. says

    awww… I’m in love with the KURUs. I was thinking on Sunday about getting some open back (or mule style) sneakers for winter. I love the comfort of something to slip on.

    I scrolled through the post twice hoping I’d just missed the line about there being a give-away ;)

    Can’t wait to take a look at the e-cookbook. I’ve got a few recipes, but mostly it’s quick meal stuff, sandwiches, and breakfasts.

  29. says

    Those shoes look much better on the feet than I would have originally thought. The fact that you don’t need socks and they’re easy slip-ons for those emergency dog walks = bonus!

  30. says

    I must just not have an eye for shoes, because these look AWESOME to me. (Then again, I have an unnatural love of croc-knockoffs.)

    Can hardly wait for the next podcast!!!

  31. says

    Not sure they are my style per se (I have this height issue and rarely leave the house without at least 2-3 extra inches), but they do look comfy!

    Updates – just in the last few days before we hop a plane and get hitched. The stressful part is mostly over, and now it’s time to just go have fun! After I get back, I hope to send over some recipes. I’ll get a craving for something and then look up some recipes for inspiration and create my own concoction – they don’t always turn out lovely but the ones that do usually make it into regular rotation.

  32. says

    Holy cow, there’s a lot going on that I’ve missed! I’m off to dig around in the archives for the podcast info. :)

    Love the shoes on you. And loveloveLOVE the colored-in tattoo! :D

  33. says

    I am ALL about the slip on shoes (esp. these days as I can’t even see my feet.) My only caveat is they’ve got to have heels of some sort (not heels for height, but actual backs on the shoes) as I have to be able to sprint after an errant toddler without worrying about losing a shoe.

  34. Mary says

    LOL @ Fab Kate and the freebie.

    I know Miz tried!

    I’m Miz’ neighbor and she let me try the shoes on and I loved them.

    Super comfy.

    (Yes I’m super jealous ;))

  35. says

    I saw your tweet about beet chips. Let me also suggest sweet potato chips. Slice all really thin, try a little oil on them, then roast. Should be yum-O! And what fun colors!

  36. says

    sweet shoes Miz. lucky you with no feet issues. Maybe you’re smart not running 200 miles a month like me, maybe I wouldn’ t have footsie issues either. LOL

    Looking forward to the Name of the Podcast. Can’t wait to listen in.

    • MizFit says

      If you read that Ive opted for the HALF and not the full marathon that (and my 40 yo old knees ) will be the reason why.
      who knew I needed to appreciate the feet? :)