Heather Eats Almond Butter…

and a few *other* things.

I had a fantastic time at Blissdom meeting tons of bloggers from all different genres.

One of my fave Nashville bloggers, however, was not in attendance.

As a result I was compelled to beg her to join me so that we could at long last meet in person…

php3x3adzpm1 300x224 Heather Eats Almond Butter...

…and to drag her into the icky dizaster below so we could both taste, on camera, something neither of us had consumed before.


As Sisters in YouNeedToWatchTheVideoToFindOutWhat.

Please to enjoy.

(& please to join me in not understanding why my glasses inexplicably appear tinted)



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  1. Leah says

    How fun!!

    I love reading both of your blogs (and you would never ever get me to try sardines no matter how much I love ya :)).

  2. says

    You all are brave. I don’t know if I could do that. I really do not enjoy fish. Heather’s blog is one of my favorite reads. It’s fun to see you both “live.”

  3. Tara says

    You two are like my superstars of blogging.
    The food and the fitness.

    More please.
    Less canned fish LOL

  4. says

    hahahhahahhaha! You guys are hilarious. Ick….I used to work with a guy who ate mass amounts of those. The smell alone was too much for me. Isn’t Heather the best? She is just so super sweet. Glad you made it home safe ;)

  5. dragonmamma says

    I have them occasionally; don’t hate ‘em, don’t love ‘em.

    My husband always slops mustard on them.

  6. Shelley says

    Look how cute you two look!! (and brave!)

    Glad you had a good conference & are home to the TT and the RM safe & sound!

  7. says

    I HEART Heather and got to meet her at POM! Such a sweetheart.

    You’re both so brave with the sardines, hehe. Your expressions are the same as mine the first (and last!) time I ever had raw herring when I lived in Holland :D

  8. says

    Wow! I don’t know that I would try sardines…but I did try some sushi for the first time yesterday. I’m not a big fish fan it tends to taste too…uh, fishy! :) Is Blissdom something that’s going to be happening every year?

  9. Stacey says

    I’m a big fan of Heather’s blog too!

    Why am I so surprised you know each other? I wish I could have been a fly on the wall during your meetup!

  10. MizFit says

    I did try some sushi for the first time yesterday.

    THE FIRST TIME? I could live on sushi. Thankfully I cant afford to :)

    The flavored stuff doesn’t taste bad.

    DietGirl said the BBQ is better? I may have to redo this and get me some flavored :) as many kinds as I can find.

    Who is talking in the background/filming?
    Another blogger??

    Yes! It is Leah from bookieboo.com

    Blissdom something that’s going to be happening every year?

    This is only the THIRD year and it has grown from I think 50 women the first year to 500!
    They are indeed having next year AND launching a Blissdom CANADA!

    off to eat breakfast #2
    and NO.
    Not sardines.

  11. says

    Urp! That probably wasn’t a good thing for me to watch so early in the a.m.

    I’m still bummed I missed Blissdom! I was a week too late in signing up. ah well, next year, if the $$$ hold out. :)

  12. says

    Tried sardines for the first time a couple weeks ago. Like you, I ate them right out of the can (and ate the whole can). I think they would be better on a salad, or some flat bread with hummus and cukes, or … well as an ingredient in something.

    I’m adding them to my “regular” foods – they have lots of good stuff.

  13. Karen says

    I am now sitting here wondering if you HAD said that your guns were all due to sardines if I would have started eating them.

    love ya Miz.

  14. says

    Ew ew ew…I was yelling at the video “DON’T DO IT!!!” but y’all did…icky! Did you have a bottle of water off camera to rinse and spit afterward?

    The two of you are so cute together – glad you got to meet up and share some shenanigans!

    • MizFit says

      not a silly question at all! I wasnt nervous per se…excited? curious? a bit in awe?

      I know for me its reason number 13718327 why Im precisely the same online as I am OFF.

      If I werent—-Id be nervous :)

  15. says

    Your glasses are tinted cuz the filter in the camera is interacting with the filter coating on them.
    So my husband says.

    Me, I was just looking at the almond butter…:)

  16. says

    the sardines in spain were fat and delicious … I MEAN DELICIOUS (and not canned). I don’t care for most of the ones here, but those spanish ones were amazing. :D

  17. gina (fitnessista) says

    ohhhh i love heaby!!!!
    so cute but i don’t think i could do it
    is that tiara ready?!?

  18. says

    I used to eat sardines on toast and on crackers growing up. I haven’t had them for years, but I walk past them on the shelf at the store and think about it. Mixed with some mayo, I love ‘em.

    And definitely better in oil.

    I’m so going to buy some this weekend. The Boy won’t eat them but I’ll enjoy. Nom Nom.

  19. Amy says

    Yay! A new blog to stalk. Anyone who would eat sardines is someone who….would eat sardines LOL

  20. Peggy says

    I tried sardines for the first time about two years ago. I bought them in a spicy tomato sauce and tossed them with pasta. I said they were not horrible and finished the portion on my plate but the leftovers were tossed a week later. I have no desire to eat them again.

  21. s says

    hehe! cool video post. i’ve never tried sardines (that i know of, haha). don’t think i ever will.

  22. says

    “Bones have calcium.” Way to look on the bright side, Heather. I’ve never had sardines, but I think the packed in oil and salt ones would probably taste better.

  23. says

    Cute vid! OK truth: There is a swanky LA establishment called Kate Mantilini- in beverly hills. I go there sometimes because several members of my family have health issues that bring them to nearby doctors (I wish it was just to shop shop shop but alas, NO). ANyway, Kate’s has a Sardine and Banana Sandwich. NO LIE! (IT’s not on the menu online) And honestly, because I’m weird I had to order it and truth be known. I liked it. There I said it.

    So fun that you two met up- Would have loved to have joined you!

  24. Jen says

    Hi Mizfit,
    I’m a HEAB follower, and followed her over here.
    My friend in Nashville was just talking about Blissdom…she writes a party/celebration blog.

  25. says

    I love it! This video made me smile from ear to ear :) You two are so cute, I wish I could meet you in person!

    Way to go for trying those sardines…I am not sure I could do it. I’ve never tried them before and I guess I need to do so before I say that I don’t like them! ;)

  26. says

    How much do I love you two??? Almost as much as I love sardines! Kidding. Mostly. You guys are adorable – someday I will meet you too! Until then, I’ll crack open a can in your honor:)

  27. says

    I don’t love sardines, but do love the easy quick protein they offer. Try putting them in a bowl with some high quality basalmic vinegar and eat on a really crunchy cracker – I like the Mary’s GF. It off sets the texture of the sardine… you can learn to like anything…