New Two Fit Chicks & a Microphone podcast!

Yes, People, it’s that time again!

And, once again, Im compelled to add that if YOU enjoy it even slightly as much as *we* enjoyed recording it then we’ve been successful.

Episode Nine’s topic? Food Glorious Food.

Episode Nine’s special fantiztastic guest? Kathryn Elliott

Click on the image below to download this and/or Episodes 1-8.


Edited at the crack of dawn to say: Thank you so much for all your emails and tweets yesterday.  The Tornado’s first trip to the ER was…her first trip to the ER (babysitter felt horrible. only 5 stitches to the chin. not a big deal unless you were a TornadoMama).  We did, however, end up bringing her to the Celebration of My Friend’s Life which, although unplanned, is how Id imagine my friend would have wanted it anyway.

An hour after her chin was sewn up she was racing around dodging grownups with two other kids her age, eating as many cookies & brownies she could snag and all was almostright in my world.


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  1. Nan says

    I’m so sorry for your hectic weekend, Miz!

    Thanks for still getting us a new podcast :)
    I’m selfish like that.

    Take care,


  2. Kimmie says

    I can’t wait to hear the new podcast, Shana and Miz!

    (Sorry you had a rough weekend. I have had those as well and am always glad for a new week to kick-off.)

  3. says

    So happy to hear the Tornado was back to are resilient…it’s us Mommas that seem to fall apart much quicker, our babies are hurt and we feel powerless to take that pain away. My first ER trip cam much sooner…my oldest at the ripe old age of 16 months decided he needed to get something out of the car…as I was slamming it shut…his hand in 1 basket of clothes in the other…HEAVY old Lincoln Continental door in motion…so finger tip got clipped…caught in the door..blood going everywhere..Mom…my Mom freaking out…Me frozen…911 called…I think I did…living very rural SC seemed like an eternity until they got there…called Hubs…who BTW was an EMT who met us at hospital…then I passed out…So you see we do survive…the kids do too…just in that moment we think not so much!

    Today is a great day to enjoy the life we are given with those we love and cherish and I know that is exactly what you are doing!

    Oh and My baby boy(who is now taller than I and 15!) did lose the tip, but thankfully above the bone and now you can hardly tell it ever happened.

    I have other ER stories to share should you ever want to hear! :)

    Have an awesome day! Give that Tornado an extra squeeze from me!


  4. Lara says

    Trip to the ER?!

    I take one weekend offline and I’m all confused and lost :)

    I hope everything is ok now and can’t wait to “hear” you today.

  5. says

    Oh man, it stinks when our babies get hurt. But you know what? It probably is just right on that The Tornado was with you at the celebration.
    I love you C.

  6. says

    WHAT a weekend, Miz. Hope you get some downtime today. What a special friend–I know you will miss her.

    The podcast–MY FAVORITE TOPIC–YOU KNOW!!! I would have been in the ‘studio audience’ if you had one!

  7. messymimi says

    From a mom whose #1 Son had three trips to the ER, two emergency runs to the doctor, and 8 calls to poison control by his 3rd birthday, you have my sympathy.

    Trust me, she will be fine!

  8. says

    HOLY CRAP! I missed the Tornado incident. I best get on Facebook!!!!

    I know your friend will be with you always Carla.. HUGS!

    I need to find a way to download your Fit Chicks easier.. maybe ask for a real iPod player or whatever it is that makes that easy to download…. my shuffle is really not conducive to that.


  9. says

    Poor Tornado! I’m glad she’s okay, that must have been terrifying.

    The podcast will be perfect for my morning commute!

  10. Miz says

    Jody I love my deshuffled shuffle for podcasts! Not you?

    Thanks all for your comments. The Tornado is happy as the proverbial stitchedupclam this morning.
    Thank goodness.

  11. says

    What? You were still an ER virgin? I really believe that when you triage with a child they should immediately administer valium.

    And what better way to celebrate life that with children running around? I wouldn’t want mine to be a somber affair.

  12. says

    Trip to the ER? Why is it I keep missing your tweets about important things? Our Tweet-lives are not in synch.

    The Tornado at the Life Celebration-along with the other children- does sound apropos.

    now onward to that podcast…

  13. says

    I swear, kids recover from stitches/ER visit way faster than their mothers! Glad she’s ok…I think just about every adult has that thin faded little line of a scar on their chin.

    I was thinking about you this weekend…what a time you’ve had. Hugs to you.

  14. says

    I LOVE your podcasts. I listen to them lifting weights, and sometimes I giggle out loud and get funny looks from the beefcakes…but eh. Whatevs.

  15. says

    Ahhh, I’ve got to download the podcast now!

    TwoFitChicks will be accompanying me on my first jog tonight. :)

    Oh, and I’m glad Tornado is feeling better. I have never had stitches but I have always been deathly afraid of getting them. If she can get over them, I’m pretty sure I’ll be ok!



  16. Jill says

    Aww Miz, so sorry for your hectic weekend. I’m glad Tornado is on the mend you were able to come through for us podcast wise. I hope your friend’s life celebration was healing for all involved.


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