MizFit AKA RunzInTutu (video post).

Yes, People.

It is another running post.

Kind of.

With one week left in my Princess half-marathon training Ive totally returned to this:


(and yes. to the chagrin of all members of Lifetime Fitness Austin I DID lift in my tutu for one quick&dirrty iron session)

It wasnt so much I gave up the weights for a specific-running/training reason—but more ‘who has the time for all that exercise?‘ coupled with a healthy slathering of knowing how quickly my body overtrains.

And really? I dont have too much to share with you beyond the above.

I ran.

I *choose* to skip some planned runs & focus on life-events instead.

I practiced a bit in my tutu (you know, to check for chafing and all):

And that was pretty much it.

A week from today I head to Orlando & on Sunday the 7th at the crack of dawn I commence lollping like an awkward princess all the while clutching this woman’s hand.

I am bringing my computer but doubt I will post from Disney (too much livin’ to do!).

I will, however, be tweeting my ass off.

Including photos and video if I can get that to work.

I THINK (please to jump in here if Im wrong?) you need to join twitter to read my tweets?

But youd simply need to create an account and never ever have to tweet a character (yes Im teasing you. you know who you are).

So that’s me.

Weight lifting.

Some running.




What’s shakin’ inΒ  your neck of the net?

Please to hit us all up in the comments.


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  1. says

    OKAY I may finally give in to twitter.
    I just get an account at twitter.com?

    Anyone who would run in a tutu and then lift in a tutu and share it deserves at least that much.


  2. says

    You look great in a tutu, Miz. Just sayin’. Can’t wait to read your twitter updates on it all!

    In my neck of the woods, I’m combining work with play: going to the theatre and writing a review on it for the newspaper, doing homework while hanging out with the boyfriend, cooking up tasty food by using the ingredients that need to be used up before they expire… I like it when I can complete a couple tasks all in one activity :)

  3. Aimee says

    I have news!
    I am starting the couch to 5k this weekend in no small part thanks to you and your tenacity with the running.

    It may not be your thing but you are doing it. I am going to try.

    I will look into twitter too as I must see photos :)


  4. says

    I love it! You are badass and ballet all rolled in to one!

    I’m on week 2 of Kettleworx….very stiff, very sore, but maybe some day I will have arm muscles like Miz!!!

  5. says

    I didn’t know that you belonged to Lifetime! Isn’t it great? I love the one I belong to here.

    I think you look great and I’m so glad that you’re enjoying yourself!


  6. says

    Runzin Tutu sounds very buddhist. I think you might consider keeping it as a moniker and then ask for donations during this auspicious time of the year (to fund anti-chafing panties or a box of Depends). I’d be happy to donate to Runzin Tutu if she would make up daily koans and put me on the list (although I think what she does daily already is a koan).
    Nutty about the tutu. I hope it doesn’t chafe. That would be awful.

  7. Miz says

    Yep. Austin Lifetime SOUTH in the house.

    Ill be there tomorrow @ 5a running my heart out as its the only time I have to run.

    And the chafing? I’m thinking even with bodygliiiiiide I shall be tossing the tutu about mile two-two.

  8. says

    You are amazing! I can’t wait to read your marathon tweets!

    Just hanging around here…hoping to have a relaxing weekend with the family…and not eat the leftover birthday cake that has been beckoning… :)

    Run, Miz, Run!

  9. says

    Well afterall, it really is all about the outfit anyway right? The first step in any fitness regime…look the part! Who knows, maybe the whole running skort trend will be blown over by this latest Fancy Nancy version of running in style =) LOVE IT! Have fun =)

  10. says

    Let’s see. Last night, I shopped for swimsuits instead of running. Tonight, we’ll see if I feel like making up that run. I’ve been trying not to stress myself out with the training plan too. If I really really don’t feel like it, I just don’t do it. And shop instead.

  11. Miz says

    can’t believe you said that Molly as I’m right now heading to buy a boa for me & my girl so we can go to fudruckers for lunch all FANCY.
    She thinks, as in the book, people will think we are moviestars.

  12. says

    You are so cute and I love that your tutu is black! Did you end up getting one of those tiara headbands? It has been so fun to watch you get ready for this – and you will be great on Blogger Run Day – er, the Disney Princess Half Marathon!

  13. says

    Love the tutu!! Cannot wait for your tweets next weekend, you are going to do awesome!!

    Getting geared up for another long run this weekend, ah the joys of marathon training. Hoping I don’t get snowed on too much during my run.

  14. says

    You look fabulous in that outfit! Wasn’t there a pink one? I think the pink color might bring out the color of your tattoos more.

    You might want to get body glide to prevent chafing. It’s always amazing how things feel fine for a lot of miles and then all of the sudden the rub starts.

  15. says

    Nice tutu! I am a little anxious about my 10k tomorrow, but for some reason I am feeling better about it after this post. Maybe just because 10k sounds a lot more appealing than a half-marathon. πŸ˜‰

  16. says

    Have admitted that for legitimate reasons I cannot be a runner. And I’m OK with that.

    This weekend I’m getting home life in place to take some of the stress off me when I start new job on Monday. Cooking, writing, cleaning even.

    And I’m heading over the hills for a bootcamp my old trainer bud Adam is giving. I need a hug from him.

    Plus lots of that active recovery…

    SO SO Proud of you for embracing the running.

  17. Miz says

    random answers:

    YES I am at least starting the race in the tutu.

    The tutu which isnt from snazzy etsy but CLAIRES Accessories (classic, huh?)

    I did see a pink one but the pink was heinouspink and, beyond that, I caint shake the feeling its “cute & funny” for a BADASS runner to wear a tutu.
    A crappy runner? perhaps notsomuch.

    Hence the black.

  18. says

    I’ll be watching your tweets from snowy PA and cheering you on. I would also be wearing a tutu if I had one. Although, I will be at my parents’ this weekend, so I might be able to dig out the one I wore when I was 5. The only problem would be fitting into it. Hmmm..

  19. says

    FYI — You don’t need a twitter account to follow tweets (at least via computer).

    I follow a few folks and it works just like any other bookmarked web site.

  20. says

    I wonder what would happen if I wore a tutu to my gym. I think maybe I should find out.

    Good luck! You’ll have a huge cheering section all over the country!

  21. says

    I love that you’re going to at least start the run in your tutu! :-) I can’t wait to read about your Disney 1/2 marathon adventure!

    And, regarding your post the other day, I hear you about finding the treadmill boring. πŸ˜› Racing days are the polar opposite of treadmill training: definitely NOT boring! I think you’ll really love the atmosphere, especially knowing at least one runner there and having your family cheer you on.

    Got a race of my own this coming Sunday (sprint triathlon #2 for me), and I still haven’t written my race report from my 5K fun run last weekend…looks like I’ll be ending my temporary blog hiatus in a big way!

  22. says

    OK, that is too cute with the tutu! So, I have to join Twitter to follow you? OH NO, another thing I might get addicted to! :-)

    I saw that comment about not having to join. So I can follow you but NOT join?

  23. says

    MIZ…. You are shaking in my world. Thanks for your comments and for being F’n amazing. I REALLy dig the leg sleeve now that I know what it is! Good luck at the half, you look great and you will have SO much fun. SO much. I say wear the tu-tu more often at the gym, why not! Have a great weekend unplugged!

  24. says

    You crack me up! Glad the tutu doesn’t chafe! I guess if it does you can always rip it off clark kent-style and toss it into the audience! (You are wearing shorts underneath that right??)

  25. says

    omg, could i be any more of an idiot. you said the silly thing didn’t chafe.
    seriously though, can’t wait to see the pix. maybe you will start a runners-wearing-tutu trend! or maybe you will not be the only one wearing one and a group of you can run together!

  26. says

    Oh, that video made me all kinds of happy! :) Can you believe it’s only a week away?? I’m so excited for you and will be following all your tweets!

  27. says

    I am SO excited for you!! Also, I wish more people lifted in tutus. People take themselves way too seriously in the weight room πŸ˜‰