Im LOYAL to my Lebert Equalizer (giveaway)

People, whether we wanna admit it or not, we fitness-types are a fickle fickle bunch.

Some of our ficklenessment (technical term) is in the name of cross-training/muscle confusion & some is simply in the name of seeking the next!great!fitness!gadget!

I’m as guilty as any of us and have found, all too frequently, that the next great thing is, well, JYZE‘y.

Promises the world & is ultimately a disappointment.

As a result today is official Dance with the one who brung ya day at MizFit.

A shout-out of love to a piece of equipment Ive used for years & whose simplicity still fills all my MizFit needs.

Sound too good to be true?

Please to enjoy my Ode to the Equalizer:

Now, as I look back on how freakin young I once was reflect back upon years of usage, what do I most like about my Equalizer?

  • Size While resistance bands are indeed smaller they do not offer the exercise options of my Equalizer.  I love the fact I can tuck it under a bed/in a corner unlike traditional free weights.
  • Body weight. Body weight. Body weight. You train using your OWN BODY WEIGHT (can you tell Im a fan of this concept?).
  • One piece of equipment. Myriad options. As I lovingly yammered above I use this for everything from resistance training to cardio to stretching.  (Im also very, very proud I do not use it as a drying rack for my fine washables.)
  • The Tornado can join in. Right or wrong she & I are a duo and this duality often extends into my workout time.  Unlike with dumbbells she can ‘take a turn’ between my sets and, although I watch her like the proverbial hawk, it’s fun for her and safe.
  • The brand. As Ive said so many times here before I will only endorse companies who love us (the royal us. the consumer us) back.  Lebert does.
  • Portability. Back when I was a personal trainer in people’s homes I would have adored this option for training clients.

What do I not love about my Equalizer?

  • I wish it were pink. I in no way need a new one—yet I covet the pink. Im fully aware this indicates Ive been spending far too much time with the princess-addicted four year old crowd.
  • That I dont yet own the buddy system. I think Ren Man and I would adore it.  Whether he wants to admit it or not, we’re workout buddies for life (cue sentimental movie-like montage).

And yes.

Thanks for pointing that out.

I *am* reaching when it comes to the dislikes column.

Quite frankly the product is well priced, virtually indestructible, & pretty easy to figure out given the chart included with purchase.

Quite frankly the product is so much part of my go-to repertoire when it comes to PLAYouts these days I contacted the owner of the company and begged for a giveaway wanted to take the time to bestow upon it this:


In addition, the people at Lebert Equalizer were GENEROUS enough to give me one of the coveted pink equalizers to bestow upon you.

You may be entered to win for the lowlow cost of a comment below.

Whats YOUR weakest fitness area (Hello, my CORE!) & how would the equalizer help you change that negative into a supastrongPOSITIVE?

Winner announced 10.1.10

USA only


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  1. says

    My darling 4 year old son would tell anyone who asks (and many who wouldn’t DARE ask) that I need the most work on my arms. He sees me doing just about everything else … but my arms still make that “fwhappuh fwhappuh” sound in heavy winds (like if someone sneezes nearby). *sigh*

  2. Tonya says

    How much do I love that seal?!

    And I need one of these.

    Don’t enter me 😉 I checked out the site and am ordering a yellow 😉

  3. says

    I so need to work on my lower back. Yes my abs are flabby, but they need to be strong to compliment my lower back. I’ve got to be able to lift my immobile 3yo daughter 1,000 jillion times a day. And occassionally her wheelchair. Which weighs loads.

    And I’m praying for the rain to stop so your leetle plane can fly again. xoxo

  4. says

    This looks great for a home workout. I love the back exercsie cause that can be hard to do at home! And I could see my daughter swinging on that and my husband doing a few reps too!

  5. says

    Wow, what a cool piece of equipment for home! I would defniitely love to try it! My weakest area is DEFINITELY my arms. Sometimes I feel like I have wings hanging under my arms from all the “leftover” after the weightloss! But all the exercises you demonstrated looked great!

  6. says

    my weakness: ummm….all things strength. The cardio I am good with and even almost consistent but the strength stuff is not so good.

    I also must get better at stretching.

    I LOVE workout at home stuff!

  7. Lori says

    My abs are my weakest area. And I definitely don’t stretch enough. If I had this sitting there when I walked in the door I could see myself doing some ab work and a longer stretch after a run instead of just jumping in the shower.

  8. says

    My weakest area is by far my arms (my least favorite is my abs) I would use the equalizer for the tricep kickbacks as well as the back pull ups you did (because I think those would help my arms too)

  9. Evan says

    You had me at PINK 😉

    My wife would love this Miz.

    Don’t enter me….I’m thinking a birthday gift is in order.

  10. Kim says

    My weakest – my entire body! But, I’m starting to work on that. I’m down almost 45 pounds and really need to start toning everywhere. This would fit perfectly in my little workout room.

  11. says

    I’ve been sulking a little bit ever since the last time you gave one of these away (a couple of years ago?) and I didn’t win. Maybe the stars are right this time. I’d love it!

  12. says

    Oops, I think I deleted my post, but that OK, because I forgot to mention: The core! The core! I’d be fibbing if I said my core doesn’t need more work. Maybe I could finally ace that lever position if I had one of these babies in my living room.

  13. Robin says

    Upper body.. Arms aren’t so bad, but lats and such, not so much! Plus my 12 yo runner/lax player DD could definitely use the arm workout — and it looks fun! And, of course, it’s pink!)

  14. says

    Oh, my core is definitely my weakest area.

    And I too spent way too much time with a pink princess when she was young and now must own everything in pink that comes in pink. 😉

  15. says

    i would love to win this because i don’t belong to a gym. i do ALL of my training in my house with a few simple items. i would be thrilled if i could do an L sit someday (hi my core is a shakey shakey mess!) *fingers crossed!

  16. says

    *gasp!* How could I have forgotten about this nifty apparatus? Thanks for reminding me. And just in time to be added to my Christmas list!

    Core. Core. Core. I get bored so easily with it…

  17. says

    Ohmygoodness my kids would love that so much (fort building is a full-time sport around here) that I’d probably never get a chance to actually work out on it! But I love the concept and versatility of it. I’d use it to work my upper back – because you know how hard it is to make me work my upper back!

  18. says

    My weakest link is for sure my upper body. My legs are strong from running and cycling but I rarely do anything for my upper body – save for what’s built in to a yoga workout!
    This looks like a super duper piece of equipment!

  19. says

    We use the equalizers and buddy system in bootcamp. I love them both and would love to have a set of PINK ones for home use. I went to the site and saw the Stretch Straps. Interested in knowing if you have tried them out and your thoughts?

  20. says

    My wife and I’d use the equalizer to strengthen our core … some of those leg ups you show in the video are one of my worst exercises. I’d love to have the option to do those at home, in private, without looking like a noob at the gym only able to do a few.

    And I’m not to manly to use the pink ones either, they’d be awesome!

  21. says

    I would love this for strengthening my core, stretching etc. I love that it is pink too as I have 4 boys and not enough pink in my house!

  22. says

    So THIS is where my wife has been hiding you, huh MizFit?

    She read this post and called me at work and told me I should read and enter because I’ve been whining about needing a stronger back and abs. And so out I come onto the interwebs – MrsFatass country – to try to win a PINK equalizer. And she thinks she’s the funny one?

    Good thing I’m secure in my manhood.

  23. says

    For myself, I would use this for so many exercises: tricep dips, inverted rows… All with body weight.

    My normal weak spot is my core -and this would work it – but since my injury, my upper back hasn’t been worked. And lordy, it NEEDS IT.

    Besides, I could add this to my arsenal for challenging all my clients. And easily throw it in my car.

    Hoping the 2nd time’s the charm.

  24. Peggy says

    My weakest- probably my core but flexibility training is an ongoing challenge as well. I love the size and versatility.

  25. Dynamics says

    I need this to help with my upper extremities injuries. I need to get stronger. This looks like an amazing piece of equipment.

  26. Shelly says

    Wow. What a fantastic giveaway. I didn’t realize it was one at first, and went right to the website. If I don’t win, this is totally on my Christmas list…

    I have a lot of weak areas. My shoulders are particularly challenging, and I see this would really give me some variety to work on some things.


  27. says

    arms. The core is for sure after three kids, but I focus on my arms and the jiggly parts. Ugghh. I would use it for that; especially the tricep dips.

  28. says

    My right arm is significantly weaker than my left ever since I was run over. This looks like a good tool for many of the physical therapy exercises that I was told to do to strengthen it.

  29. Lisa says

    Oh my gosh these look so fun and the pink is definitely cool-tastic! Love that this is a kid-friendly workout tool. My 4-year-old always wants to “play too!”

    My weakest area is really all things strength-training-related. I’m all about the cardio. I can, and do, manage some squats and lunges here and there, but abs, arms and back…not so much.

    Thanks Mizfit for such a fabulicious give away. You rock.

  30. Bree says

    My weakest area is definitely my arms/upper body, and I’d use this to do rows and raised pushups to get stronger.

  31. says

    hahaha! “Welcome back to outside my house”. Dat’s funny. And I want that. The Equalizer, I mean. Not your house… although you DO have a nice kitchen. I do wants your kitchen.

  32. says

    My core and arms are my weak points. But since my arms are hardet to cover, i think I’m trying to work those the hardest… I think this bar is a perfect option to someone who can’t install a proper chin-up bar, like me.

  33. says

    My fitness weakness area is that I just feel like I can NOT work out at home. I realize this is a geographical area, and not an area on my body :) I walk and run and go to the gym, but foul weather of inertia will stall all of those things, and I’ve often wished I had some piece of equipment to use at home (for some reason the WiiFit does not call my name, although I do own it and my kids use it). Anyways, this would fit the bill!

  34. CK says

    Thanks for the giveaway, MizFit — awesome blog!

    I’ve been slowly gaining strength and def in my UEs and LEs, but my core is a chore! And I also injured my left shoulder (probably due to poor form), so bench presses are out for now. The Equalizer sounds like the answer to my form problems.

    And if I win, I’ll take your already-broken-in sunshine yellow Equalizer that comes pre-infused with your awesome mojo, and you can keep the new Coveted Pink One fo yo Fine Fit Self!


  35. Gretchen says

    My weakest area: my workout-at-home motivation! I know I’d turn these into pink clothes racks, so please don’t enter me. Right now the gym is working for me, but if I get to a point in life where I’m working out at home, I’ll definitely keep these in mind!

  36. says

    My “hooks” need work and as you showed me in that wonderful instructional video I can just lean back and pull myself up :)

    Why wouldn’t you demo the hurdles? Were you saving it for the next video?

  37. Julie B says

    My weakest area isn’t a part of my body, but is the fact that I rely too heavily on machines. Recognizing that I may not always have a gym membership, I’ve been trying my hardest to slowly transition into exercises that use my own body weight. This would be an amazing help!!

  38. Laura Dutton says

    Your demo was terrific. Looks like a great piece of equipment and what great weather today in Austin, TX to have a fast outdoor workout. GO CARLA!

  39. ismay says

    My weakest fitness area is definitely stretching. But where this would be useful to me si that I exercise at home and dont have any pull-up -eqiovalent options. So this would help out! Also help my wrists in the elevated pushup dept… Thanks!!!

  40. says

    That is one cool piece of equipment! With age, I do work my core a lot… and we do have to mix it up like everything else but age adds in this whole other factor to things so not only would I love it for that as I do a lot of core work at home BUT the older we get, the tighter we get so I work on my stretching a lot at home & this looks like it really could help me as the hamstrings for me, the first to tighten up on me & the hardest thing I work on with stretching!

  41. A.B. says

    Ooo! Just what I have been looking for! I’m working my way up to pull-ups, but I’ve maxed out the weights that I have available. My back would love one! 😀

  42. says

    Hmmm… My weakest fitness area is Abs. No question. Checking out the equalizer site I see there are at least a half dozen exercises for Abs to help turn my 1-pack abs into 6-pack abs of amazing phenomenal if not unbelieveable steel. Ok that was laying it on a touch too thick :-)

  43. Linda says

    My weakest fitness area is my general upper body, and I would love to try out the Equalizer for push-ups, as well as the isolation exercises for the arms and shoulders.

  44. Misty says

    You can have the pink and send me the yellow, just please pick me! Definitely areas I am working on and no gym membership at this time. Very cool. I need these.

  45. addy says

    Loving the “seal” of mizfit approval ;). My upper body is the area in need of the most attention right now. Just needs some help.

  46. says

    My legs are my weak spot for sure. Even if they get strong it still takes them FOREVER to look nice! I just want to have nice legs! Perhaps this would help?

  47. Bonnie says

    I love this and the idea of only needing to use my bodyweight.

    have I told you lately that you totally rock and inspire me?

    You do.

  48. Lydia says

    Ficklenessment :)

    You are right though. I know I am always looking for the next best thing that will transform me.

    If I could use this to get your legs—I promise I would.

  49. Susan EB Schwartz says

    I never heard of this and as usual, MizFit, you are so funny, real and informative.

    Clearly looking at you, it never ended up as a clothes hanger like so many of the Nautilus ski exercise machines!

  50. says

    Right now my whole body! I love that this gadget works with your own body weight! The free weights I have aren’t heavy enough for me. I like that my son would be able to do it with me. and I LOVE pink! :)

  51. Kevin says

    I think the fact I’d take this in PINK is indicative of how much I need it.

    Anything that gets the seal I know I want MizFit.

    Thanks for all you do.

  52. lori says

    Oh this might be it for me! I can’t even carry a 25 pound box of cat litter( seriously) but I can run 10 miles. Go figure but I hate work out machines. I hate switching weights and moving the parts to fit my short errr vertically challenged body etc. I can see me actually using this. I *need* this!!!!

  53. says

    My Charms! (Chubby Arms) need help! I think the Equalizer could help with them. Also my core, could use some development. What a wonderful tool to have for your in home fitness!

  54. says

    I was watching this while Tessa was eating her lunch and every time it ended, she started yelling “Pweas!” So she either loves the equalizer or MizFit – or both. LOL

  55. Jayna' says

    My arms. I am totally going for Jillian arms by Christmas! I love the gym too, but am here at home working out ever since my daughter’s brain surgery. Something pretty to workout on would be awesome!

  56. says

    Oh my goodness. So much fun! I am awful (repeat AWFUL) at making myself lift, especially upper body. This looks like fun, and I am totally down with the fun strength training! Pleaseplease!

  57. Rebecca says

    My upper body is definitely my weakest area. I think this would be a great way to strengthen it. Thanks for sharing this piece of equipment. I’d never seen or heard of it before your post.

  58. Myra says

    My weakest workout area is absolutely just doing it. No matter what I do. I have to just do it. I’m afraid. I’ve been out of shape for too long. I remember when I was fit. I have to be around for my daughter. JUST DO IT

  59. says

    I would say core because it’s what I dread most but honestly? Been a while since I did any heavy lifting. Going back to it at least once a week next week after the tri and more often once that’s done. This 10 extra lbs looks like way more because my muscles went away.

    BTW (since you have comments closed and I must comment anyway) congrats on saying yes. I used to be a big “no” person, but a friend once said to me – “I consider the request, and if it will MOST LIKELY not kill me, I do it.” I’ve added the caveats that it won’t get me fired and I can reasonably afford it, but I get the spirit of it and try to abide. Hell, I dove off the side of two story tall boat into 100 ft deep lake water Friday multiple times. I can do freaking anything right now!!!

  60. MrsCarnes says

    That is awesome!!! How have I never encountered one of those before!!!!

    As for wanting yours to be pink, it’s probably been mentioned but Spray paint is your friend.

  61. says

    OMG PINK!!!!
    I need an Equalizer! My abs will thank me, I’m sure. My body is all toning up as I lose body fat but my core is a bit late to the party.

    ::Crosses fingers::

  62. JennieMc says

    Thanks for another *awesome* giveaway! I love that it uses your own body weight, and that I can place it right in my bedroom in order to fall over it first thing in the am to actually (gasp) use it! Won’t have to hide it in the basement and dry clothes on it 😉

  63. Sai says

    My weak areas are my upper body and core. I would like to use this equalizer for pull ups, push ups and other body weight exercises.

  64. Angela says

    Love the pink! I could Definately use it for my arms, I’ve lost some weight (65lbs and still losing) and have major bat wings happening, i so need this!

  65. says

    Wow, I’ve never heard of the Equalizer before, but now I feel like I can’t live without one!

    My weakness is definitely upper body strength! I have NONE. Seriously, none. I love the fact that the Equalizer lets you use your own body weight for strength training! Sweet!

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!