Piriformis syndrome. AKA…

Carpel tunnel of the arse.**

(if you are checking in through a reader there is a video below. no matter how you are checking in the audio is, for some sad reason, not great.)

**for reals. the general consensus is while Im not a ‘cyclist’ my 30 min of recumbent biking for 10 years mightcould have contributed to my arse-situation.  and really carpel tunnel of the a** is far more fun to say than piriformis syndrome.


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  1. Helen says

    I can kind of hear it LOL.

    Love the tattoo and am sticking to my foam roller.

    Is there a reason you don’t use the foam?

  2. says

    hey, I live among people who say they’ve got “the sugar” instead of diabetes, so who am I to quibble with someone if she wants to have carpal tunnel of the ass. Hope it continues to improve!

  3. says

    Ouch… I’ve had that condition, and it did take lots of time, patience, stretches and physical therapy, but it did finally clear up. Hope you feel better fast.

  4. Evie says

    Miz, I have a throbbing in my side hip area and I wonder if this would help me?!

    It feels as though I want someone to always be pressing there if that makes sense :)

  5. says

    AAAHHHH! I had this with my IT Band issues last year! There is light at the end of the (arse carpal) tunnel! Learn to love your tennis ball! A wooden rolling pin ALSO works reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally well!! As does prone pigeon pose.

    Sending you lots of love and good glutes vibes xxx

  6. Kimmie says

    Thanks for this Miz.
    I emailed you this weekend and asked how on earth to sit on a tennis ball :)

    I’ve heard this works wonders.

    Here is hoping it fixes my carpel tunnel of the ass :)

  7. Lydia says

    Not the point here but you are too cute.

    Hope you are fixed up soon and always love the videos even though I don’t need any rolling :)

  8. says

    Thanks for the reminder that daily torture can help! I am a slacker but need to do this more.

    My son plays lacrosse, so I use a lacrosse ball – its a smidge smaller and harder. I use it on my feet to, since I am prone to plantar fascitis.

    I love the pigeon pose. That really gets the spot!

  9. says

    What a coincidence…I do not have carpal arse syndrome YET, but for the past week I’ve been preventing it by stretching out my overly tight piriformus muscles. Here’s the best hip-mobility moves I’ve seen so far:
    That woman is totally awesome. Check out this other hardcore work-out she does: http://www.youtube.com/user/KISSWorkouts#p/u/3/x29a5-u0cu8

    And for rolling your butt? Try out one of those dryer balls that have the little bumps all over them, they feel great! (Also wonderful for the feet.)

  10. says

    I’ve never heard of this! But I’ve had carpal tunnel, better and worse, for years, and it is indeed a pain in the a**.

  11. says

    Looks great! Here’s a tip for the readers….regarding the leg you have extended straight out while you are on the ball, if you cross that ankle over the knee of your other leg i think you open up that spot a little more and expose more of the periformis.

  12. says

    Thanks for teaching me a new trick! I don’t have this, but hey, there’s always tomorrow :-)

    Sorry you have to deal with CT/A!

  13. says

    Who knew there was such a thing!? I hate when the healthy habits come back to bite us in the ass. (Bad pun, sorry.) My several-days-a-week-step-aerobics is probably what gave me neuroma. Sigh.

  14. says

    Well, i do not want any condition of the arse. Ever! So if this in any way can be considered a preventitive treatment as well, then I may just have to invest in a tennis ball. Now, while doing this; how do i explain it to my wife, hmmm…

    • MizFit says

      all I know for sure is what I was told:

      it’s great for preventative and if you dont really “need it” then your rolling wont be tender/painful.

      anyone else wanna chime in?

      • says

        I don’t have issues per se with any of my leg muscles, but my foam roll still reveals plenty of tender spots in every muscle I’ve ever taken to it. I suppose there might be someone somewhere whose body is perfectly happy with how it’s being used, but I haven’t met them 😉

        That said, there are days that I have more tender spots than others, or that they hurt more or hurt less … but they’re always there…

  15. says

    Nothing like a tennis ball to work out tightness & injuries & stress! I told you my friend takes a stretching class where they use a tennis balls & foam rollers.

    My youngest stepdaughter now has your prob too so I told her about this & sending her this post! :-)

    Feel better soon!

  16. says

    @Evie: Your pain sounds like ITB Syndrome to me. You’d be better off using a foam roller.

    @LindseyAnn: I think using the ball as a preventative thing is absolutely ok. Sort of like using a foam roller after every run whether you need it or not. Won’t hurt, but can’t hurt either!

    Miz, did you name your ball yet? I’m dying to know.

  17. says

    I suffered from Piriformis Syndrome,too! I went to PT 2X a week over the summer, which helped a lot (along with at-home stretching). But I still have some issues. I”m going to break out the ball and see if that helps!

    FWIW, I just said “My a.. was broken” … “Carpal Tunnel of the a.. is definitely much more fun to say!

  18. says

    Lacrosse balls. They are firmer and rubbery so they stick to the spot a bit better. But for a beginner in pain they may be too much. And ideally hold the spot for 30 seconds -and up to 60 seconds if you are older. (Carla and others- the trigger the golgi complex response).

    For the questioners- the technique is called Self Myofacial Release. It is a step between static stretching and a personal massage. You can do most of your body (anywhere that a muscle is over a bone.

    I “foam roll” my whole body at least once a day. It is magical.

  19. says

    I’ve said it before. We need a Miz Fit Nation workout DVD. I’d totally buy it. Can’t you produce your own? Like an e-book, expect it’s video. ya know?

  20. says

    Thanks for the cool demo – a can of tennis balls is going on my shopping list. Liking the idea of doing some preventative rolling, as CT of the A sounds pretty miserable.

  21. says

    Just have to chime in and say carpal tunnel of the ass is a much better name. 😉 I need to get better with the stretching and rolling. I’ve been lucky this year, but eventually the karma is gonna run out, I know…

  22. Lori says

    It is amazing what a little tennis ball can do, isn’t it? I had to go to P.T. for my piriformis and was doing that, as well as a bunch of other exercises for several months! I was so happy when I could not longer find tender spots on my butt! I have the whole trigger point kit and still try and do the rolling/exercises occasionally to remain injury free. Hope you are pain free soon!

  23. says

    i had this. omg so painful…it was a running overuse injury and i had to stop running for nearly 3 months. in the meantime i did lots of stretch and strengthening. yoga was my saving grace here. i really believe the core work helped me stop guarding my injury so much. best of luck!

  24. says

    I never thought of using a tennis ball instead of a foam roller! I’ll have to give that a try. I bet I can target the tight muscle in the front of my hips with a tennis ball too.

    I was told that a super tight piriformis can throw out your lower back. I think most people who sit all day could use this technique to save their backs, too. :)

  25. says

    Ummmmmm, did you get my application?

    Didn’t you have an ad for professional arse massage?

    I had references and everything.


  26. says

    I know carpal tunnel is an overuse injury which alone could lead to a whole slew of inappropriate jokes which I will keep to myself but still giggle out loud over:) And, for the record, I think the ball (as in tennis or golf) is way better for getting in the muscle than the foam roller… Hope it feels better soon though!

  27. says

    If you have a lot of pain using a ball, use something softer. As the something softer works out your kinks, then progress to something harder and then harder from there.

  28. says

    When I worked at the Core Performance program for a while they had a whole section int he back of the book of pressure points and self massage with tennis balls and foam rollers.
    Saved my ass. Literally :)

  29. says

    Carla, we need to have a “playdate” where I show you the other exercises that my sports chiro gave me for the “arse” muscles. Magic, pure magic and my ass doesn’t hurt anymore : ).

  30. says

    This is an excellent, cost-effective first line of defense. As a former massage therapist, I would have charged $60 an hour to provide manual treatment for this condition and pretty much would have been doing something similar. This is a common condition with runners, especially those who don’t do adequate stretching.

    Your idea could be very helpful for those with damage to the ligaments in the hip/butt area too. Those structures need a good supply of fresh oxygen to heal. Brilliant!