MizFit, Fila Real Women Models & NYC.

(yes. I am still jumping for joy. It’s who I am: an overzealous misfit.)

I don’t know a lot—but I do know a little.

  • Im heading to NYC Monday morning (Id joke at the crack of dawn but even my early flight time is mid-day up in herre).
  • I’ll be in NYC through Thursday morning.
  • I’ll be photo-shooting along side five other *amazing amazing* women.
  • I have to be in hair and make-up at 8a on Tuesday. (Yes, Oh Readers whom I view as friends, the words HAIR & MAKE-UP did cause my heart to skip a beat.  This head has spent the past 10+ years at the Cuts which are Super and I havent worn make-up since high school.  Fare the well comfort zone—Ill be back soon!)
  • Hmmmm.  Except for the fact Im *way* excited, Im seriously super curious what it will be like & I intend to drag you (willing or not) with me every step of the way that’s about all I know right now.

My plan is to attempt to blog from Ren Man’s ipad (tips? suggestions? anyone out there use wordpress and an ipad?).

In addition, I’ll be tweeting /facebooking random updates and panic attacks .

I *hope* to upload video but, given my distinct lack of ipad’ing skills, Im not sure that will happen.

Most importantly Lastly, Im hoping there’s some built in free-time for a blogger/tweeter NYC meet up.

That’s me on this Friday:

Looking for ipad tips, wondering if I should have gotten a hair-do, super excited for this crazy random experience, and curious if any of you live in NYC.

I await yer wisdom in the comments below…

The photo above was taken by the awesome kristina kennedy.  Austin people? Take note!


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  1. Stacie says

    You ROCK!
    I am outside the c ity and could drive in.
    When will you know your schedule?
    WIll you blog it?
    I’d love a meet up!

  2. Ria says

    Now I am not sure which I am more jealous of the winning Fila or that you have an ipad!!

    (The ipad I think. I would not love having my photo taken :))

    Have a great weekend and congrats again, Miz!

  3. says

    So excited for you!!! New York City!!! And sounds like a great trip. I am not close to New York City, a few hours driving distance or by train, but I’ve got a jam packed work schedule through next Friday. :( Very anxious to hear about your trip though!

    Now, if you ever make it to the Philadelphia area, that would be just so cool. Definitately could be time for a meet up.

  4. says

    You must do some video for us if you can!
    I think you are supposed to be able to upload it to youtube and just drag and drop to your post?

    I will see what I can find out for you!

  5. Nina says

    Definitely do video.

    Hotel room video before the shoot?
    I want to know everything :)

    I think you can email that to youtube and then just link on your blog?

  6. Steve says

    I didn’t enter so there wasn’t a chance I would win and see you there. LOL

    Travel safely and have fun.

  7. says

    There is a WordPress App. If you don’t already have it, I would download it this weekend and test it out. I’ve used it a few times on my iPhone. It was very easy to set up and get started, but I have free WP and don’t know if there are any differences.

    Can’t wait to hear how much FUN you have!

  8. melissa says

    Can’t believe I won’t be able to see you there. What part of town? Do you want me to set you up with a gym? Any kind of crazy class you’re dying to try? Once I know where you are I can point you towards some healthy dining options.
    Can’t wait to see the ‘after’ pix from the hair/makeup.
    You’re going to have so much fun.

  9. says

    My advice, just enjoy yourself. I’ll be heading to NY on Friday so will just miss ya lol hope to see you in Baltimore next month though for sure :)

  10. says

    I think it’d be great to show the hair stylist your hair in that pic when you’re jumping–it looks AWESOME and you are all about movement and energy. Congratulations! Looking forward to your “reporting from the field.” =)

  11. Leigh says

    I like the fact you haven’t changed a bit since you started your blog.

    You are humble.

    Have a wonderful time.

  12. says

    Hey, enjoy the spotlight and enjoy the city. I live in NYC but I will lbe out of town next week, of course, lol if that changes I will hit you up.

  13. says

    Carla, you know full well my lack of computer skills! 😉 So, no help there!!!

    I am so happy for you!!! Me, I would love some make up help as I gave up years ago & now with hormone face disease, god, I would love to have somebody cover it! Well, and take off the hair rug on it!!! :-)

    So proud & thrilled you got there & wish I was there to meet you! You so deserve this!!!

  14. says


    Congrats m’dear!

    I use the WordPress app on my iphone. Or I did until it turned into a toilet zombie. :'(

    Anyway…you’ll LOVE it! Just don’t go into any old posts, because mine was randomly renaming all of them. It is really convenient for replying to comments, and I don’t think you should have any problem with typing up posts or using photos already on your ipad.

  15. says

    You are going to be FABULOUS!! You are gorgeous lady, even without the hair and makeup. ENjoy your time there! And how much do I wish I was in New york to meet you/cheer you on??

  16. says

    You’ll do great. I never wear makeup either except special occasions. I’m using an ilpad right now to write this. Only used it a couple days now & haven’t tried anything like blogging with it so no advice their. It seems like it should work fine though if you can log into your word press site.

  17. says

    I am so excited for you Miz! I too haven’t worn makeup since high school except for some lipstick here and there. I totally dislike it. However, I would have a blast doing what your about to do! Thanks for taking us with you.

  18. says

    Have a GREAT time in NYC! I’ve used the WordPress app on my iPad2 and it’s worked fine with my self-hosted blogs. I would definitely recommend installing it in advance and giving it a test run before you leave.

  19. says

    wow, sounds like fun.. have an amazing time and enjoy every minute of being a “super star”… born and raised new yorker here… a meetup would be great.. let me know if you need any recommendations on places to dine, etc..

  20. says

    Hi! Welcome to NYC! I live here and I have some great suggestions for food places, workout spots, etc. Also, you are invited to come down to the DailyBurn offices! I would love to interview you for our blog.