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100cal 300x225 Ready? Set? Pre order!(Why YES. I *am* clickable!)

Oh, People.

I exaggerated not when I said, on Friday, I view you all as my strangerfriends.

People I might not recognize were we to pass on the street—but upon whom I lean (daily) & look forward to interacting with (daily) & am eager to share everything with (the good, the bad & the tattoo’y).

And, since today kindasorta feels like the birth of a child (albeit a paper, exercise’y, never needs to be potty-trained child), I wanted to share it with you.

Ive been hinting at my partnership with My Trainer Fitness for a while.

I connected with them on twitter and was blown away not only by their brand (I like to think I work hard. These women make me look like Slacker McGee) but also by their  workout cards.

Get the benefits of a personal trainer without the cost…your personal trainer to go!

I slowed my one-on-one training and segued more to fitness writing for that very reason:

I felt I was able to help more people through a platform such as MizFit as opposed to one-on-one sessions.

Combining our efforts & talents and producing workout-to-go cards was the perfect next step and Im ever grateful My Trainer Fitness thought the same.

We’ve partnered for two ventures.

  • A 100 calorie 6-pack (six workouts designed to facilitate a 100+ calorie burn with each 20 minute or less workout).
  • At Work 6-pack workout (six ‘office’ workouts you can do all at once or in snippets throughout the day without having to change into fitness attire).**



And with no small thanks to photographer extraordinaire Kristina Kennedy we are done and ready for pre-orders.

And Im so excited.

In celebration of that misfit’xcitement now through April 30th when you buy any My Trainer Fitness 6-pack you get one for free.

Any 6-pack not just my two.

All you need to do is in the “How you heard about us” window at checkout enter Mizfitonline AND name your 6-pack gift of choice.

**cue confetti shaped like 6-packs & THANKS for celebrating with me**

**by way of clarification the images above are from the 100 calorie pack. I created the cards but am not the model in the At Work 6-pack.


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  1. says

    HOORAY! How fabulous that you found such a tailor made fit for your brand! I’m proud of you, thrilled and I want to jump out of my skin! Have fun today. Be well, be happy and live it up in NY!

  2. Natalie says

    I like how you include us in everything you do.

    I keep waiting for you to grow an ego, but you haven’t yet lol

  3. says

    WOW! Such cool stuff. Congratulations, Carla. I love how this gives even more folks the opportunity to experience that MizFitInsipirationMagic. Wishing you all the best with this and beyond.

  4. says

    THANKS, Carla!

    It’s been SUPER working with you! The fact that you’re ALWAYS camera ready :-) made the extra photoshoots a snap ;-).

    We at My Trainer Fitness love you enthusiastic, unapologetic self–and can so relate! We’re grateful for the collaborative opportunity to meet you and share more fitness options with more people.

    ANSWERING THE CANADIAN SHIPPING QUESTIONS: YES! We can ship wherever you are! Thanks for asking.

  5. says

    This is awesome! This is what I need to get strength training back in my life. =) Pre-ordering today! Love love love.

  6. says

    Hmm, ordered and entered Mizfitonline and paid, but it never said anything about the free set? Meh.
    Hooray! SO excited.

    • Miz says

      I saw she emailed you a response but just FYI all you need to do is say which free set you want at checkout…and it’s yours!

  7. Devani says

    Carla, such a great post! I love the way you write/blog, makes it all so intriguing!

  8. says

    Ordered and excited to receive both packs!


    Now to work out how to work out in an open-plan office without everyone thinking I’m bonkers.

  9. says

    holy crap, this is awesome! I took quick peek at the link. I’ll go back tomorrow and look over it some more. And then I place my order, of course! woot woot! ;)