Soda Stream machine (review/giveaway)

I’d feel the need to preface this post with Im SO freakin lucky. I realize. I realize.— but, since I was able to procure a GIVEAWAY along with my luck I shall merely preface this post with a resounding Im GRATEFUL.

You see, Ive coveted the Soda Stream for eons.


So long I cannot recall when I first saw it (Sky Mall anyone?) & fell head over heels.

I’m a horrible water drinker.  I live in the land of HOT HOT summers.  I drink more water when carbonated (with or without flavorings!).

Right or wrong thats who I am.

A few weeks ago I finally got paid I decided I was worth it & announced my intent to order (**cue confetti shaped like bubbles!**) on facebook.

Quick fast & in a hurry I was contacted by a friend who knew a friend who had a friend who knew someone at Soda Stream.

She connected me and Soda Stream offered me a unit to review *and* one to give away to a lucky reader.**

(why yes. the slamming you heard that day WAS the sound of my jaw dropping. Ive been blogging for 10 years. this has never happened to me before)

The child? She was OVER THE MOON when the Soda Stream arrived.

She may have gotten some healthy traits from her mama—but the love of the bubbled water (she doesnt get soda) is not one of them.

I ripped into the box & unpacked all the treats contained inside (seriously an embarrassment of FLAVORING riches!) while the Tornado ran around the domicile with the bottle caps by her eyes screaming IM AN ALIEN!! IM AN ALIEN!!

the alien.

a mere sampling of my riches.

Here’s where I have to confess the box sat in my hallway for a few days.

Yes I was traveling, but more than anything I feared the bubble-making process would be a confusing one.

It was not (& yes. I lamented my wait.).

I yanked out the CO2 canister, unwrapped it, popped it in place and we were ready to go!

She initially had no faith in my soda making abilities.

That said, I was a wee bit overzealous.

I wanted my bubblewater.

I wanted it now.

I made it too quickly.

We tasted.

We sipped.

The verdict:

thumbs down & a frown

So I tried again.

A few more spurts of the CO2 & our water—even PLAIN—was fanFIZtastic.

Needless to say we’ve been playing with the flavorings ever since.

(and yes.  this NO SODA mom even fleetingly caved & let the Tornado taste some ROOT BEARD as she calls it.  If I ever need a bargaining chip with her—I now know what to utilize.  She loved her some root bearD.)

As isnt always the case with items you COVET and finally receive—the Soda Stream has me seriously smitten.

It’s in a place of permanent honor in out kitchen (pushing out the coffee maker!):

and will be used until it cant be used no’ mo (Ill keep you posted on that durability factor too).

I know for me it will be a mixture/balance of plain water with an added BUBBLY KICK (so I stay hydrated) & flavored FANTABULOUSNESS on those days I need me a treat.

I know for me a *huge* bonus is the fact I used to BUY Perrier/bottle bubblewater frequently and I adore the fact we’re a bit more GREEN around here now.

And you?

Are you GREEN with envy at my new bubblewatermakingmachine?

You USA-types can enter to win one for the lowlow cost of a comment below.


How would you enjoy yer bubblewater this summer?

(I know you love you some bubblewater. you chimed in quickfast&inahurry on my facebook page too!)



FTC the Soda Stream was free.  The ALIEN CHILD and thoughts above are all my own.

winner announced 5.16.11

**This is a rarity.  I suggest you do not pretend to plan a purchase in hopes of getting free treats. That was not my plan and, in fact, I had to cancel my order.


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  1. Helen says

    I adore the way you write, Miz.
    And I’ve never had “bubble water” :) I would like to try!

  2. Lesli says

    No need to enter me as I own one.
    I just wanted to add that they are really durable as my twin sons (9) abuse ours and it has lasted forever.


  3. Runner girl says

    How priceless is the Tornado’s face with the thumbs down.

    I am a huge fan of bottled sparkling water and spend a fortune on it.

    I, like the Tornado, really enjoy lots of carbonation.

    Is there enough with this? :)

  4. says

    I am not a soda drinker or a bubbly water drinker either but still have to read this post for the comedic factor. Glad you like your machine and had such a positive experience with it..

    Plus, the coolness of getting a get one give one scenerio.. YOU ROCK..

  5. Yolanda says

    I love the way you write because it feels as though we are having a convo.

    No need to enter me.
    I avoid carbonation — I just love YOU.

  6. Kim says

    A year ago I drank so much soda it was embarrassing. I’ve now cut it out – but I do have to drink my bubbly water. I would LOVE to have one of these as I think it would be fun to make my own!

  7. Robin says

    I have been eyeing the Soda Stream for eons too–it looks fantastic! I would make bubble water with lemon or other flavors every day this summer!!

  8. Mandy says

    embarrassment of FLAVORING riches!
    You are too funny.

    I would love to have the embarrassment, Miz!

  9. says

    I have been wanting one of these forever. I buy canned seltzer but would love to make my own and flavor it with slices of citrus or a few squished berries in a tall glass over ice. What a great summer giveaway! Pick me! Pick me! :)

  10. says

    PLEASE ME. I’ve been drinking “sparkle water” as my children call it, for ages and it makes me nuts that I have to buy bottle upon bottle to make it work. WHY is it easier to drink water when it’s sparkly instead of when it’s flat?


  11. says

    I’ve been wanting a Soda Stream since my last trip to Napa where I drank sparkling water nonstop! I’m moving soon and this would make a great addition to my new kitchen!

  12. Janel says

    I’m not a soda fan but love bubbly water with lime! That’s my favorite part about the drink cart on flights :)

  13. Adrianna says

    I drink copious amounts of seltzer water, resulting in copious amounts of empty 2L bottles floating around. I DREAM about one of these.

  14. says

    Why do I want one// Well, just look at the fun dazzle pics you posted & all the craziness & fun you had with it along with Tornado! I want that fun!!! Hey, maybe the bubbles in my workout water will do something special for my workouts! 😉

    I just LOVE LOVE the pics! OR.. dare I say at home! 😉

  15. says

    I would not love one, but I know my husband would absolutely think I were the Goddess of the Kitchen if I got him one! So, here I am commenting that I absolutely need this to earn some fabulous Kudos in my house!

  16. says

    You are just a nut. I will pass on the give away, as I just love water and don’t really like the soda (other than that dire need for a Diet Coke in the afternoons at work) (yes, I know, my bad)….although that Root Beard may be calling…

  17. tammie says

    I would not love one, I have seen numerous commercial that has very curious. I think my kids would love since I do not buy saodas….

  18. says

    Ok, first, i <3 miss Tornado/Alien. She's just adorable.
    I desperately need a soda stream because of one word: HUSBAND.
    He drinks (and i wish i was kidding) two to five liters of diet soda a day and being as broke as we are, it's getting to be an expensive habit…
    Help a fellow Triber out??

  19. Lori says

    I was really intrigued when I saw this at bed bath & beyond. I know how hard it is to stay hydrated in Texas and, like you, I get tired of the plain water. Even the bubbles would make it so much easier to drink more!

  20. says

    I love my soda stream –
    and I run around the house
    screaming that same thing –
    bottle cap goggles and all!

  21. Mami2jcn says

    I’ve been wanting one for a long time. I’m dying to try the diet flavors, like the root beer.

  22. says

    I’ve always wanted to try one of these things – I lurve Root Beard and bubbly water with Lime. And strawberry. And blackberry. And, well, anything. So in the interests of having a hydratedself as the temps climb and climb, I’m totally entering the giveaway.

  23. Betty says

    I love your review posts.

    Don’t enter me I’m going to gift myself one as a late Mother’s Day preset 😉

  24. Melissa says

    I don’t remember where I first heard about this (a podcast maybe?) but I’ve wanted one too!

  25. Denise says

    Puhh-lease enter me! I am curious about experimenting with natural flavorings, like basil, lemon, and cucumber….mmmm…Please and thank you!

  26. Tracy says

    Yessss! I’ve seen these… I love sparkling water! and man I’d like to try some of that “Root Beard” 2!!!!

  27. says

    um.. I am soooo addicted to “fountain’ drinks.. this would be the most amazing thing to have. in my house!
    I would sooo be able to feel good about not wasting cups or worrying about recycling…
    then.. the guys at the gas station wont have to see me in my jammies every weekend morning! (plus for them)
    this would be the most awesome prize ever!

  28. Mel says

    I, like you, have wanted this for ages.
    I was so excited when you posted on FB you were getting one as I’ve always wondered if they were worth that sticker price!
    Glad to know it is.

  29. says

    I’ve seen these all over the blogs I follow. I’d love to have one to try out different flavors that aren’t so full of junk like the diet soda I love! I’m envious!

  30. says

    I am definitely without question GREEN with envy at your new bubblewatermakingmachine… I’ve been meaning to check this product out, seems like a brilliant idea for the home where soda gets consumed and that is our home. Maybe I will get lucky and win one here. Fingers crossed!

  31. says

    First time commenter.

    Husband LOVES fizz!
    Have been eyeing this BUT was sadly shocked at the cost.
    So I had to refrain from buying it.
    Also wondered about the taste, glad to know you like it.
    I am sure he would too because he is ADDICTED to carbonated water and buys the W*alm*rt version.
    So that’s my story and I am stickin to it!

  32. says

    i never drink plain water either, even though I know I should. Bubbly, flavored water? I’ll drink gallons. I need this little bad bay!

  33. Allie says

    I never thought about the fact I could use this for just sparking plain water.

    I avoid flavorings and would make sparking water with lime.

  34. says

    I switched from drinking diet soda to sparkling water with lemon or lime. I would LOVE to have one of these to make my sparkling water!

  35. says

    I’m out of the running as I’m a canuck, but man do I covet that thing. I’ve been thinking about one for ages…I’m the same way with my water and I tend to drink a lot of fizzy things. I got a juicer for christmas which has helped, but it turns out it is all about the bubbles for me. I end up adding soda water to the juice! I could drink sparkling water with lime all day if I had one of these babies…I’m glad to hear it works well. Perhaps I’ll have to give in and get one…

  36. Heather B says

    I am so coveting one of these. I also buy fizzy water, but it loses its fizz so quickly once you open the darn bottle that by the time I get to the bottom I’ve gotten to just plain water. It would be lovely to make my own, I like fizzy water to cut my juice with. I <3 bubbles.

  37. Erin says

    I have wanted a Soda Stream FOREVER. We are crazy for the occasional root beer!

  38. says

    Please don’t include me in the drawing, because I don’t want one. But, I’m in awe at you working with your companies, and also with your daughter’s love of the Root BEARD and alien eyes.

    So relatable!

    I’m glad that you have so many excited people waiting and wanting.

  39. says

    Oh, dood. I researched such contraptions on SEVERAL occasions and TOTALLY got BOGGED DOWN and overwhelmed and did NOTHING.

    I am a) a conservation biologist and b) a lover of the bubbly but health-oriented so don’t drink soda (read: deprived and too cheap/conservation-y to buy bubbly water) and c) married to a man who LOVES SODA (diet now, sugary in the past) and I’d REALLY REALLY like to find a way to switch him to something HEALTHY and bubbly that he will drink (NOT a plain water drinker).

    “C” is my biggest thing. Love the man, do not tell him what to do, but if I could change one thing in his health life it would be NO MORE SODA. This machine would TOTALLY fix that. I’m SURE he’d TOTALLY go for it and it’s ALSO be better for the planet than the 10,000 aluminum cans I get to recycle.

    ANYhow, psyched for you guys and whomever gets the bubbler. Ooh, biobabbler wants to be a bio-bubbler… =) xoxo

  40. Lisa says

    I would love a soda stream, because, yes water that is bubbly is so better than plain and I would drink more of it AND because my kids would get a total kick out of making their own soda :)

  41. AshleyGeeS says

    I’m addicted to the bubbles! We’re trying to go “greener” around here, too, so the Soda Stream would not only help us cut down on plastic, but help me curb my crazy addiction to diet sodas.

  42. says

    Don’t include me in the drawing, I’m not really a soda fan myself, but I just wanted to say your new coffee maker thing looks awesome!! That would definitely be used in my house!!

  43. Charlie-girl says

    WOW!! I love, love, love soda, and have been struggling to take it off my list of “do’s” … however… this would be such a fantastic substitute :0 Glee!!! It would make a splendid add-on to my “post-40, get a grip already” plan for the summer

  44. Cellabella says

    I’m glad you like your sodastream! My sister has one and I’ve been hankering for one myself but was never sure if I should buy one or not – and hey, if I won one, that would be great too! 😀

  45. Katie R says

    I would love a Sodastream. It would be great to have a more natural soda option — I am fighting a diet coke addiction!

  46. Eve says

    We go through a lot of bubble water at our house, so it would be great to have a way to make some at home ourselves and not have to stock up on countless bottles at the store

  47. Rachel says

    Oh my gosh I am so desperate for one of those!! I buy 100% unsweetened cranberry juice and seltzer water to make myself little virgin cocktails for urinary health. 😀

  48. says

    Hahahah! She looks so sad that it didn’t come out good!! She’s too cute! I have to try that thing, I’ve been seeing it around but I’m a skeptic, I’m afraid it’s going to taste terrible but I’d def try it out.

  49. Cassy says

    WOW! The thought of being able to make my own fizzy water gives me some serious tummy butterflies! WANT WANT WANT!

  50. says

    My favorite treat about flying is ordering a club soda with lime from the flight attendant – with the Soda Stream, I could make my husband play flight attendant and (get yer mind out of the gutter, lol) have my refreshing drink!

  51. says

    My husband and I were just talking about one of these this weekend! Honestly, it’d be more for him, but I’m sure he and the kiddos would be super-excited!

  52. says

    Just to let you know, I moved to the States last week so you can enter me.

    Sound convincing? LOL!

    Love the Tornado as an alien!

  53. says

    I love bubbly water! Bubbles are one of the few things that will convince me to drink liquid when it gets hot hot outside and hotter inside. (The temp here might not be as hot as in Texas, but no one has air conditioning and I can never find any relief from the heat.)

  54. says

    I am such a soda adict as well and I would love to have one of these machines! OMG I think I would be in Soda heaven!

  55. says

    Well I do like the occasional diet soda and my favorite Vault Zero has disappeared from the market! Perhaps I could make my own!

  56. Jan says

    I like bubbly water too. This would be so awesome to have for the summer. I have never won anything in a blog ever, but anything can happen right? :)

  57. Erin says

    I am positively green with envy! I drink an embarassingly large number of cans of fizzy water and would love, love, love a soda stream. Even when I recycle the cans, the less-than-ecofriendly feeling I have leaves me a little bit green around the gills.

  58. Stacie says

    I love me some water — but sometimes even a water drinker needs a little bubbly! Would love this!

  59. says

    man, i have wanted a soda stream since i first heard of it.
    lately i’ve been making my own syrups, and my husband has been complaining of the expense of buying seltzer so often to meet me soda needs.

  60. DajM says

    I’m always looking for zero sugar sodas and none really do it for me. I need to make my own.

  61. says

    I would love a soda stream so I can drink something other than flat water :)

    I need more excitement in my life. LOL

  62. says

    I could really use a sodastream! The inspiration for my blog was my obsession with seltzer, and it would be both cheaper and more earth-friendly for me to use a sodastream. I would love experimenting with it.

    I love drinking seltzer on my porch while reading books in the summer sun. Also great for poolside!

  63. says

    I have been dying for a soda stream! I love fresh bubbly lemonade so I go to sonic (far too often) and I would rather happily make my own with real ingredients!

  64. says

    omg, you freaking luckiest of ducks!! seriously. every time i see this thing in bed bath and beyond, my husband stops us and says, “look hon…” “yes, I know,” i say… but i just can’t justify it. and we stand oogling over it for for 20 minutes. we are total bubble lovers and i just can’t quite give up pop… yet.

  65. Laura says

    I’ve only heard good things about this contraption … I would love to try one and its bubbly water!

  66. says

    I LOVE this thing! The lemon lime is THE BEST. from what I’ve seen, getting the bubbles right is a science. Enjoy it!

  67. Osa Morena says

    I have been resisting one at our Camping World for years. This would be fun with flavors too! It would be worth time working on the bubbles.

  68. Adrienne Seastrom says

    Seriously, we were just drooling over this in the store on Sunday! Droooling down to our toes…. Hubbing loves bubble water and some root bearD too! Me I want it for the green factor and the occasional treat. Do keepus posted on the durability factor. We are on our third new coffee maker of the super cool neato variety.

  69. says

    I am a soda addict lol. But seriously this has been on my” honey pleeeease” list. Being my bday was may 1 and yesterday was mom day and I still don’t have one. I would love a chance to win one. Coveted counter space already picked out.

  70. Kathy says

    I have been oogling the Soda Stream and WISHING I could get one for a long time now. Having lost my job nearly 3 yrs ago, however, has left me in the position of having to WISH for a lot of things; realizing that’s probably all it will ever be as I see no upturn in the job market for me. I keep looking on online auction sites, etc. It sounds like such a wonderful machine and, since my kitchen space is very limited, I believe it would work out very well because of it’s size. The range of flavors also makes my mouth water. So, YES, I would be ecstatic to be fortunate enough to win my DREAM machine.

  71. Steve says

    My wife always points these out in the Sky Mall catalog.

    They are so expensive, but it is good to know they work!

  72. says

    I don’t know how I stumbled on your blog today, but I think it was luck! I’ve been on the verge of ordering a sodastream for the last few weeks, but just haven’t done it! I have used them before and love them! I would give it a good home :)

  73. says

    Been toying with the idea to get one but didn’t want to spend the $$ – A winning one would be awesome :)
    My kids will be in soda heaven!!

  74. Darlene says

    I can honestly say I had never heard of it before today. But your enthusiasm is contagious….I believe the family would adore one.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  75. Alexandra Webster says

    I have a red old school 50s table and I can make my 5 year old the soda “jerk”

  76. says

    I mostly just think that whole process is crazy awesome!! And you are pretty amazing at sharing your opinions in an entertaining way :)

    If that sat on our countertop, Guitar Guy’s kids would go bananas wanting to try all the flavors…

  77. says

    Non-USA-type, but had to comment and say I share your love of fizzy water. We buy Perrier/San Pellegrino by the case at Costco. There’s just something about bubbles. :)

  78. says

    I love bubbly water with some fresh lemon juice squeezed in. I have to admit that my husband would absolutely love to make his own soda (we call it pop here) especially root beer(D). LOL!

  79. tony says

    Like you, I live in a place that’s HOT and HUMID, to boot. I’ve been drinking more water but the flatness is boring. I have always loved fizzy drinks (does anyone remember Fizzies tablets?) and even prefer to take my aspirin in the form of Alka Seltzer. Anyway, once I heard about the Soda Stream I was pretty curious. It sounds like it would suit my fizziness just fine.

  80. Beth says

    I would love to be able to flavor carbonated water the way I want! Traditional sodas are far too sweet for me; I’d love to be able to tone it down and experiment with flavors. :)

  81. says

    really? make your own soda?

    i’ve seen them in sky mall but i would have never thunk it to be worth a try. i’ll take your word for it.

  82. Hollis says

    I love love love seltzer! I go through way to many plastic bottles and would love to be able to make my own at home.

  83. says

    You have the bestest way of writing. I love it!

    My child pulled the alien act yesterday with the tops of the milk jugs. Who knew aliens lived in TX and WI?

    Would love this – hubby drinks soda nonstop but just mentioned yesterday that he likes bubbly water. (Another who knew?) And I think the toddler would love it as well, though thanks to hubby, she has already had root beard.

    And loves it too.

  84. Angie V says

    I have heard many, many people talk about this, but have never seen one “in action.” Now I want, want, want! If it’s got the MizFit seal of approval, it’s for me!

  85. Ashley P says

    I heard of these about a year ago and really really wanted one but it was out of my budget at the time. I would love to have one and it would certainly get used – I have cut out my diet coke and miss it dearly! We, like you, have a difficult time staying hydrated and this would certainly help!

  86. says

    Yes. Want. As Diet Pepsi has forever been my vice, getting a bubble replacement that doesn’t come with all the extra goodies junk would be beyond awesome!

    Speaking of hydration, it’s about time I took care of that!

  87. says

    Gah! I’m fizzy green with envy! I traded all soda for yummy fizzy water. Topo Chico has my heart these days. Anyway.I’d love to own one:)


  88. Lily says

    Bubblewater is one of my household’s biggest unnecessary grocery expenses, so I’d love this!
    Summer enjoyment: Pure water with just a slice of lime.

  89. Julie says

    I would looove to give one of these to my Dad as a gift! He would absolutely love it and I’m sure it would save my family A LOT of money!!

  90. Rebeca says

    I’ve wanted one for YEARS! I have a carbonation problem- I want most everything carbonated but hate all the waste (plastic + aluminum). I’d love one!

  91. says

    I think I might be the only person out there that really doesn’t like soda. I don’t like the feel of carbonation in my mouth. But seeing the fun that you and the ‘nado are having with it almost makes me want to try it again! The picture of her plugging her ears is hilarious! Love her polka dots:)

  92. Stephanie says

    I was a hard-core diet coke addict for the better part of 20 years. In 2009, I finally quit — cold turkey — when I decided I didn’t like feeling that I HAD to have it (my real thought was: I don’t want to be diet coke’s bitch anymore!). The first few months were hard but, like any good addict, I found the way I got through was to replace one addiction for another — now I’m addicted to flavored sparkling water. LaCroix Pamplemousse owns me! HEB’s store brand is also on heavy rotation — grapefruit, orange, lime. Sadly, the berry flavors taste like hairspray.

    Like you, I’ve seen the Soda Stream in SkyMall and thought about it. Now, I see it in stores and stop and stare but just can’t pull the trigger. I’d love to save a few $$ with the soda stream and reward myself for being nearly 2 years diet soda free! :)


  93. Michelle Stice says

    I am very green with envy. I first saw Sodastream about a year ago and Google giveaways regularly since then because I cannot afford the cost of buying one at this time (2 babies 1 and 3 and a single income home)
    I have really been looking for a healthier alternative to sodas and buying flavored waters/teas to save money. This would be the answer and I will keep trying to win one.
    I also love the eco “green” factor of this product. The last couple of years I have been working to green my family and household and this is an awesome eco responsible product.

  94. says

    I’ve never been a huge soda fan, but let me warn you….when I get a craving for it, you better watch out!! I’m unstoppable! I would love the chance to experiment with different flavors to find the perfect soda treat! Please enter me for the snazzy soda maker!

  95. says

    I used to not like fizzy water, but now I *love*. I’ve heard great things about the Soda Stream. If I am the lucky winner, I think I might keep it at work to help me stay hydrated on my marathon days.

  96. Helen says

    I am so glad to see someone else has been eyeing this thing like I have. It might help me get more hydration during my long workout sessions!!

  97. Christine says

    Gah< i could drink soooo much diet pop in one sitting..and I'm a marathon runner! I need something like this to make my bubble addiction a bit healthier!

  98. Stacy says

    After reading this I feel so much better about my obcession with wanting one myself. Since trying to lose weight I have cut out all soda from our grocery budget. So that has left me looking for alternatives to plain water that my kids complain about drinking. Glad to hear such a good review!

  99. Suzy says

    anything that would help break my BAD soda habit would be awesome! I’d love to be able to ‘make my own!!

  100. says

    That’s so great that this happened for you (and for us)!

    First off it would save me money. I love sparkling water in the summer. Secondly, I would enjoy sipping bubbly water while people watching with the Husband in Central Park all summer long.

  101. Deb says

    Wow! I’ve been coveting one for a long, long time. My husband keeps frowning on it. He’s a huge soda drinker. I’m trying my hardest to ween from diet soda. This would be fantastic to use this summer – lounging around our pool! I’d be the envy of the neighborhood – in my head. :o)

  102. Elizabeth says

    I have been soda free in 2011…something I didnt think I could do. I live sparkeling water and this would be the perfect way to keep up my soda free goal for the remainder of 2011.

  103. Chris. says

    summer should have bubbles! I would enjoy mine over two cubes of ice with sun on my face.