Sad you’re not at BlogHer? (Breeze Comfort sportsbra give away)

(It’s hard to tell but the VentipadTM is only in on the right side)

I receive many, many pitches on a daily basis.

Some great (where I can tell they’ve at least visited my blog & are pitching a product I’d be interested in).

Some not so (the best as of late complemented me on my amazing recipe posts).

Since Ive scaled way back on the number of review posts I do (getting back to my own chickenbus & all) it really is just catching me at the right moment to have me respond with a yes.

For some reason I looked at the Breeze Comfort sports bras and it was the right moment.

Something about how pretty & feminine they looked in comparison to my utilitarian running bras made this misfit curious.

And, as always, my curiosity is your chance to win.

What was my first reaction to the Breeze Comfort push up sports bra?

  • Anticipation.  I completely deferred to the brand to select the bra they sent me.  I believe SURPRISE ME were the exact words I used.
  • Surprise.  I was really, well, surprised to find padding in the bra and excited to see that the pads were removable.  I did immediately yank out the pads from their confinement, but also read a bit more about them and the ventipad technology.  The pads are perforated & breathable.   While I did not wear them to exercise if the pads work half as well as described on site no matter how much you perspire your tatas should remain dry and comfy (no, that is not a sentence I ever imagined Id type).

What did I love about the Breeze Comfort bra:

  • I loved the look, the feel, the cut and the feminine mesh insets.

(if youre checking in through a reader theres a 30 second video review below)


What did I not love about the Breeze Comfort sports bra?

  • It was a little sheer.  Im sure it was constructed (the style is called the push up) not to be worn without the ventipads & theres a reason you didnt get to see me wearing it.  That said, I still want the black.  I dont think the sheerness would be a factor in a darker color.  And, since Im not one to wear only a sports bra the sheerness didnt matter much.
  • I couldnt run in it.  To clarify, given the description where it states the bra is perfect for yoga & pilates I didnt anticipate being able to.  Yoga, weight training, spinning, group exercise classes, climbing—really anything BUT running would be fine.  And, if you arent as painfully aware of the effects of gravity’s pull as I am, you may disagree with me & feel supported enough to run.

Bottom line:  Overall I really liked the sports bra.

It made me feel far more feminine than my other sports bras and for some reason I was drawn to that. I may even try it with the pads in place next time if I’m feeling misfit-sassy!

I also dont mind Im limited to wearing it during low impact activities as I have other more boring utilitarian sports bras for when I need to keep the tatas firmly in place.

Now you.

You may enter to win a strappy push-up sports bra like mine for the lowlow cost of a comment below.**

(And by ‘you’ I mean everyone—-if you’re able to order on site you’re able to win! No USA only here!)

Why do you think you’d love the Breeze Comfort sports bra?

The breathable mesh?

The removable pads?

Whatever your reason please to share below.


winner announced 8.8.11

**color may be dependent on size availability.
FTC my sports bra was free. Opinions expressed are all my own.


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  1. Nan says

    So excited for the giveaway since I can win (what’s blogher?).
    I would wear the pink to yoga!

  2. says

    Interesting! I actually have two drawers of exercise clothes–one for running stuff and one for low-impact/yoga/weights stuff. Since I usually buy bras for the running drawer and then bump them down to the next one as they wear out, it would be great have something new for my other drawer.

  3. Yvonne says

    I would like the yellow one you wave around and about in the video :)
    I also would use those push up pads and blog about it for you!

  4. Dalia says

    Yay for the ability to win!!

    I do wish you had shown us the bra on you, but understand that might have made the video NSW.

    Was it that sheer?

  5. Miz says

    The bra wasnt too sheer to wear in the video (is NSW not sufficient for work?!) I just thought it might be more helpful to show off me rather than on…

  6. Valerie says

    I think I want it for all those reasons…and because it’s so pretty. I don’t run, so that wouldn’t be a problem for me, but I do love the idea of the absorbent pads. Mostly, though, because it’s pretty. :-)

  7. Jeni says

    I would love one of the black ones as I wear a normal bra now for fitness classes and don’t own any fitness ones. I’ve been losing weight and they don’t make fitness bras in the sizes I’ve been wearing. (fyi, the video appears in the RSS feed – I didn’t have to go to the website to view it)

    • Miz says

      HUH! Some people have said it didnt/doesn’t show in a google reader? I’m Luddite McGee. Thank you!

  8. Tess says

    Lurve It!! It is something I would love to add to my unfashionable stuff. I would wear this when I was actually going to see people when I work out :)

  9. says

    I’d love to win one! I actually prefer padding in my sports bras since the gym I workout in is completely freezing pretty much year around and I’ve noticed that the harder I work out I seem to need extra coverage in that general area.

  10. says

    In the past, I would had immediately dismissed that bra and not being “enough” for me and my ample girls, but I’ve discovered, you just need a little somethin’ somethin’ when it comes to yoga, and they do make it in my size, so I’d love to have one (especially since bras are a “sweat through once and wash” deal during hot yoga!).

  11. says

    I would love to try a new sports bra. I am having a hard time finding ones I like. I do so much love the padding! any extra help I can get I will take!
    Mesh would be a great turn on too.. makes one feel a lil more nekked! I love it!

  12. fd says

    I’d love it because I desperately need a bigger better stock of sports bras and haven’t got loads of cash to spend at the moment. BONUS: they’re cute.

  13. says

    That yellow is awesome. I wear sports bra 24/7 and would definitely like to try this one for the fact that you said it made you feel more feminine. And the breath ability is something I have been looking for work. My cleavage is always dripping!

    • Miz says

      Im not there either.

      and I go back and forth with the sads.

      It’s so so so BIG!!

      Shall we meet again at blissdom? That’s medium big at least :)

  14. says

    Love that this would be perfect for yoga because that is my exercise of choice these days. All the best at BlogHer.

  15. says

    I doubt that I would wear with the padding (I don’t need to add anything, thank you very much) but I do like how pretty they are and would love to try one out!

  16. says

    I think it would be nice for biking because I don’t need my uber bra when I bike, but it is my only sports bra that doesn’t show through my shirts (my other one is black – why I purchased that I have no idea).

  17. Greta says

    I have small ta tas as you say :) and would love the chance to try the padding and see how they LIFT!!

  18. says

    Pretty! I would wear it for weights of course BUT I might just wear it out & about with those pads to give me some boobs! 😉 It is pretty! Like you, I would do the black one too!

  19. says

    I’d love just getting to try a different sports bras. I don’t have any fancy ones at all. Actually 2 are ones I’ve had for years and are a bit too big. I JUST was given a new Nike one for my b-day, so I suppose it’s time to enjoy trying out some new ones. That’s why I’d love this. :)

  20. says

    Oh Miz… I dream about wearing a grown up sports bra that fits me, isn’t bulky and breathes! My ta-tas barely fill up an A cup bra (let’s be honest…I wear XL bras from my 10 year old daughter’s department because I can get them 2 for $7.99) and finding sports bras that fit comfortably is almost impossible – plus who wants to pay $40+ for ONE sports bra???

  21. says

    I would also like a pretty one. I only have heavy duty ones for running, so something that I can use at my kettlebell class would be wonderful. I also really like the yellow.

  22. jessica mcmichael says

    I used to sell sports bras back in the days when sports bras were really getting their start. It is always amazing to me how much time, effort and technology goes into covering our breasts!!!, I’m pretty sure jock straps have remained relatively the same for at least 50+ years……just sayin’…

  23. says

    Awesome! Not only does it seem high quality, but it’s cute, too! I’d love it for the breathability (for some reason, that’s my sweatiest area) as well as it’s push-up-ness…as a small-chested girl, most sports bras give me a very preteen look!

  24. addy says

    Feminine sports bra – Yay – sign me up. And choose a pretty color too please. I feel a bit male in my current ones.

  25. cindy says

    I would love it for the ventilation. I have to keep cool working out due to MS. If I overheat my body shuts down. No pads are needed.

  26. says

    I am sad that I’m not at Blogher! One of these days I want to make it to one of these big blogger meetups!

    If I won, I think black would be my choice :)

  27. runnin4fun says

    I would love it because it is padded-love padded sports bras! I need all the help I can get. I also agree it looks very pretty,”girlie” for a sports bra.

  28. says

    Hey, I love learning new termanology, I never knew I had tatas. I like the look of that new sports bra, and, since I had my tatas reduced several years ago, I think I’d like those inserts also.

    But best of all would be winning those biceps, I working on that right now but it’s slow going.

  29. Tess W says

    Oh, those look really nice! I have issues with finding good sports bras…. gravity is not my problem, so I’m very interested in these.

  30. Courtney says

    Wow, it’s so cute, and that’s not something I normally say when talking about sports bras. I have my sports bras segregated for running and other low-impact workouts, and this would be great for the latter. I love the pink and the yellow! I also love that it does come in larger sizes for *ahem* larger ta-tas.

  31. lisa says

    Hey Carla, this looks really awesome. I just went to the website to buy one for Sierra….out of stock! Shoot! Hopefully they’ll come out with a red model next time around (for the Cinci Bearcats)! Thanks for letting me know about this. She’s gonna love the more girly look compared to the regular sports bras.