Labor Day Chickenbus.

I wont lie to you, People.  Im feeling awkward.

I long to blog about the Garten of the Kinder.

I love how writing clarifies the experience in my mind & makes me SNICKER all over again (as when the Tornado’s teacher referred to her as SNOTTY & I thought she meant rude. #ForgotNoseWasRunningFAIL).

Yet I cant lie to you.

It’s feels as though Im completely gazing into this tattooed abyss (and longing for another tattoo, but thats a different post):

It all feels a little Bait & Fitness-Switch—except for the 5 of you who’ve followed me since my CHICKENBUS mom blog days.

(seriously. here’s where you hit me up in the comments with your thoughts.)

As a result I’m mom blogging today.

Mom VLOGGING to be precise.

On this day when most Americans are away from the computer  and you nonAmerican types are simply stuck with my Momrambles.

The short version? The Tornado ADORES all facets of kindergarten.

I know this because she elbows her way to the front of the bus stop line in the morning (Mama proud of the independence. Not so proud of the bruises I imagine she leaves in her elbow-wake) & when Ive gone to have lunch with her she *skips* off afterward with nary a cling or longing to hide behind my (running) skirts.

I also know this because SHE ran & got the video camera & asked me to interview her talking about school.

A little vlogger in the making.

I love. I love.

Next she unexpectedly (as is evidenced by my attire) demanded asked to turn the camera on me & surprised me (as is evidence by my stammers) with an interview of her own:


So that’s where I am on this Labor Free Day in the ATX.

Blogging (about KINDER & wonder how school is going for the rest of you parent-types.)

LONGING (for more tattoos & wondering if any of you have been INKED recently.)

UNPLUGGING (and hoping to find some INDOOR ADVENTURES.  Any suggestions appreciated below.)


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  1. Texas Runner says

    I really like when you blog about motherhood.
    I’m not a mom yet and learn as much from this as I do the fitness.

    Now, how can I get your NAVEL!! :)

  2. Nina says

    I’m heading out to run in the heat and needed that navel as motivation.

    I also can’t believe how calm and articulate your little girl is!!

    My twins are 6 and crazy LOL

  3. Hannah says

    How much do I love this? I know you have said you want to not blog about mom experiences here beacuse this is fitness, but I find it interesting to learn about all the pieces of your world.

    I have no children and still struggle to fit fitness in.

    Any tips?

  4. Runner Girl says

    I am off to run then unplug too.

    (I plug in when I run and listen to podcasts)

    Have a great day!

  5. says

    Carla, what a wonderful thing to hear/read first thing! The whole loving process made my day between you two AND that she wanted to interview you! Too cute & GREAT questions! She is already on her way!

    I think she loves the friends at kindergarten & the fun she is having with that.


    As for inside – my hubby & I like to go to a bookstore that has coffee/snacks & sit & read & have a coffee. OR inside a mall somewhere & just sit & people watch & talk. Movies too.

    Have a wonderful day!

    PS: No tattoos here AND I saw the Zensha sleeves at Road Runner Sports yesterday!

  6. Myra says

    My daughter starts high school tomorrow. Oh my. I remember the first day pictures we took. I go back to work tomorrow too(teacher). She’ll be taking her own picture and sending it to me tomorrow. I love the young woman she’s becoming (tears) but I can still see the little girl looking at me.

  7. addy says

    So longing for more ink. Haven’t added one in years:( Everytime she comes home for summer and then goes back to “big girl school” (college) in the fall I get weepy and maybe beg just a little for her to stay….

  8. says

    I’m here to read about all aspects of your life and I’d feel a little ripped off if you only ever talked about fitness! I love your mommy blogging and I’d love to see more of it:) These vids are so precious and will be invaluable in the future to you and the Tornado to look back on. Love it!

  9. says

    loved the interviews…tornado is tooo cute…
    I love your mommy blogs and mine are ‘grown’ (22 & 15) but lovin your little one and the updates!!

    p.s. have not been inked…mainly cuz' I'm chicken!

  10. Izzy says

    I can see what Lizzie is saying MizFit.

    I’m a mom and until recently had your blog slotted as a motivational fitness read.

    I like your expanding and tipping us off with Chickenbus in the title so I know it may not be a fit post.

    Adorable videos.

  11. Valerie says

    I don’t ever mind when you throw in non-fitness subject matter. For one thing, the ideal goal is to make fitness a part of everyday life, and I think that over the years you’ve been blogging about fitness, you’ve shared a LOT of helpful information about integrating fitness *with* being a mom and taking care of all our other responsibilities. That’s extremely helpful!

    Also, you give me great ideas for connecting with kids over fitness, which is something we all need to do more.

    And finally, kindergarten days only come around once, and they’re gone too fast, so I can’t imagine anyone begrudging you the blog-documentation of same. :-)

  12. Neighbor Linda says

    I may be ruining an upcoming post, but I loved watching you last week fitting fitness in near the school.

    I say blog what is happening to you because it mean you are practicing what you preach.

    Happy Labor Day all!!

  13. Anonymous says

    Personaly I find it more interesting to learn about you and your life and struggles.

    When it is a blog of information I could find that on Goggle in a search.

  14. says

    Yay! Loved both interviews and – FYI, I usually skip the fitness posts.

    Kidding. 😉

    We start Kindergarten on Wednesday. My sassy little firecracker seems a bit humbled by the whole thing and is completely nervous and even cried at the open house. ? I suppose part of it is the big move we just had and the extra long summer we got from moving from south to the north. sigh.

  15. says

    Enjoy these early years as they will soon be well behind you. Our youngest is now a sophomore in high school, we can remember his first day of kindergarten (a day he bit another kid) and there are times we wish he was that young again. And times we are so happy he is not. Enjoy each day with these gifts!

  16. Meredith says

    LOL @ Melany.

    I am not in a fitness zone (I need to lose about 40 pounds) I read the fitness posts in search of motivation and enjoy the family blogs as well.

    I enjoy your voice.

    Have a great day, Carla

  17. says

    I like reading about your regular life and all the kinder talk brings back good memories for this mother of (gulp) adult kids!

    It was 75 degrees when I got up this morning. I opened the door to let Paco in the backyard and stood there, stunned, at the coolness. Are we still in Texas?!? 😉 Have a great day!

  18. Jessica says

    Love (and miss) your momma blog. I’m one of the five (although I have a feeling the number is just a wee higher than that!), and can’t believe how beautiful and BIG the Tornado has become! We are starting K this year as well, though we have another week to go before the fun begins. I hope our venture is as successful as yours!

  19. says

    Love love love!

    Sabrina also seems to love Kindergarten. She asks for a kiss every morning as she gets out of the car then walks up to one of the big kids (like a safety patrol kind of deal) and tells them what classroom she belongs in and walks away with them with nary a backward glance.

    I love that she likes it. I dislike some of the girlie stuff she has learned already. (“I’m not going to be your friend” blackmail when her sister doesn’t do what she wants. Etc)

  20. MizFit says

    annnnnnnd the typo is bugging me and I’m not home to change it 😉

    D*mn you unpluggednessment 😉

    Have a great day everyone!

  21. says

    You KNOW I love the mommy blogging!

    Kindergarten is going great for Alex. He love, love, loves it. He has a wonderful teacher, and I’m beyond happy with the school we picked for him. He also hops out of the car, puts that big backpack on his back and walks right in the school without a backward glance. Makes me happy and sad at the same time.

    As for ink, I have my first tattoo picked out. Just need to find out where I want to go and get up the nerve to have it done. I’m pretty excited about it. :)

    And, we are cleaning the house today as we are having friends over this afternoon for a cookout.

  22. says

    I have no kids, but I love hearing about the tornado’s experiences with the garden of kinder and how you do your thing. I’m here for your WRITING, not just about fitness.

    Also, the only ink (MAYBE) I’ll get is the Ironman symbol when I do that. To be honest, the tattoo is actually more daunting than the race… :)

  23. Freeda says

    I’m with the ones who say it is your voice I love :-)

    I also learn from your juggling life how better to organize mine.

    Or try anyway.

  24. says

    Love the vlogs! The Tornado is just too precious and so is her mother.

    My first friend from kindergarten was over the other day for lunch, swimming, hot tubbing, saunaing, and dinner…friends for 41 years…I hope The Tornado makes a connection like this!

    I am big fan of the indoor mini-putt! Fore!

  25. says

    I love all of your posts! As for indoor adventures, we tabled that today in lieu of the beautiful weather that we have not experienced for so long. I ran this morning, then took the kids to the park, daddy just took them bike riding and then we’re hitting the pool! Perfection, outdoors and active (and man oh man, am I already tired, lol).

  26. says

    So much cuteness. I love seeing you both – regardless of the subject :) The parenting posts make me remember my own (now grown) munchkin – makes me smile.

  27. says

    You can blog about whatever you want! I am so glad Tornado enjoyed her first week of KG. I don’t really remember anything about kindergarten.

    I am not a tattoo person. I thought about getting one for losing 100 pounds, but then in NY, then don’t let you donate blood for at least a year after you get a tattoo – and I am a regular donater.

  28. says

    I’m pretty sure I will enjoy reading whatever you blog about! If blogging about this helps you make the time write it all down so you will remember and be able to look back, then I think its something you really NEED to do. I know it’s cliche, but the time does fly ….

  29. Chasing Joy says

    Awe this is cute. She did a really good job interviewing you. It is cool that you still keep in touch with your first Kindergarten friend. :-)

  30. Olivia says

    I remember you said one time you are a writer (? were a writer?) that’s why I love your blog.

    I like the way you write no matter the topic.

  31. Jamie says

    YAY for a new tattoo.

    I love your Star of David, too!

    I want to begin an arm sleeve of black and white portraits of my family.

  32. says

    Can’t believe the Tornado is not only mastering kindergarten, but is a polished videographer as well! You two are both adorable. (And my favorite thing about kindergarten was the apple juice and graham crackers).

  33. says

    I have no children to send off to school and nary a tattoo. I did mostly unplug this weekend though, and spent a lot of time curled up in my chair with a book. It was awesome.

  34. says

    Cutest two videos EVER.
    I am struggling with keeping things ‘separate’ on my blog (blogs) too. It’s all me, but it’s all so vast (homeschool, fitness, rural living, chicken wrangling, blah, blah) that I know my katdoesdiets readers don’t want to hear it all. Oh what to do.

  35. says

    Adorable!! My opinion it’s your blog you can do what you want to, being a fitness fanatic helps you be a better mom – so why not blog about it all? It’s you, it’s your blog! I’ll never stop reading your blog you can write about a turkey farm in Siberia and I’ll still read!

  36. says

    Two things:

    I love how sweet her expression was when talking about her best buddy. Aw…

    And, it’s so cool how she wanted to be behind the camera too. Forming questions takes more intellect than answering questions. Keep encouraging that! (:

  37. says

    ahhh, yesss. I do notice the mom-bloggin’ feel around here lately. But you know what? You gotta blog from the heart if you’re going to enjoy it. Follow your passions, woman. You know that already.

  38. AmandaRunz says

    I LOVE this! I can just imagine your daughter being a little spit fire. She’s the epitome of awesomeness!

    As far as being inked recently, I got one a week ago. LOVE it! Ready for the next!