Ive gots my RUNDIES on.

Me & Sally from Oiselle circa 2009. Finally meeting in person.

Two fast things before I get to my love of the Rundies

First: this isnt a sponsored post.  my love for Sally & for Oiselle is priceless.

Second: this shall veer off into sentimentalnessment.  Ive not yet written the post. I already recognize that fact. my love for Sally & Oiselle is fraught with the sentimental.


Ive blogged for eons.  Over ten years.  Ive been loved by brands when I was at my peak.  Ive been ignored by brands when they thought my platform wasnt ‘worthy.’ 

It’s the nature of the blog-beast and, in my opinion, of business in general.

That said, there are always a few brands who love you when youre little and stick by you through the growing pains.

Oiselle is one such brand.

Three years ago Sally reached out to me with an idea.  She wanted to give away a sports bra to EVERYONE WHO COMMENTED on a post.

Last year Sally reached out to me again and wanted to send a TANK TOP to everyone who commented on a post.

And, most importantly, those two acts of uber-generosity/love for our tribe arent even a sliver of the reason I ADORE Sally & Oiselle.

She’s supportive.  She’s created an amazing brand which encourages women & running unbelievably. She’s unflaggingly & unfailingly positive.

Which brings me to my RUNDIES—which I positively love.

They’re a quirky, newly-created Oiselle item which are described perfectly on the website

You have your underwear. And you have your running. Now you can have them both in Oiselle’s all new day-of-the-week underwear: Rundies!

I know, right?

Even this Runs-Like-Old-Shuffling-Gazelle wanted her a set & not only because she hoped their phrases of rest, track, tempo, easy 6, fartlek, race, & long run would motivate her to GET OUT THERE and DO IT!

And so I gots me some.

They remind me of my days-of-the-week undies from childhood.

They remind me there’s always room in life (& my pants/shorts) for a little levity.

They remind me Im a runner (even if I am wearing Easy 6 under a pantsuit). **

You know you want a set too.  PLEASE TO CLICK MY BOOTY. 

And yeah, when Ren Man took the photo above it reminded me I am very happy with my career choice as NOT a model & how I really must LOVE Sally to proffer my booty to demonstrate her wares.

Please to support Sally.  And, by default, my booty.


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  1. Susan says

    I still have my Oiselle sportsbra!
    (I am a long time reader :))

    I don’t run but these would be great for holiday gifts, Miz.

  2. says

    I still have my tank top from them I got via you! love it!
    and ummm can I have your bum cuz mines like twice that or you only offering the rundies?! 😉
    great post (as always!)
    oh and love the peace sign shirt you’re wearing in first pic (i luvs me peace!)

  3. Tess says

    LURVE THESE!!!!! What a great idea. I always feel a little sneaky when I wear something fun and nobody knows but me. I get motivation and energy from things like this. What a great post thanks!

  4. SinnerElla says

    I see London, I see France, I see MizFit’s FITNESS UNDER PANTS! I love them and you happen to have a cute patootie. :)

  5. says

    I was one of the recipients of the oiselle bra which I love. love. And I also love the rundies idea, and I want some! Oiselle is always on my wish list ever since I got that great little bra in the mail.

  6. MizFit says

    MEDIUM. My booty is bigger than it appears (if it appears not bootylicious that is :)) AND I love putting everything in the dryer on HOTHOT.

  7. says

    Ok don’t take this the wrong way but what a cute tushie! Can you believe that all I wear are thongs, yes even when I workout lol!

  8. says

    I don’t run, but I do wear undies and workout…so I know I’d love these. At the risk of sounding very inappropriate, you have a nice bum!! VERY click worthy! :) Have a good Friday.

  9. says

    You make a fab underwear model!! And I love Oiselle’s rundies – such a fun idea. Sally is always coming up with quirky ways to incorporate running into a whole lifestyle – how much do I love her running wedding dress?!

  10. says

    Wow they have been so generous! I love the Rundies and am thinking I need to get some! Nice booty btw and how freaking brave to post that picture, I am not so brave!

  11. says

    Oh my your are perfect! Love your tushie and I will have to see about picking up a set of rundies. Love brands that are supportive. Great post!

  12. Janice- The Fitness Cheerleader says

    Nice! I*MUST* have those! Ican’t think of any underwear that says, no SCREAMS, Fitness Cheerleader more than those. Thanks for sharing your booty with us!

  13. Kat says

    Longtime lurker but had to comment on these…I need every ounce of motivation I can muster sometimes when it comes to my running and training! The good thing? Only one pair that says “rest!” I wouldn’t wear the “rest” undies two days in a row (or would I?) so bring on the training! Ha!

  14. says

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