Self-Esteem Skyrocking Ken (wordless wednesday. sortamostly.)

Yes, People.

I meant what I said and I said what I meant.

Good ole Sweet Talking Ken could be an empowering toy if utilized in the CORRECT fashion as a self-esteem booster

Some may call it “caving” (I did, indeed, purchase S.T.Ken), but Id beg to differ as I BOUGHT HIM FOR ME.

(Ill let that statement sink in)

Until my esteem is back where it belongs SWEET TALK AS *I* SAY Ken  shall be found at my side.


The post below? Only a joke in so far as I cant precisely recall the words I forced my plastic boyfriend to utter in those snapshots.

The fact Im hauling his toy-arse around with me in my purse 24/7? Nary a joke at all.

Sweet Talking Ken? 19.99

Having his moldedplasticroboticsounding self at my compliment beck & call? PRICELESS.

Please to enjoy our KENventures:

Miz I can’t believe how flawless you look at 4am! Las Vegas is lucky to have you!

At airport, time to spare, kicking back with decaf. You’re a working mom ROLE MODEL!

What? Working while you travel? SMART MOVE! More time for relaxing later, Wise Woman!

Girl, you’ll ROCK the presentation. You dont look like you were up at 3a! YOU GOT THIS!!

(Thankfully even this misfit knew it would be odd to bring S.T. Ken *literally* to the presentation.  Let’s just imagine what an awesome addition he could have been…)

Tornado would be disappointed if you DIDNT have some of the M&Ms you’re bringing her!

Would you show me proper form? Your push-ups are freakin’ MINDBLOWING.

Go relax, Miz. Im going to do cardio & listen to the BEST! PODCAST! EVER!! It’s fun’larious.

Youre more buff than my male friends.Youre more buff than my male friends.Youre more…

& your writing Miz? No one else comes close. 140 characters or MORE.

Bring your not-plastic booty over here. You make forty two look GOOOOOOD!!

Last, but not least, a demonstration of my Sweet Talkin’ friend’s self-esteem boosting skills in action:


And really. 

After all that can *you* say you dont long for a Self-Esteem Skyrocketing Ken too?

I didnt think so.



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  1. Healthy Mama says

    Did the people at your gym think you were crazy?
    Now that I’ve heard Ken speak I’m a little freaked out.

    • MizFit says

      really kate? it has been such a fab tool with the Tornado. from not using words as weapons to how complements feel and why we should share them and how to accept them.

  2. says

    I like how you are suing Ken for learning Carla! YOU DO ROCK!

    The pics – OMG, had to keep my laugh silent with hubby sleeping! The push-up/plank – with exorcist head, ;-), love!

    I need him talking to me!

  3. says


    I literally am laughing out loud and if I had $19.99 I’d be running out buying me a Sweet Talkin Ken too!

    LOVE how you changed it all around!!!

    and hmmmmmm I lack ANYONE in my life (other than you Miz and few select other bloggers) that tells me anything good about me or shows me any luv sooooo yea think I may have to go raid the piggy bank and buy me a Ken too!!!

  4. says

    Would it be wrong for me to strap STKen to my husband’s chest so that next time he (the hubs) starts to say something I don’t like, I can just push Ken’s button and some compliments will come gushing out instead? I think I could totally go for that!

  5. says

    TOO funny. NOW I know what you were alluding to in those FB posts! Brava, Miz!

    Sort of reminds me of how, when my kids were younger, I’d use toys and puppets to act out different behaviors for them, and then have them tell me what behavior would work better in a situation. Made them laugh, and was way more engaging than me telling them. (I should do this more, even now…sometimes I feel like I come across about as well as the grownups in the “Peanuts” cartoons.)

  6. says

    HI-larious! Ken’s got some nice arms, but he needs a little haircut. Don’t tell him, though. It might hurt his self-esteem…

  7. says

    Oh this made me laugh so hard! My fave was the push-up one. No wait, it was the Ken-in-bed one. No actually it was the M&Ms. Okay I loved them all. You are friggin’ riot!