Personal First Aid Kit (AKA the return of the cowboy hat).

Once upon a time I yammered about the importance of first aid kits.

I was kindasorta a new mom and as a result BLANKETED the domicile (and car) with tiny kits crammed with ‘saving’ devices.

Bandages. Medicine. Tweezers. Ointments. Ice pack thingies. Heat packs. Surgical tape.

You name the medical crap & I had it jammed into a huge Ziplock and at the ready.

And then the Tornado left me for the Garten of the Kinder.

I found myself flying solo after years with a perpetual sidekick & realized I’d forgotten to create the most important kit of all: my personal first aid kit.

While of course Im crazy enough to fret Im going to fall, break a hip & since I work from home there will be no one around to call 911ย  I probably still could benefit from the other ‘kits— more than ever I needed an emotional first aid kit.

You see, without my noticing the Tornado had become my walking talking Personal First Aid device.

If I felt sad I merely needed a glance over atย  this to perk me right up:

If I felt “less than’ or unsuccessful in my world of work this always slammed everything back into proper perspective:

Short of driving to school & stealing her away each time I feel the frazzle (something which sounded initially like a viable option) I decided my best option was to revisit/recreate my Personal First Aid kit.

AKA Self-Preservation in a COWBOY hat.


What are a some items you reflexively know you’d place in your Personal First Aid Kit?

What self-love/self-care container would you plop the whole thing into?

Wanna lie to me normalize my addiction and tell me your P.F.A. Kit would contain beef jerky too?

Wanna know what NoMoreBacon would put in HIS P.F.A. Kit? Ive dragged him along for the ride


**It bears stating A Million Miles in a Thousand Years would be in my personal first aid kit were it not something I read and refer to



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  1. Nan says

    I need one of these even more after Thanksgiving.
    Mine would have copious amounts of chocolate and tea :)

  2. Runner Girl says

    I love this idea.
    I would have:

    Meditation tapes
    The Bible
    Compression socks.
    Snuggly socks.

  3. says

    I need this too.

    I would have:

    A trashy novel by Nora Roberts.
    An extra pair of fuzzy slippers.
    A blank journal and a new pen.

  4. Rae says

    I would put mine in a CAN of coffee this morning :)

    Too tired to think now, but loved your video MizFit.

    I will come back.

    All I can think about is more coffee.

  5. Vonnie says

    I need this self-care right now!

    I would put it all in a chest I brought back from Mexico.

    A blanket.
    Some books.
    Some incense sticks.
    Some coffee :-)
    A filled journal from a good year.

  6. Mere says

    I’m tired this Monday morning and love this is Miz.

    I need a first aid kit with a Snuggie (remember those??), a stuffed animal, my chanting cd.

  7. says

    I totally hear you! Kaylin makes my day. If ever I’m feeling down, I just look down at that adorable smile and I feel fabulous! My personal first aid kit would include a little bulldog the man gave me, a special necklace (that I purchased after exchanging a glass bowl someone gave us for our wedding from tiffanys…long story), my “mommys sippy cup” coffee mug with starbucks via packet (just in case) and…hmmm would have to keep thinking :)

  8. says

    My iPod and 200 of my favorite songs
    Victoria’s Secret body butter in sexy jelly bean flavors
    Very soft socks
    Super good hairspray
    Fun workout clothes
    Hot cocoa mix and popcorn
    Keebler my dogariffic friend

    :-) Marion

  9. says

    Wow, great thoughts going on here & something I may need to think about more. I know I need my cell phone, not for the phone but the pics of my grandkids & family on there. I often look at those pics when I am out & about or at home. Maybe some of the pics the grandkids draw for me too along with my parents picture. Maybe a special card I still have from my parents & one from hubby to reread & feel the love. I know there is more but I have to think more…. I would probably put everything in a workout bag cause my workouts save me many times from stress & life! :-) They make me feel good & strong!

    LOVE this post and LOVE the Tornado pics!

  10. Nettie says

    I am stealing from Jody a little, but my personal kit would just be a scrapbook!
    It contains everything I need.

    Fantastic idea, Carla.

  11. says

    My cat simply would NOT stay in that hat!

    You know, I’ve just never really embraced this concept. I think, perhaps, it’s because I’ve strived to make my entire home a “personal first aid kit”… and that no matter where I am in the house, I know I’m in arms length from something that has deep meaning and healing properties for me.

    Right now, for example, I’m sitting on my couch. At my feet in the coffee table is a collection of sappy romance short stories to distract me. To my right is a double bowl, one side contains my nose flute, the other generally contains hard candy or protein bars to control my blood sugar. At my left are my candles, incense and statue of Ganesha, which, although I am not religious, I use during moments of meditation on my current state, and remember that all obstacles can be removed… or at least shifted slightly.

    At this time of year I also keep cinnamon scented pinecones on my counter, to lightly scent the air.

    I suppose the closest I have to an actual “personal first aid kit” is more my “memory box”… a small shoe sized box that contains and patches from places I’ve visited, old school IDs from the kids, library cards from the places I’ve been, old ticket stubs, a duck whistle (from the duck races) and some original (Eden) metal kazoos I got when I worked the factory nights during the weeks just before they closed… little bits and baubles of things that have made up my adult life.

  12. Miz says

    shivering thoughts from bus stop but had to respond.

    I agree Kate.

    I strive to have our whole domicile a safe place to fall. Fantastic point.

    For me it is HAVE P.F.A. KIT WILL TRAVEL ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Especially this holiday season.

    That’s all I’m saying in a public forum (winkwink)

  13. Lindsay says

    I love this concept.

    I would stuff my fleece cinch sack with tea, a trashy novel, Godiva chocolate and my boyfriend.

    Hee hee.

  14. says

    well you and Ryan have me think…think…thinking…

    oh and vegetarian here so no beef jerky in mine lol

    cuz I’m sadly drawing a blank on what I’d have seeing how I don’t think anything ‘small’ cheers me up….can’t fit a bike or a punching bag in there sooooooo and like Ryan, my kid wont fit in a backpack so…..

  15. says

    Clever! I think chocolate, Midol, chocolate, decaf tea bags, and more chocolate would fill mine. I might even pack it in a giant latte’ mug or a pillowcase, with the emergency pillow, of course. :)

    Love the daisy pic. Adorable!

  16. Healthy Mama says

    I love this concept and laughed at your mention of first aid kits in general.
    I have 4 children, but with the first one I went crazy in preparing and had forgotten the first aid kits in the car and diaper bag.

    Today I would house the whole thing inside my coffee mug!

    And next to it a blank journal and pen.
    I love your idea of the charged phone battery.

  17. says

    I would use an old pair of running shoes (odor free of course) because they remind me of how strong I am and how far I’d come. I would fill them with a few packages of Starbucks Via, a Lindt 70% Dark Chocolate Bar, my iPod loaded with my favorite music and my iPhone.

  18. Renee says

    You can tell it is a Monday after a long weekend by all the coffee mention LOL

    I would pack a fave worn travel duffel with guide books to my specal places, warm comfy socks and an old airline ticket stub.

  19. says

    I’m with Kate…my home is my PFAK. BUT, if I had to choose a few items, they would be: a warm, sunny day; my husband; my kitties; my overstuffed comfy chair; my blog; my Kindle; my iPhone (for the music and photos); some wine and some cheese and crackers.

  20. says

    Awwww what an amazing idea I LOVE it! Have no idea what I would put in it SO will have this on my to-do project list for this week and will be sure to follow up with you on what it is! (you kinda became my “unofficial” accountability partner LOL). Thanks always love reading your insights you are such a positive and yet transparent person! A++

  21. says

    Antioxidants! Um, but most probably in the form of dark chocolate, coffee, red wine, almond butter…

    Actually, the Lobster is my personal first aid kit, I take her with me whenever I can. Oh and exercise, which doesn’t fit in a neat little package but is a handy cure-all for stress.

    Great to get people thinking about self care this time of year!

    • MizFit says

      for me it was a simple as thinking: when and how do I feel nurtured and cared for? (when Im warm, when I connect with people, when I can escape into a book for an uninterrupted 30 minutes etc).

      And doobie-doo makes a good point below. While my work schedule is quirky (4am 11pm whenever I can since Im writing for work) I think we ALL need to make time to think about self-care.

      It isnt indulgent. It’s being sure we can care for others in our lives.

  22. says

    First thing I need is my pillow pet. She is always by my side to help take some pressure off the pain in my arm. I’d need some ice cream. I LOVE ice cream. it picks me up when I am feeling down. I also need a nice soft fluffy blanket. I’d shove all my things in the arms of my hubby cause he is the best personal thing that I always need.

  23. doobie-doo says

    I had to and my three month old over to a complete stranger when I HAD to go back to work-
    that you even have time to think about this. Well…yea.

  24. says

    How fun! My personal kit would include my husband and cat (though I’m sure they’d both wriggle as I shoved ’em in there), some cheese and crackers (wine is optional), our ipod so music was available, and my cell phone so I could contact those I love and make sure they are ok. hope you have a great Monday.

  25. says

    I have a section of shelf in my office closet that has my “mood boosters”: my pompoms (bought a set for a friend to cheer herself up, then bought one for myself), my “me” folder (nice letters and notes and other types of good recognition I’ve received), etc. For on-the-go comfort, as long as I have a book, a pen, and a notebook, I can get through anything. :)

  26. says

    Personal first aid kit: The NY Times crossword puzzle and a quiet room. With no one pounding on the door. Seriously, that’s all I need. And I’m kind of sad at how rarely that happens…
    P.S. Kidnapping your own kindergartner for a little snuggle isnt a bad idea;)

  27. says

    I thoroughly empathize with your take on this subject. I appreciate you for telling us about this. Do you have anymore articles like this one?