I need your .02 (and your words. I know youve gots words…)

MizFitOnline02 1 226x300 I need your .02 (and your words. I know youve gots words...)(you may need to CLICK to enlarge)

We chatted about this over on Facebook and in case we arent connected there I wanted to seek your input here, too.

Im moving forward with the running skirts (again. I know. it was a financial thing last time. you’ll have that.) and am considering the fabric above.

The skirts are cut like the picture below (compression shorts under a ‘wrap’ running skirt. Im looking into offering 2 lengths of skirts):

245784854 300x225 I need your .02 (and your words. I know youve gots words...)
Id love & appreciate any thoughts you’d want to hurl my way.

  • Are there other words you’d long to see included on the skirt?  ones on there  you love notsomuch?
  • Are you a fan of the word mishmash pattern or do you lean toward a one-word patterned running skirt?
  • Thoughts on contrasting color compression shorts? Or are you a black underneath’er as in the white skirt photo?
  • Any other initial/immediate reaction after glancing at the image above?


Thank you thank you thank you.


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  1. says

    So cute! Love the mishmash!! Id either want the shorts to be black or a totally funky color like bright pink or orange. I want one!!

  2. says

    Couple of things.

    1. LOVE the skull peaking out under the slit in the skirt
    2. I would prefer a compression tight that is a bit longer and won’t ride up
    3. Like the idea of the colored compression short, but if you aren’t in a position to offer a variety of colors I’d stick w/ black
    4. I’m not a huge fan of the mish mash… but I like the idea of it….. and I think people would like it.

  3. Nettie says

    I’m afraid the print might make me look bigger?

    I know my sister the hardcore runner would love it.

  4. says

    Love the mishmash but wouldn’t wear them because I only dance and run/walk. I don’t have my lifting groove back… yet.

    Really love the skull peeking out and would so get those in red and white WITH a matching red shirt :)

    I second a longer compression short or even a compression capri. Regular shorts ride up my thighs and chafe.

    Also, a Bondi band with “unapologetically myself” would be on my head a lot!

  5. says

    I love the mishmash!! I would rock it but I’m also the girl that loves to run in costumes! I also love the idea of different color shorts… yes and please! Rock it out, lady!! I want one when it goes live. What about arm and leg sleeves so we can all be cool like you with “tattoos” :) the mishmash would be fun or just the skulls. Hardcore intimidating!

  6. Trish @I_am_succeeding says

    Ok first love love love this!!

    I did not see “no excuses” on there? No did I miss it maybe?

    Love the rest. Totally.

    I’d vote for the black shorts and agree with above poster about a bit longer shorts.

    Though I don’t run I do walk and am in the gym so would love wearing them there…when my size comes down a bit…which it is/will continue!

    Look forward to seeing these “come to a store near me” ?

  7. says

    I like the mish mash but my favorite is the black with the skull. Pretty sure it would go with most running shirts that people own whereas the mish mash might not.

  8. says

    I like pattern #1 (it’s just less busy).
    I like the words but don’t care so much about blog, friends and love. I’m not that hardcore, really, they just seem out of place. ;-)
    I see “superhero” but not “I am my own superhero.”
    I’d want black shorts underneath, preferably that don’t ride up!
    These are just details. Overall I think they look AWESOME!

  9. Miz says

    The pricing would be around 50.00
    The sizing would need to be XS to a true XL or XXL.

    And Coco I AGREE.

    No blog friends or love….

    I mean yes but not in pattern….

  10. says

    I like the mishmash Carla but if you go solid, I am the kind that does NOT wear white on my bottom half. I would prefer a black skirt around the hip area – just me & that black is slimming thing.

    BUT, I do love the mishmash more. I think I like the top skirt best which I think is print #2.

  11. says

    i love this. for the plain with skull – love the skull peaking through but don’t think i’d wear a white skirt because id be afraid i’d spill all over it and just get it plain dirty like i usually do on all clothes. I would say a black skirt maybe? I definitely would wear a pop of color underneath (on the shorts).

  12. says

    I like the plain with the skull best – and the 2-tone is really cool. That way it is interesting with peaks of color. However, I wouldn’t do the contrasting color with the mish mash as I think it is too much on the eyes.

  13. Meredith says

    My thoughts:

    I love the plain with the skull peeking through and want in a purple or pink.

    I love the pattern and agree with you and Coco.

    I’d pay 50.00.

    Love these Miz!

  14. Drazil says

    I think the mishmash is more forgiving of lumps and bumps if you will. It would disguise my large ass better. A white anything on my ass is like a WIDE LOAD sign on it you know? That being said – OMFG – DUDE – I love skulls. Did you know that? I mean seriously. Now my little girls love them. Can’t wait to see what you do. Honestly I’d buy either one. And yes – black underneath is great. Will you be making them in just shorts too as well as skirts – cuz I’d sooo buy the shorts to wear when I wasn’t running. Love you!

  15. says

    Cute! I think the mishmash word print would look good with red or purple compression shorts. I agree with one of the above posters who said that blog, friends, and love are out of place. Especially blog, because I assume you are marketing this to a wider audience than just bloggers?

  16. says

    well.. I see “RUN” quite a few times already, so that makes me happy :) I love the mishmash of words. And black compression shorts are always more flattering esp. if you get sweaty….or pour buckets of water over your head mid race, lol

  17. says

    Hey there! I work for running skirts so i think its cool you are doing this! Our briefs and shorts underneath always match the pattern oof the skirt somehow but are never just black or white unless its a skirt with primarily black or white. Good luck!

  18. Stephanie Lambert says

    dont change a thing, it is you! i like the top print the best! you know i’ll buy! good luck momma!

  19. says

    I like the top print as well (less busy). I only have one running skirt and I don’t like it because the compression shorts ride up. So, if these are made so that they stay down I’d be a happy camper.

    Any way these can be ready by the beginning of February? I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to wear these in the Disney Princess Half Marathon!!!!!! I was going to pull together a princess outfit (probably Ariel) but I could go with more of a pirate theme…….

  20. says

    Carla, I know you love the words, but looking through both the fb comments and these comments, it seems that more people like a simple design to the busy print. Are you set on a print? I know you love it, but if the majority of responders prefer a simpler print, would they sell?

    If you go with something like the black and white (and I notice a lot of people are less than thrilled with the white) what about doing black and fuchsia instead?

    • Miz says

      thanks kate! I’m NotNotNot wedded to pattern. I’m torn and in a way tend to shy away from many patterns (except oddly camo;-)) because of my leg art.

      Hence asking you all AND the fact this has dragged on so long.

  21. says

    Thoughts on skirts in general (hard for me to see pic details on my phone,so only use what applies):

    Absolutely must have pocket(s) to hold GU/fuel.

    Compression shorts that are a bit longer seem to ride up less for me.

    The skirts I own that have reversed seems (like the shorts-inside out seems) don’t chafe the chrotch-al area ;)

    I love busy patterns,wear them more often than plain.

    And one of the main reasons I wear the particular brand skirts that I prefer is because their length is a little longer than most. I won’t run in a skirt if I feel like my booty (even in shorts) is hanging out.

    Super excited for you!

  22. Raelene Scheidler says

    Love the mishmash! The white skirt not so much! Agree with the above comment: mishmash compression (with no ride up)and black skirt.

  23. says

    I really love both designs. I would probably lean toward the black underneath although a pop of color under would be fun…just not white. The no ride up is KEY!!! I hate having to keep pulling down the shorts under my skirts!
    So excited for you!!

  24. says

    To be honest, I would wear both designs but if I had to choose, I would pick the one with crazy words. I LOVE that pattern. I also love the edgy designs. It’s definitely not something you see at every race.

  25. says

    Shoot! Forgot to comment on the shorts. I love the compression shorts underneath and won’t even consider buying a skirt if it had briefs attached. As far as color goes as long as it’s coordinating with the skirt fabric, I wouldn’t mind what color the shorts were.

  26. says

    Of the 2 prints, I prefer the less busy, but I’d be happier with a plain skirt and short -with just a skull happily placed somewhere.

    Can we call these what they really are? Workout skirts – no matter what your workout is.

    You know I’d be rocking this around town for shopping, etc. besides in the gym lifting, so ideally if the shorts could have a pocket? I know runners want a wee thing for some nutrition or maybe a nano, but one how about a slightly larger one for my workout journal? Picky-picky…

  27. Erin says

    I think print 1 looks cleaner than print 2, but I would like to see less of the tan color and have it exchanged for more colors- blue, pink, green? Also, I don’t like that run is in Comic Sans. That’s the first thing I notice when I look at the skirts.

    The skull peak-a-boo one is really cute. I think having the skirt be black with the compression shorts be pink, green, orange, red, etc… would be really fun.

    I’m not quite sure I understand this concept though. Are you making these for yourself or trying to sell them? If you are trying to sell them, then I think the mishmash pattern is a little too specific to you. You might want to add some words that are generically uplifting or inspirational instead of your own personal catch phrases. Again, I’m not sure what your goal is with this, so I could be off the mark.

    • Miz says

      GREAT AND HELPFUL Erin. That was somewhat my gut as well when shown pattern concept.

      And yes to sell. Not really as money maker (margins) but for fun.

  28. says

    well I don’t run…but I do see people wearing these. I think a the added MIZ-personality is cool. :) I think the skirt with the hidden skull is fun & you could add in the fabric from the other skirt.

  29. says

    I like the words, and don’t think that matching to a running shirt would be a problem since the words are in all different colors – your shirt could be any of those colors.

  30. says

    I’m with Shelley B above – I probably wouldn’t wear a mainly white skirt but I love the idea of that one! Also love the inspirational words, but I’m simpler in my style and would probably pick less words to be on the skirt, sticking with my favorite pump up words or phrases. It’d be so cool to look down mid-run or mid-race and see those words! Love that.

  31. Rachel says

    To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of the
    Mishmash words…or maybe it’s just the words themselves. Because although I do jog, I’d never ever buy something with “RUN” on it. “I am my own superhero” or “unapologetically myself” or something else universal like that would be amazing! I would definitely buy. I envision you doing two versions eventually… One more plain for general wearing, and one more specifically for runners maybe? Love the skulls, love the black/black with pops of color!

  32. says

    I really like them both.

    Contrasting shorts underneath like the white/black is awesome – I love to be seen!

    One word on the black skirt I think would be great is “Endure”

    I also think shorts to match a color in the black one would be super – like red or purple!

  33. PhDMom says

    Would love to see the word ‘fierce’ incorporated into the print (it’s a fave of mine and my running girlfriends). Agree that print #1 is less busy. Could do without ‘love, blog, friends’ – just doesn’t jive with the more powerful words. Love, love, love the peekaboo skull on the leg of the solid skirt, but just say no to the white skirt ;-) Also, as a taller, Athena-size runner, longer compression shorts (and/or capris – yespleaseandthankyou!) would be best. I have yet to find a skirt w/ shorts that don’t ride up.

  34. says

    I adore these and would buy as is but since you are asking for opinions, here are mine:
    - I kinda just want one big “unapologetically myself” logo (on my butt? Hip? Thigh??) without any of the other words to distract from it. With MizFit on the band.
    - Contrasting shorts PLEASE! I am SO bored with black knickers.
    - If you do go with the print, I still like the busier one better.

  35. courtney says

    Oooh! I love the mish mash design, and would love to see a bright contrast color compression short underneath (with the skull of course.) I love wearing bright clothing when I run! I also like the idea of a longer skirt, since I am a tall girl and lots of times shorts/running skirts are incredibly short on me. Not that I mind showing off the gams, but, ya know… ;)

  36. Genevieve says

    I love the idea of color contrast between the skirt and the shorts. I bet if you did some certain school colors people would go nuts over them. I’m not crazy about the mismatch words. I love the skull with the bow and would buy a skirt if that was all that was on it. Can’t wait to see what you do next.

  37. says

    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE! I’d like the option of being the “tester” if you happen to do a longer length for those with bigger legs. I don’t wear skirts unless I can get away with a compression short under it at least at a few inches above the knee. Also, I like the white with the pattern under it as much as the patter with white under it. :)
    Oh, and did I mention LOVE?

  38. says

    Oooooohhhhhh me likey. Likey a lot. I’m all for the mismatch and mash-up of positivity. I would wear both. I would love to see a mash-up of positivity with pink compression shorts underneath…with a skull on the bum in case a gust of wind brings on a Marilyn moment :)

  39. says

    I love them. I love the two tone! I can’t say I would love having the word “blog” on there, because that can be just as negative as it is positive. I also like the words “DRIVE and/or STRIVE”

  40. Mia Jones says

    Like the mishmash, but probably would not wear it. I tend to stay away from big patterns. Like the two tone….what if people could customize (within reason) the word they want? Or you could give them 5 choices. The design is really cute, I love running skirta.

  41. says

    I love a good running skirt, but not in white. Love the pattern peeking out from the slit, but I wouldn’t wear the mishmash patterned skirt.

    My big thing with running skirts is that they should be fairly straight, rather than belling out at the bottom. The Runningskirts skirts are the perfect shape, in my opinion!

  42. says

    Okay, I’m not a runner, but have 2 cents :)

    I like solids with the skull peaking out – adorable! That said, I’ve been searching for good fitness shorts for weight lifting, etc. that are the type with the compression / spandex shorts just like that, but with shorts over top. You know what I’m talking about? I have a fitted pair from Nike that is years past its prime, but haven’t found a replacement! Would love that fun print in that style.

  43. says

    Ugh. I’m not a runner, but would LOVE a “booty shorts” variety of the mishmash to wear with my home workouts. When? I need/want/canIhaz a pair to buy soon??

  44. says

    Great idea. Love these and your goals for 2012.

    I’d opt for less print and more color like someone else said. Very cute!

    Happy 2012!

  45. Brooke says

    I am hoping you moved forward with the white running skirt and skull & crossbones applique. Adorable. I am a bad a$$ trail runner and need one. Just tell me when I can order.