The personal post: call & response.

(…because what’s more personal than a pic of me wearing an adult onesie?)


The past few holidayweeks Ive received more emails asking about my personal life…my day-to-day…than about my workout routine.

(tis the season? it seems people ask more questions about how I hangout during the holidays than how I stay healthy.  come January, however, it’s an entirely different story.)

When we’ve met real life & via email you’ve asked about Ren Man, what he’s like, and why he never guest posts or appears on my blog (he has–but it was a while ago.)

For that reason I wanted to share the two 20 second video clips below.

For that reason and for another very important one: I dont really make New Years resolutions.* 

I prefer to take this time to STOP, PAUSE, and APPRECIATE all I have.  Right now. In this moment. If nothing ever changed.

(translation: there wont be any Top 8934839 Tips to Creating the Perfect New Year’s Resolution posts around here)

The clips below capture every.single.thing. about my life that makes me smile & serve to remind me (after 18 years together) why I married the man I did.

The snippets are from a week or so ago.

Ren Man was on a longass trip to London and the Tornado missed him.

A lot.

She spontaneously picked up an inflatable guitar, demanded I film her (vlogger in the making?) & send the snippet to her dad.

I did.

In minutes my phone buzzed and we had a response.

A VIDEO response.

What made me SMILE was the immediacy of it all.  Id barely hit SEND, shot her vid across the pond and we received the singingsnippet below.

I often tell people Ive met one man in my life who could make me laugh (hard from the belly. repeatedly.) and so I married him.

The clips below capture everything I love and am grateful for this holiday season.

Thank you for indulging me.






*I’m a firm believer in the notion goals are dreams with timelines. Instead of resolving I merely shove timelines up against my goals.


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  1. says

    That is beyond cute! Honestly, I get what you’re saying here. You are a wonderful family! Thanks for sharing, Carla, you’ve made my day!

  2. says

    i literally just posted about something so similar. Geeze, i love the way you think, i love the way you share! I can relate. And thank you for the dance moves.
    😉 Go renman!

  3. says

    is Renman gonna kill you? jk

    love it.

    texting, fb, skype are what get me through living in Australia away from my family. on Christmas i was able to skype on my ipad and see my whole makes distance less stringent.

  4. says

    I love the family that is the Mizfits.
    You give me hope in the world that families are actually FUNctional.

    Please to be sending adoption papers with my name added as tornado’s newest sibling.

  5. Runner Girl says

    I may get married after all!!
    You two have been together forever and still lilke each other! LOL

  6. Valerie says

    Oh. My. God. I have never seen anything so awesome ever. Thanks for both the laugh and the “awww” – I needed both this morning. You have a wonderful family!

  7. says

    Carla – I thought my exercise endorphin high was good but this tops it big time!!! I SO LOVE BOTH VIDEOS!!! LOVE & yes, how RenMan responded!!!! I am so with you on resolutions too. I posted a pic with this saying on my FB yesterday:

    Start making New Life resolutions anytime you feel the need to make a change… Don’t wait to start living your life to its fullest!! You can make them anytime & they last forever!

    I love that you share!!!

    BTW, what fell in Tornado’s video?? :-)

  8. says

    What a little doll and the only reason you need to cite for staying on track and leading a healthy lifestyle. My whole outlook on leading a healthy life changed the second I held my child for the first time.

  9. MizFit says

    well, Cat, I HAD asked him for permission but when he first got home and was jetlagged :-)
    I showed him this morning and he laughed.
    And blushed.
    And I offered to take it down and he laughed again.
    I LOOOVE he can giggle at himself and just be silly with and for her!

  10. says

    Your family is beautiful and awesome and amazing and every other word to describe what a family should be. Happy New Year, Carla. I hope you guys had a wonderful Chanukka/Christmas. (sorry if I slaughter the spelling, I suck at politically correct spellings for holidays that I don’t actively celebrate, but lazily read about and try to explain (quite poorly) to my children))

  11. Debra says

    Carla!!this is awesome, and I laughed so hard at your hisband’s reply that david wanted to see and we both got a chuckle. Sweet and funny. Thanks for sharing.

  12. says

    Pretty darn cute…both of them. You’re a lucky lady. And you’re the only lady I know that can pull off an adult onesie and look cute. :)

  13. says

    That’s so awesome girl! I’m so excited that my hubby is starting new job today which means he’ll be working 40 hours a week instead of 72 so we’ll actually get to see him!

  14. says

    I was all misty eyed BEFORE I ever watched the videos… afterwards, I’m a mess. You have a wonderful family… no wonder you feel so blessed!!!