DA Active & MizFit’s cleavage.

If you could have been a fly on the wall during the photo-shoot above youd have heard a six year old voice asking:

Whoa, Mama. Are you supposed to show that top stuff?

While I responded with a loving, serious explanation/reminder of what we show & what we do *not* show in public (which confused her as I never wear just sports bra/bottoms to workout …) on the inside I was thinking:

Heck yes, Sister! Mama doesnt have much of that top stuff and she’s kinda liking how this Energizer bra lifts & “shows” it!

With that I give you the short review snippet below.

(It’s dark outside in the video because it’s about 5a.  That’s when we vlog in our domicile.  Please to make a note of it, check yer calendar & offer to come over & vlog with me.)

Overview (for those of you who caint stand the vlogs):

  • D A Active claimed to be “like Lululemon only less expensive”  I was skeptical. I agree. Comfy. Well made. Flattering.
  • DA Active offers 10% off all first orders & free shipping.
  • Yes. I, too, am laughing the the freeze-frame below.

With that, I’m off to play with the Tornado.

She’s FREE! from school & Im declaring myself FREE! from work.

Im also declaring (yet again) how grateful I am I can work in the wee hours of the morning & the dark hours of the night.

I take nothing in my life (from the treats above to my day with the child) for granted.


FTC: the apparel from DA Active was sent to me to review.  The tata-yammerings & musings of gratitude are all my own.


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  1. Stacie says

    How cute is Tornado in the corner?

    I think I know how you get people to watch your vlogs :) make the thumbnail fun.
    I never watch and today I did LOL

    • Miz says

      it’s so interesting you mention that because I always upload and GO and don’t ‘select’ thumbnails. And I laughed hard at this one, too

  2. Lila says

    DUDE they need to hire you.
    I’m not sure I can pull the clothing off (although I do like they are less than Lulu), but you make it look GOOD!!!

    • Mollie says

      LOL I was going to say same.

      The site is pretty and great prices. They need more dynamic photos.

  3. says

    It’s way adorable – but I have A LOT of that top stuff and I just don’t see something as cute as that keeping all of the top stuff where it’s supposed to stay – especially when I’m running!

  4. Miz says

    I wanna see if DA Active jumps in too but in my opinion the energizer bra w/out pads and sized DOWN with work for running.

    The braided top would be for low impact at least around here 😉

    • says

      The Energizer bra is great for Pilates/Yoga as well as the braided tank… I have many women buying the braided tank not only to work out in but to go out to Dinner in as well! Gotta love that!

      The Crossback Tank and Sports Bra are much more supportive for runners.

  5. says

    “That top stuff” ROFLOL! And, I don’t hate the vlogs, but thanks for the summary cuz I first read this on my iPhone while I was still in bed, deciding if I really was going to get up @ 5 on a holiday!

  6. says

    LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!! You look amazing not only in those outfits but in general!!! Tornado – so funny & cute!!!

    Me, OH YES, I am booby challenged! I had a top on today with the insert paddings in them & although it does not make me look big – it is bigger than I am! 😉

    When I run & do cardio though, even with my tops with the inserts, I tend to take them out & wear a sports bra for more support – although it does ruin the pretty backs on my tops like that pretty one you have!

    Must check their site out!

  7. Laurie says

    The fact that you said you vlog at 5 AM (??) and that you “worked out in it this morning” makes me concerned. Does that mean you worked out BEFORE 5????
    Girl…..that is INSANE! As are your abs!!
    Off to yoga to dream about your abs…..

  8. Miz says

    WEEEEEELLLL this was when the husband was traveling and in vegas for CES.

    And weeeellll yes.
    I was up at 4. Meditated. Sat for a bit. Did 30 minutes of cardio and then we vlogged.

    wanna come over and play?

  9. says

    This is how I feel about my nursing boobs. The rest of the time I have ZERO boobies, so when I’m nursing, I AM SHOWING THESE BAD BOYS OFF!

    BTW, you look supahdupacute in that outfit. You should totes work out in it.

  10. says

    Cleavage is overrated, I’ll happily loan you some. :) Love the clothes, I’ve started to come around and realize that spending a little more on my workout clothes is OK when I’m in them so much, I’ll have to check them out.

  11. says

    I WANT that tank! I need some new stuff for yoga since all of my clothes are for running and that tank looks perfect. I have to go check out their site.

  12. says

    I’ve got plenty of cleavage…you can have some of mine. 😉

    OH!! And until I heard you say it in the vlog, I never realized that it was LuluLEMON…I though it was Lulumon. I guess I never read it right! HA!

  13. says

    Hahaha I am LOVING your “she’s a maniac on the floor” moment. Ah someday we will dance party together and not just in my head. And you are rocking the heck out of those clothes. I think that’s my fave bra that I’ve ever seen on you (is that weird that I have opinions on your bras?!). Love the color and the cleav (you know I’m jealous!). Gonna go check out their site now!

    • says

      The clothes are exclusively sold in Sports Club of LA/ Boston, San Francisco, and Upper East Side NY. We are working with many other major fitness companies so hopefully soon more will be carrying this great line. (Equinox will have it in the spring YAY!)

      We mostly sell online. If you have any questions about sizing or anything else related to the clothes please feel free to email me at AlexD@daactive.com :)

      Happy Shopping!

  14. says

    I wanna be you when I grow up! you’re dayum smexy woman!
    I love that the tornado asks the most amazing questions!
    we need to love our bodies, but not be trashy about it.. thats what I tell my girls anyways..
    if I looked like you, I’d so run around in my sports bra and boy shorts again ( I did this all through high school)