Today I am five.

check out those bangs. pretty impressive.

This month marks my five year anniversary of blogging at MizFitOnline.

You know, the blog which was born spontaneously one afternoon on the couch & was thisclose to being called Sisyphit.

You know, the blog whose URL has that weirdawkward “online” at the end of it because I was simply too cheap finely frugal to spend the 1800.00 for back in 2007.

That one.

I’m five and, apparently because I’m a misfit, Ive gots the five year itch (as opposed to the more traditional 7).

I feel as though it’s time for a change.

Ive begun mapping out some aesthetic changes (font colors etc)— but that doesnt feel like enough.

I toyed with buying Apparently its value has escalated since ’07 if the domain-sellers current extortion-like demands are any indication.  Six thousand dollars?  I was compelled to tell him he.crazy.

I purchased & messed with It feels right. It feels nextIt does not feel like right now.  It does not feel like today.

Allow me to back up & drag you into my brain for a moment.

You see, I woke up one morning and had the realization Im so much more than a carlabirnberg.**


I am my brand.

I walk the walk. 

I practice what I preach (all together now: so there’s never a need to preach).

I blog it.  I vlog it.  I LIVE IT.

As a result I spent time pondering the question Who is MizFit? and the answer I returned to *repeatedly* was Carla Birnberg.

Then, a few days ago, I was asked by FitFluential to define myself in a video-snippet.

As I spoke (because G-d forbid I script anything) it became evident to me I am my brand.

I never hesitate or self-edit when I speak, tweet, vlog, blog etc. because what Carla would say MizFit would endorse.

(bear with me. as I type this all out it feels exceedingly obvious as most good ah ha! moments do…)

It all conspires to cause me to see in my future.

A site where absolutely nothing changes (same subject-matter for posts, twitter handle, youtube account, Tornado, lack of apostrophes…) yet the mere thought of it feels pretty damn exciting-monumental and fraught with change.

Good change.

Roni Noone and I are co-authoring a book.

Fila has asked me to serve as their global Fila SpokesMom.

And with that not-for-now-but-coming-soon notion I believe I have the answer to my 5 year itch query.

Who am I?  I’m Carla Birnberg.


Who am I? Im MizFit.



For sake of maintaining a thin veneer of “Im an adult, People!  I make all my own decisions!” I wont share bore you with details of how I crowdsourced much of this decision.  Short version: Im eternally indebted to my FaceBook Peeps.


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  1. says

    Happy Birthday to you (etc etc).

    To me you seem advanced / sophisticated (in this blogging and fitness world), it’s funny to think that you are still evolving – but kind of reassuring that one needs to continue to grow and reassess etc.

    As a latecomer to the MizFit/Carla world, I can’t wait to see what comes next!

    PS. What a gorgeous photo!


  2. says

    Whether you’re Miz or Carla, you are a gem and I’m so glad to have stumbled upon your blog all those years ago (I think I started reading about 4 years ago). I think it’s fantastic that you’re evolving but staying the same, if that makes any sense at all.

    Whatever your URL, I look forward to reading for years to come.

  3. Runner Girl says

    Happy blog birthday, Miz. Carla.
    I greatly like and appreciate your honest and that you are your brand!

  4. says

    Love the bangs! Too cute. Happy Anniversary! Sounds like a lot of exciting changes. You’re right, you’ll be you wherever you write and that is just as it should be!

  5. says

    I really enjoyed this post… it gave off such a nice vibe of that old saying “feeling comfortable in your own skin”.

    Happy Blogaversary!!

  6. says

    oh my gosh! Congrats!!! You are a fantastical spokesmom!!!! Rocking! And I will follow you wherever you are :) Happy blog birthday

  7. says

    Congrats on 5 years of discovery (and self-discovery!).

    And keep asking yourself “who is Carla Birnberg?” and “who is Miz Fit?” You know the general answer: You’re one and the same. But it’s those little discoveries of self that keep you really ALIVE.

    Oh, and BTW… I kinda like Sisyphit as a name, but it really wouldn’t apply so well to you. Sisyphus never made it to the top, kept ending up right back at the bottom, with no progress over eternity. That’s DEFINITELY not you.

  8. Samantha says

    I think I’ve read you from the start!

    Back when you had a different tagline too.

    Happy blog birthday!

  9. says

    YOU ROCK & are what you are – no hidden anything! LOVE! Congrats on Fila!!! They are the lucky ones! :-)

    GREAT POST! Yes to weights! From a 54 year old – the muscle is so important as we age! :-)

  10. says

    Wonderful news all around!! Congrats on the anniversary, the Fila gig, the book and most of all the CARLA-ness! I love you and I’m so excited to see how fabulous 2012 is starting out. So proud of you:)

  11. says

    Congrats on 5 years and all you’ve achieved in that time. Of all the bloggers “I know,” I think you maybe are most your brand. From what you “preach” and live to how you write. I’m intrigued with your thinking because I see you so much as Miz. And for myself, I went through a process of questioning MY online identity. But most readers said they so saw me as “waisting time” that I saw no reason to change. Maybe you’ll inspire me:)

  12. says

    I bet you feel like a gazillion bucks right now — knowing what you wanna do, moving in that direction and it “feeling right”. I love your baby cheeks (err, the ones on your face with da bangs). Loved the video, too. You’re glowing! And that’s an awesome top you’re wearing. sha-powww

  13. says

    Love this. All of it. I’m excited for and whatever that brings. I bought my name .com but haven’t decided what to do with it yet. Feels nice to have it there waiting somehow though. 😉

  14. says

    Cool….I find it so awesome that my blog shares the same birthday with yours. Did you know it’s Bob Marley’s Birthday today as well? I consider that to be a great omen.

    Happy Birthday (or Anniversary),


  15. says

    Happy birthday. Or blogday. Or blogiversary. Just happy happy! You are MizFit, you are Carla Birnberg, you are AWESOME. And are at a very cool place in your life. Congrats!

  16. says

    Carla, I am so happy for you! You and Roni are an inspiration and have made a huge impact on the blogosphere. So excited to see where you are going! Happy Bloggiversary :)

  17. says

    Congrats Carla\MizFit! Love you, love what you do. People know how to find you so I don’t think you need to pony up the money for Case in point, “Hungry-Girl” v. “HungryGirl” hasn’t hurt Lisa none!

    I have an idea. How about a transitional name? ‘Carla “feel the burn” berg’? I’ll go away now…

    Hugs and kisses!

  18. says

    WOW, Carla! Congrats on everything – how exciting to be in the midst of writing a book, working with Fila (with a mom focus! neat!), MizFit turning 5, and you being YOU…I continue to see that message from you and it continues to inspire and motivate me towards the same end. Love the note on preaching too – no need for it – so true. 😀 HAPPY… you! 😉

  19. says

    Happy 5th Birthday, MizCarla.

    Have you ever heard “Five” by Daily Planet?

    love the chorus:

    “When i was five
    Feeling so alive
    Running proud and free
    I’ll bet you can’t catch me, oh no
    Running through the rain
    Splashing in the mud
    I can act insane
    Living life’s my favorite game”


  20. says

    I love you! You have always been one of my favorites and your authenticity shines through. Oh, and I love the bangs. Do bangs again. I’m a bang girl…

  21. says

    HAPPY BLOG-IVERSARY!!!!! I love your site, your inspiration, your messages and posts and just everythign about you!!! I’m so glad I found and look forward to whatever the future holds.

  22. says

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIZFIT! I love this blog and have been reading it the last several years. I never thought when I started reading it that I’d be able to say one day you and I would be fellow FitFluential Ambassadors. What a great post to reflect on who you are and what your blog is to you. Congrats on all your success, I look up to you :)

  23. says

    Wonderful, exciting news all round!
    Congrats on 5 years (doesn’t it amaze you that there’s that much to say?!), Fila (think I must have missed this one) and the book project with Roni. You inspire us all!

    P.S. My family uses Carla and MizFit interchangeably when they talk about you. And yes, we do talk about you!


  24. says

    I know I’m late to the party, but HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY!! I don’t always have a chance to comment every day, but know that I love what you share in all your social media forms. You are wonderful and should celebrate five wonderful years of blogging!!

  25. says

    Happy 5 years of blogging Miz Carla!!! Love the idea of changing your blog name, we feel it fits you and we love that you are always true to yourself and your brand. always such an inspiration for us!!! love ya!!

  26. says

    Happy Fifth anniversary! (And holy crap, it’s really been FIVE YEARS!?!?!?)

    Have obviously admired and adored you every step of the way, and can’t wait to see what’s next.

    Could gush on forever, but as I’m a day late and comment number 4,364 or so, I’ll spare your eyesight. But we’re all behind you wherever your journey takes you!

  27. says

    Your blog is a big girl! :) I remember when it was just a toddler… 😉 Love seeing you grow and evolve and staying you!

    I know I have said this before, but one of the things that has always stood out about you and your blog is how “naturally authentic” you are because carlabirnberg is you. And that’s really not as easy as it seems, and I think a lot of people struggle with it a lot. I think moving to makes a lot of sense. I know there is lots to consider, and I know you are doing that, and I’m sure when you do make the move, it’s going to be at the right time, and it’ll feel right.

    Love your video because it’s you! And we need more reminders that age isn’t an excuse and that we can get even better… :)

    Congrats on all the upcoming projects!!!