The, uh, awkward second part of the boudoir story.

Because really.

It would not be *my* life if there werent some embarrassing, cringe-worthy side story to the whole thing.

Reason #39843948 why the play on words up in herre is MISFIT and not Miss.FIT.

Oh and also? Before I share? I need to let you know I realize there’s no way this will be as funny or horror-inducing to you as it was for me.

I acknowledge that & Im blogging onward.  It’s all about the acknowledging.

Last I left you I was a happy, self-confidence re-found misfit.

I met up with my photographer, went through the pictures with her (so fun) and immediately scampered home and uploaded them on to my laptop.

My old crappy laptop which tends to get a virus every third day no matter what ‘protection’ I use.

A few days later, not to my surprise, said laptop froze and I hauled it to its home away from home: the Computer Geeks.

They know me there. I like to think they like me there.

We chatted as The Geek jotted down my information.  And, as we frequently do, we joked about all the CRAZY excuses he hears (I wasnt surfing porn! I dont know what happened! Someone must have used my computer!) and all the hilarious, uh, stuffs he must find when repairing.

He was very circumspect, but he acknowledged they’ve found some pretty racy home videos saved to peoples hard drives.

I laughed. 

I may have made judgemental comments along the lines of:

Seriously? Why do people not take that OFF before they bring you the computer??

(I really cant recall. Ive repressed the whole thing)

I walked out of the store and only *then* did it hit me Id left him my laptop to repair CHOCK FULL OF REN MAN’S BOUDOIR “PRESENT.”

(see? here’s where I cant help but think this woman would have better set the scene and have you CRINGING along with her.  I flushed so hot I broke out in a sweat.)

Late that night he called and left me a cryptic message (Yes, Carla Ma’am?  I need you to call me.)

The next morning I went to the store (I knew he worked evenings) and could have sworn The Geek snickered as he told me Id have to come back and talk to my Geek (yes. that was the point. I am trying to avoid my Geek.  Cant YOU help me?).

Cringing, awkward phone calls later my laptop (and its self-esteem refinding pics) was fixed and ready for pick up.

I dragged the Tornado along with me in hopes had they planned to say anything that would…foil their plan.

The Tornado & I dashed into the store** and my laptop was bestowed upon me.

I KNOW I saw a glimmer of a smirk on the face of my Geek and the others in the store as he respectfully informed me I was all set and to bring it back if it gave me ANY trouble.

So now you know the whole story.

I did the pics for me. 

I did the shoot for Ren Man. 

And, apparently, I did the boudoir shoot to bring levity to the day of the Computer Geeks down the road.

Im thoughtful that way.


**out of ideas at this point I attempted to pretend I was my own twin.  I dressed super fancy (for me. by comparison.)  & hoped my Geek would be thrown off by this.  he was not.


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  1. says

    You dressed up for him? ” Hi, I’m the hot chick with all those racy photos. Like mt new dress?” 😉 Well, you made a Geek’s day. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, too.

  2. Wanda says

    I remember when you posted about this on facebook.
    My husband is a tech guy and I told him the story.
    He agreed with you they definitely looked.
    Sorry Miz :)

  3. says

    Yeah, they looked. They saw. Sorry but it’s human nature!
    But that would SO happen to me including the judgemental moment before hand about how could people leave stuff on there!?

  4. says

    I was waiting for this part of the story!!

    Being Facebook/Twiiter friends with you totally has it’s advantages. Advantage #8765 is that I’m always up to date on the MisFit antics and dramas. :)

    Knowing someone as **together** as you still has moments like this makes me feel better about the times when I have funny/embarrassing times happen to me!!

    And just FYI: you probably made your geeks day!

  5. Yvonne says

    I bring mine to a local “geek” place and had not thought about what they might see on mine!!!

    Uh oh LOL

  6. Lina says

    I had to get reimbursed from work for something one day and I had to give the secretary my credit card statement from that month because I lost the receipt. Bad move on my part, as there were two charges for $200 each credited to “Brookline Adult”

    … oops!

    Of course, who would have believed me that this was for the “Brookline Adult & Community Education Center” for my sister’s and my pottery class?!? We learned how to throw bowls on the pottery wheel that summer… and I cursed myself for not doctoring up those credit card statements. Should’ve photoshopped the heck out of those!

    (my cube is down the hall from the secretary… I see her every day)

    My advice to you: stay clear of the laptop repair service for a while, that’s what I’d do 😉

  7. says

    Buwhahaha! This sounds exactly like something I would do! I once took an, uh, unfortunate pic and forgot about it. This being the days of film I took the roll to wal-mart to get developed. Only to be completely humiliated when the manager reprimanded me publicly when I came to pick it up. Ah, college;)

  8. says

    HAH oh goodness! I prob would have freaked over this but that’s just the kind of person I am – good for you for laughing – and blogging – about it! And hey, I’m sure Mr. Geek is VERY glad for your error!

  9. says

    I would have been MORTIFIED. I would have sent my guy to pickup the computer with express directions to say, “I’m here to get our computer. Erin was just diagnosed with malaria.” {or some other crazy disease that no one gets in Nebraska…}

  10. says

    I’ve worked with the Geek Squad! The results were so-so. The best computer advice I’ve gotten was from Jody’s main squeeze :-)

  11. says

    So happy you can look back at it all and laugh. Ever think of writing scripts for a comedy show? The good ones surely get their story lines from REAL life!

    Happy Friday!

  12. says

    When we got back from our honeymoon, my husband was showing his dad and aunts our pictures. We forgot about one photo, while still PG-13, that was definitely a not-for-public-viewing shot. We breezed through it, not a word was said, but I noticed a few raised brows. I feel your pain!!!! EEEK!

  13. says

    Having just this morning tweeted to the universe something I thought I was DM’ing privately, I know the feeling!

    In your case I say those computer geeks were lucky guys, and good for you for having the humor and perspective to blog about it and let it go!

    Oh, and thanks for the guest post about the chocolate protein cake… still tweaking the sweetness part but OMG what a revelation. How does that work, magic? Too cool.

  14. says

    Ah yes…I know the feeling too. But different.

    I, um, once left a…um…gadget…in the bathroom on the day that we had our hot water heater replaced, and the guys who came to do it said they’d need to turn the water off and empty the pipes in the bathrooms and kitchens and I was all, “that’s fine” and then later, after they left, and I went into that upstairs bathroom…oh well.

  15. says

    I love you Carla – you are so REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!! BTW, my hubby is an expert on PCs if you need help. He often can help from afar to those I push on him! 😉 Once yo get the Mac, though, he does not do that but he is a PC guy.. just offering!

  16. says

    i bet now he will look forward to seeing you again, haha

    i would of been freaking out too, but now you can look back and have a great story to tell that hopefully gets a good laugh 😉

  17. SinnerElla says

    ???? For all of these things, I love you more. Shared awkward giggles and cringing included.????

  18. says

    Oh man – I.LOVE.YOU. Raw – and so real. This is everyday life and what a lucky guy too! :) I’m sure the “Geek” men were quite impressed. I’m sure it made their year…..

  19. says

    OMG. I am laughing so hard at work…LOL. I must have blinked 50 million times reading this. Thanks for sharing. heehee.

  20. says

    As someone who has lost some pretty incriminating things in my lifetime, I feel your pain!!!! But what good is pain if you can’t poke fun of yourself later and have a good laugh or three in the process eh? =) hehe! You wild, woman you! <3