MizFit (surprise) Commenter of the Month:

(cick on karen’s lovely locks if youre already READY to leave me for her. I understand.)

Please to me February’s Commenter of the Month the fabulous Waisting Time Karen!

I’ve read her blog since its inception and, for sake of sharing her awesomenessment, I shall pretend you’ve never clicked her way for a visit.


Getting the first things out of the way, I experience pangs of envy at time from Karen’s posts and comments.

We’re not too far apart in age, but she’s already raised two amazing boys whereas Im old and tired just getting started.

I adore the way she writes & was heartened to find she’s an editor as well.  She blogs, puts away, rereads, edits and THEN posts.   I do the same (though admittedly it’s more evident in Karen’s flow) and may have cried had I learned her lovely lilting prose went immediately from fingertips to PUBLISH.

She may not see it—but she’s a weight-loss & fitness inspiration.

Shes honest about her perceived shortcomings (one of my faves being her experience with P90x & I like to pretend she never returned to it.  Makes me feel better about myself), her struggle with snacking (especially in the evenings. I can relate), & is always ready with a word of encouragement or NEEDED REMINDER.

And her Thumbs Up Thumbs Down posts? The only big.thumbs.down. I give is to the fact I wasnt creative enough to have thought of it first.

I adore Karen.

Her way of writing, her humor, and the comments she leaves for me…for *us* here.

I appreciate Karen.

I encourage you, if when you opened this post you thought: KAREN WHO??, to click on over and say hello.

I promise you wont be sorry you did…


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  1. says

    I was glad to find Karen as a fellow mom of teens and her blog sucked me in and got me hooked. I find myself thinking in terms of “Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down” when I am having “a day” and trying to put things in perspective.

  2. says

    Heck yeah. K_A_R_E_N !!!! I loves her. She is awesomeness in this lovely blogosphere of ours. I always, always enjoy carousing on her blog. Err, but with a bottle of water in hand, although I could easily try reading her blog with a margarita.

  3. says

    OMG, she says, blushing:)

    You are so sweet. I am at a loss for words. Which, as you know, hardly ever happens!

    So let me just take a moment to tell you that you have been one of the stand outs to me in my blog life for many reasons. Not only because I love how you have taken your personality and made it shine in every word you write, (even your comments on other peoples blogs,) and not only because you are an amazing fitness/healthy living inspiration to so many (and I think of you every time I eat egg beaters and beef jerky), but also because you are the person who I can most credit with helping me actually “get” the fun of twitter:)

    Thanks for this amazing honor, Carla. And thanks for so often bringing a smile to my face:)

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    Carla,it was a pleasure to see you spotlight Karen. I adore her voice, writing style and storytelling skills and she deserves to be recognized. Thanks for all that you do to bring healthy living humor and inspiration to people nationwide!

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    Great post! I adore Karen also – her posts are great. She’s honest & inspiring – and a great writer!