Smoothie making challenge sponsored by Egg Beaters.

Today we’re kicking it OLD SCHOOL.

Come with me as I make a smoothie & frolic in my kitchen surrounded by 80’s style pop-ups.

(yes. you can keep the volume OFF & still steal my wiZdom & challenge. it’s a winwin up in herre.)

Oh, and there’s kale.

Lots and lots of kale.

Join me.

I challenge you.




This post is sponsored by Egg Beaters 100% Egg Whites.  The pop-ups & overall eggcraziness is all my own.


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  1. Stacia says

    These are hilarious.
    I had no clue I could just pour the Egg Beaters in the the blender without cooking!!!

  2. Runner Girl says

    Wait, so you can just pour the whites into the blender and drink and it is safe?
    And ew at the kale.

  3. says

    This is one I didn’t know!
    (and giggled at the pop-ups)
    I may try this today since I have some Egg Beaters in the refridge.
    I’d need more sweet in mine, though.

  4. says

    You crack me up and that is not easy to do fist thing in the morning. Hitting the blender right now as I have all the ingredients for this one… have a good Miz Fit! :)

  5. Toni @ Runninglovingliving says

    Looks delicious! I love the idea of egg beaters in a smoothie for the extra protein and I have never thought of putting avocado in…I will have to give it a try!

  6. Terrie says

    I love these are pasteurized too (sp).

    We pour them in our green monsters all the time!

  7. says

    Super cute video!!
    How many grams of protein are in the amount of egg beaters you add? (I’m all outta protein powder & payday is a week away – but I have a few $$ for egg beaters yet not enough for a whole tub of powder). Totally missing my protein smoothie this week & not digging this hard boiled egg I’m eating….

  8. Miz says

    3 tablespoons of EB whites have 5g protein.
    I tend to pour and add and smoosh stuff in make it too thick :-) and add more EB whites

  9. says

    LOVE the video!!!

    I have never once put EBs in my shake! This I will have to try (I’m open to the Kale idea too as I enjoy Spinach in mine!). I must admit though, as much as I love EBs, just thinking of drinking it isn’t making me go YUMmmmm! lol It’s worth a try though because it does look really tasty! Tx 4 the idea workout soulsister! 😉 Have a great day!

  10. Renee says

    LOL at the VH1 reference.

    I may try these because I’m always afraid of salmonella when I separate eggs.

    • Miz says

      I wonder if it’s just me but the kale tastes sweeter than the spinach…to my misfit mouth

      • Libby says

        Do you think you eat more protein than regular people?
        Is that how you got ripped?
        I used to compete in figure an ate more protein then, but I’ve slacked off in grad school.

        Thanks Miz!

        • MizFit says

          I do. on both counts :) Im an intuitive eater and instinctively my bod wants protein. And, instead of making this a post length response, I shall write the post :)
          thanks for asking…

  11. says

    My hubby drinks egg beaters egg whites EVERY MORNING with protein powder! But I never put them in my smoothie…duh! Guess what I’m having for an afternoon snack today!!!

  12. says

    REALLLY??? I had no idea you could use them like this. The thought of it kind of freaks me out…but as long as you can’t taste the egg-ness, I want to try it! The video is too cute. The theme song rocks

    • MizFit says

      I laugh I only realized it was a possibility when the husband pointed it out what feels like eons ago.
      Im renown for cooking in a hurry and, uh, not thoroughly cooking at times :-)
      With these I dont obsess about it which I love.

      and no.
      you cant taste the eggnessment at all in the smoothies!

  13. says

    Umm…. I’m really sorry, but I really couldn’t drink anything green. Blech! (Am not good with green leafy things!)

    Still lovin’ the pre-packaged eggwhites though… anything to save me having to separate the damned things!


    • MizFit says

      I giggle I only caved to the green trend when the Tornado became super smitten with Shrek and Shrek the Musical.
      SHE loved the idea of the green.
      WE needed the additional spinach and kale :)

  14. says

    Love the video, the top the recipe the Tornado who is cuter than cute – love the whole thing!!!!!! How did you become so great at making videos with all those cool pop-ups & more!!!!

  15. says

    That shot of you drinking straight from the carton? So Rocky-esque. But I get the heebie-jeebies thinking about drinking raw egg whites, pasteurized or not. Unfortunately, I think the only way I’d try a smoothie like yours is if someone slipped me a mickey – er, EB white.

    (and this is probably also a texture issue for me, as I can’t do cottage cheese (except in lasagna) either. of course, I have no problem eating raw cookie batter that contains eggs…food issues? what food issues???)

    • Miz says

      When I lived in a different country there wasa very popular smoothie place who spiked EVERYTHING.


      And yes.
      Only for grownups 😉

  16. says

    I love you were drinking the EB’s at the gym! lol! The pop ups and sounds are so much fun! Great vid & made me want a smoothie…I’ll be right over :)

  17. Sam says

    Love the pop-ups. Brings me back to my youth. 😉 I like to eat my calories instead of drinking them, but I know I could use more protein in my diet, so maybe I’ll try this. Thanks for the tip…and the nostalgia.

  18. Katniss says

    Too much protein can lead to kidney’s working overtime and cause gout later on in life. No need to add protein if you are eating a balanced diet!

  19. says

    Wow. Egg beaters. Really? I haven’t bought them in such a long time because we have our own farm fresh eggs right at my house. I think I have to get some egg beaters and give it a try & I love kale, yogurt, chia, and avocado. Love new smoothie ideas!

  20. says

    All I could think of was “oooooOOOOOOOoooooh -Pop Up Video!”

    he hee.

    I wish you could get egg beaters up here in Canada where I live. There are egg whites in small 250 mL size and they’re really pricey, so I haven’t used them much in my diet. Wish I had more access to them…I’d rather get my protein from real foods than a powder

  21. says

    I had no idea you could do those raw! Okay – here’s a question for you, my EB expert. What is the difference between EB whites and traditional EB which I thought were only whites already? I have never tried a “green” smoothy and would like to… but I’d rather have someone make it and just let me sip a taste:) Maybe it is time to suck it up (no pun intended) and try it myself.

    BTW- I’m one of those who is not a big vlog fan but I loved this one. Very cute and entertaining. And I do so appreciate that you keep them short:)

    • Miz says

      The official word from the brand:

      Egg Beaters 100% Egg Whites are only the best part of the egg – 100 percent all natural egg whites – and they’re half the calories of shell eggs. They’re great for helping you avoid the hassle, mess and waste of cracking shell eggs and separating the yolks from the whites.

      Similarly, Egg Beaters Original also separates the yolk from the white of the egg, However, as important nutrients are found in the yolk, Egg Beaters Original adds those nutrients back in, providing an even better nutritional value.
      Additionally, Egg Beaters Original are naturally colored by beta-carotene (giving them their yellow color), just one of several added vitamins and minerals that make Egg Beaters nutritionally comparable to whole eggs, but with less fat and cholesterol.

  22. says

    Your videos just keep getting better and better!
    Love the added text and ‘zing’!

    I’m a recent convert to green smoothies too. Never thought of using egg whites in them though (I’m a whey girl all the way!). Perhaps this morning!

    Have a great day (and can’t wait to see what tomorrow’s video holds!)

  23. says

    Super food smoothie perfection! I have to say I have yet to put eggs in my smoothie, but I think I was just sold! I usually complain that I am left feeling hungry after I drink my food, but I am sure this will solve the problem. Thank you!

    • sheila francis says

      I have been using raw eggs in my smoothie for about 6 months now. It is not as gross as it sounds. We have fresh eggs to use!

  24. says

    Miz, I TOTALLY want to try the avocado in the smoothie! Now, all I have is regular Eggbeaters in the fridge today. Does it matter? I have kale. With all that green, the color shouldn’t matter, right?

    Hmm, might have a smoothie in my future tonight. La la la!

    P.S. Link on my blog post today back to this post about your smoothies.

  25. says

    I’m not joking even a little bit when I say that this post is going to have me venturing out and drinking something green.

    Although I think E has the right idea with the berry-flavored yogurt. I’ll be enjoying mine that way!

  26. says

    Shrek shakes! Perfect name! I am getting better at adding the greens to my protein shakes – weirded me out at first, but I’m adding a little more each time.

  27. says

    I drink smoothies every morning for breakfast, put Kale and spinach in all, flax seed and Salba. Love my Vitamix. Love the egg white tip.

  28. says

    I love kale and protein smoothies! And while I have no qualms about eating raw eggs in cookie dough for some reason pasteurized egg whites – which would be the safer option – make me all squicky…

  29. says

    I have to admit that I have never put egg whites in my green smoothies but what a great protein boost! I will give it a try.

  30. says

    I had something similar this morning! Love, love, love me some kale. I usually put in a little coconut butter or coconut oil for some good fat, but will totally be trying the avocado AND the Egg Beaters. I never ever would have thought to use them if it wasn’t for you! And chia seeds! How many amazing things can I jam into my smoothie?

  31. says

    When I am cutting up I will literally force myself to down either egg beaters or just plain egg whites. They are so not as satisfying as real eggs. BUT you have to do what you can, right?

  32. Laura G says

    This was sooo good when I made it…you didn’t taste the egg at all….I’m so exited to keep drinking it in the mornings!!!

  33. sheila francis says

    I use real whole egg in my smoothie. Along with powdered kelp and powdered beet. (it’s easier because that isn’t something I keep around fresh). I thought the raw egg would be disgusting, but it is great. It adds the creaminess you would get from yogurt or ice cream. I also add (steamed) carrots and pumpkin, along with a sprinkle of flax seed meal and diatomaceous earth. My smoothie are like a meal in a blender! lol

  34. sheila francis says

    I love smoothies! This is my “recipe”. I make up 8 – 12 containers of it and stick them in the freezer. Then I take one out a night and let it thaw and be ready the next morning. I usually use frozen fruit, and some canned.

    The variety changes a bit, but the bulk of it is the mixed berries.

    Frozen mango, berries, mixed fruit with grapes, honeydew, cantaloupe and pineapple.

    Canned loganberries, boysenberries, pumpkin, and cherries.

    Steamed carrots – about 3 baby carrots.

    Flax seed meal, chia seeds, diatomaceous earth, kelp powder, beet powder, nutritional yeast.

    When I am ready to blend it, I add the raw egg and orange juice. (no sugar)

    I am not much of a “green” smoothie person, but I have my “orange” veges! This fills about a 16 oz blender by the time I add the orange juice.

  35. says

    I do a lot of smoothies in the summer, but the EB tip is great.

    a tip for the readers that can’t get their mind around a “green monster” add red raw beets. It makes the smoothie red, and adds some different nutritional value and helps the finicky people to enjoy a smoothie. (last summer my hubby turned his nose up at the green smoothies, this year the red smoothies are a hit but have almost the same ingredients, just a different color)