Office space workout challenge and Egg Beaters giveaway.

Im all gussied up.

Ive donned a real shirt, realish pants, & dress shoes.

Ive done all this just so I can divulge to you my office workout secrets.

Already at the office? Turn off the sound and follow along with the on-screen suggestions.

I challenge you.


 You may be entered to win Egg Beaters 100% egg whites for the low low cost of a comment below. 

What’s your favorite exercise to do when you’re stuck in an office setting?


This post is sponsored by Egg Beaters 100% Egg Whites.  The fact I chose to wear a real bra got dressed up was all my own decision.

USA ONLY Winner announced 3.12.12


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  1. Ida says

    Wow, your body rocks MizFit.

    I bring a jumprope and do it before work, but LOVE when you said fitness breaks not coffee breaks.

  2. Runner Girl says

    I RUN :)
    I always run to work and school when I can.

    I will add in Egg Beaters and resistance training if I’ll get those arms.

  3. says

    First, you have amazing arms… love and want them and Second, I will forward this on to my husband who compares sitting behind a desk to being tortured. xo have a great day.

  4. says

    I wonder if I could do these moves without sweating?

    THANK YOU for the ability to turn off the sound and watch.
    My house is still sleeping.

  5. Tess says

    Love the leg lifts under the table. Quite hillarious when I accidentally kick someone unsuspectedly however 😉
    Happy Hump Day!

  6. Johnna says

    I walk and don’t send emails when I can.
    I hope this adds up?
    What do you think?

    • Miz says

      Im such a believer in viewing our day through the lens of “where can I fit in a little fitness?” because every.single.thing.adds.UP!

      great job.

  7. Meredith says

    Great tip on the using the wall for lunges.
    I hadn’t thought about t hat.
    I usually do wall sits as I read briefs.

  8. CheAngela says

    Great fun! I love my office yoga ball! My balance needs all the help it can get!

  9. Sallie says

    Your arms in that shirt are badass!!!

    I’m starting this today and thank you for the ability to turn off my sound.

  10. says

    I’m all about the leg extensions under the conference room table! And “potty squats” in the rest room. You’re doing one anyway, so just add a few more. It’s also a good time to practice those kegels. :-0

  11. says

    That “sitting on the wall” exercise is killer!

    I usually go to the bathroom and do back bridges.

    This really stretches out my hips, abdominals, and chest which can all get tight from sitting.

  12. says

    First – those are like my fave shoes of yours ever!!! SO cute. #end12yroldgirlmoment Second – love the captioned workout (perfect for watching with sleeping kiddos too)!

  13. Donna says

    Oh Mizzy. You in real clothes?!

    I missed the workout I was so distracted.

    Hee hee.

  14. says

    Hmm… am gonna have to think about that one. I have glass walls on my office!

    Though I do go to the gym during my working day, so hopefully that counts!


    • Miz says

      I LIKE THAT! Nothing says ‘join me in my healthy living’ more than glass walls for your office workout!

  15. says

    LOVE IT!!!! You look great & love that top!!!!

    So easy to do this in an office! I like the squat sits & push-ups but real easy – BUTT SQUEEZES – and can do those on a commute too! :-)

    Thx to Egg Beaters for sponsoring you & letting us see all these fun videos of you!

  16. says

    I work at home. I guess I could do mostly everything in my office while I’m printing a job or on the phone maybe. I also take breaks to just stretch because sitting in that chair all day is really rough on the back.

  17. Healthy Mama says

    I need to do these in my home office.

    They should put their on their site next to the recipes LOL

  18. says

    I like doing seated calf raises too when I’m stuck at desk for awhile…my legs are constantly moving…and dips!
    and wow I dont even own a real bra!!!!

  19. jennyv says

    I don’t SIT — I STAND at my desk most often (I am at the front desk). Love it.

  20. Therese says

    I do squats when ever I need to get something from a drawer or below the cupboard.

  21. cheryl says

    Between my many groups of kids I do a combination of push-ups, deep squats and/or lunges. Then I walk really fast to gather my next group- and I run the stairs.

  22. says

    GREAT to see this Carla! And it’s SO IMPORTANT! More studies are revealing that the 30-60 minutes a day at the gym is NOT enough! That it’s moving throughout the day that makes the most difference, with the workouts being the icing on the cake. Hmmm…gotta find another metaphor! 😛 So…workouts being the finishing touch to a well-structured day of using the body as it was intended to be used: MOVEMENT and ACTIVITY!

    And yes! As always, you look AMAZING!

  23. says

    One of the (few) perks of being short — i stand at desks so i don’t have to sit all day. You have great ideas to add to it.

  24. Sam says

    When I was working in a traditional office, I would try to reduce my emails to co-workers and walk to their offices to talk. I would also sometimes walk around my office while I was on long conference calls. I never tried the strength training moves. Great tips!

  25. says

    I love sitting on my exercise ball for part of the day. It doesn’t add anything in terms of time, but requires my core muscles to work a bit hard to stay balanced, especially when I’m reaching for stuff that’s not in front of me!

  26. says

    While I’m waiting for my afternoon snack (Smart Pop Kettle Corn!) I do a wallsit. I also like to take a 3pm stroll on nice days with a coworker, and there’s an empty office that I occasionally sneak into to crank out 10 pushups!!

  27. says

    At the office I like to mix up how I’m working at my desk by switching between sitting on my yoga ball, kneeling on the ground or working at the higher plan table while standing.

  28. says

    I asually do some planks, squats, and walking lunges. There are many exercises you can do at home and office.

  29. addy says

    I work in a retail setting. I walk as quickly as I can as often as I can across the floor every chance I get. Wall push-ups are also a favorite.

  30. says

    Those are all great ideas. I don’t work in an office but at home I try not to sit at the computer for more than an hour. I have a two story house so I go up and down those stairs many, many times a day. House hold chores and cleaning are a great work out too!

    Love those egg whites and use them all the time.

  31. Cellabella says

    I like talking walking breaks around the building or outside if it’s a nice day. And if there’s an empty break room, I use the area for some nice long yoga stretches!

  32. says

    Hmmm…… I like to do isometric transverse abdominal exercises. :) Love seeing you all dressed up! :) You do the office thing well. :)

  33. says

    Love the shirt (and a bra? oh my!).
    I rose to your challenge yesterday; 100 squats, pushups, tricep dips, bicycle crunches and alternating lunges, a few at a time, all day long!

    What’s up tomorrow?

  34. says

    What probably prevents most people from doing this is that they’d feel silly. If that’s the case- try and get a group to do it together. It can be a fun break in the day.

  35. Faith says

    You are looking fancy!

    I do nothing at work except sometimes take the stairs.

    Bad Faith :)

  36. Colette says

    Taking the stairs instead of the elevator, but also as a quick way to get up and moving every few hours. My office is freezing, so a few trips up and down the stairs warms me right up!

  37. says

    I work at home, so I really have no excuse if I am not busy to hit my bike trainer, do some squats, get on the stability ball 😀 It’s just a matter of doing it.

  38. says

    I take the stairs! All the bathrooms are on the 3rd floor and we are in the basement so while I do not spend a lot of time at the office when I do I never use the elevators for anything!

  39. Renata says

    I hold my abs in as tight as I can while sitting up straight and tall keeping my torso tight – good for my abs & back muscles

  40. Georgia says

    I make sure to get up once an hour and stretch my legs by walking around doing a flight of stairs too

  41. says

    My go-to, anywhere exercise is pushups! I try to do 75 each day, and my goal is to be able to do 100 in a row by the end of the year!

  42. says

    Great tips! I will try next time I am on a conference call
    Confession time…. I have never tried Egg beater whites but I am a go buy some today and give it a whirl

  43. Andrea says

    My company has made employee health a priority and one of the things they did for us is send everyone resistance bands. I like to use it while on conference calls and I’ll also just get up and pace around while on a call. And I do love Egg Beaters, so I hope I win :-)

  44. Kali Deihl says

    YAY! I love these! I have been challenging myself to to one each month as well!