Meal-in-a-mug challenge sponsored by Egg Beaters

Full story:  the rap in the video was merely a time filler while I waited for my mug-meal to cook.  it was made up on the spot & intended for the cutting room floor.

Childish story: it made me giggle so I left it in. I do love me some levity.  And my EBWhites.

Cook story:  I know you can get more creative than I with your meal in a mug.

I challenge you.



This post is sponsored by Egg Beaters 100% Egg Whites.  The spontaneous rapping which didnt end up on the cutting room floor is all my own.





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  1. Sallie says

    Oh my goodness.
    You really did.
    I love this mug thing too.
    I learned about it from Hungry Girl!!

    • Stacia says

      I heard about this from H.G. too!

      Love the video Miz. They made a good choice hiring you.
      Fun stuff.

  2. Tia says

    I’m one of the ones who said she didn’t like vlogs, but I’m enjoyed the learning ones this week!

    I’m making this and will tell you what I added.

    Holy cow you look awesome, too.
    Is it the Whites? :)

  3. Healthy Mama says

    I’ll be singing that all day.
    Are the Egg Beaters runny when you’re done?
    I hate runny eggs.

  4. says

    love the rap!
    and since Im just transitioning from vegan and getting back into EBwhites…I’ve never done the mug thing!!! goin to have to try that!

  5. says

    You’ve got smooth moves there! I need to try this. Yesterday I somehow left the stove on **all day** after cooking my EggBeaters ommellette. We have a gas stove, and it was on low, but I think I’m lucky the house didn’t blow up while I was at work ….

  6. Toni @ Runninglovingliving says

    Love the rap! I like my egg beaters in a mug with laughing cow cheese…easy and delicious….I thin I go may go have some right now!

    • Miz says

      It is baaaaad.

      Id start my scramble and look away for one tweet and not return till I smelled burning :-)

  7. says

    hahah- love the rap ;). And I still want to steal your arms- fabulous. What a great and easy breakfast. I want to make one with tomatoes and spinach

  8. says

    Wow… that looks so easy… and less dishes. I will use this tip this morning.. trying to get three kids out the door to school can be crazy.. always looking for healthy breakfast ideas.

  9. says

    I do this a lot of mornings. I love adding Jimmy Dean turkey sausage scrambles and Laughing Cow cheese. So good! Loved your rap! ;)

  10. Sam says

    I have been microwaving my EBs for years. :) I am a purist. Microwave, add a little salt, cool and eat. I must admit though I think I still prefer the full EBs (not just the whites). Is that blasphemic? ;)

  11. says

    LOVE the rap – that was off the cuff? You’ve got mad rhyming skillz (like we didn’t already know that).

    I kept waiting for you to put some diced peppers and onions in that bad boy!! And salsa!! And and and…the possibilities are endless! Yum.

  12. says

    You are just too adorable. With damn fantastic arms.

    I love the microwave trick for cooking eggs. On days at the yoga studio when I don’t have time for “real” meal but need something, I’ll microwave 2 or 3 eggs with some shredded cheddar cheese, salt and pepper. It’s held me over between hot yoga sessions on numerous occasions!

  13. says

    I’m always looking for ways to be more efficient in the kitchen. I do the bulk of my cooking on Sundays (prepare meals for the full week), but usually end up fixing eggs with spinach, tomatoes, and mozzarella cheese some evenings. Not horribly time consuming, but I have rehearsal some evenings, so it can make me behind… sooo, I’m going to have to try this now and see what difference it makes. Thanks, Miz!

  14. Denise says

    Salsa, hot sauce, cheese, for me! Love the video–you definitely have a fallback career as a rapper/microwave chef :)

  15. says

    MAD rap skills.
    I never even knew you can do this…hmmmm….it’s just not MY cooking if it doesn’t set off the smoke detectors.

  16. says

    OMG! How many takes did you have to go through to get the rap without laughing?!
    I LOVE it! You just made my morning!

  17. says

    Love the rap!!! So cute. I love making stuff like that – it’s so easy.

    I did one similar. Egg whites, diced pepperoni, peppers, and 2 tiny new potatoes (which were cooked) and a little cheese on top. So good!

  18. says

    Never tried the eggs in a mug! Going to have to try this. Now I don’t have an excuse for having eggs on the weekend only when I can make them so easy, breezy like this. PS your arms look insanely good. Must be the whites!

  19. says

    I love my egg white + 1 whole egg scramble in the morning. But, my sides could totally be thrown in to your egg beater in a mug meal: hunks of potatoes, sweet potatoes, and some black beans!

    p.s. The rap rocks :)

  20. says

    Can I just say you are awesome! Love the idea of doing it in a mug!! Gonna try that. I don’t so much burn mine, but I do hate all the dishes cooking on the stove creates! FYI – I want more rapping!!

  21. says

    You inspired me! I just made my first official mug meal (well, cake thingy) and it turned out SO GOOD. I had to tweak the recipe a bit but I really loved this. So versatile too.